Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1978

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04 39, 40 1/1/78 Talbot, Oscar, Engineer D'Aubin, John L., Dir. Jefferson Parish Vocational-Technical School Blaze, Charles, 1st. Dist. member of Vocational Technical Advisory Committee Christian, Cathy, Student Entertainment Ed. of Tulane "Hullabaloo Goessl, Otto, Sales Manager, WTIX Gregson, Vernon, Rep., District 95 Bruneau, Pepe, Rep., District 96, Hakes, Jay, Dr., Division of Personnel, U.S. Department of State Young, Terry, WTIX personality Pezant, Jim, Budget & Research Officer for N.O. City Council Vocational-Technical education Youth, education & entertainment Regional transit President Carter, Africa & 3rd. World politics Problems of unemployment & Public housing in N.O. See Also 5-6
05 05, 06, 07 1/1/78 Owens, Jesse, Olympic Champion Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light Vincent, Ross, New Orleans Ecology Center

Music 1977-1978 Youth, religion racial tranquility, brotherhood 1978 predictions Water, air, and wetlands and legislation

04 38 1/8/78 Samuel, Larry, Louisiana Consumer League Conner, Ray, ACORN Brown, Galen, New Orleans Legal Assistance Cooperation Marcello, David, La. Center for the Public Interest of Elderly Carson, Lane, Rep., Louisian District 99 Conrad, Lois, Ms., Director of Admissions, Newcomb College Brown, Fred., Dr., Engineering Department, UNO Diron, Kevin, Dean, University College, Tulane University

Consumer Affairs, 1978 Law regarding teachers search & seizure in PS Women, minorities & role of higher education

05 08 1/15/78 Lake, Debra, Federal Program Analyst, La. Stream Control Commission Heikamp, A. J., Chief, Water Quality Control Sect. Army Corp of Engineers Spicer, Brad, Section 208 Coordinator, State Soil & Water Conservation Commission Cutrera, Lou, Public Participation Coordinator, State Planning Office Diron, Kevin, Dr., Assistant Dean, University College, Tulane U. Gilyard, Aaron, General Manager, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Whitney, John, President, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Goldsmith, Jay, Dr., Chief Neonatologist, Ochsner Foundation Betz, Robert, Exec. Dir., Emergency Medical Service Council Livingston, Robert, Rep., 1st District of Louisiana Clean water and Section 208 Dean Kevin Diron on Tulane Adult Seminar Program Problems of Emergency Medical Services in N.O. Area Rep. Livingston discusses 1st Dist. & national affairs

05/08 08/05 1/22/78 Failla, Anthony, Dr., Past President, New Orleans Medical Assoc. Gilyard, Aaron, Chairman for New Orleans March of Dimes Drive Skalar, Dusty, Ms., Author of "Gods and Beasts" Christian, Kathy, Student, Tul. U. & Entertainment Editor of Hullabaloo Brill, Frank, Student, Tulane U., & Sports Editor of Hullabaloo Petatcek, Greg, Student & Editorial Chief for Tulane Hullabaloo Salkin, Scott, Student and Editor for the Tulane Hullabaloo

EENT and the flu epidemic Aaron Gilyard on this year March of Dimes Dri Racism and secret organizations Four college students look at the world
8-5: Young people's values
04 38 1/29/78 Bagart, Brod, Councilman, District D, City of New Orleans Toso, Don, Dr., President of New Orleans Dental Association Bassett, Darlene, Dr., Chair. of National Childrens Dental Health Week Holloway, Betti, National Meat Consumers Affairs Program Bateman, Cash, Col., United States Marine Corps, Retired,

Street and police protection in N.O. New strides in dentistry Betti Holloway on consumer and meat Dreams and auras

04 38 2/5/78 Jeff, Morris, Zulu Organization McNeely, Jack, Mardi Gras historian Hyatt, Mary, Mardi Gras Ball designer Keller, Kevin, Krew of Orleanians Isacks, Aggie, Assoc. Prod. of "Opportunities for Women" on WYES Thayer, Marilyn, President of N.O. Women Republican Club Conrad, Lois. Div. Admission Newcomb College Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light in California

Mardi Gras, 1978 The women look at the world Effects on healing of sound and light

05 09 2/12/78 Vincent, Ross, Ecology Center Lewis, Kevin J., American Heart Association Moore, Henson, Congressman, 6th District of Louisiana Barthelemy, Sidney, Senator, La. Legislator and Councilman-at-Large Moreau, Jim, Former Councilman-at-Large, City of N.O.

Self-sufficiency and ecology Conversation with Congressman Henson Moore Dangers of heart disese on minorities& smokers Next Councilman-at-Large talks with former Councilman-at-Large

05 09 2/12/78 Amadeo, Tony, Amadeo Dubloon Artistry Farentella, Joe, Co-Chairman, Crescent City Coinival Ezkovich, Coleman, Crescent City Coinival Co-Chairman Osborne, George, Exhibits Chairman Authement, Elmo, Dr., Dean of Administration, Nicholls State U. Gandy, Tilly, Psychological Counselor Church, Margie, Student, Tulane University France, Donna. Director, Golden Leaves Center Gomez, Louis, President, Committee Latin American in N.O. Landrieu, Moon, Mayor, City of New Orleans Numismatism and economy Psychology and Automatic Writing Latin problems in New Orleans Mayor Landrieu's last visit as mayor

2/26/78 McClure, Mary, Parents Without Partners Spencer, Philip, Parents Without Partners Biro, Imelda, Parents Without Partners Colee, Peggy, Partners Without Partners Minyard, Frank, Dr., Coroner, City of New Orleans Dawley, Horold, Dr., Chairman, Update Smoking Committee Act. VA Fontaine, Ben, New Orleans Lung Association Treen, David, Congressman, 3rd. District of Louisiana

Problems of single divorced & widowed persons The Anti-Smoking Ordinance in New Orleans Congressman Treen talkes about state of nation

05 10, 12 3/5/78 Jasper, Geraldine, Dir., Algiers Fischer Child Developmnet Center Rayna, Ricky, Director, Happy Time Day Care Center Johnson, Alan, Happy Time Day Care Center Grisbaum, Charles, Rep., District 79 Samardzije, Lillian, Dir. of Nursing, Touro Englehart, Mary, Director of Nursing, Hotel Dieu Kersh, Judy, Director of Nursing, Sara Mayo Pelone, Pat, Director of Nursing, Home for the Incurables

A pilgrimage for peace The Problems of Day Care Centers Rep. Grisbaum discusses mass transit & others Problems of the nursing profession
LTIO spots
05 11 3/12/78 Chapital, Linda, Manager of Office of Financial Aid, Xavier Faust, Jane, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Tulane Wurz, George, Director of Financial Aid, UNO Hetzler, Don, Public Affairs Officer of Internal Revenue Service Payton, Nesbit, Tax-Payer Service Specilist, IRS Curry, Mike, Tax-Payer Service Specialist, IRS Pinner, James, N.O.. Chapter, National Association of Accountants

Financial assistance to college students The IRS and your 1977 Income Tax

05 11 3/12/78 Accardo, Nick, Dr., Italian Cultural Society Panzeca, Sal, Italian Cultural Society Cardenia, Joseph, Italian Marching Club of N.O. Palao, Mike, Italian Marching Club of N.O.

Italian Culture in New Orleans

05 13 3/14/78

LTIO open, close & spots; Bob Mitchell 3/14/78 at WTIX
05 11 3/19/78 Sutton, Everett, Training & Infomation Chief, La. Dept. Of Veterans Affairs Haverty, Phil, Contact Officer, VA Gunther, E. J., Education Officer, VA Greiner, Paul, Home Loan Officer, VA Gillin, Ed, Judge, Juvenile Judge, City of New Orleans Broom, Earl, President, St.Tammany Police Jury Aikin, Tom, Information Office, St. Tammany Police Jury Kelly, Joseph, General Manager, WTIX Anderson, Eric, General Manager, WNOE
Pensions, education and home loans Youth and juvenile delinquency in N.O. The growing pains of St. Tammany Local broadcasters & school adoption

05 11 3/26/78 LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Davis, A. L., Rev., Councilman, City of New Orleans Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Burton, McKay C., Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Prison Chaplin Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light Weber, William E., Col., Spokesman, Dept. of Defense

Social issues and religion in community Reaffirmation of Jimmy Carter's discharge program

4/2/78 Biro, Emelda, Hairdresser Bordelon, Tom, Hairdresser Daigle, Francis, Hairdresser Martinez, Rodney, Hairdresser Langmyhr, John, Dr., U. of Minnesota, School of Family Planning Twitty, William E., Col., USA ret., Rep. of Army Retiree Council Massaro, Vincent C., U.S. Navy ret., N.O. Branch 92 Fleet Res. As Bagert, Brod, Councilman District D of City of New Orleans Henry, E. L. "Bubba", Speaker of La. House of Representatives
New hair fashions Family planning and fertility Retirees & F. Edward Hebert Hospital controversy Problems of Urban Financing Coversation with House Speaker E.L. Henry
05 14 4/9/78 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Miss. State College foe Women, Physical Science Sutton, William, Dr., Chairman of Biology Dept., Dillard U. Jonassen, Hans, Dr., Professor of Chemistry, Tulane University Ioup, George, Dr., Professor of Physics, UNO Brown, Fred, Dr., Professor of Engineering, UNO DeGrandis, Robert, Fr., St. Peter Claver Church Hurst, Wanda, Ms., Student, Tulane University Church, Margie, Ms., Student, Tulane Univeristy Seese, James, Dr., Ob-Gyn
The future of women in science Wonderful World of Science Christian healing

LTIO 4/9/78; Krasnoff master
07 11 4/16/78 Peters, Ted, Dr., Professor of Religious Studies, Loyola U. LaChute, James, Exec. Dir. of Institute of Instrumented UFO Research Wright, Walter, Director of Continuing Education, Orleans Parish School System Kilbert, Charles, Supervisor of Continuing Education, Orleans Parish School System Gregson, Vernon, Rep., State Representative, Disrict 95 Morrison, Toni, Rep., State Representative, District 88 Fernandez, Mannie, Rep., State Representative, District 104 Connors, Nick, Rep., State Representative, District 97

Effects of UFO's on religion, Social values, Problem of illiteracy in New Orleans Prospects of the Louisiana Legislature, 1978

Mid-Month in N.O. - Rev. Olivia Wilbanks on alcoholism
05 15 4/23/78 Austin, Walter, Dr., Chairman, Economics & Business Dept., Southern U St. Romain, Evan, Veterans Placement Coordinator, La. Employment Service Kinney, Al, Unemployment Claims Supervisor, La. Unemployment Service DeMaso, Gerry, Past Pres. Private Employment Services Assoc.of La. Ryan, William, Pres. of the La. Regional Group of Blinded Veterans Assn. LaRock, John, Mayor, Independence, La. Falcone, Vincent, Mayor Pro-Temp, Independence, La. LaMarca, Paul, Dr., Member of Independence Day Festival Anzalone, Frank, Publicity Chairman, Independence Day Festival Danna, Emile, General Chairman, Independence Day Festival Unemplyment problems in the community Essay on Max Dimontz's "Jews, God and History" 75th Anniv. Independence, La & Little Italy Festival

05 15 4/23/78 Trent, Lewis, Judge, Orleans Parish Traffic Court

Safe driving and safe streets

05/08 15/06, 07 4/30/78 Ice, Bob, A.G. Edwards, Inc. Blaume, Buddy, Howard, Weill, Labrouisse, Fredrickson Pinner, Jim, Pres. Elect, Soc. of Louisiana CPA's, N.O. Chapter Chandler, David, Pulitzer Prize Author Connick, Harry, District Attorney, City of New Orleans Moore, Henson, Congressman, 6th. District Creppel, Collette, Pres., Greater N.O. Assoc. of Student Councils Smith, Lecid, Member, Greater N.O. Assoc. of Student Councils

Economics and the Stock Market David Chandler on the Gold Question Obviating crime in N.O. Students rap with Congressman Henson Moore

05 15 5/7/78 Livingston, Robert, Congressman, 1st. District of Louisiana

Rep. Livingston dicusses flood disaster

05 15 5/7/78 Ables, Desmond, Director, Youth Development Association Tillman, Lois, Dr., Education Specialist, YDA Millet, Earl, Sports Coordinator, YDA Conrad, Joseph, Director, Small Business Administration Duffy, James, Small Business Administration Chancey, William, Small Business Administration Geigas, Cheryl, LSU Extension Service Borah, Kitty, Energy Specialist Spevenson, Evon, Information Specialist, Crescent Conservation Dist. Willie, Leroy, Area Coordinator, #208 Water Quality Palnning Prog Youth Development Program & Juvenile Deliquency Great New Orleans flood aftermath Kitty Borah on energy conservation Soil and water conservation-Ecology
Flood - do not erase
05 16 5/14/78 Moreau, James, Col., U.S. Marine Corps (retired) Lemoine, Percy A., Director, La. Dept of Veterans Affairs McGovern, John L., Deputy Dir., La. Dept. of Veterans Affiars Bocchichio, A. J., Regional Manager, Veterans Adm., Washington, D.C. Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman Lentini, Anthony, VARO, N.O. La. Thayer, Marilyn, Right to Life Committee Jeff, Morris, New Orleans Recreation Department

National policy to veterans For. Nat. & Peace Youth in N.O., ERA, and Abortion 13th Anniversary of program

5/14/78 Accardo, Nick, Dr., Past Chairman, Orleans Parish Medical Society Ritter, Ken, Dr., Past President, Louisiana Psychiatric Society Ochsner, Alton, Dr. Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Gov.

Doctors reply to Pres. Carter's AMA attack Fitzmorris on business, tourism & taxes in La.

05 15 5/21/78 Hill, Shirley, Mrs.,Program Dir., Central City Multimedia Center Asher, Carol, Diector, Volunteers of America Brooks, Bill, President, Hell Divers Scuba Club Mermilliom, Warren, V.P. Hell Divers Scuba Club & Marine Biologist Wright, Ed., Secretary, Hell Divers Scuba Club Villere, Maggie, Chairperson, Parents Awareness Week, Junior League Whitigren, Suzanne, MSW, LSU Medical Infant Development Division Judd, Debbie, Occupational Therapist, LSU Med. Infant Development Div. Proctor, Roy, Silva Mind Control Mathey, William, Dr. & Mrs., LSU Dept. of Veterinarian Medicine Fighting drugs & alcoholism in Central City Volunteering to help poor children in Summer Scuba diving and water safety Silva Mind Control method to stop alcoholism Parents and Children Awareness Week
42 07 5/21/78 Mathey, William, Dr. & Mrs., LSU Dept. of Veterinary Medicine

Pet medicine and book "Pet Medicine"

Mid-Month in N.O. - Lesgislature
05 16 5/28/78 Ream, Joan, Casadega Florida Study Group Frost, Linda, School of Metaphysics O'Guinn, Barbara, School of Metaphysics Carson, Lane, Rep. District 99 Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Second District of Louisiana

Colors and consciousness Clean Up America Program by School of Metaphysics Upgrading Elementary & Secondary Education in La. A conversation with congresswoman Lindy Boggs
Joey's graduation; scuba diving, drug abuse, parents awareness week
05 12 6/4/78 Tauzin, Billy, Rep., La. Legislature Floor Leader for Governor Earhart, Diane and Mary, Authors, "Underground Shopping in N.O." Arnoburo, Dorothy, Mrs., Evaluation Spedcialist, Orleans Parish Public Schools Austin, Walter M., Dr., Chairman, Dept. of Economics, SUNO Sutton, William, Dr., Chairman of Biology Dept., Dillard U. Harrell, Louis, Rev., Parish Prison Chaplain Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University

Stopping Coastal erosion & First Use Tax Diane and Mary Earhart on Underground shopping The expanding black middle class

07 12 6/11/78 Bartell, Frank, Traveling Elder, Jehovah's Witnesses Jones, Cecil, Traveling Elder, Jehovah's Witnesses Schilling, Fred, Traveling Elder, Jehovah's Witnesses Karres, Ken, Traveling Elder, Jehovah's Witnesses Stevens, Evon, La. Committee to Prevent Soil Erosion & Water Polution Rack, Elizabeth, League of Women Voters Study Committee for Public Education Livingston, Robert, Congressman, Ist District Creppel, Colette, Pres., Greater N.O. Assoc. of Student Councils Smith, Lecia, Greater New Orleans Assoc. of Student Councils
Jehovah's Witnesses convention in N.O. Soil Erosion and Water Pollution in N.O. Public School financing in New Orleans Talking it over with Congressman Livingston
Mid-Month in N.0. - Soil erosion and water conservation in N.O., Evon Stevens, info specialist for the Crescent Soil & Water Conservation District
05 17 6/18/78 Hackerson, Ed., Rolfer and Professor of Structural Integration Rachesky, Stan, Author of "Getting Pests to Bug Off" Ungeheur, Karl F., Ph.D., Dir. & Chief Evaluator Gumbel Vocational Center Haslett, Nancy, Dr., LSU Disability Center for Children Bondi, Yolanda, Concerned parent, Greater N.O. Association of Retarded Children Richter, Sarah, Speech Pathologist, Great. N.O. Association of Retarted Children Hakes, Jay, Dr., Special Assistant to the Secretary of Interior

Structural Integration Stan Rachesky on "Mosquito Control" Health and rights of retarded citizens Dept. of Interior and African current events

05 17 6/25/78 Tishner, Betty, Bissell Inc. Home Economist Manasterio, George, AMVETS Monasterio, Leah, AMVETS Scinivasan, Mary Ann, Author of "Practice Manual for Hatha Yoga" Showalter, Charles, Administrator, Hotel Dieu Hospital Sperry, Bob, Associate Director of Financial Affairs, Touro Infirmary Reid, Hamilton V., Administrator, Baptist Hospital Pax, Jerome, Administrator, Sara Mayo Hospital

High cost of maintaining a home & what to do Hatha Yoga as therapy for tired bodies &minds Hospital care in New Orleans

05 18 7/2/78 Roche, Al, Past Pres., Federal Employees Union & ex American Legion off Nunez, Frank, Past Commander of American Legion Post 378 Osborne, George, Artist Fernandez, Manny, Rep., District 104 Faucheaux, Ron, Rep., District 100

About the country Independence weekend 1978 Baake dicision, La. sex education & crime prevention

Independence Day (Miriam said I was "groovin'"
05 15 7/9/78 Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Russo, Anthony, Judge, Chairman of the Festival Italiana Bashful, Emmett, Dr., Chancellor, Southern University in N.O. Mays, Blaine, Dr., Pres. of International New Thought Alliance Ponder, Catherine, Dr., Economic Advisor, International New Thought Alliance Holland, Jack, Dr., Scientific Advisor, International New Thought Alliance Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Member, International New Thought Alliance Guntel, Carol, Dr., Member, International New Thought Alliance

Tourism, the Interfest & N.O. CBD Problems and high points of black university International New Thought Alliance 67th Convention in N.O.

05 15 7/16/78 Blair, John, WTIX Moreau, C, Michael, Dir., Educ. Research Center for Learning Disabilities Authement, Elmo, Dean, Dean of Administration, Nicholls St. U. Harribance, Sean, Duke University Church, Margie, Student, Tulane University LeBlanc, Amelia, Student, Tulane University Benigno, Rose Marie, Student UNO Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Greater New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Bringuer, Carlos, Dr., Cuban national Nguyen, Anh, Mr., Vietnamese national Conversation on youth in the city Children with learning disabilities Psychic factor from the academic level Captive Nations Week & Universal Civil Rights

05 17 7/23/78 Gregson, Vernon, Rep. District 95 and Legislature Dean Jasper, Tom, Rep., District 102 Schmitt, Earl, Rep., District 87

1978 Louisiana Legislature Roundup

7/23/78 Heiman, Meyer, Dr., Chairman of Life With Cancer "Anonymous, John, Member of Life With Cancer "Anonymous, Sheila, Member of Life With Cancer Russell, Harold, Chairman of President's Committee to Hire the Handicapped Tilleman, Perry, Chairman of N.O. Committee to Hire the Handicapped Lentini, Tony, Federal Executive Board Chairman Gourgeous, Marion, Mrs., President of Morality in Media Bruce, Ricky, Patrolman, Vice Squad, NOPD

Living with Cancer Problems of handicapped & Section 503 Morality in print and eletronic media

05/08 17/08 7/30/78 Thayer, Marilyn, Chairman, Louisiana Women Opposed to the ERA Aguas, Alberto, Brazilian attorney & psychotherapist Ritter, Kennett, Dr., Past Pres., La. Psychiatric Association

The proposed ERA extension The New Psychotherapy Subtle art of propaganda in media & in world

05 15 8/6/78 Miller, Ron, Dr., Nat. Pres., Blinded Veterans Association Stockling, George, Dr., Board Member, Blinded Veterans Assoc. Ryan, Bill, Louisiana Chairman, Blinded Veterans Association Huddleston, Betty, Fashion Director, Krauss Company Kahn, Felicia, Past President, League of Women Voters Wilbanks, Olivia, Scripps Institute Isaacks, Aggie, Director of Opportunity, a Program for Women Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn

Problems of the blind Women take a look at the world Test Tube Babies Rev. Olivia Wilbanks on alcoholism

05 19 8/13/78 Edwards, Hero, Vice President of Operations of NOPSI La Biche, Al, President, American Legion Convention Corp. Comm. Swords, Merricks, Vice President, Am. Legion Conv. Corp. Commissi Lentini, Tony, Chairman, Distinguished Guests Comm. Mayeaux, Philip, Past Department Commander of Louisiana Aguda, Sal, Past District Commander of New Orleans Morial, "Dutch", Mayor of New Orleans

Mass Transit problems in New Orleans Economic impact of American Legion Convention Mayor "Dutch" Morial, talks about the city

See also 7-13 - Mid-Month in N.O. - Rev. Olivia Wilbanks, Death & Dying
05 15 8/20/78 Migliori, Mary, Parents Without Partners Green, Lee, Mississippi State Department of Health Singlaub, John, Gen., U.S. Army (ret.) Miller, Dennis, Public Relations Rep., National American Legion Manolis, Mark, Contest Coordinator, National American Legion Plumb, Bruce, Chairman of Contest Committee, National American Legion Lemoine, Perry A., Past National Chairman,Child Welfare Comm., American Legion Lopez, Mike, President of Boys Nation, National American Legion Carriere, Blaise, Dir., Department of Streets, City of N.O. Bagert, Brod, Councilman, District D. Coping with trials & tribulations of widowhood Youth, Internal Affairs,& child welfare,& American Legion Problems of streets in New Orleans

05 20 8/27/78

05 20 9/3/78 Laplace, Jean, Public Affairs Dir., American Federation of State and County Employees Carraway, R. A., Coord. of Education & Collective Bargaining, AFL-CIO Yalow, Roslyn, Dr., Nobel Prize recipient Blaise, Charles, Vocational & Tech. Advisory Committee, State of La. Mancuso, J. D., Chalmette Area Vo-Tech Council Wilson, Donna, Orleans Area Vo-Tech Council Kane, John J., Louisiana Vo-Tech Council Caniff, Milton, Creator of Steve Canyon Bussie, Victor, President, Louisiana AFL-CIO Guirovich, John, Financial Director, International Brotherhood of Electric Workers Unions and the public employees segment Interview with Dr. Roslyn Yalow, Nobel winner Vocational & tech. training in Labor's future Taped interview with Milton Caniff The Labor Movement in Louisiana
05 20 9/10/78 Flanders, Dudley, Vice Pres., La. Mental Health Assoc. Newman, Bob, Dr., Chief of Psychology, Touro Infirmary Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past Pres., Louisiana Psychiatric Assoc. Rawls, Lou, Mayor of Bogalusa Campbell, Max, Finance Director, City of Bogalusa Tice, Paul, Ham Radio Association Bernard, Sherman, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Walker, Mort, Creator of Beetle Bailey Tippin, Tom, Instructor of Comic Art, UNO
Mental heath sufferers minority & Committment Interview with Bogalusa Mayor & Financial Director Roll of ham operators in emergencies Insurance laws in Louisiana Sociological change and the comics

9/17/78 Farrell, William J., Private Forensic Sciences Crime Detection Consultant Gray, Don, President of Telecheck Fernandez, Manny, State Representative, St. Bernard Parish Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Education Department, Tulane University Landry, Claire, Dr., Principal, Andrew Jackson H.S., St. Bernard Jones, Bulford, Superintendent of Schools, St. Bernard Parish Stevens, Jack, Director of Planning in St. Bernard Parish, Englert, Joe, Community Relations Superintendent Kaiser Aluminum Rosenzweig, Allen, Private consultant to Community Service program
Combatting white collar crime Education in St. Bernard Political & business structure in St. Bernard Analysis of yesterdays election

05 15 9/24/78 Shelby, Ceaser, Public Relations Officer, N.O. Fire Department Guitterez, Ruben, Fire Prevention Officer, Terrytown Volunteer Fire Dept. Townsend, Bill, President, Terrytown Volunteer Fire Department Hartman, Joan, Chimney Sweep of New Orleans Giarusso, Joe, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Isaacks, Aggie, Assoc. Producer of Opportunities for Women on WYES Matamoros, A. G., Pres. National Assoc. of Business Economists McMillian, Edward, V.P., Ranier National Bank, Seattle, Wash. Nelson, William, Vice Pres., Chase Econometrics Mackey, Judith, Ms., Economic Consultant for Townsend-Greenspand Fire prevention in metropolitan area Joan Hartman on chimney sweeping in N.O. Aggie Isaacks of WYES on upcoming auction National Accociation of Business Economists Councilman Giarusso on energy prop. & no Smoking

10/1/78 Sanders, Jim, Sierra Club Jarman, Casey, Sierra Club Rosenthal, Sid, Field Agent, International Fund to Save Animals Netherland, Lynda, President of Louisiana Library Association Lastraps, Blanca, Assoc. for Handicapped Problems in Library Service Keyes, Elliott, Dep. Executor, Housing Authority of N.O. Thayer, Ralph, Dr., Dir., Urban Studies Institute, UNO Duvernay, Terrence, Area Director of HUD Angelle, Robert, Mons., Vicar for Archdiocese of Lake Charles
Ecology and environment Problems of deaf & blind in libraries Public and private housing for poor Mons. Angelle on libraries and education

10/1/78 Hampton, Robert, Br., Principal of Holy Cross College Iwasko, Fisher, Br., Centennial Chairman of Holy Cross College Comeau, Alfonso, Br., Former Principal of Holy Cross College Crosby, Richard, Dean of the Lay Faculty, Holy Cross College Hechler, Ken, Information Director, Holy Cross College

Holy Cross College centennial

05 15 10/8/78 Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician & Adolescent Drug Specialist Alexander, Betty, Ms., Coord. of Drug Dependency Treatment Unit, VA Gautreaux, Margerite, Sister, Cenacle Retreat House Pechman, Ellen, Dr., Acting Dir., Research & Develop., Orleans Parish Schools Parks, Sylvia, Ms., Test Coordinator, Orleans Parish School Board Segal, Jules, Dr., Author of "A Child's Journey" Johnson, James, Dr., Plastic Surgeon Barker, T. M., Board Member, American Sugar Cane League & Pres., Valentine Sugar Warner, Thomas M., Informational Dir., American Sugar Cane League Baustita, Philomene, Sister, Cenacle Retreat House National Drug Awareness Week Cenacle Retreat House 20th anniversary Public School students' reading problems Problems arising during child development Plastic Surgery
05 15 10/8/78 Barker, T. M., President of Valentine Sugar

Problems of Louisiana Sugar Cane Industry

05/08 15/09 10/15/78 Tews, Tom, Dr., Director, N.O. Center for the Creative Arts Hyatt, Larry, Student, Loyola University Pavy, Manon, Ms., Student, N.O. Center for the Creative Arts Payne, Dwight, Dr., Mississippi State University for Women Tieman, Joe, Senator, Louisiana Legislature Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of N.O. Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans

New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts Libertarianism, inflation & State of Nation Three former clergymen who entered politics

05 21 10/22/78 Vodicka, John, Louisiana Coalition for Jails and Prisons Miller, Matt, John Birch Society Rojas, Alphonso, John Birch Society Livingston, Robert, Congressman, 1st. District of Louisiana

Criminal Justice System & Prison Reform John Birch Society members speak out Accomplishments & failures of U.S. Congress

05/08 21/10 10/29/78 Cassagne, Lee Ann, Rev., 1st Spiritualist Church Dahmes, Vicky, Student, Tulane University Klein, Victor, Student, Loyola University Osborne, George, Artist Danielson, William, Pres. Interntional Personnel Management Assoc Culotta, Russell, Personnel Administrator, Dept. of Public Safety Newland, Cheater A., Professor of Personnel Management, U. Of So. California Brisolara, Donald, Captain, Troop B Commander, State Police Favalora, Genevieve, Trooper, State Police Donelon, Jim, Chairman, Jefferson Parish Council Ghosts and Halloween Affirmtive Action, Equal Opportunity Employment Civil Service Reform Law enforcement & Louisiana State Police Jefferson Parish Bond Election

11/5/78 Bouise, Oscar, Professor Emeritus, Xavier & Southern Universities Baptiste, Orthello, Black musician Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., pres. New Orleans Academy of Opthamology Lentini, Tony, Director, VA Regional Office Thompson, Teddy, Adjudication Officer Haverty, Phil, Contact Division, VARO Lemoine, Percy A., Dir., La. Department of Veterans Affairs Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Broussard, Ernie, American Legion
Black history and race relations Eye Week in New Orleans Veterans benefits-1978

11/5/78 Gray, Leonard, VFW Bertucci, Joe, VFW Ryan, Bill, Blinded Veterans Association Vilore, Abraham, Governor's Member-at-Large, La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Monasterio, George, AMVETS

Veterans benefits-1978

11/12/78 Grace, W. D., Mrs., Chairman, Garden Center Steering Committee Borel, Milton, Mrs., District Two Director, Garden Club Federation Simms, Firman, Coach, New Orleans Recreation Director LaRose, Randy, Lakeside Biddy Basketball team player McClain, Lee, Dr., Chairman, Institute for Human Understanding Richards, Paul, Dr., Institute for Human Understanding Taylor, Jim, Senator, Ferriday, La. Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Louisiana Psychiatric Association Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Scripps Institute
Jefferson Parish new Garden Center & Bird Santuary Interview with Coach & player, Biddy Basketball Closer look at human understanding Sen. Taylor on Super Port & Super Dome Human Sexuality dsyfunction

11/19/78 Swords, Merrick, Veterans Employment Counselor Kinney, Al, Louisiana State Employment Service St. Romaine, Evan, Louisiana State Employment Service Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Schaffner, Nichlos, Author, "Beatles Forever" Hackney, Sheldon, Dr., President, Tulane University Maxwell, Marty, WTIX Personality

Unemployment & employment Mayor's revenue package for City of N.O. Beatle Culture Plight of private universities What young people are thinking
04 22 11/19/78 Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., Pres. N.O. Academy of Opthamology Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Opthamologist, Southern Eye Bank

Eye Week in New Orleans

Mayor Morial
04 22 11/26/78 Dorothy D., Over Eaters Anonymous Carol W., Over Eaters Anonymous Sylvia P., Over Eaters Anonymous Penny S., Over Eaters Anonymous Justin C., Over Eaters Anonymous Cummins, Robert, Mr. & Mrs., Project Independence, Jewish Community Center Andonie, Jack, Dr., Oby-Gyn

How to take the turkey off the waist A Thanksgiving Story What's new in obstetrics & gynecology

12/3/78 Prown, Fred, Dr., Engineering Dept., UNO Retif, Milton, Westside Oil Company Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Giarusso, Joe, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Paul, Graham, Director, Ootrabanda Theater Chehardy, Lawrence A., Former assesor of Jefferson Parish

The Energy Crisis-Again City Council ideas on financing N.O. Ootrabanda Theater Christmas presentation Lawrence Chehardy talks about Jeff. Parish

12/10/78 Bowden, Celeste, High School teacher, John Ehret H.S., Jefferson Parish Digange, Charles, Associate Principal & Prefect of Discipline, Holy Cross Adams, Fannie, 6th Grade teacher, McDonough 36 Johnson, Henry, Director of Curriculum, Orleans Parish School System Moran, John, Vol. Instructor in Cold Water Survival, Red Cross Fort, Arthur, Dr., Sara Mayo Hospital Masson, Ellen, Mrs., Southern Preservation Research Society Wilbanks, Olivia, Scripps Institute Ray, Ben, Creative Research Instructor
Reading, writing arithmetic,does any one care Cold Water Survival Predicting longevity through habits & lifestyle La. Preservation Research Society Christmas tour What's new in dream research
05 22 12/17/78 Johnson, Edward, Dr., Assistant Prof. Philosophy Dept., UNO Treen, David, Congressman, 3rd. District of Louisiana Ribnick, Candace, Dept. of Special Services, Tulane University Cooper, Jay, Gulf States Theaters Brunet, Rene, Owner of 7 theaters Fine, Larry, Branch Manager, Paramount Pictures Brisolara, Ashton, Dir., Committee on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse John-, Former alcoholic Murphy, Jim, Crisis Line
Animal rights vs. specieism Treen talks about China pact& Republican Convention in NO Midmonth in N.O. program on divorce The movies in 1978 Alcoholism and the holidays Santa Claus master, Joe C., 12/17/78
05 23 12/24/78 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Wilbon Chapel LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev. Boeshans, Francis, Msg.

Morality, religion & human rights

Christmas program, 1978

12/31/78 Watson, Doc, WTIX Air Personality Maxwell, Marty, WTIX Air Personality Pezant, Jim, Chief Research Officer, New Orleans City Council Blaume, Buddy, Investment Specialist, Howard, Weil Labouisse Friedrickson O'Connor, Valerie, Investment Specialist,Bache, Halsey, Stuart Shields Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX Fitzmorris, James, Lt.Gov., State of Louisiana

What young people are thinking The economic outlook for 1979 Fitzmorris talks about economics of state

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