Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1977

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4 18, 19 /77 Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman, First District of Louisiana See report of 07/28/1968 for questions on "A Man and His Country" Papa Celestin

"A Man and His Country", Re-presentation Rep. Hebert's Last day in office spent here Racial relations and black music

4 17 1/9/77 Silva, Jose, Silva Mind Control Proctor, Roy, Silva Mind Control Proctor, Marie, Silva Mind Control Gorlka, Alice, Mrs., Child Welfare Division of American Legion Auxilliary Pezant, Jim, Chief, City Council Budget & Research Office Duffy, Carl, Dr., Author of "The Healers" Keifer, Nat, Senator, Louisiana State Senate

New development in mind control Child Welfare & American Legion Aux. (taped) Police Civilian Review Board meeting last week "The Healers" & minority gains in medicine Senator Keifer looks at state & City problems
4 20 1/16/77 McNeill, Ed, Exec. V.P., Greater N.O. Tourist & Convention Commission Curl, Bill, Dir. of Public Relations & Marketing, Tourist & Convention Commission Martino, Cesar, Incoming Pres., Greater N.O. Hotel-Motel Assoc. Bermes, Norm, Exec. Dir., Baton Rouge Tourist Commission Fatter, Byrdie, Volunteer for the Youth SCUP Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Governor of Louisiana

Tourism in Louisiana Youth SCUP Clean Up Program (taped) Lt. Governor talks about State of Louisiana

4 17 1/23/77 Batt, Richard, Dr., Dean of Adult Seminar Division, Tulane U. Chehardy, Lawrence A., Instructor in Practical Politics, Tulane U Finch, William, Author of "Chromocolor Therapy" Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Martorrell, Louis, School of Social Work, Tulane University Singh, Jasbir M., Dr., Behavioral Therapist Murphy, Bill, Rev., Minister Burton, McKay, Dr., VA Hospital

Continuing education for middle & old aged William Finch on Chromocolor Therapy (taped) Thanathology

4 17 1/30/77 Wells, King S., Deputy Dir. Community Improvement Agency Fauria, Sidney, Field Officer, Community Improvement Agency Dupart, Jesse, Field Officer, Community Improvement Agency Miller, Robert W., Pres., Freedom Foundation, Valley Forge (taped) Failla, Anthony, Dr., Past Pres., Orleans Parish Medical Society Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Church of the Divine Light DeLoup, Lois, Student, Tulane University Vanderhaar, Raymond, Student, Tulane University Keyes, Judith, Student, Tulane University
Community Improvement Agency low cost loan program Taped interview with Robert Miller, Freedom Foundation Blocked up ears, sore throats & drippy noses Tulane students talk with Rev. Olivia Wilbanks

4 21 2/6/77 Farentelli, Joe, Crescent City Coin Club Osborn, George, Crescent City Coin Club Amadeo, Anthony, Hamilton Mint Behre, Charlotte, Professor, UNO Rebnick, Candance Perry, Social Worker, Tulane School of Social W Spurlin, Elaine, Director of the Women's Center, Tulane U. Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City of New Orleans

Numismatics and Investment Assertiveness development Discussion with Mayor Moon Landrieu

4 17 2/13/77 Smith, Jim, Assessor, District 5, Algiers Chehardy, Lawrence E., Jefferson Parish Assessor McGoey, F. King, Mrs., President of Right to Life Association Moorman, Jim, Dr., Ob-Gyn, Vice President, Right to Life Assoc. Bagert, Brod, Councilman, District D, City of New Orleans

New Property Tax Assessment Forms The Right to Life Discussion with new Councilman Brod Bagert

4 22, 24 2/20/77 McNeely, Jackson P., Mardi Gras Historian & Asst. City Attorney Sharpe, H. Alvin, Medallion Artist, Hamilton Mint Jeff, Morris F.X. Former King of Zulu Hyatt, Mary, Mardi Gras Pageantry designer Schneller, Isabel, 1977 Queen of Sparta Nasser, Al, WTIX Radio Personality Watson, Doc, WTIX Radio Personality Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Louisiana Heart Association Incaprera, Frank, Dr., Louisiana Heart Association
Mardi Gras 1977 Good heart care

Lindy Boggs and Mardi Gras Spots, Bob Walker
4 22 2/27/77 McMurray, T.S., Dr., Veterinarian, Humane Society of the U.S. Weller, Bernard M., Field Representative, Humane Society of U.S. Collard, Rick, Director, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter Geiger, Sheryl, Home Economist, St. Bernard Cooperative Extension Service Frazier, Don, 4-H in St. Bernard LeBlanc, Scuddy, 4-H in New Orleans Blaise, Charles, 4-H in New Orleans Rivkin, Zelig, Rabbi, Chabaud House, Tulane University

Animal Care and Control 4-H work with underprivileged in Central City Israel and Judaism

4 22 3/6/77 Clarke, Don, Dr., Author of "Loving Someone Gay" Ray, Ben, Social Worker and Psychologist Sclar, Deanne, Author of "Auto Repairs for Dummies" DiRosa, Joe, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans

Gay Revolution Fighting mental illness through Senoi Dream Method Taped interview with Deanne Sclar Councilman DiRosa talks about N.O. problems

4 17 3/13/77 Accardo, Nick, Dr., Past Pres., N.O. Italian Cultural Society Panzeca, Salvatore, Past Pres., N.O. Italian Cultural Society Anzalone, Frank, Coordinator, Little Italy Festival Independence, La Masaracchia, John, President, Little Italy Festival Palao, Mike, Coordinator, N.O. Italian Marching Club Cerniglia, Joseph, Candidate for Chief of Police, Gretna, La. Hakes, Jay, Dr., Political Science Department, UNO Milne, Henry, Coordinator of Building Improvement Program at Domed Stadium Hackney, Sheldon, Dr., President of Tulane University
Italian Cultural Society Joseph Cerniglia on Law Enforcement in Gretna Early direction of President Jimmy Carter Henry Milne on future cost of home building Dr. Sheldon Hackney talks about higher education
4 23 3/20/77 Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, Second District of Louisiana Cleland, Mark, Administrator of the Veterans Administration Etienne, Henri, Adult Seminar Division, Tulane University Moorman, Fran, Coordinator for Jo Ellen Smith Hospital Nursing Week Kahn, Rose, Journalist, States Item newspaper

Discussion with Congresswoman Lindy Boggs Interview with Mark Cleland, Nat. Adm. of VA What stars say about United States, Carter fu Fran Moorman on National Nursing Week A journalist reviews the Print Media

3/27/77 Graham, Susie, President of the Board of Big Sisters Andrews, Caroline, Volunteer for Big Sisters Watts, Pat, Social Worker for Big Sisters Foti, Charles, Sheriff of Orleans Parish Prison Gillin, Ed, Judge, Juvenile Court Harrell, Louis B., Rev., Counselor for Jackson Barracks Prison Isbel, John, Officer, NOPD Crime Prevention Unit Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University
High Big Sisters fight Juvenile Delinquency Methods to prevent crime in the Community

4 25 4/3/77 Carson, Lane, District 99, Louisiana Legislature Toso, Donald, Dr., New Orleans Dental Association Beck, Howard, Lake Forest Development Romaguerra, Ralph, New Orleans East Business Association Jopes, Joe, New Orleans East Business Association Scalfani, Jean, New Orleans East Business Association

Discussion of what's on your mind Lane Carson discuses next session's issues New frontiers in dentistry Develop. of Residential & businesses, N.O.East

4/10/77 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis B., Rev., Chaplain for Jackson Barracks Prison Rooney, Bill, Social Security Administration Bosman, Ray, Social Security Administration Kleindorf, Jay, NORD Theater Tyler, Alice, Louisiana League of Good Government Smith, Paulette, Louisiana League of Good Government Religion & moral in world and community Taped interview with Jay Kleindorf of NORD Th New regulations in Social Security Interview on black heritage-La L. of Good Gov

4 23 4/17/77 Andonie, Jack, Dr., Obstetrician Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Singh, Jasbir, Dr., Jefferson Alcohol Treatment Clinic Jonassen, Hans, Dr., Chemistry Department, Tulane University Sutton, William, Dr., Biology Department, Dillard University Payne, Dwight, Dr., Environmental Science Dept, Miss. St U. Women Brown, Fred, Dr., Engineering Dept., UNO

Ob-Gyn and Pediatrics Interview with Dr.Singh on alcohol treatment Wonderful World of Science

Brain Trust
4 26 4/24/77 Miller, Mat, John Birch Society Rojos, Al, John Birch Society Roener, Marlene, Exec. Dir., ACLU Baughan, Jo Ann, ACLU Barker, T.M., President, LaFourche Parish Police Jury Dantin, Joe, LaFourche Parish Police Juror

Current issues debate with J.Birch Soc.& ACLU High spots & problems of LaFourche Parish

4 26 4/24/77 Gregson, Vernon, Rep., District 95, Louisiana Legislature Schmitt, Earl, Rep., District 87, Louisiana Legislature Connors, Nick, Rep., District 97, Louisiana Legislature Morrison, Toni, Rep., District 88, Louisiana Legislature McNeely, Jackson P., City of N.0 Attorney to the Legislature

Things to expect from 1977 La. Legislature

4 25 5/1/77 Gates, George, Director, New Orleans Council on Aging Barnkessel, Adele, Volunteer, New Orleans Council on Aging Morales, Joseph, Medicaid Division, Pan American Life Insurance Rooney, Bill, Social Security Administration Durana, Carlos, Arica Omstead, Margaret, Arica Minyard, Frank, Dr., Coroner, City of New Orleans

Problems of our senior citizens Ta-Chi-Chuan, Physical therapy for the aged The Coroner discusses chid abuse

4 27 5/8/77 Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Ochsner Foundation Hospital Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Chairman, Department of Education, Tulane U. McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney for New Orleans LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Armstrong, George "Bud", Exec. V.P., Storz Broadcasting (taped) Kelly, Joe, Manager, WTIX Radio Goessl, Sales Manager, WTIX Mitchell, Bob, Program Director, WTIX (taped) Osborne, George, Artist Thayer, Marilyn, State Central Committee, Republican Party Issues and problems on program's 12th Anniversary

4 27 5/8/77 Pazent, James, Budget Research Officer, New Orleans City Council Accardo, Nick, Dr., Italian-American Cultural Organization Ritter, Ken, Dr., Louisiana Psychiatric Association Moreau, James, Col., United States Marine Corp. Retired

Issues and problems on program's 12th. Anniversary

LTIO 12th Anniversary
4 25 5/15/77 D'Aquin, Charles, N.O. Chair. Committee for cancer treat. choice Johnson, Jim, Exec. Dir, Boy Scouts of America Nutter, Charles, Vice-Pres., Louisiana Boy Scouts of America Pendery, Alden, Dir. of Operations, La. Boy Scouts o America Moskin, J. Robert, Author of "U.S. Marine Corp Story" Thibodeaux, Margaret, Special Education teacher, Jefferson Parish Steckler, Don, Concerned Parent of Special Ed. in Jefferson Neve, Roland, Concerned Parent of Special Ed. in Jefferson,

THe concern over Laetrile Something positive about the Boy Scouts Taped interview with J.R. Moskin on USMC Jeff. Parish Special Ed. & Public Law 94-142

5/15/77 Barrecca, Joseph, Louisiana Credit Union League Johnson, Allen, Louisiana Credit Union League

Credit Union and your pocket book

4 31 5/22/77 Houser, Jim, Dr., Pulmonary Internist Incaprera, Frank, Dr., Heart Specialist Hall, Ralph E., Dir. Veterans Employment, U.S. Dept of Labor Ranga Nath das, Hare Krishna Vrikodora das, Hare Krishna Malone, Joe, Irish Tourist Council, Dublin, Ireland Bauer, Todd, WTIX News Department Graham, Joe, New Orleans Geological Society Retif, Milton, Westside Oil Company
The heart and lungs Problems of veterans & minorities employment Hare Krishna and street harassment Are we running out of oil?

4 31 5/29/77 Rittenberg, Bill, ACLU Board Member Burch, Danny, Adult book store owner Tiemann, Joe, Senator, District 10, Louisiana Senate Morrison, Betty, Dr., Professor of Sociology, Lady of Holy Cross C Crowell, Richard, Senior V.P., The Boston Company, Inc. Bagert, Brod, Councilman, District D, City of New Orleans Tonry, Rick, Former Congressman from First District

Censorship and pornography Ups and downs of Stock Market with R. Crowell Problems of City of New Orleans Discussion with former congressman Rick Tonry

4 28, 29 6/5/77 Hakes, Jay, Dr., Department of Urban Development, UNO Kahn, Felicia, State Central Committee, Democratic Party Hanson, Kay, Louisiana Director of International Women's Year Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Spirit of Light Church Rice Anne, Author of "Interview with a Vampire" Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Rummage, Nancy, Dr., Psychologist Barnwell, Corinne, Citizens Advocacy Oliver, Betty, Auhor of "The ABC's of Hanging On"
Current Events Rev. Wilbanks on Psychic Phenomenon Taped interview with Anne Rice Problems of children with learning disability
Anne Rice (4-28)
4 30, 31 6/12/77 Lago, Vincent, Dr., Arbala Carbuelo, Victor, Veteran of Bay of Pigs Invasion Rodriguez, Jorge, Cuban Club of New Orleans Barthelemy, Sidney, Senator, Fourth District, Louisiana Senate Panno, Virginia, Mrs., Placement Officer, Volunteers of America Thayer, Marilyn, "Adopted Mother" & Woman's Aux. of VOA Morial, Ernest, Judge, New Orleans Court of Appeals

Human rights in Cuba Trip to Red China The ABC's of Adoption

Terry Young on WTIX (4-30)
4 31 6/19/77 Fernandez, Lee, Bio-Chem Laboratories LeMieux, Guy, President, Orleans Parish Levee Board Betz, Robert, Emergency Medical Service Steering Committee Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Special Projects Worker, Scripps Hospital, California Schaeffer, John, Father, Tulane School of Pub. Health & Tropical

Computerized Medical Testing Condition of levees and Lake Front Upgrading Emergency Medical Service in Greater New Orleans Thanatology

4 34, 35 6/26/77 Gagliano, Tony, Assistant to Mayor, City of New Orleans Moten, Emmett, Asst. Chief Administration Officer, City of N.O. Morris, Helen, Community Development Program for City of N.O. Harribance, Sean, Author of "This Man Knows You" Early, Mike, Councilman District C, City of New Orleans Kahn, Felicia, International Women's Year delegate Thayer, Marilyn, International Women's Year delegate

Community development in New Orleans Taped interview with Sean Harribance Problems in French Quarter Pros and Cons of International Women's Year in La.

4 32, 35 7/3/77 Karoma, Adams D.H., Dr., Dir. of Curriculum Resource Services, Public Schools Ducote, Ken, Chairman of Math Department, John McDonald High School Bouboef, Mike, Associate Warden, Angola State Penitentiary Maggio, Ross, Warden, Angola State Penitentiary Carter, James, American Legion Post 555 Osborne, George, Artist Maselli, Joe, Chairman of Italian American Cultural Association Foley, Rob, Contractor Buchanan, Richard, Cement Finisher Minyard, Frank, Coroner, City of New Orleans Case against corporal punishment in Public Sc Interview with Warden & Asst. Warden, Angola Something good about the country If you can't buy, renovate? Coroner discusses Supreme Court rape decision

7/10/77 Boyer, Clayton, Hair Dresser Rodriguez, Jorge, Hair Dresser Bordelon, Tommy, Hair Dresser Keyes, Elliott, Dep. Exec. Officer, Housing Authority of N.O. Andrews, James, H., Administrative Officer, Scattered Site& Sec.B Andrews, James, H., Pres.,Physically Limited Assoc. for Const. Env. Lomongino, Joey, Miracle of Garabando Thayer, Ralph, Dr., Director of Urban Studies Inst., UNO

Hair fashions Public Housing Miracle of Garabando, Padre Pio Church change

8 04 7/17/77 Reeves, Bill, Dr., Exec. Dir., France-Louisiana Festival Merrick, Swords, U.S. Department of Labor Lentini, Tony, Director, Veterans Administration Region Office Lamoine, Percy, Director, Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs Saltarelli, Jerry, Louisiana State Employment Service St. Romaine, Evan, Louisiana State Employment Service Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Chair, Americanism Committee, the Chamber Sas Jaworsky, Alexander, Dr., Immigrant fro Byelorussia Bringner, Carlos, Dr., Immigrant from Cuba
France-Louisiana Festival Unemployment-but more important, employment Captive nations and human rights

8-4: Great argument with Jack Regan
4 35 7/24/77 Hotard, Henry, St. John Parish Assessor Smith, Jim, Orleans Parish Assessor Chehardy, Lawrence, Jefferson Parish Assessor Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Resurrection of Our Lord Church Lambert, Louis, Chairman, Louisiana Public Service Commission Gates, Audrey, Mayor's Office of Consumers Affairs Stevenson, Christopher, Mayor's Office of Consumers Affairs Hunter, S.J., Patrick, Father, State Board of Elementary & Secondary Education

A gathering of assessors Landlord-tenant problems Contemporary Catholicism Problems in elementary & secondary education High utility costs & some solutions

7/31/77 Weekley, Nell, Mayor's Office of Consumers Affairs Patin, Charles, Consumer Protection Unit, Attorney General's Office Robberts, John, President, Louisiana Consumer League Gregson, Vernon, Rep., District 95, Louisiana Legislature Bruneau, Pepe, Rep., District 94, Louisiana Legislature Connor, "Nick", Rep., District 97, Louisiana Legislature Fernandez, Manny, Rep., District 104, Louisiana Legislature McNelly, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney

Consumer affairs Recapitulation of 1977 Louisiana Legislature

4 32 8/7/77 Levy, Ben, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, City of New Orleans Beck, Howard, Land developer, Lake Forest, Inc. Livingston, Robert, Republican Party candidate, 1st. Cong. District

Problems and affairs of City of New Orleans Business & residential develop. in N.O. East First Congressional District race

7 10 8/14/77 Giraud, Thomas, Judge, New Orleans Candidate for Mayor LaCour, Nat, President, United Teachers of New Orleans Wing, Jerry, National Alliance of Businessmen Faucheaux, Ron, State Rep., Democratic candidate, 1st. Cong. Dist

Mayoralty Candidate-Judge Thomas Giraud Labor problems in the Public Schools Ex-Offenders Job Program, National Alliance of Business First Congressional District race
Mid-Month in N.O. - Rev. Olivia Wilbanks on Death Therapy
4 32 8/21/77 Morial, Ernest, Judge, Candidate for Mayor, City of N.O. Frazer, Charles A., Dr., Ob-Gyn, Marriage Encounter Frazer, Emily, Marriage Encounter DeMarcay, Harold, Marriage Encounter DeMarcay, Linda, Marriage Encounter Baughn, Jo Ann, American Civil Liberties Union Allen, Doug, President of Jefferson Parish Krassnoff, Sanford, Independent Candidate, 1st. Cong. Dist. race

Mayoralty candidate-Earnest Morial Marriage Encounter Jo Ann Baughn and women's rally & march Conversation with Jefferson Parish President 1st. Congressional Dist. race-S. Krassnoff
4 35 8/28/77 Denechue, Pat, Mrs., Volunteer Activist, St. Elizabeth's Home Livingston, Bob, Congressman-Elect, 1st Congressional District Shilstone, Cecil, Candidate fro Mayor, City of New Orleans Steibing, William, Dr., History Department, UNO Webb, Malcomb, Dr., Anthropology Department, UNO Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, Louisiana Psychiatric Assn. Butler, Ed., Information Council of the Americas

Public assistant to St. Elizabeth's Home Conversation with newly elected Livingston 1977 Mayoralty race-Cecil Shilstone King Tut comes to New Orleans The forms of revolution
4 32 9/4/77 Smith, Larry. Head Football Coach, Tulane University LaGarde, M.L., Sports Information Director, Tulane University Martin, Ray, Tulane Boosters Club Vesely, Frank, Tulane Boosters Club Zavatsky, Bill, Author of "The Whole Word Catalogue II" Aiavolasiti, George A., Candidate for Mayor, City of New Orleans Morrison, Toni, Candidate for Mayor, City of New Orleans Vornado, Albenf, Dr., Dean of Adult Seminar, UNO Dyran, Kevin, Dr., Dean of Adult Seminar, Tulane University Gerstein, Reginald, Assistant to Dean of University College, Tulane The 1977 edition of Tulane Green Wave Taped interview with Bill Zavatsky Mayoralty candidate George Aiavolasiti Mayoralty candidate Toni Morrison Adult education in New Orleans
4 32 9/11/77 DiRosa, Joe, Candidate for Mayor MacClendon, Charles, Head Football Coach, LSU Tigers Schaeffer, John, Fr., Tulane School of Pub. Health & Tropical Medicine LaNasa, Gerald, Dr., Urologist and Assoc. Professor, LSU Med. School Nasser, Al, Air personality Osborne, George, Artist

Joe DiRosa discusses his candidacy for mayor Taped interview with Coach Charles MacClendon Human sexual dysfunction Current Events

4 33, 36 9/18/77 Kieffer, Nat, Candidate for Mayor, City of New Orleans Aber, Joel, Candidate for Mayor, City of New Orleans Hackney, Sheldon, Dr., President, Tulane University Acasio, Anita, Shell Oil Co. Stathes, Herb, Shell Oil Co.

Nat Kieffer discusses his candidacy for Mayor Joel Aber discusses his candidacy for Mayor Dr. Hackney discusses southern politics & pol H.R. 84-44: The Energy Package

9/25/77 Christenberry, Herbert, Candidate for Mayor Girnier, Thomas A., Candidate for Mayor Gay, Patricia, President of New Orleans Preservation Foundation Blaume, Buddy, Stock Broker Ice, Robert, Stock Broker Walters, Ruth, Stock Brokers

Herbert Christenberry's candidacy for mayor Thomas A. Girnier's candidacy for mayor Preservation of old neighborhoods in N.O. Open phone discussion with audience Ups and downs of Stock Market
4 33 10/2/77 Templet, Paul, Dr., Dir. Coastal Resources, St. Planning Office Vincent, Ross, Ecology Center of Louisiana Thayer, Marilyn, President of N.O. Women's Republican Club Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light Walters, Ruth, Stock Broker Butz, Ann, Past President of New Orleans Junior League

Ecology and the Louisiana Wetlands Women look at the world Faith healing

10/9/77 Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Southern Eye Bank Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., Louisiana Society of Opthamologists Lentini, Tony, Chairman of the Federal Executive Board Patin, Thad, DAV, Field Director McLean, Robert, Dr., Chairman for La. Committee for the Blind Gomez, Louis, President, COFLA Pernia, Israel, Board of Directors, COFLA Wagner, Rick, Crisis Line Marilyn, Crisis Line Sonny, Crisis Line Eye Week in N.O. & good eye care Discrimination against the handicapped Latin Week in New Orleans Alleviating wife beating, suicide and rape

10/16/77 Magas, Charles, Civilian Coord. (PAC), Police Assistance Community Barard, Ray, Steering Committee, Police Assistance Communications O'Malley, Terry, Crime Prevention Division, NOPD Burke, Paul, Postmaster, City of New Orleans Felt, Charlotte, Mrs., Testimonial witness women's year investigation Angelica, Mary, Sister, Abbotess of the Alabama Sisters Home Harrell, Louis, Deacon, Wilbon Chapel

PAC vs. crime Postal service in New Orleans International Women's Year minority report Deacon Harrell on prison rehab & integration Taped interview with Sister Mary Angelica
42 06 10/23/77 Sorum, William, Dr., Member of World Psychiatric Association Brown, Fred, Dr., Engineering Department, UNO Etienne, Henri, Adult Seminar Division, Tulane University Platt, Jeff, New Orleans Arts Council Deasy, Pete, Father, Maryknoll Isaacks, Aggie, WYES-TV, Auction Publicity Chairman DiRosa, Joe, Candidate for Mayor of new Orleans Morial, Ernest, Judge, Candidate for Mayor of new Orleans

Prepressive psychiatry Taped interview with Dr. Fred Brown Henri Etienne discusses the stars Jeff Platt on Arts Week in New Orleans The Maryknoll's work in Africa Mid-Month in N.O.--Dr. Charles Silverstein on homosexuality

10/23/77 Isaacks, Aggie, WYES-Tv Auction Publicity Chairman Joe DiRosa, Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans Morial, Ernest, Judge, Candidate for Mayor of New Orleans

The WYES auction Joe Dirosa discusses his candidacy for mayor Ernest Morial discusses his candidacy for may

4 37 10/30/77 Davis, A.L. Rev., Councilman District B Singleton, Jim, Candidate for Councilman of District B Spurlin, Elaine, Director of Womens Center, Newcomb College Beers, Janie, Dr., Professor, Tulane University Northrop, Sandra, Professor, Loyola University Sonnier, Carolyn, Shell Oil Co. Barry, Peg, National Association for Retarded Citizens Sutton, William, Dr., Biology Department, Dillard University Wilbanks, Olivia, Rev., Scripps Institute, California Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Louisiana Psychiatric Association Councilman for District B debate Assertiveness training & not getting ripped o Interview with people Nat. Assoc. Retarded Ci Cycles, Periodicity & future of mankind

11/6/77 Boudreaux, Julianna, Dr., Asst. Sup. Instruction & Child Advocacy, N.O.Public Schools Wright, Walter, Dir. of Continuing Education, Orleans Parish School Board Liebert, Frank, Chairman of Louisiana Personnel Council Lee, Sheila, Member of Louisiana Personnel Council Culotta, Russell, Member of Louisiana Personnel Council Accardo, NIck, Dr., National Association, Orthopedic Surgeons Livingston, Robert, Congressman, U.S. Congress, 1st. Dist. of La.

Future of Public Education in N.O. Taped interview on affirmative action Adventure into Orthopedics Discussion with Congressman Livingston

4 38 11/13/77 Puglia, Rose Marie, Over Eaters Anonymous Wattigney, Carol, Over Eaters Anonymous Redford Jo Ann, Over Eaters Anonymous Roy, Abraham, Over Eaters Anonymous Newbrough, Joe, Over Eaters Anonymous Donahue, Francis, Dr., Louisiana Medical Weight Control Clinic Shilstone, Mackie, Louisiana Medical Weight Control Clinic Taliaferro, Ron, Louisiana Medical Weight Control Clinic Hakes, Jay, Dr., Agency for International Development, US State D
Special presentation for people with weight prob Local election and nat. scene with Dr. Hakes

4 38 11/13/77 Lentini, Anthony, Director, VA Regional Office Sutton, Everette, Training & Info. Office, La. Dept Vet Affairs Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Bertucci, Joe, Veterans of Foreign Wars Valore, Abram, At Large Member from Governor's staff, La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Ryan, William, Blinded Veterans Association Schillici, Vic, Marine Corp League Corley, O. B., Veterans of World War I Manasterio, George, AMVETS
Annual program on veterans benefits

5 01, 02 11/16/77

LTIO 11/16/1977
4 38 11/20/77 LaCombe, Allen "Black Cat", New Orleans Fair Grounds Koldys, Matt, New Orleans Fair Grounds Catalano, Joe, Jockey, New Orleans Fair Grounds Catalano, Wayne, Jockey, New Orleans Fair Grounds Fontan, Anthony, New Orleans Fair Grounds

Look at the "new" Fair Grounds

4 38 11/20/77 D'Aberzies, Oliver, Dr., Pres, N.O. Academy of Opthamology & Eye Bank Cangelosi, Robert J., Dr., V.P. N.O. Academy of Opthamology & Eye Banks Jankus, Phillips, Pres. of Board of Trustees of Southern Eye Bank Tieman, Joe, Sen., La. Senator & sponsor of Eye Bank legislation Kalischer, Peter, Former CBS correspondence, Paris & Japan & Loyola Prof Hammel, Bill, Dr., Chaiman, Communications Dept., Loyola Un. Kiley, John, Dr., Ethnics Department, University of Monterrey Barthelemy, Sidney, Sen., Councilman-at-Large elect for N.O.

S. Eye Bank & Act 723-no sale of human tissue Evaluation of News Media by Kalischer & Hammel Dr. John Kiley on Survival in Contemporary U.S Discussion with Sidney Barthelemy on N.O. pro

4 38 11/27/77 Toomey, Joe, President Jefferson Parish School Board Verigan, Terry, Representative from Dist. 8, Jeff. Par. School B Ammerman, E. H., Col., Retired Chaplin and Colonel, U.S. Army Deslatte, Herb, Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International Retif, Milton, Special Assistant to Dir. Of Athletics, Tulane U. Andonie, Jack, Dr., Obstetrician

Problems in Jefferson Parish education Youth, Alcohol, and drugs Obstetrics and Gynecology

4 38 12/4/77 Epstein, Arthur, Dr., Tulane U. School of Psychiatry & Neurology Owens, Jesse, Former Olympic track star Greenstein, Jackie, Feldon Krais Massage Therapist McCarroll, Tolbert, Brother, Star Cross Monastery in California Rooney, Bill, Social Security Administration Hegler, Delores, Social Security Administration

New medical research in sleep 7 dreams Taped interview with Jesse Owens Feldon Krais Massage Therapy Taped interview with Br. Tolbert McCarroll Social Security problems See also 5-3 Br. Tolbert McCarroll author of "Notes from the Song of Life," played on LTIO 12/4/1977
4 38 12/11/77 Early, Mike, Councilman District C, City of New Orleans Butts, Ann, Chairman, Christian Woman's Association Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Governor Williams, Joe, Braniff International LeBlanc, Robert, Exec. Dir., La Tourist Development Commission McNeill, Ed., Exec. Dir. of Greater New Orleans Tourist Commission

Problems of N.O. street, garbage & Vieux Carre Restoration & Preservation of cultural buildings N.O. Tourism in N.O. & super-month in N.O.

4 38 12/18/77 Warriner, Judy, Dir., Bethesda Center for the Handicapped Warriger, Alice, Bethesda Center for Handicapped Swift, Suzzanne, Mother of cereberal palsy child Gaetzmann, Byron, Cereberal Palsy victim Ahern, Dee Dee, Author of "Economics of Being a Woman" Billeaud, Raymon, American Sugar Cane League Hodson, Charles, American Sugar Cane League Schmitt, Earl, State Representative, District 84

Open dicussion on public education Dee Dee Ahern on economic discrimination of women Horseback riding as therapy for Cereberal Palsy Rep. Earl Schmitt on best use of Hebert Hosp Louisiana Sugar Cane Industry
4 38 12/18/77 Brisolara, Ashton, Committee on Alcohol And Drug Abuse Tankleman, Luther, Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician & professor at LSU Med. Schoo

Alcohol and drug abuse

5 04 12/20/77

1977 Christmas spots (recorded 12/20/1977)

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