Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1976

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03 30 1/4/76

Mike Green on LTIO; bicentennial spots -- cut 1/4/1976

1/11/76 Reeves, William, Dr., Member of Orleans Parish School Board Koppel, Woody, Member of Orleans Parish School Board Cong-Nghi, John, Rev., Archdiocesan Director McCarthy, John Edward, Director, Migration and Refugee Services Richardson, Lee, Dr., Prof, LSU & Dir. of La. Consumer League Vincent, Ross, Ecology Center of New Orleans Ioup, George, Dr., Professor, Physics Department, UNO

Problems of Orleans Par. School Board & educ. Assisting the Vietnam refugees in La. taped Energy and the consumer

03 31 1/18/76 Glenn, Robert, WTIX Hines, Jerry, Narconon Gutierrez, James, Narconon Amarez, David, Narconon Reeves, William Dr., Exec. Dir., N.O. Bi-Centennial Commission Holdman, Scharlette, American Civil Liberties Union Halftown, Chief, Seneca Tribe Dahl, Curtis, Son-in-law of late President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Open discussion with audience Narconon and drug rehabilitation This month in N.O. for Bi-Centennial (taped) Conversation with Scharlette Holdman of ACLU An Indian outlook by Chief Halftown (taped) ACLU ("one helluva discussion")

1/18/76 Dahl, Curtis, Son-in-law of late President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Conversation with son-in-law of FDR

1/25/76 Dean, Mark, Dr., Med. Dir. of Sara Mayo Alcoholism Treatment Cent Mueller, Gordon, Dr.,Dir.,N.O. Summer School abroad in Innsbruck Failla, Anthony, Dr., Vice Pres., American Rhinologic Society Batt, Richard, History Department, Tulane University Curlington, George, Dr., Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond. Drummond, Ann, Ms., Pub. Relations Director for International Women's Film Festival

Alcoholic treatment in New Orleans UNO Summer School Abroad Program (taped) Care of nose & throat during precarious season Discussion of International Women's Film Festival Problems in higher education

1/25/76 Wickstrom, Jack, Dr., Chair of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons seminar Hadad, Ray, Dr., Dep. Chair., American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Accardo, Nick, Dr., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Tulane Med.

Orthopedics and mal-practice suits

03 32 2/1/76 Toledano, Charles, President of the Association of Past Jurors Foti, Charles, Sheriff of Orleans Parish Alpern, Albert, Author of "Apartments for the Affluent" Dupre, LLoyd, Manager of Guste Homes Dupre, Michael, Guste Homes Edwards, Morris III, Assistant Manager, Desire Development Perkins, Alfred, Tenant Liaison Officer for Housing Authority of N.O. McDermott, Betty, Assistant Director, New Orleans Bi-Centennial MacBride, Roger, Presidential candidate for Libertarian Party
Plight of Orleans Parish Prison Interview with Albert Alpern, author (Pre-re) Housing development resident election&Problems N.O. Bi-Centennial project for 1st half of February Discussion with Roger MacBride, Libertarian

2/8/76 Rayunas, Bob, Hamilton Mint Amadeo, Anthony C., Hamilton Mint Farantelli, Joe, N.O. Bi-Centennial Crescent City Coinival Osborne, George, N.O. Bi-Centennial Crescent City Coinival Whitworth, E., Ph.D Rabito, Felix, Dr., Cardiologist Incaprera, Frank, Dr., Gastroenterologist Rooney, William E., Manager of Poland Street Social Security Off. LeGuenec, Paul, Manager of Gretna Social Security Office Boseman, Ray, Manager of S.S. TeleClaims Service Center Numistmatism in New Orleans Different ethnic & religious values in world Cardiovascular & gastric problems Retirement Security-Social Security

2/15/76 Henderson, Russ, Committeeman, Residential Chairman VOA Pre-Release Center Hunter, Patrick, S.J., Member of Primary & Secondary Board & Democrat Central Committee Kahn, Felicia, Democrat Central Committeewoman & Affirmative Action Ch. McDermott, Betty, Coordinator Chairman, N.O. Bi-Centennial Swords, Merrick, Federal Employment Representative Phillips, Rick, National Alliance for Businessmen Carson, Lane, Representative Elect, Louisiana Legislature St. Romaine, Evan, Veterans Rep. for La. Dept. of Employment Security Tribaut, Pearly, Chief Engineer for the Storz Stations
Prisons and rehabilitation Demo. Party delegation selection method, 1976 Next two weeks plans for N.O. Bi-Centennial Unemployment-but more important employment

2/23/76 Sutton, William, Dr., Chair. of Natural Science Div., Dillard U. Githens, Sherwood, Dr., Biology Department, UNO Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past Pres. Louisiana Psychiatric Assoc. Gentile, John, Asst. Post Master of Finance, U.S. Post Office Burke, Paul, Post Master, City of New Orleans

Genetic engineering or genetic pollution? Discussion with national & local Postal Office Does violence on TV increase community violence

2/29/76 McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney Sharpe, H. Alvin, Artist Ledet, Annette, Artist Jeff, Morris F.X., Former King of Zulu Robinson, James, Unification Church Lambert, John, Councilman District D, City of New Orleans Gregson, Vernon, Rep. Dean of La. House of Representatives Carson, Lane, Rep., District 99 Faucheaux, Ron, Rep., District 100 Jasper, Thomas, Rep., District 102 Impact of Mardi Gras on City of N.O. The Unification Church (taped interview) N.O. City Council vs. Sewerage & Water Board Dean of La. Legislature talks with 3 rookies

03 33 3/7/76 DiRosa, Joseph, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Accardo, Nick, Dr., Chairman, Piazza Italia DeGrado, Sal, Dr., Coordinator, St. Joseph Society Program Caruso, Vincent, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Palao, Michael, Italian-American Marching Club Wall, Bennett, Dr., History Department, Tulane University Batt, Richard, Dr., History Department, Tulane University

Councilman DiRosa talks about city's problems Th Italian Impact in the City of New Orleans History of the American Revolution

"Noise" on LTIO

3/14/76 Campbell, Myrna, Director, Brentwood School Olson, Betsy, Jefferson Speech and Hearing Center Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Lichtblaume, Neil, Tulane University's Travel Day Coordinator Holmes, Henry, Public Affairs Officer, Internal Revenue Service Baker, Craig, Chief of Tax Payers Service Division, IRS Curry, Mike, Tax Payers Service Specialist, IRS Pinner, Jim, CPA, National Accountants Association

Learning disabilities & Special Ed. in La. Tulane University's Travel Day for N.O. How to complete income tax without difficulty

03/08 34/03 3/21/76 Peace Pilgrim Wilbanks, Olivia Skinner, Rev. Good, Peggy, Greater New Orleans Sculpture Society Godchoux, Rena, Greater New Orleans Sculpture Society Muller, Stanley, Architect Beck, Howard, President, Lake Forest Inc. Katner, Harold, City of New Orleans Planning Commission Pezant, James, Budget Research Officer for N.O. City Council Landrieu, Moon, Mayor, City of New Orleans
Walking for peace Discussion with Rev. Olivia Skinner Wilbanks Nat. Sculpture Convention in N.O.- April 1976 Land development in Eastern New Orleans Conversation with Mayor of New Orleans
03 35 3/28/76 Cassagne, Lee Ann, Rev., First Spiritualist Church of N.O. Cassagne, Henry L., First Spiritualist Church of N.O. Benigno, Tony, Student Little, Deborah, Student Lambert, John, Councilman, District D, City of New Orleans Lentini, Anthony, Chairman, Fed. Exec. Board's Bi-Centennial Committee Glaudi, Hap, Sports Director of WWL-TV & Super Dome Committeeman Sorum, William, Dr., Clinical Director, River Oaks Hospital Bick, John, Dr., President of Staff, River Oaks Hospital
128 years of the Spiritualist Church U.S. Continental Army Band in N.O. in 1976 Controversy on Interim Little Super Dome Repo Different look at mental health in community

03 35 4/4/76 Kroll, Michael, American Civil Liberties Union McDonald, Thomas, Veteran of WW II & perennial beach comber Rogers, Peter, Fr., Chaplain of N.O. Fire and Police Departments Ancona, Toni, Mrs., President of the League of St. Jude Errico, Rocco, Dr., President of the Aramaic Society Robinson, James, Unification Church Johnston, Bruce, Unification Church Penhoster, Melinie, Ms., Unification Church Carrigan, Kevin, Unification Church
Th rights of students & other little people Morality in the City of New Orleans Studies in Aramaic (taped interview) Unification Church members answer charges

03 35 4/11/76 Chehardy, Lawrence, Jeff. Par. Assessor & property tax panel member Fitzmorris, James, Louisiana Lieutenant-Governor Green, Lee, Mississippi civil servant Schmitt, Sylvia, Profesional Marketer Drumming, Ann, Newcomb History Major Fitzmorris, Lisa, High School student

Property Tax in Louisiana Women rap with the Lieutenant-Governor

03 35, 37 4/18/76 Burton, McKay Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Hayward, Frank P., Sgt., Pres. of Michael the Archangel Society Murphy, Bill, Rev., Lakeside Baptist & Council for the Aging Byrd, Mildred, Senior Employment Program, Title 9 Sweeny, Bob, Senior Editor, Times Picayune Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Flores, Dicky, Good News in Action Hanwell, Louis, Rev., Chaplain, Work Release Program, Jackson Barracks Things to think about on Easter Relevance of Weekly News Journal (taped) Special problems of the senior citizen Michael the Archangel Association
Governor Jimmy Carter interviewed by Joe Culotta Jr. on 4/18/76 at International Hotel, in New Orleans, La.

4/25/76 Bouise, Oscar, Dr., Professor (retired), Xavier University Rousseve, Charles, Black historian and writer Johnson, Clifton, Dr., Exec. Dir., Amistad Society, Dillard U. Carlton, Barbara, CARIH, Asthma Society Hakes, Jay, Dr., Chairman, Center for President Campaign in La. Foti, Charles, Sheriff of Orleans Parish Olivari, Mark, Summer Camp for Underprivileged Children Isaacks, Aggie, Junior League of New Orleans Carter, Jimmy, Gov., Democratic Presidential Candidate
Black Heritage-N.O. Bicentennial Presentation Taped interview with Barbara Carlton of CARIH Interview with Gov. Jimmy Carter & Jay Hakes Orleans Parish Prison Problems Aggie Isaacks & Junior League's Show House

4/25/76 Barthelemy, Sidney, Sen, Louisiana District 4 Casey, Thomas, Sen., Louisiana District 7

Discussion with Senators Barthelmey & Casey

5/2/76 Twitty, William, L. Col., Ret, Rep. to La. U.S. Army Retiree Council Acosta, Albert, Master Sgt., Ret. State Service Office,Veterans of Foreign Wars Thomas,Herman, Master Sgt., Retired, Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Spurney, Petr, Coordinator for Bicentennial Freedom Train Reeves, William, Dr., Exec. Dir., N.O. bicentennial Commission Gross, Nat., Clerk of the First City Court Samuel, Larry, Governor's Consumers Authority Staff member Lane, Mark, Author of "Rush to Judgment" Butler, Ed., Information Council of the Americas
Should the military be unionized? Freedom Train comes to New Orleans (taped) Consumerism and the First City Court Intelligence Committee in U.S. & abroad

04 02, 03 5/9/76 Lentini, Anthony, Dir., Veterans Adm. Regional Office, N.O. Moreau, James, Jr., Student, UNO

11th anniversary with special friends

04 02, 03 5/9/76 Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman, 1st. Congressional District in La Roessler, Bob, Sports Editor, New Orleans Times Picayune Payne, Dwight, Dr., Mississippi University for Women Curlington, George, Dr., Southeastern La. University & High Pine Collegium Music Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Governor (taped) Ellender, Bennie, Ex-Head Coach, Tulane University (taped) McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney McGovern, John L., Dep. Dir., Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs Osborne, George, Artist Moreau, James A., Councilman at Large Our 11th anniversary with special friends

Also includes LTIO readings 6/27/76

5/16/76 Andonie, Jack, Dr., MD LeBreton, Ed, Representative Emeritus Accardo, Nick, Dr., Chairman of the Piazza d' Italia Chrestia, John, Aide to the Mayor, City of New Orleans Panzeca, Sal, Italian-America Federation of Louisiana

Obstetrics and Gynecology Ex-Dean of Louisiana Legislature LeBreton Impact of Piazza d'Italia on N.O., CBD

07 01 5/23/76 Bagert, Ben Jr., Rep., District 98, Louisiana Legislature Owens, Jerome, Rev., Chaplain for A. Phillip Randolph Inst. N.O. Hill, Norman, Exec. Dir., A. Phillip Randolph Institute, National Montgomery, Willie, Field Rep. AFL-CIO & La. Founder of Randolph I La Cour, Nat, Political Action Chairperson of Inst.& Pres. Teach Humphrey, Dorothy Ann, Ms., National Consumer Affairs Association Cassibry, Fred, Judge, Federal District Judge

Louisiana Legislature session continued A. Phillip Randolph Inst.-Leader in black lab Aerosols and the environment (taped) Judge Cassibry talks about court problems

07/42 07/05 5/23/76

Mid-Month in N.O. - La. Legislature, special show (reel to reel). 42-05 is cassette tape

5/30/76 Bayforth, Joseph, Dr., Prince Leopold Inst. of Tropical Medicine Baudoin, Rick, Dr., Naval Medical Research Institute Bethesda, MD Emory, Mayo, Dr., YMCA, New Orleans, La. Miller, Matt, Less Government Inc. & the John Birch Society Rojas, Al, Less government and the John Birch Society Kroll, Michael, American Civil Liberties Union Holdman, Scharlette, American Civil Liberties Union Ray, Ben, Clinical Social Worker Schneller, Ann, Student Toups, Shirli, Student Preventative Medicine ACLU & John Birch Society discuss social issues Senoi Dream Method & good mental health

5/30/76 Carubba, Anna Marie, Public School teacher

the Senoi Dream Method and good mental health

04 04 6/6/76 Davis, A. L., Rev., Councilman District B Gregson, Vernon, Rep., District 95 & Dean of House of Represent. Connor, Nick, Rep., District 97, Louisiana Legislature Tauzin, Billy, Rep., District 55, Louisiana Legislature McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney, City of New Orleans McDermott, Betty, Planner, N.O. Bicentennial Commission Hakes, Jay, Dr., Africanologist, University of New Orleans Beigno, Tony, Brother, Professor, Brother Martin High School

Problems of City of New Orleans Proposed Louisiana Dome Bicentennial program Louisiana legislators speak out African culture
See also 3-36

6/13/76 Aubry, Alvin, Dr., Associate Professor, Loyola Dept. of Education Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman of Dept. of Education, Tulane U. Wilson, M. M., Ms., Head of Reading Dept., Bell Jr. High School Goessel, Otto, Sales Manager, WTIX Accardo, Nick, Dr., Orleans Parish Medical Society Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Orleans Parish Medical Society Failla, Anthony, Dr., Orleans Parish Medical Society Meade, Robert, Dr., Orleans Parish Medical Society

Problems in the Public School System Business in the City of New Orleans Mal-practice suits & confidentiality of medicine

03 36 6/20/76 Vincent, Ross, Ecology Center of Louisiana Barthelemy, Sidney, Sen., Louisiana Senate Ioup, George, Dr., Physics Department, UNO Rankin, Hugh, Dr., History Department, Tulane University LeBoeuf, Mickey, Dr., Management & Marketing Dept., UNO Taylor, Jim., Former LSU-NFL football player Andonie, Jack, Dr., President of LSU Boosters Club in N.O. Huls, William, Vice Chairman of Louisiana State Mineral Board, Martin, Ken, President of Martin Exploration Company Blankenship, Wayne, Pres. of American Assoc. of Petroleum Landmen Energy Conservation Dr. Hugh Rankin discusses American Revolution Time Conservation LSU Annual Alumni Luau Divestiture and the oil companies See also 4-5
03 36 6/20/76 Retif, Milton, Private Jobbers, Westside Oil Company

Divestiture and the oil companies

6/27/76 Cyrus, Father, Foundation Church Williams, Fred, Jehovah, Witnesses Malpie, Arthur, Jehovah Witnesses Hinderer, James A., Jehovah Witnesses Cox, Dwight, Jehovah Witnesses Vaughn, Kenneth, Jehovah Witnesses Farris, Gregory, Dr., Neurology Dept., LSU Med. School & Epilepsy U Warren, Dick, State Exec. Dir., Louisiana Epilepsy Association LaValle, Judge, Vol. Office Secretary, La. Epilepsy Association Gillin, Edward G., Judge, Juvenile Court, Orleans Parish Foundation work in French Quarter The Jehovah Witnesses Epilepsy-the last bastion of discrimination The Family Court & juvenile Dilinquency in N.O

7/4/76 Ochsner, Alton Sr.,Dr.,Founder of Information Council of Americas

America-the Melting Pot, a Bicentennial. Presentati

04 06 7/4/76 LeMoine, Percy, Director, Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs Roche, Al., First District Vice-Commander, American Legion Wynne, Jim, Composer of Bicentennial Theme Kelley, Bud, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Batiste, Harold, Jazz artist & Organizer of Louis Armstrong Project Kelley, Ron, WTIX News Gomez, Louis, Pres. of Committee to Organize Latin-American Festival Rodriguez, Arnesto, Dr., League of United Latin-American Citizens Etienne, Henry, Former French Commercial Consular Thayer, Marilyn, Mrs., Member of Chamber of Commerce Americanism Com. America-the Melting Pot-Special Bicentennial Presentation

Special Bicentennial program

7/11/76 Jones, Brenda, Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Hill, Larry, Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Carson, Charles, Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Bryant, Aaron, Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Jones, Herbert, Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Purdy, Tom, Executive Dir., Greater N.O. Chamber of Commerce Reso, Thomas, Manager, Communications Dept., Greater N.O. Chamber Flores, Andy, Director, Economic Development Council, the Chamber Treen, David, Congressman, Third District of Louisiana
Philosophy behind Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Chamber officials talk about N.O. problems A discussion with Congressman David Treen

04 06 7/18/76 Kelly Ron, WTIX News Sloan, Maceo, Chairman, National Insurance Association Bringuer, Carlos, Dr., Cuban refugee Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Americanism, Greater N.O. Chamber of Commerce Schlafly, Phyllis, Mrs., Phyllis Schlafly Report

General discussion Insurance and minorities Discussion with Dr. Bringuer on Cubans in N.O Captive Nations Week

04 07 7/25/76 Cong-Nghi, John,Father, Coordinator Vietnamese Apostolate of N.O. Kien, Tap, Secretary of the Vietnamese Commission, Bridge City Tullier, Gene, Catholic Charities Coordinator, Vietnamese Project Villere, Maurice, Dr., Dept. of Management & Marketing, UNO LeBouef, Mickey, Dr., Dept. of Marketing & Management, UNO Snyder, Lewis, Dr., Author of the Encyclopedia of the Third Reich Palao, Mike, National Rifle Association Badeaux, J. Alvin, Past President, National Rifle Association

Problems of Vietnamese in N.O. & Louisiana TA and the businessman Today's fascination with Hitler's Germanyl The right to bear arms

8/1/76 Phillips, Carolyn, President, Engineering Society for Women Reed, Marina Gonzales, Mechanical Engineer Owens, Claude, Electrical Engineer Brown, Frederick, Dr., Engineering Department, UNO Incamprera, Frank, Dr., Internal Medicine Finn, Michael, Dr., Cardiologist Maulsby, Robert, Dr., Dept. of Neurology, Tulane Medical School Epstein, Art, Dr., Dept. of Neurology, Tulane Medical School

The future of women and minorities in science The type "A" heart person Things of the mind

04 09 8/2/76

Information Please on LTIO

8/8/76 Blankenship, Pat, Field Director, American Red Cross Johnson, Henry, Col., U.S. Ret., Service Military Comm., Chairman DiRosa, Joe, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Gregson, Vernon, Rep., District 95, Louisiana Legislature Hainkel, John, Rep., District 89, Louisiana Legislature Jasper, Tom, Rep., District 102, Louisiana Legisalture Faucheux, Ron, Rep., District 100, Louisiana Legislature McNeely, Jackson P., Assisistant City Attorney of New Orleans,

Reviewing a less than honorable discharge Problems of N.O. seen through councilmen's eyes 1976 La. Legislature Roundup & impact on city

04 10 8/10/76

Coach Charlie McClendon & Dr. Jack Andonie
03 36 8/15/76 Smith, Larry, Head Coach, Tulane University Bjorne, Jane, All Lutheran Youth Conference in New Orleans Houtiz, Dwayne Talbot, Dir., Alton Ochsner Foundation Hospital Clarkson, Ed, Health Care Administrator, Southern Baptist Hospital Minyard, Frank, Dr., Coroner, City of New Orleans

Coach Smith talks about football & youth The All Lutheran Youth Conference in N.O.(tap Hospital problems in the community Conversation with the New Oreans Coroner

04 08 8/22/76 Courtney, Cy, Tulane University McClendon, Charlie, LSU Coach Andonie, Jack, Dr., President of LSU Booster Club Whitney, John W., President, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Gilyard, Aaron X., General Manager, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Lange, Robert J., Director of the Service Academy, Gold Cross Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City of New Orleans Minyard, Frank, Dr., Coroner, City of New Orleans

Taped interview with McClendon & Dr. Andonie Emergency Medical Service-crucial medical problem Conversation with Mayor Moon Landrieu

04 11 8/29/76 Bateman, Cash, Col., Adult Seminar Division, Tulane University Coon, Robert, Capt., U.S. Army recruiting Weekley, Nell, Director, Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs Barnkessel, Susie, Food Service Coordinator, Mayor's Office Arnolie, Louise, Food and Drug Administration Hingle, Ron, State Food and Drug Administration Gerace, Joseph, Administrator, Dept. of Employment Security, La. Barrios, Pete, Snelling and Snelling Employment Agency Swords, Merrick, Veterans Employment Rep. for La. U.S. Labor Dept
Dream recall Army recruiting (taped interview) Food sertvice problems in New Orleans Unemployment Compensation & how to get job

9/5/76 Sheppard, Jim, Director, Motor Vehicle Inspection Agency of N.O. Scully, John, Asst. to Dir., Motor Vehicle Inspection Agency of N.O. Rivkin, Zelig, Rabbi, Chabad House, Jewish Student Center Riley, Cecil, Officer, Community Relations Dept., NOPD Trent Lewis P., Judge, Division C, New Orleans Traffic Court

Brake tags and driver safety What's bugging you on a Labor Day weekend? Hasidism, the Kabals & comtemporary Judaism Bicycle safety in N.O., interview with Riley Traffic problems in the Traffic Court
04 12 9/12/76 Walters, Ruth, Bache, Halsey, and Stuart Stockholders Ice, Robert, A.G. Edwards and Sons Blaum, Buddy, Howard, Labouisse and Freidrichson Batt, Richard, Dr., Associate Dean, University College, Tulane U. Rankin, Hugh, Dr., Professor of History Dept., Tulane University Wall, Bennett, Dr., Professor of History Dept., Tulane University Malone, Joseph, Director General of Irish Tourist Board O'Kelly, Brendon, Vice President of Sales, Air Lingus Accordo, Nick, Dr., Chairman, Piazza d'Italia Gagliano, Tony, Executive Assistant to the Mayor The Stock Market and economy An official N.O. Bicentennial presentation-history N.O & Irish tourism & Piazza and travel agents American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)

9/19/76 Sly, R. Michael, Dr., Dir. of Pediatric Allergy & Immunology, LSU Cohen, Helen, Mrs., Dir. of Development, National Asthma Center, Denver Grefer, Evelyn, Pres. of N.O. Chapter of National Asthma Center Singh, Jasbir, Dr., Clinical Psychologist & alcoholism & drug abuse Winkler, Arthur, Dr., Clinical Psychologist Jenkins, Howard, Dir. of Parochial Education of Archdiocese of N.O.

The problem of asthma Hypnosis, reincarnation and drug abuse Asthma problems and WTIX radiothon Parochial education in Greater New Orleans

9/26/76 Incaprera, Frank, M.D. Lemoine, Percy, State Coord. for the Am. Legion Swine Flu Program Madden, Jackie, Co-Chairperson, WYES Auction Wedig, Fay Beth, Co_Chairperson, WYES Auction Levy, Ed, President of the SPCA Dysert, Nelson, Director, SPCA Schneider, Rowland, Sanitation Officer, Core Area Development District Pourchieau, Carey, Co-Ordinator for Core Area Development Dist.

Explanation & discussion on Swine Flu WYES Public TV Auction (taped interview) Pets and animal problems in New Orleans Core Area Development District plan to clean Canal St

9/26/76 Atchison, Ruth, Asst. Dir., Philantropic Advisor, Better Business Bureau Determan, Dean W., Vice President of Legal Affairs Div., National Better Business Bureau Long, John, Planner for Greater N.O. Better Business Bureau

National and local rackets investigated by BBB

10/3/76 Scheuermann, Dave, Democratic Candidate for Congress, 3rd. Dist. Sutton, Hilton, Rev., Lakeview Christian Center Carson, Lane, State Representative, District 99 Kroll, Michael, American Civil Liberties Union Lindsay, Robert, Dr., N.O. Forum for Gov.'s Conferance to hire handicapped Wilbanks, Olivia Skinner, Rev., Church of the Divine Light Tripp, Emily, Director, Touro School of Nursing

Equal time with Democratic 3rd Dist. candiadate Taped interview with Dr. Robert Lindsay Debate on amnesty and pardon Past, present and future

04 12 10/10/76 Hakes, Jay, Dr., 1st. and 2nd. Dist. Coordinator for Governor Carter Organ, Donald, Chairman 1st. Cong. Dist. for Pres. Ford Committee Dyess, Gary, Student, Holy Cross High School Parrish, David, Student, Holy Cross High School Sturcken, Robert, Student, Holy Cross High School Boudreaux, Juianna, Dr., Asst. Sup. for Institutional & Child Advocacy Boucree, Harold, Supervisor, Adolescent Service Centers, Public Schools

Ford vs. Carter-debate by their proxies Ford vs. Carter-High School students debate Orleans Parish public education

07 09 10/17/76 Barthelemy, Sidney, Senator, Louisiana State Senator Jeffrey, St. John, Author-"Jimmy Carter's Betrayal of the South" Levy, Linda, New Orleans Business and Professional Women's Club Thomas, Loretta, N.O. Business and Professional Women's Club Wonders, Virginia, N.O. Business and Professional Women's Club Boutwell, Bonnie, N.O. Business and Professional Women's Club White Burton, Dr., Author of "The First Three Years" Isaacks, Aggie, New Orleans Junior League

Failure of Regional Transic Authority &effect Discussion with Jeffrey St. John Iinterview with Aggie Isaacks & Dr. B. White

Mid-Month in N.O. - Dr. Julianna Boudreaux, Dr. Harold Boucree, Orleans Parish School Board

10/17/76 Frank, Todd, Dr., Chief of Drug Treatment Program, N.O. VA Hospital Bobb-Semple, Keith, Program Director, Multi-Media Center Oliver, Wade, Program Planner, Multi-Media Center Melancon, Douglas, Audio-Visual Specialist, Multi-Media Center Foti, Charles, Sheriff, Orleans Parish Sheriff Bonano, Leslie, Director of Parish Prison Boxing Program Barbara, Tony, Chairman of the Southern AAU Boxing Program Short, Martin, Commissioner of the Southern AAU Boxing Program

Drug Abuse Prevention Week Amateur Boxing Program for youth

04 12 10/24/76 Barnkessel, Sisie, Mayor's Office of Consumer's Affairs Isaacks, Aggie, New Orleans Junior League Price, Betty, Fashion Director House, Barbara, Marketing Director Hawn, Adelaide, News Editor, Tulane University Nunn, Sam, Senator, U.S. Senate, Georgia Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman of Dept. of Education, Tulane U.

Women look at the world A discussion with Senator Nunn (taped) Education in Greater New Orleans area

04 12 10/31/76 Scivicque, Linda, Student, Tulane University Delbert, Susan, Student, Tulane University Thompson, Ted, Adjudication Officer, VA Regional Office Wilbanks, Oliver Skinner, Rev. Proctor, Roy, Silva Mind Control Tonry, Rick, Democratic nominee for 1st. Congressional District Rarick, John, Independent nominee for 1st. Congressional District

Two students discuss Halloween Major changes in VA Pension and Education Law Interview with Roy Proctor of Silva Mind Cont A discussion with Rick Tonry A discussion with John Rarick
04 12 10/31/76 Wilbanks, Olivia Skinner, Rev. Livingston, Bob, Republican nominee for 1st. Congressional Dist.

Taped interview with Rev. Olivia S. Wilbanks A discussion with Robert Livingston

04 12 11/7/76 Carson, Lane, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Gilyard, Aaron, Sgt., U.S. Army (ret.) Thayer, Ralph, Dr., Urbanologist, Unioversity of New Orleans Carter, Jimmy, President Elect (taped) Chehardy, Lawrence, Assessor, Jefferson Parish Walters, Ruth, Bache, Holser, and Stewart Stockbrokers McNeely, Jack, Assistant City Attorney Hakes, Jay, Dr., Political Science Dept., UNO & Carter La. Coordinator Gomez, Louis, Member of Lulac & Special Assistant to the Mayor Carson, Laura. A new president-where do we go from here?

04 13 11/14/76 Bertucci, Joe, VFW Gray, Leonard, VFW Shilleci, Ric, Marine Corp League

Commerical, veterans and national health insurance Yearly presentation on veterans problems

04 13 11/14/76 Buess, Lynn, Psychology, University of Georgia Williams, William A., Minister Heumann, Janet, Student, Tulane University Emrick, George W., National Chair. of Board of International Assoc. of Underwriters Havarty, Phil, Veterans Assistance Officer, VA Regional Office Lentini, Tony, Director, Veterans Administration, New Orleans Griener, Paul, Home Loan Officer, Veterans Administration McGovern, John, Deputy Director, La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Aucoin, Paul S. Jr., Chairman, Veterans Affairs Commission Corley, O. B., World War I Veterans Psychology and the Tarot Commercial, Veterans and National Health Insurance Yearly presentation on veterans problems

11/21/76 Diekert, Jeffrey, Member Ayn Rand Foundation Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Member of Southern Eye Bank Jenkus, Philip, President, Board of Trustees, Southern Eye Bank Hall, Alton, Recepient of coreneal transplant Long, Howard, American Physical Fitness Institute (taped) Tillman, Perry, Consultant, 1st. Governor's Conference on handicapped Sanzenbach, Paul, School of Social Welfare, LSU Baton Rouge Trent, Louis, Judge, Orleans Parish Traffic Court

Logical Objectivism & individual's rights Eye care Ist Governor's Conference on Handicapped Alcohol Safety Action Program's Fear of Arrest Good nutrition for the poor (taped)

11/28/76 Behre, Charlotte, Students International Meditation Society Vincent, Jim, Students International Meditation Society Burke, Paul, Postmaster, City of New Orleans (taped) Tools, Donald, Engineer, WTIX Thayer, Ralph, Dr., Director of Urban Studies, UNO Hedrick, Earl, Professor of Urban Regional Planning, UNO Villavaso, Stephen, Urban Planner Mueller, Stanley, Arcfhitect

Transcendental meditation to cope with society Discussion with Postmaster Burke of N.O. Open discussion with public Human design for city or people space & problems

04 12 11/29/76

04 14 11/30/76

Making of King Kong - George Turner - interview
04 12 12/5/76 Robinett, Sue, Family Planning Institute Lammey, Vera, Family Planning Institute Dees, Diane, Family Planning Institute Gates, Audry, Mrs., Asst. Dir., Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs Morrison, Paul A., Local Pres., National Foundation for Illietis&Colitis Claverie, Carol Lee, Member, Nat. Foundation for Illietis&Colitis Usner, Bill, Member, National Foundation for Illietis & Colitis Mc Caffery, Thomas D., Dr., Asst. Professor, LSU Medical School Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., Pres. New Orleans Opthamology Association B Family planning and abortion How to buy safe Christmas trees? (Mrs. Gates) Psychological & Physiological impact of Illietis Eye Week in N.O.(interview with Dr.Cangelosi)

04 12 12/5/76 Blakesee, Red, Former prisoner of Angola Links, Joe, Former prisoner of Angola

Laying it on the line about prison life

04 17 12/12/76 LeBreton, Ed, Chair. of the International Governmental Relations Comm. Gates Audrey, Asst. The Mayor's Committee for Consumer Affairs Berault, Warren, Exec. Dir., Core Area Development District Gregson, J. Randolph, Project Coord. to Abolish Skid Row for CADD Conway, William B., Consulting Engineer, Madjeski & Masters Foto, Phil, Attorney for Retail Merchants Bureau, Chamber of Commerce Ewing, Vern, Dir., Retail Merchants Bureau, Chamber of Commerce Barber, Harry, Director of Security, D.H. Holmes Co.

Current and local events with Ed LeBreton Toy safety for Christmas with Mrs. Gates (taped) W.B. Conway on Coast Guard & Mississippi River bridge Economy, security and propriety of CBD in N.O Cleanliness in New Orlean CBD
04 15, 16, 17 12/19/76 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Boeshans, Francis, Father, Resurrection of Our Lord Church Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Brisolara, Ashton, Chairman of the Committee on Alcoholism

Christmas, Religion and problems in the world Save the holiday-a deterrent to excessive drinking

F.E. Hebert - Callendar - 12/19/76; Dr. John Duffy, author, "The Healers"; LTIO Christmas; Bob Mitchell

12/26/76 Karpelman, Daniel, Editor, Parley Newspaper Early, Mike, Councilman, District C, City of New Orleans Giarusso, Joe, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans

News roundup & discussion on events of 1976 Councilman Early discusses the City of N.O. Counilman Giarrusso discusses City of N.O.

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