Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1975

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1/5/75 Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Gov. Townsend, Joycelyn, Ms., LSU Medical School Dorter, Jean, Ms., Author, Berkely, California LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Ritter, Ken, Dr., Past President, Louisiana Psychiatric Assoc.

Discussion with Lt. Gov. of Louisiana Depression and mental health in the city

1/12/75 Lindsay, Joe, Regional Planning Commission Dautrieve, Leroy, Regional Planning Commission Moreau, James, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Vincent Ross, Director of the New Orleans Ecology Center Wesley, Newton K., Dr., Dir. of the National Eye Research Found.

The Regional Planning Commission plan to car pool New Orleans water problems Issei, Nisei, Sansei & discrimination

1/19/75 Kathmann, Ruth, Member of the Right to Life Crapanzano, Joseph L., Dr., Member of the Right to Life Winn, Robert E., Member of the Right to Life Minyard, Frank, Dr., Coroner, City of New Orleans Niklaus, Karen, Mrs., Coroner's Rape Squad Johnson, Bernette J., Coroner's Rape Squad Connick, Harry, District Attorney for the City of New Orleans

The Right to Life Rape in the City of New Orleans Conversation with District Attorney Connick

1/26/75 Mueller, Stanley, Pres. of the N.O. Chapter of Architects Earl, Glenn, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce McNaughton, Ian, President Elect, N.O. Chapter of Architects Weber, Danny, Act. Instructional Consulltant, Special Ed., Jeff. Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Gilbert, Ellen, Instructional Consultant, Special Ed., Orleans S. Olson, Betsy, Jefferson Hearing and Speech Center Matthews, Betty, Pres. N.O. Chapter, Children with Learning Disabilities Brown, Frederick, Dr., University of New Orleans Becnel, Milton, Dr., Southern university of New Orleans Changing face of N.O. architectural system Children with learning disabilities Continuing adult education

1/26/75 Batt, Richard, Dean, Tulane University Gernstein, Reginald, Dominican College

Continuing adult education Children with learning disabilities

2/2/75 Ochsner, Alton, Dr., President, Ochsner Foundation Taggert, Charles, Dr., Member of Commission for National Child Dental Week Nelson, Harry, Dr., Member of Commission for National Child Dental Week Kurtz, Barbara, VISTA Eves, Joyce, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Orleans Par. Schools Buess, Lynn, Numerologist, Georgia Tech University

Health in Greater New Orleans Our children and dental problems New Orleans Public Schools Volunteer System Numerology and the New Math

2/9/75 Simon, Joe, Past Exec. Dir., Greater N. O. Chamber of Commerce McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney Sharpe, H. Alvin, Artisan Stevens, Kim, WTIX Air Personality Chehardy, Raymond, Mr. & Mrs., Women for Mankind Estrada, Marie, Ms., Women for Mankind

The city problems of Mardi Gras 1975 Callers speak out on bus strike Women for Mankind

2/16/75 Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Chairman, Americanism Program Thompson, Richard, Executive Director, Americanism Program Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Opthamologist, Southern Eye Bank Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., Opthamologist, Southern Eye Bank Taggert, Charles, Dr., Dentist Biondolillo, Louis, Safety Engineer Ferrand, Justice, Accountant Rainey, Octave, President, Progressive Pharmaceutical Association

Free enterprise & Social Studies in Public S Good eye care Current Events

3 16 2/23/75 Britton, Harvey, National Field Director of the NAACP Mills, P. J., Executive Director, Louisiana Superport Authority Cochiara, Joseph G. Jr., Associate Director, La. Super Port Authority Micili, Vincent P., Fr., St. John's University Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Executive Director, La. Heart Fund Gaudin, Felix, Mrs., Chairman of the La Maison de Hospitilaire Landrieu, Moon, Mayor, City of New Orleans

NAACP's planned program for veterans Louisiana Super Port La Maison de Hospitilaire Drive The clergy in politics The Louisiana Heart Fund Drive
8 02 2/23/75 Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City of New Orleans

A conversation with Mayor of New Orleans

3/2/75 Wilkerson, Lynn, National Organization for Woman Allen, Susan, National Organization for Women Stevens, Kim, WTIX Roesler, Bob, Times Picayune Bateman, C. C., Col., American Medical & Physical Research Found.

NOW's side on abortion-equal time reply End of the World & how its starting in N.O. Bob Roesler discusses Africa Advice to tired executives & politicians

3 17 3/9/75 Singh, Jasbi M., Dr., Dir. of the Alcoholism Out-patient Clinic Davis, A. L., Rev., Councilman, Division B & Pastor of New Zion BC Quinn, Pat, Diamond Information Center Hunter, Patrick, S.J., Candidate Hartley, Leroy, Candidate

Alcoholism, a behavioral approach Rev. A.L. Davis talks about city The economy and the diamond Candidates for State Board of Education

3/16/75 Accardo, Nick, Dr., Pres., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Montaldo, Eddie, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Palao, Mike, Italian-American Marching Club Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman, First District of Louisiana Proctor, Roy and Maree, Silva Mind Control

Italian-Americans & St. Joseph Church's fate A discussion with Congressman Hebert "Poor" is a state of mind

3/23/75 Levy, Ed, President of the Board of the SPCA Dysert, Nelson, Director of the SPCA Burke, Richard, President of the Board of New Orleans Assessors Smith, James, Vice Pres. of the Board of New Orleans Assessors Cassibry, Fred, Federal Judge, US District Judge, Eastern Div.,La

Problems of the SPCA in New Orleans New Orleans Property Tax assessments A federal judge talks it over

3/30/75 Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Mormon and Chairman of Dept. Of Ed., Tulane Boeshans, Francis, Fr., Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Bordelon, Tom, Barber Spilatta, Emile, Barber Biro, Imildo, Hairdresser

Easter Sunday morning in New Orleans The educational picture in New Orleans The hair revolution

4/6/75 Duggins, Bitsy, Junior League of New Orleans Charbonnet, Dotty, Junior League of New Orleans Frierson, Ruthie, Junior League of New Orleans

The Junior League of New Orleans

3 18 4/6/75 Boggs, Lindy, Congressman, Second District of Louisiana Delcambre, Karen, Student Culotta, Karen, Student Nebel, Eddenton, Dr., University of New Orleans Vadell [Vidall?], Patty, Student Kelleher, John J., CETA Planner for La. State Employment Service St. Romain, Evans, Veterans Placement Rep. La. State Employment Service Saltarrelli, Jerome G., Unemployment Compensation Analyst

Congressman Boggs talks with students Degree program for Tourism Specialists-UNO Jobs and unemployment in New Orleans

7 05 4/13/75 Jonhson, Clifton, Dr., Director Of Amistad Research Center Augustine, Hazel, Vice-President of Friends of Amistad Borders, Florence E. Mrs, Staff Member of Amistad Research Center Hakes, J., Dr., Common Cause Githens, Sherwood, Dr., Common Cause Maumus, Priscilla, Common Cause Stevens, Jean, Mrs., Symphony Book Fair Lambert, John, Councilman, City of New Orleans, District D

Amistad Research Center for Black History Reply to Congressman Hebert by Common Cause Symphony Book Fair (prerecorded) Councilman Lambert talks about New Orleans
Mid-Month in N.O. - Earl Schmitt, La. State Representative; Far East trip and La. Legislative 1975 session; housing projects in Far East

4/20/75 Olson, Kenneth, Dr., Psychologist & author- "Art of Hanging Loose Andoni, Jack, Dr., Obstetrician and Gynecologist Andoni, Precilla, Mrs., Concerned woman Schmidt, Sylvia, Concerned woman Peabody, Betty, Concerned woman Biro, Emiled, Concerned woman Scrum, William, Dr., Psychiatrist, River Oaks Hospital Stocks, John, Dr., Psychiatrist, River Oaks Hospital

Art of Hanging Loose in an Uptight World Four women talk it over with an Ob-Gyn Open discussion New frontiers in New Orleans Psychiatry

3 19 4/27/75 Brickner, Belfour, Rabbi, Leader of American-Hebrew Congregation Margolis, Florette, Mrs., New Orleans Ant-Deformation League LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Yenni, Joseph, Mayor, City of Kenner Tassin, Ernest, Mayor of Westwego, Louisiana Lentini, Salvador, Chief of Police, Kenner, La. Galan, Raoul "Skip", Councilman, District 5, Kenner, La. Black, Joe, Black businessman DiRosa, Joseph, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans
Ecumenical program between Catholics & Jews Jefferson Parish's Sesquicentennial year Pt.I Joe Black speaks about black business (taped) Councilman DiRosa talks about City of N.O.

5/4/75 Barnes, Broda, M.D., National Health Federation Thurston, Emory, Ph.D., National Health Federation Swiler, James, Member of N.O. Bicentennial & WTIX Clement, Father, Oblates of Mary Paul, Father, Oblates of Mary Wicker, Thomas, Judge, Judge of Dist. H, of 24th. Judicial District, Jefferson

Town meetings for Bicentennial Committee The Church in catacombs Are judges the blame for increase crime rate?

3 20 5/6/75

R.H. Stone introduction for Dr. Herbert Longenecker

5/11/75 Silva, Jose, Founder of Silva Mind Control Moreau, James, Col., Senior Councilman, City of New Orleans Moreau, James Jr., Student, University of New Orleans Bateman, Cash, Col., USMC retired

A discussion with Jose Silva Some philosophy on 10th. Anniversary & calls City, state and national problems

5/18/75 Failla, Anthony, Dr., Past Pres. of Orleans Parish Medical Soc. Accardo, NIck, Dr., Carafe Hospital Committee, Orleans Parish Medical Society Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past Pres., Louisiana Psychiatric Assoc. Chehardy, Lawrence A. Sr., Assessor of Jefferson Parish Chehardy. Lawrence A. Jr., Chief Deputy to Assessor of Jeff. Par.

PSRO, Charity Hospital & malpractice suits Open discussion on Mayaguez Incident Open discussion on should teachers strike Jeff. Par. Sesquicentennial Pt. II-Assessor's Office

5/25/75 Thayer, Marilyn, Volunteers of America DiPhillips, Kathie, Up With People Sears, Jean, Women's Symphony Society Swanson, Betsy, Author "Historic Jefferson Parish From Shore to Shore

Women look at World Current Events Story of a man and his university Jefferson Par.'s Sesquicentennial-Part III Retirement of Dr. Herbert Longenecker-Tulane

3 21 6/1/75 Charles, Millie, Mrs., Treasurer of the Goals Foundation Marmoulides, John, District Attorney, Jefferson Parish Gillin, Edward, Judge, Juvenile Court, New Orleans, La. King, Marjorie, Miss, Science Coordinator-Jeff. Par. School Board Sanderford, E. Brittion, Student Dunfee, Cynthia, Student Pal, George, Movie Producer Charbonnet, Louis, La. State Representative Baham, Rowland, New Orleans Hotel-Motel Association
Deterioration of Greater New Orleans area Interview with movie producer George Pal(rec) Science and our youth House Bill 668, Legalized gambling in N.O&Jefferson

6/8/75 Swanson William Dr., Suicidologist, Tulane University Townsend, Jocelyn, Public Health nurse, LSU Med School & APHA Madden, Myron, Dr., Chaplain of the Baptist Hospital Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Louisiana Psychiatric Association Connor, Nick, State Representative, 97th District of Louisiana

Open discussion on State-City relations Open discussion on the investigation of CIA Problems at Charity Hospital in New Orleans Thanatology

6/15/75 Soniat, Tom, Exec. Dir., Greater N.O. Better Business Bureau Hardin, Harry, Dir. of Consumer Protection & Commercial fraud Jefferson Robbert, John, President of Louisiana Consumer's League Keyes, Elliott, Director, Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) Thayer, Ralph, Dr., Sociology Department of UNO Andrews, James H., Adm. Officer, Scattered Housing in N.O. Yarbrough, John, Dr., New Orleans Summer Pops

Consumer explosion in New Orleans Housing and Community Act of 1974, Sect. 8 The New Orleans Summer Pops (taped)

6/15/75 Poe, Lori, Dr., Author of "Wake Up and Walk With God" Schiambra, Lisa, Student, Tulane University Curtis, Nancy, Student, Tulane University Albrecht, Beverly, Student, Tulane University

Dr. Lori Poe talks it over with students

3 22 6/22/75 Kern, Don, Dr., Chemistry Department, University of New Orleans Githens, Sherwood, Dr., Biology Department, UNO Sutton, William, Dr., Biology Department, Dillard University Kutzgar, George, MENSA Agurcio, Victor, Latino Federal Credit Union Gomez, Louis, Latino Federal Credit Union Alvarez, Richard, Latino Federal Credit Union Piazza, Marguerite, New Orleans Summer Pops LeBreton, Ed., Representative, 92nd. District
Problem solving through science & technology Latin business in New Orleans Discussion with Marguerite Piazza Discussion with Represenatative Ed LeBreton

6/29/75 Nance, Carter, Dr., New Orleans Area Health Planning Council Lowry, John, Dr., Emergency Medical Service, Charity Hospital Whitney, John, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Gilyard, Aaron, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Baker, Oleda, Author of "Be a Woman" Minhinnette, V.E. "Babs", Mrs., Ch. Concerned Citizens & Tax Payers Macmurdo, Charles, Dr., Dir. Concerned Citizens & Tax Payers for Decent School Books Payne, Dwight, Dr.

Ambulance Service & Emergency Care- N.O.area Feminism vs. "Be a Woman" Decent school books American values before 4th of July weekend

7/6/75 Harvey, Carmelite, Mrs., Cardinal Mendizenty Foundation

Captive Nations Week

7/6/75 Reinecke, George, Dr., Chairman, English Department, UNO Sears, Jean Sarrazin, Louisiana Folk Lore Committee McDermott, Betty, Staff Planner for N.O. Bicentennial Committee Corey, Jackie L., French Consultant, N.O. bicentennial Committee Thayer, Ralph, Dr., NO Bicentennial Committee Rhodes, Sue, Student, Oral Roberts University Besansky, William, Professor, Oral Roberts University Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Americanism Committee, Chamber of Commerce Curlington, George, Dr., Professor, Southeastern U., Hammond Mackie, Rick, New Orleans Bicentennial Committee U.S. Bicentennial & La. culture & folklore U.S. Bicentennial & New Orleans activities Captive Nations Week

7/13/75 Swanson, Donna, Co-Editor of "Distaff" & Member of Women against Rape Gregson, Vernon, Rep. District 95, Louisiana Legislature Schmitt, Earl, Rep., District 87, Louisiana Legislature Connors, Nick, Rep., District 97, Louisiana Legislature

Rape crisis in New Orleans Open discussion Legislature Roundup

7/20/75 Sapir, Eddie, Judge, Criminal Courts Casey, Tom, Senator, District 7, Louisiana Legislature Landrieu, Phyllis, Chairman Of Louisiana Democratic Party Previto, Ann, Col., WAC Coordinator, Fort McPherson, Georgia Dalier, Burt, Sgt. Major Egan, T.J., CW3 Lancaster, Charles, Rep., 80th. District, Louisiana Legislature Mortillaro, Marta, Mrs., Nat. Committee Woman, La. Young Republican Life, Rube, Mrs., St. Bernard Par. Committee Woman, Republican Party Sooner, Fred, Chairman of Orleans Parish Political Action Council Solving derelict, drifter, wino problem in NO Campaign Finances Bill in Good Government in La. The Democratic Telethon (Taped interview) Women's Liberation in the Army The Republicans in Louisiana
3 23 7/27/75 Jones, Herbert, Dr., V.P., New Orleans Branch, Yahweh-Elohim Harris, Robert, Dr., International V.P. & Dean of Yahweh-Elohim Robertson, Dan, Dr., President of N.O. Branch of Yahweh-Elohim Bryant, Aaron, Dr., Dean of N.O. Branch Yahweh-Elohim Kahn, Felicia, Mrs., Affirmative Action Chair. 2nd District Democratic Party Barthelemy, Sidney, Senator, Louisiana Legislature Laine, Frankie, New Orleans Summer Pops Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Governor Fitzmorris, Lisa.
Discussion of Yahweh-Elohim Democratic Party in Louisiana Interview with Frankie Laine (taped) A discussion with the Lt. Governor

3 22, 24 8/3/75 Pounds, Janet, State ERA Coordinator for National Organization of Women Walker, Annabell, Co-Coordinator of the state ERA coalition Daudmon, Fred, Member of Federal Bicentennial Committee Myers, Bill, Federal Bicentennial Committee Adams, Betty, Federal Bicentennial Committee Schmidt, Sylvia, Concerned Women Thayer, Marilyn, Concerned Women Roche, Ruth, Concerned Women Green, Lee, Concerned Women
Equal Rights Amendment for Women in La. The Federal Bicentennial Committee (taped) Women look at the world

(also includes LTIO 11th Anniversary 5/9/1976)
3 24, 25 8/10/75 Batt, Richard, Dean, Tulane University College Becnel, Milton, Dr., Southern University in New Orleans Gerstein, Reggie, Dean, Dominican College Davis, A.L., Rev., Councilman District B, City of New Orleans Dorney, Dick, Community Relations, Exxon Bee, Ken, Marketing Division, Shell Oil Company Retiff, Milton, Independent Distributor

The Weekend College concept A discussion with Councilman A. L. Davis The Energy Crunch

(also includes 8/17/1975; 11/16/1975; 11/23/1975; 2/1/1976 (Libertarian presidential candidate); 2/8/1976

8/17/75 Ochsner, Alton Sr., Dr. Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr. Ochsner, Mims, Dr. Treen, David, Congressman, U.S. Congressman, 3rd. District of La.

Ochsners speak out on proposed National Health Care A discussion with Congressman David Treen

8/24/75 Eppling, Cheryl, Mrs., Exec. V.P. United Teachers of N.O. MacClendon, Charlie, Head Coach, LSU Tigers Ferrand, Justin, Member of LSU Boosters Club in N.O. Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Ch. of Dept. of Education, Tulane U. Hunter, Patrick, Fr., Member of St. Board of Elementary & Secondary Education, 2nd District Culotta, Stanley, Br., Former Principal, Holy Cross High School, San Antonio Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent Parochial Schools of Archdiocese Scarnato, Sam, Dr., Dep. Super., N.O. Public School System

Possibility of strike in N.O. Public Schools Interview with Coach MacClendon & booster (ta Schools open-we hope

8/31/75 Badeaux, Al "Jay", Past President of the National Rifle Assoc. Palao, Mike, New Orleans Training Officer, NRA Cloris, Sister, Foundation Church Jeremiah, Father, Foundation Church DeMonseberret, Buddy, Tulane Business Office Ferrand, Justin, Exxon Pezant, James, Chief Budget Analyst for N.O. City Council Retif, Milton, Independent Oil Distributor

Gun Control & National Rifle Association Foundation Church fund raising Psychic Cruise A conversation with Buddy DeMonseberret Current events in New Orleans

9/7/75 Ellender, Bennie, Tulane University Lagarde, M. L., Tulane University Culotta, Joey III, Student Dyess, Gary, Student McKnight, Harry, Silva Mind Control Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent of Education, Archdiocese of N.O. Murphy, Al, Assoc. Superintendent of High Schools, Archdiocese Moreau, James, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans

Sports and today's youth Discussion with Harry McKnight (taped) Parochial education in Greater New Orleans Discussion with Councilman at-Large Moreau

9/14/75 Drake, Thomas, Major, Commanding Officer, Traffic Division, NOPD Courseault, Percy, Dir. of N.O. Treatment Alternative to Street Crime Arey, Jim, Psychometrician (TASC) Friedler, Frank, Councilman for District A, City of New Orleans

Police problems in the City of New Orleans Alternatives to street crime Councilman Frieder talks about city's problem

9/21/75 Carlin, Ralph, Montego Life Styles Bateman, Cash, Col., AMPRA Proctor, Roy, Silva Mind Control Godfrey, Pat, Pontchartrain Mental Health Center Beck, Alfred, Pub. Sanitation Operator Director, Kansas City, M. Rittner, Perrin, Sanitation Distribution Agent, Lower Jeff. Par. Theroux, David, Chairman, Libertarian Party in Louisiana Dwyer, Larry, Vice-Chairman of Libertarian Party in Louisiana Shipp, Elaine, Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party in La.
Human miseries and a better way of life Plight of state Mental Health Program (taped) Sanitation problems in our community Is the Libertarian Party closer to new left or old right?

9/28/75 Wildgen, John, Dr., Public Opinion Analyst, UNO Thayer, Ralph, Dr., Director of Urban Studies Institute, UNO Russell, Becky, Ms., Biology Major, Tulane University Coari, Elaine, Dir. Office of School Vol. Services, N.O. Public Schools DiRosa, Joseph, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Norman, Don, Biology Major, Tulane University

Problems of the Middle Class Ecological problems in Atchafalya Basin taped Volunteer Program in our Public Schools Why New York is sinking in sea -will NO follow

10/5/75 Smith, Dee, Marriage Encounter Smith, Lirly, Marriage Encounter Rosato, Ronnie, Marriage Encounter Rosato, Lynne, Marriage Encounter Crone, Bonnie, New Orleans Gridiron Show Song, Nora Lam, Chinese immigrant Song, S. K., Dr., Chinese immigrant Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Pemberton, Garland, Rev., Word of Faith Temple
Marriage Encounter in New Orleans New Orleans Gridiron Show (taped interview) Red China yesterday and today

10/5/75 Norman, Don, Local Coordinator of People's Bicentennial Commission Jiminez, Tristram, Dir., Family Life Apostolate, Archdiocese of N.O. Jiminez, Gail, Family Life Apostolate, Archdiocese of N.O.

Peoples Bi-Centennial Commission (taped) What's happening to the family

10/12/75 Sawsee, Gordon, Dir. of Div. of Business & Economic Research, UNO Rozensweig, Allen, Aide to the Mayor Saizan, Darrel, Urban Policies Specialist, City of N.O. Bonnemort, Michele, Wine Council of France Singh, Jasbir, M.D. Andonie, Jack, M.D. Ritter, Kenneth, M.D.

The New Orleans economy French wine and New Orleans cuisine (taped) Changing attitudes in sex

7 06 10/19/75 Green, William, Rockwell International Space Division Tharratt, Charles, Chrysler Corporation Dehse, Fritz, Dr., Dean, Engineering Department, UNO Johassen, Hans, Dr., Chemistry Department, Tulane University Warren, Dick, Singles Critique Tenant, Jeanne, Slidell Singles Rutherford, Frank, Parents Without Partners Camobell, Walter, Singles Incorporated

Space, Techology, Energy and the Education Lag Problems of singles in Metropolitan Area

Mid-Month in N.O. - Victor Aguercio, Latin community in N.O.
3 26 10/26/75 Jones, Buford F., Superintendent of Ed., St. Bernard Parish Sisung, Lawrence, Superintendent of Education, Jefferson Parish Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman of Dept. of Education, Tulane U. York, Jim Labouisse, Lenny Smith, James, Orleans Parish Assessor for the West Bank Bellina, Joseph, Dr., Vice-President of West Bank Medical Center Sexton, Charles, Administrator, Jo Ellen Smith Hospital Overby, John, Dr., Chief of Staff, Jo Ellen Smith Hospital Franks, Maurice, Author and attorney Quality of education in St. Bernard & Jeff. A real New Orleans haunted house Medical care on the West Bank of N.O. &cath. to Avoid Alimony"

11/2/75 Reeves, William Dr., Exec. Dir., Bicentennial Commission of N.O. Braun, Brenda, Volunteer, Bicentennial Commission Andrews, Jim, Administration Officer, Housing Authority of N.O. Rozensweig, Allen, Aide to Mayor Moon Landrieu Salmon, Ellen, Coordinator of the WYES auction Casey, Tom, Senator, District 7, Louisiana Senate Barthelemy, Sidney, Senator, District 4, Louisiana Senate Gregson, Vernon, Rep., District 95, House of Representatives Tauzin, Billy, Rep., District 55, Louisiana Legislature
Housing problems in the Greater N.O. area The WYES auction Four unopposed incumbents discuss election

11/9/75 Watermeier, John, President, Help Overcome Needless Expense of State Taxes Faucheux, Ron, Run-off candidate for District 100 Barello, A. Charles, Run-off candidate for District 100 Lentini, Anthony, Manager, Veterans Administration Regional Off. Lemoine, Percy, Director of Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Roche, Paul, American Legion Broussard, Ernie, American Legion & Mayor of Esterwood, La. Monasterio, George, AMVETS Hines, John, AMVETS Proposal for all businessman Super Dome Commission The District 100 race Veterans problems and benefits in Greater N.O.

11/9/75 Henandez, F. E. "Pete", Veterans of Foreign Wars Bertucci, Joe, Veterans of Foreign Wars Corley, O. B., Veterans of W.W. I Schillici, Ric, Marine Corp League Moreau, James A., Marine Corp League Thompson, Ted, Adjudication Officer, Veterans Administration Griener, Paul, Loan Guaranty Officer, Veterans Administration Haverty, Phil, Veterans Assistance Officer, VA Gilyard, Aaron, Retired Veterans Association
Veterans problems and benefits in Greater N.O

7 08 11/16/75 Buess, Lynn, Psychologist France, Donna, Editor, "Esoteric Coordinating News" Ice, Sherry, Student McGhee, Tammy, Student Landry, John, Rep., Candidate, District 99 Carson, Lane, Candidate, District 99 Stiermann, Jeffrey, News Department, WTIX LeBlanc, Sam III, Rep., State Legislature Bailey, Barbara, Vice-Pres, Volunteer Services Freedoms Foundation Chandler, David, Author and reporter Psychology and the tarot Freedoms Foundation & Bicentennial year taped The District 99 race Super Dome problems David Chandler speaks out Mid-Month in N.O. - Ellen Salmon, WYES; Harry Shaw, minority & ethnic grammar
3 27, 28 11/23/75 Butler, Ed, Exec. V.P., Information Council of the Americas Warren, Dick, Publicity Chairman, INCA Lauland, Ronnie, Psychological stress evaluation Lewis, Alex, Chief of Personnel & Training, Super Dome Services I Thayer, Marilyn, Woman's Auxiliary of the Chamber of Commerce Salassi, Carmelite, Woman's Auxiliary of the Chamber of Commerce

Kennedy Assassination-12 years later SSI tells their side of the story on the Dome An equal time reply from anti-ERA forces

11/30/75 Cangelosi, Robert, Dr., New Orleans Academy of Opthamology Baldone, Joseph, Dr., New Orleans Academy of Opthamology Berthanaud Don,, Independent Garage Owners Association Whitaker, Kathy, Better Business Bureau Bertis, Don, Service Manager, Metairie Ford Garner, Stan, President, Bailey Lincoln Mercury Huff, Preston, Judge, 25th. District Council Huff, Preston, Mrs.

Eye Care Your new car and the energy crunch Plaquemines Parish Orange Festival (taped) Current Events

11/30/75 Petrovich, Luke, District Councilman, Commission Council, Plaquemines Githens, Sherwood, Dr., Biology Department, UNO & Common Cause Rainey, Octave, V.P. of the Progressive Phamacists of N.O. Retif, Milton, Independent Oil Distributor

Your new car and the energy crunch Plaquemines Parish Orange Festival (taped) Current Events

12/7/75 LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Warshal, Bruce, Rabbi, Touro Synagogue Green, Michael, WTIX Barnes, George, New Orleans Blood Bank Center Chrisman, John, Dr., Biochemistry Department, Loyola University Levy, Ed, Owner, Kentwood Spring Water Vincent, Rose, Ecology Center of New Orleans

Guilt in the community Do you remember Pearl Harbor? The blood shortage in New Orleans (taped) The quality of New Orleans drinking water

12/14/75 Pierce, James, Dr., Chief of Neurology Service, VA Hospital Galle, Carrie L., Chief of Medical Administration Services, VA H. Every, Raymond, Asst. Chief, Social Welfare Services, VA Hospital Taylor, Frank A., Exec. Director for the Home for Incurables Lawrence, Merolin, C.P.O., CHAMPUS Program, U.S. Coast Guard Pringer, Jerry, Asst. Director, New Orleans Postal Service Meyer, Jacob J., Attorney for Non-Smokers Rights Council Fontain, Ben, Director of the Non-Smokers Rights Council Fowler, James, Co-author, "Best, Worst and Most Unusual" Kramer, Herbert A., Board Chairman, N.O. Retail Grocers Assoc. Medical care & quality of nursing homes "Mail Early" Program in New Orleans (taped) Class Action suit against smoking in Dome "Best, worst and Most Unusual" (taped) Food costs & grocery problems in N.O.
3 29 12/21/75 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Pemberton, Garland, Rev., Word of Faith Temple LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Humphrey, Leo, Youth Director, Federation of Churches Boeshans, Francis, Fr., Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church Rachel, Louise, Ms., Super. Tulane Grad. Students Alcohol Safety Cambon, Leon, Probation Officer, Alcohol Safety Action Project Laiche, Antoine, Public Educ. Coord. Alcohol Safety Action Proj. Clergymen look at world & community at Xmas How to keep party alive during holiday time

LTIO Christmas 1975; Miriam's birthday greeting

12/28/75 Blaume, Buddie, Howard, Weil, Labouisse Friedrichs Ice, Bob, A.G. Edwards Stock Company Miller, Bill, Manotor and Company, Manila, Philippines Islands Pezant, James, Research Officer for the New Orleans City Council Green, Mike, WTIX Walker, Bob, WTIX Chehardy, Lawrence E., Assessor-Elect, Jefferson Parish

The Stock Market and Economy in 1975 Summation of local and national news for 1975 Discussion with country's youngest assessor-e

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