Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1974

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03 02 1/6/74 Weekley, Nell, Mrs., Mayor's Office of Consumers' Affairs Van Wart, Don, Federal Trade Commission Soniat, Thomas, Better Business Bureau Everett, Peter IV, Louisiana Department of Justice Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of the City of New Orleans

How the high cost of living affects the poor The Mayor talks about the City of New Orleans

1/13/74 Grisbaum, Charles, La. State Representative for Jefferson Parish Lemmons, Frank, Odyssey House Pike, Barry, Odyssey House Christian, Marcus B., Black poet, LSUNO Logsdon, Joseph, Dr., Black History Department, LSUNO Gex, Robert B., Dr., Continuing Education, Southern U. of N.O. Bouise, Oscar A., Dr., Black History Department, Xavier U. Proctor, Roy, Mr. & Mrs., Silva Mind Control Center

Question: local & state campaign contributions Black History Odyssey House and drug addicts (taped) Revolutionizing bio-feedback technique

1/20/74 Sisung, Lawrence, Superintendent of Jefferson Parish Education Protti, Russell, Asst. Super. of Jefferson Parish Education Chimento, Tony, Asst. Super, of Jefferson Parish Education Hospers, John, Dr., Chair. of Philosophy Dept, University of S.California

Problems of the Jefferson Parish School System Our rising financial difficulties

1/27/74 Jacobs, Howard, Columnist Batt, Richard, Dean, Tulane University Gex, Robert, Dr., Southern University of New Orleans Brown, Fred, Dr., LSUNO Muller, Stanley, Pres. of N.O. Chap. A.I.A & mem La. Arch. Asso Tucker, Odie, Pres. Designate of the N.O. Chapter of A.I.A. Ladner, Al, Member of La. Architects Assoc., Board of Directors Palmer, Vernon, Attorney for the N.O. Chapter of the A.I.A. Turner, Bill, Dean, Tulane Sch. of Arch. Director of N.O. A.I.A
Rev. of Charlie the Mole & Other Droll Souls Continuing Ed. for non-grad, adults & dropout The ethics of architectural work

2/3/74 Spencer, Percy, Engineer, WTIX Payne, Dwight, Dr., Miss State College for Women, Phy. Sci. Dept. Beer, Peter, New Orleans Councilman from District A

Open discussion with audience Political and economic situation of country Councilman Beer speaks about the city

2/10/74 Ryan, Kenneth J., Fr., CYO Leader, St. Catherine of Siena Soocks, Marguerite, Student Dufeeo, John, Studentg Jemison, John, Student Ganucheau, Cindy, Student Perkins, Bonnie, Student Ezkovich, Coleman, Crescent City Coin Club Farentelli, Joe, Crescent City Coin Club Osborne, George, Crescent City Coin Club
Young people look at N.O. & the world The Crescent City Coinival

2/10/74 Zavon, George, Dr., Ecologist Wood, Coleen, Vegetarian Horton, Rae, Vegetarian, Sunshine Work Shop Colby, Michael, Sunshine Work Shop

Interview with Dr. Zavon on Ecology (taped) Vegetarians and the Sufi Philosophy

03 03 2/17/74 Miller, Jim, Black Belt Karate Association of New Orleans Miller, Janice, Black Belt Karate Association of New Orleans Maher, Kevin, Black Belt Karate Association of New Orleans Guerra, Ralph, Past Pres., La. State Pharmaceutical Association Marquer, Claude, Member of La. State Phamaceutical Association Ritter, Kenneth Dr., Past Pres., La. State Phamaceutical Assoc. Tucker, Robert, Executive Assistant to Mayor of New Orleans George 4X, Minister, Muslim Mohammad Temple #46 LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University
Karate as self-defense State & cost of phamaceutical drugs in N.O. Black crime in New Orleans

Mrs. Gaillot (first call); woman with black crime, caller, Carolyn Hunter, "Panic"; See also 7-4 - Mid-Month in N.O., JoAnn Comiskey, Debbie Lee, Ann Porche, nurses

2/24/74 Simon, Joseph, Exec. Dir. of N.O. Chamber of Commerce (retired) McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans Assistant Attorney Barthe, Joseph, President of Mardi Gras-the Artist-the Man Sharp, H. Alvin, Artist Gehring, Shirley, Mrs., Ch. of Volun. Committee Charity Burn Cent Whitney, John M. Jr., President, Gold Cross Ambulance Service Gilyard, Aaron X., Gen. Manager, Gold Cross Ambulance Serv. of La Bottoms, Robert, Director of State Emergency Medical Service Odom, Charles B., Dr., Jefferson Parish Coroner Nance, Carter, Dr., Chair. of EMS Comm. for N.O. Area Health Coun Problems of the 1974 New Orleans Mardi Gras Charity Hospital Burn Center (taped interview Quality of Ambulance & EMS service in N.O.

2/24/74 White, Jessie, Dr., Marine Mammal veterinarian Rankin, Hugh F., Dr., Professor for the History Dept., Tulane U.

Interview with Dr. White on the dolphin(taped A review of "The Swamp Fox"

(See 3-4)
03 04, 05 3/3/74 Frost, Yvonne & Gavin, WICA Bodet, Larry, Assistant to the Orleans Parish Levee Board Pres. Moreau, James, Councilman-at-Large

WICA (Witchcraft organization) The New Orleans Flood Protection Proposal Councilman Moreau looks at the city

Dr. Jessie White, "Day of the Dolphin," recorded 2/20/74 for presentation on 3/3/74 on LTIO; Exorcist review on LTIO 3/3/74; Jessie Silva interview on 3/10/74
03 05 3/10/74 Durano, Carlos, Arrica Institute of New Orleans Silva, Jose, Silva Mind Control Accardo, Nick, Dr., Greater N.O. Italian-American Cultural Assoc. Zuppardo, Fay, Greater N.O. Italian American Cultural Association Montaldo, Edward, Greater N.O. Italian American Cultural Assoc. Soniat, Noveyse, State Constitutional Convention delegate Taix, Judy, Educator Kahn, Felicia, Democratic State Central Committee Woman Thayer, Marilyn, Republican Party Central Committee Woman Landrieu, Phyllis, Vice-Chairman of the State Democratic Party Arrica A Prerecorded talk with Jose Silva Corneas for the blind The Italians in New Orleans Women look at the world

3/10/74 Baldone, Joseph, Dr.

Corneas for the blind

3/17/74 Becker, Mary Jane, Mrs., Pres. of N.O. Chapter of Right to Life Andonie, Jack, Dr., OB-Gyn Martinez, Gerald J, Dir. of La. Board of Nat. Right to Life Comm LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Maestri, Ron, Baseball coach, University of New Orleans Retif, Milton, Baseball coach, Tulane University Schott, Arthur, Louisiana baseball historian

A Right to Life Baseball-1974

3/17/74 Zervigon, Mary, Delegate to the La. Constitutional Convention Casey, Tom, State Representative & delegate to La. Const. Conv. Chehardy, Lawrence, Assessor, Delegate to La. Constitutional Conv

The new proposed Louisiana Constitution

3/24/74 Collier, Wayne, Director of Vieux Carre Commission McClendon, Wayne, SIMS Vedrine, Howard, Agent, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Klotz, Albert, Agent, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Problems of the Vieux Carre & CBD in N.O. Tranquility in a troubled world Federal laws governing Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

3/31/74 Davis, Francis, Author, "Cherokee Woman" Stierman, Jeffery, Newsman, WTIX Beebe, Minette, Mrs., Psychic Research Association Ellender, Bennie, Tulane University Head Football Coach Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Eduaction Dept,, Tulane University James, Allen, Bishop Hurst, David, Bishop

Indian History Newsman looks at proposed state constitution The Tarot Tulane-the spring outlook Discussion with Mormons

4/7/74 Wright, Russell, Member, Inter. Architectural Preservation Soc. Mullican, Carl, Chairman, Assoc. to hire minority police officers Gilyard, Aaron X., Member of Assoc. to hire minority police off. Taylor, Arnesta W., Detective, New Orleans Police Department Martello, Francis, Major, New Orleans Police Department Brown, Felton W., Louisiana Teachers Association Thibodeaux, Jerry D., Louisiana Teachers Association LaCour, Nat, United Teachers of New Orleans Eppling, Cheryl, Mrs., United Teachers of New Orleans
Preservation of CBD in New Orleans (taped) Minority hiring practices for NOPD Collective bargaining for pub. school teacher

4/14/74 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Boeshans, Francis, Fr., Resurrection of Our Lord Church Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier Universityi Brown, Billy, Mrs., American Motors Corporation Vincent, Ross, Ecology Center Troy, Dick, Asst. Attorney-General, Environmental Protection Serv Snakenberg, Thomas, Private citizen

Comtemporary religion Automoblies and Pollution (taped) The Ecology Movement in New Orleans A final look at proposed constitution

4/22/74 Glancey, James, Judge, Night Division, Municipal Court of N.O. Thayer, Ralph, Dr., Urban Studies, University of New Orleanss Groetch, Michael, Social Worker Chehardy, Lawrence, Delegate to Louisiana Constitutional Convent. Barnett, Walter, Mrs., New Orleans Symphony Book Fair Andonie, Jack, Dr., Obstetrician

Lawrence Chehardy & passage of Const. (tel.) New Orleans Skid-Row-effects on us Symphony Book Fair (taped interview) Obstetrics and gynecology

03 06, 07 4/28/74 Hodson, Walter, Dr., National Health Foundation Dilling, Kirpatrick W., Attorney for The National Health Found. Bateman, Cash, Col., National Health Foundation Mastio, Charles, Tulane University, retired Roberts, Arch E., Col., Author "Victory Denied"

A good diet vs. malnutrition "Victory Denied"

5/5/74 Sly, R. Michael, Dr., CARIH Foundation for Asthma Grefer, Evelyn, Vice-President of CARIH Fink, Katherine M., Mrs., CARIH Plaisance, Ron, Private attorney Martzell, Jack, Private attorney Weekly, Nell, Chairman of Mayor's Consumer Affairs Committee Oliver, Hugh, Private attorney Soniat, Tom, General Manager of N.O. Better Business Bureau Samuel, Larry, Mayor's Committee on Consumer Affairs Bliss, Allen, Private businessman Asthma and allergies No-fault insurance-pros and cons Problems of door-to-door salesmen & consumers

03 08, 09 5/12/74 Sand, Mary, Pres. of Women Against Crime of New Orleans Akenhead, Beth, Pres. of Women Against Crime of Jefferson Parish Niklaus, Karen, Member of Women Against Crime of New Orleans Boeshans, Francis, Fr., Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church Accardo, Nick, Dr., Former Pres. of Louisiana Medical Assoc. Riers, Emmitt, Admiral, Commandant of 8th Naval District Moreau, James, Col., Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Ellender, Bennie, Coach, Tulane University

Women Against Crime in the New Orleans area Panel discussion of local, state, and national problems

Ninth anniversary message on LTIO 5/12/74; includes Dr. H. Longenecker, Congressman F. Edward Hebert, etc.

5/19/74 Hakes, J., Dr., Department of Political Science, UNO Palmer, Vernon, Dr., Law School, Tulane University Muller, Stanley, Architect Hauswirth, Alton O., Pres., Continental Publication Inc. Butler, Ed., Information Council of the Americas

Metropolitan Government, Part I Equal time reply door-to-door salemen proplem The atmosphere of radical groups in cities

5/26/74 Bush, Melvin, President, MODEL Bush, Arthur, Coordinator of MODEL Edwards, Leon, Vice-President of MODEL Love, Bill, Director of Alcohol Safety Action Project Clancey, William, Executive Director of CARE Harvey, John, Secretary of CARE Warren, Dick, Editor of "Singles Critique" Snider, Lauren, Secretary of Moon Lighters Singles Club Campbell, Wally, Vice-President of Singles Incorporated Eskine, Jo Ann, Columnist for "Singles Critique" Problems of the Algiers Fisher Housing Proj. The drinking problem in New Orleans The problems of single adults in N.O.

6/2/74 Bell, Tyrone, Engineer, WTIX Ellis, Jim, Jefferson Parish School System Wright, Walter, Orleans Parish School System Slocum, Hester, Mrs., New Orleans Public Library Jeff, Morris, New Orleans Recreation Department DiRosa, Joe, Coucilman-at-Large for City of new Orleans

Open phone discussion Problems with youth who have nothing to do A discussion with Councilman-at-Large DiRosa

6/9/74 Thayer, Ralph, Dr., University of New Orleans Keyes, Elliott, Director of the New Orleans Housing Authority Peychaud, Jenard, New Orleans Housing Authority McHenry, Clyde, Exec. Dir., New Orleans Housing Authority Culotta, Stanley, Br., Holy Cross Brothers Hebert, F. Edward, Chairman of House Armed Services Committee

Low cost housing in New Orleans A conversation with Congressman Hebert

6/16/74 Duffy, Jim, Dep. Dir. of Human Relations Committee Bertaut, Inez, Mrs., Human Relations Committee Poe, Loni, Dr., Minister of Universal Life Church , Modesto, CA Alleman, Barbara, Student, Tulane University Aucoin, Darlene, Student, Tulane University France, Donna, Editor of the Esoteric Coordinating News Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past Pres. of La. Psychiatric Assoc. Carlos, Don, Dr., Member of the Council of Medical Staffs

Human Relations Committees' election in N.O. Psychometry Psychiatric atmosphere in N.O.

6/23/74 Blaume, Billy, Howard, Weil Labouisse Friedrichs, Inc. Gish, Harry, Growth Association Farantelli, Joe, Numismatic expert Noonan, Laurie, State Bi-Centennial Commission Osborn, Jo Ann, Louisiana Bi-Centennial Commision Osborn, George, New Orleans artist Failla, Anthony, Dr., Pres. of Orleans Parish Medical Society Meier, Ralph, Dr., Chairman, Public Relations, Orl. Par, Med. Soc Meade, Robert, Dr., Vice-Pres. of Am. Council of Medical Staffs Kavanaugh, Lawrence, Dr., Councilor, N.O. Area La. St. Med. Soc. Inflation & cost of living in N.O. area Louisiana Bi-Centennial Commission (taped) Medical climate in Greater New Orleans area

03/08 10/01 6/30/74 Kelly, Sally Payne, Reading is Fundamental Program Blusiewicz, Gene, Lt. j.g., U.S. Coast Guard Stillman, Richard, Dr., Dept. of Management , UNO Starr, Blaze, Exotic dancer Harrington, Bob, Rev., Chaplain of Bourbon Street Moreau, James, Councilman-at-Large , Riera, R.E., Admiral, Commandant of the 8th Naval District

How to solve reading problems of children Water safety in Lake Pontchartrain (taped) Housing problems in City of New Orleans Taped interview with Bob Harrington & Blaze Starr Councilman & Admiral look at the city Harrington and Starr recorded on June 16, 1974 at WTIX;

7/7/74 Hynes, Merrill, Dr., Pres. of Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation Brodie, Louis, Administrator of the Lakeside Hosp. for Women Montelepre Paul, Administrator of Montelepre Hospital Will, Gail, Mrs., New Orleans Director of Dial-a-Teen Monroe, Daniel, Dial-a-Teen Boaz, Mary, Dial-a-Teen Dibler, Debbie, Dial-a-Teen DiRosa, Joseph, Councilman-at-Large

The medical climate in N.O. Part II-Hospitals Dial-a-Teen The Public Service problem in the city

03 11, 12 7/14/74 Minyard, Frank, Dr., Coroner for Orleans Parish Roen, Samuel, Author of "Murder of a Little Girl" Roen, Samuel, Mrs. Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Ch. of Americanism Committee of Chamber Curlington, George, Dr., Polish refugee & Music Prof. S.E. La. U Perez, Louis F., Dr., Cuban refugee & Prof of ophthalmology, LSU MS

Crimes against children Captive Nations Day

03 13 7/21/74 Chloris, Sister, Foundation Church Matthias, Brother, Foundation Church Miller, M. B., Mayor of Panama City Harribance, Sean, Duke University Connors, Nick "Coach", Rep., 97th. District of Louisiana Gregson, Vernon, Rep., 95th District of Louisiana Schmitt, Earl, Rep., 87th District of Louisiana McNeely, Jackson P., Assistant City Attorney

Foundation Church & youth of New Orleans Recorded interview with mayor of Panama City A discusssion of the Sickle Cell Anemia Found The 1974 Louisiana Legislature Sean Harribance talks with New Orleans

7/28/74 Foley, Van, Probation Officer for State of Louisiana Dowling, Pat, Dr., Psychiatrist for La. Training Institute Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician & Prof. at LSU Med. School Calogero, Pascal, Judge, Justice for La. Supreme Court

Juvenile Delinquency in New Orleans Children with learning disabilities in N.O. Judge Calogero's candidacy for Supreme Court

8/4/74 Miceli, Vincent, Father, Southern Institute of "The Wanderer" Ickinga, Theresa, Mrs., Southern Institute of "The Wanderer" Payne, Dwight, Dr., Ch., Phys. Sciences, Miss. St. Coll. For Women Cronvich, Alwyn, Sheriff, Candidate for La. Supreme Court

Local, State & Fed. Political & Econ. scene Problems in organized religion today Sheriff Cronvich's candidacy for Supreme Ct.

8/11/74 Bossetta, Joseph, Judge, Candidate for 4th. Circuit C. of Appeals Beer, Peter, Councilman, Candidate for 4th Circuit C. of Appeals Grisshaber, Dominic, Judge, Cand. for 4th. Circuit C. of Appeals Reese, Geoege, Candidate for 4th. Circuit Court of Appeals Ruska, Andy, Exxon Oil Company Beathread, Bleau, Exxon Oil Company Paine, Sam, Shell Oil Company Stathes, Herb, Shell Oil Company

Race for 4th. Circuit Court of Appeals The oil companies and the energy crunch A discussion on change in Presidential Adm.

8/18/74 Chehardy, Lawrence E., Law student Moreau, James A. Jr., Pre-Med student Stillman, Thomas, College student LeBreton, Ed., Rep. 93th. District of Louisiana Connick, Harry, District Attorney (telephone)

Sons of our community leaders & local affairs State of the State Open discussion with listeners

8/25/74 LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Duke, David, Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan Maloney, Michael J., Ch. Governor's Advisory Comm. for new bridge Knowles, William, Exec. Dir. Mississippi River Bridge Authority Tannen, Bob, Planning Dir., Curtis and Davis Architectural Firm

Disc. of racial issues (black priest & Dragon) Selecting a new bridge site

9/1/74 Anderson, Scarvia, Miss, V.P. of Educational Testing Service, Atlanta Olson, Elizabeth, Mrs., Psychiatrist for Jeff. Par. Speech Center Roessler, Bob, Times Picayune Ellender, Bennie, Tulane University LaGarde, M. L., Tulane University Maulsby, Robert, Dr., Tulane Medical School Epstein, Art, Dr., Tulane Medical School Krippner, Stanley, Dr., Maimonides Hospital, New Yprk

Interacial test and I.Q. bias Tulane's 1974 football season The Brain Revolution

9/8/74 Michaels, J. Andrew, WTIX news staff Geisert, Gene, Dr., Orleans Parish School Superintendent Davies, Joseph, St. Bernard Parish School Superintendent Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman of Dept. of Education, Tulane U.

Hurricane Carmen aftermath Primary and seconadry education in N.O. area

9/15/74 Vedrine, Louis, Petroleum Geologist Hez, Ted, Consultant Geologist Retif, Milton, Westside Oil Company, Inc. Siegert, Rudy, Westside Oil Company, Inc. Bateman, Cash, Col., National Health Federation Cronvich, Alwyn, Sheriff, Candidate for the La. Supreme Court

The energy crunch & N.O. small oil companies Nutrition, Sleep, dreams & Kirlian photograp. Sheriff Cronvich's candidacy for Supreme Ct.

9/22/74 Soniat, Tom, Exec. Dir., Better Business Bureau of New Orleans Betnick, Mike, Better Business Bureau investigator Berthenaud, Don, Independent Garage Owner Association member Jackson, Ralph, Service Manager, Royal Olds Bossetta, Joseph, Judge, Candidate for 4th. Circuit Court race Beer, Peter, Candidate for 4th. Circuit Court race Calogero, Pascal, Justice, Candidate for Louisiana Supreme Court

Automotive repair problems in New Orleans The runoff for the 4th. Circuit Court race Justice Calogero's candidacy for Supreme Ct.

9/29/74 Yuspeh, Charley, President of Greater N.O. Alarm Association Grego, John E. Jr., Jefferson Parish Fire Division Carson, Lane, Adjutant General for Veterans of Foreign Wars Wilson, Bob, News journalist for the American Legion Baudoin, Richard Jr., New Orleanians for Peace Wood, Bill, New Orleanians for Peace Friedler, Frank J. Jr., Councilman for District A, New Orleans

Fire prevention in Greater New Orleans The great amnesty debate Councilman Friedler talks about N.O. problems

10/6/74 Bienenfeld, Jeff, Rabbi

Part missing Black business in New Orlesans Charity Hospital problems Jewish orthodoxy

10/13/74 Grieshaber, Dom, Judge, First City Court for City of New Orleans Ochsner, Alton, Jr., President of Louisiana Heart Association Sher, Martin, Chairman of Heart Cyclethon Reeves, Bill, Dr., Director of N.O. Bicentennial Commission Cates, Sidney, Assoc. Chairman, of N.O. Bicentennial Commission DiRosa, Joseph, Acting Mayor & Councilman-at-Large, City of N.O. Beer, Peter, Judge-elect for 4th. District Court of Appeals

Civil Court system in City of New Orleans Heart disease & the N.O. Heart Fund Cyclethon Report on N.O. Bicentennial Commission (taped) Our mass transit problems Peter Beer in the Twilight Zone

10/20/74 Gillin, Ed. Judge, Juvenile Court of New Orleans Aaron, Dolores, Mrs., Vice-President of Women Against Crime Catalano, Marie, Student, Chapelle High School Boisdore, Marietta, Student, St. James Major High School Havylkoff, Thomas D., Student, Holy Cross High School Geisert, Gene, Dr., Superintendent of Orleans Par. School System Cahill, Nancy, Member of the American Public Health Association Costa, Marjorie, Dr., Assistant to Adm. Health Services H.E.W

The positive side of our youth Orleans Parish School Board bond election Minority Health

10/27/74 Brown, Fred, Dr., Department of Engineering, UNO Stiffell, Emile, Pres. of Students School of Engineering Club Koehler, Ernest, Chairman of the IEEE Perrin, Keith, Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Club Cowen, Debbie, Secretary of Mechanical Engineering Club Fink, Catherine, Mrs., Chairman of CARIH Gaefer, Evelyn, Mrs., Vice-Chairman of CARIH Exnicious, Hugh, Mrs., National Federation of Churches Biovan, Benjamin, Father, Archdiocese of New Orleans
Young people in the sciences CARIH, National Asthma Center (taped) People Search-National Federation of Churches & Archdiocese of N.O.

10/27/74 Korman, Charles, Mrs., Co-Chairman of WYES Auction Donnelly, Jean, Mrs., Co-Chairman of the WYES Auction Hilger, Jean, Sister, The Cenacle Whimbey, Arthur, Dr. & Mrs., Psychology Dept., Dillard University

The WYES Auction (prerecorded interview) Christian yoga Genetics and Arthur Jensen

11/3/74 Gold, Reginald, Dr., Dean of Sherman College of Chiropractic Kauffman, Jay, Dr., Local chiropractor Najero, Jose, Senor, Mexican consultant for commerce in N.O. Gomez, Louis, Asst. Administrative Officer for City of N.O. Harris, Friedricks, Dr., Chairman of Uterine Cancer Task Force Kernion, Richard, Chief Administrative Officer fpor City of N.O. Augustine, Douglas, Asst. Chief Administrative Officer for city Bazile, Cora, Operating Budget Analyst for City of N.O. Mura, Bob, Capital Budget Analyst for City of New Orleans
Recent legislative changes re chiropractic Mexican-New Orleans business climate Drive to alleviate cancer in women (recored) The 1975 New Orleans city budget

11/10/74 Gilyard, Aaron, Retired Sergeant, US Army Gilyard, Aaron, Mrs. Pitchard, Jim, CHAMPUS Program Galle, Carrie, Asst. Director, VA Hospitan in New Orleans Haverty, Phil, Veterans Service Officer, VA Regional Office, N.O. Thompson, Ted, Adjudication Officer Roudebush, Richard, National Administrator of Veterans Affairs Christovich, Mary Lou, Mrs., Asst. Chairman, Friends of Cabildo Moreau, James, Councilman-at-Large Lemoine, Percy, Dir. of Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs New military vs. old military in hard times VA benefits Annual festival for restoration of Cabildo Problems of the veterans in our area

11/10/74 Lentini, Tony, Manager, Veterans Administration Regional Office Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Broussard, Ernie, American Legion Monasteario, George, AMVETS Schilleci, Victor, Marine Corp League Bertucci, Joe, Veterans of Foreign Wars Hernandez, F.E., Veterans of Foreign Wars Corley, O. B., Veterans of W.W. I

The problems of veterans in our area

03 14 11/17/74 Olson, Betsy, Dir. Jefferson Speech, Language & Hearing Center Landrieu, Phillis, State Central Committee Woman for Demo. Party Thayer, Marilyn, Pres. of Women's Auxiliary for Volunteers of Am. Williams, Fred, Assistant to President of the New Orleans Saints Sharpe, H. Alvin, Author and artisan Stillman, Richard, Dr., Department of Economics, UNO Taffaro, Tommy, Chief of Div. of Housing Improvement for N.O. Griener, Paul, Chief of VA Home Loan Division Sager, LeBoris, Real estate agent Friteher, Marrion, Private builder Women's point of view Saint's Front Office controversy H. Alvin Sharpe talked about N.O. & art taped Housing in New Orleans from A to Z
Mid-month in New Orleans, 11/16/1974; Jim Moreau, Councilman

11/24/74 No program due to death of Joe Culotta's father

12/1/74 Trent, Louis P., Judge, Division C of New Orleans Traffic Court Diliberto, Buddy, Sports Director, Channel 8 Television Andonie, Jack, Dr., Obstetrician Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician Simon, Henry, Dr., Pediatrician

Traffic problems in City of New Orleans Equal time reply on Saints controversy Obstetricians, Gynecology and Pediatricians

03 15 12/8/74 Maulsby, Robert, Dr., Neurology, Tulane Medical School Vincent, Ross, Ecology Department, New Orleans Sutton, William, Dr., Scientific Division, Dillard University Epstein, Lou, Dr., Physics & Astronomy Dept. UNO Toups, Lou, Junior Miss Achievement Assoc. of the West Bank Thomas, Becky, Junior Miss Achievement Assoc. of the West Bank Steckler, Don, John Birch Society Miller, Mat, John Birch Society Buscher, Henry, John Birch Society
Scientific atmosphere in New Orleans West Bank Junior Miss Pageant (taped) John Birch Society and current events

12/15/74 Needham, Maurice, Dr., Dir. of N.O. Transactional Analysis Assoc. Murphy, James, Member of N.O. Transactional Analysis Association Scherzer, Montie, Member of N.O. Transactional Analysis Assoc. Karst, Sandy Ann, Member of the N.O. Transactional Analysis Assoc Boggs, Lindy, Congresswoman, 2nd. District of Louisiana

Transactional Analysis and everyday life The State of the Nation

12/22/74 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Hurst, Daniel E., Bishop, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Laudeman, W. Elliot, Chairman, N.O. Mid-Winter Sports Association Boeshans, Francis, Fr., Resurrection of Our Lord Church Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Humphrey, Leo, Ministry of Young People Sanders, Donald, Ministry of Young People

The Meaning of Christmas in N.O.-Part I The 1974 Sugar Bowl The Meaning of Christmas in N.O.-Part II

12/29/74 Christovich, Mary Lou, Mrs., Friends of the Cabildo Woody, Robin, Miss, Save Our Cemetaries Walker, Bob, WTIX Stevens, Kim, WTIX Bauer, Todd, WTIX Soule, Evan, Private gold owner Hayne, Peak, Howard, Weil, Labouisse, Friedrichs Stock Brokers Pezant, James, New Orleans City Hall Sharp, H. Alvin, Hamilton Mint
Preservation in the City of New Orleans 1974 News Roundup What you should know about gold when legal

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