Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1973

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1/7/73 Rousselle, William, Producer of the Free Southern Theater Lindholm, Dale, Dr., Chief of N.O. VA Hosp. Hemodialysis Unit Richardson, Lyman, Dr., Chief of Staff, N.O. VA Hospital Proctor, Roy, Mr. & Mrs., Silva mind control

The Free Southern Theater Your kidneys What's on your mind on a rainy day? Mind control

1/14/73 Waters, Anthony, Philosophy Department, Loyola University Kutzgar, George, MENSA Ritter, Kenneth A., Dr., Past Pres., Louisiana Psychiatric Assoc. Blaum, Buddy, Howard, Weill, Labouisse, Friedrichs, Financial Adv. Gish, Harry, Scharff and Jones, Financial Advisors

The philosophy and psychology of sniping Business in America-Stock Market exceeds 1000

1/21/73 Pope, Thomas, Dr., LSU Horticulture-Extension Service Lamar, Marta, Mrs., WYES-TV Bayhi, May, Mrs., Horticulturist Early, Thomas Jr., Judge, Div. A, Orleans Parish Civil Dist. Ct. Roussel, Louis, Financier

Horticulture and Ikebana Facts about Civil District Courts Patrolmans' Assoc. Fund for 4 slain police

1/28/73 Ezcovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration Daudman, Fred, Social Security Administration Thompson, Theodore W., Adjudication Officer, Veterans Adm. Levy, Ben, Director of the Louisiana Superdome

Peace in Viet Nam New laws of Social Security & Vet Benefits Updating the Louisiana Superdome

2/4/73 Chehardy, Lawrence, At-Large Delegate to La. Constitutional Conv. Zervigon, Mary, Mrs., At-Large Del. to La. Constitutional Conv. Soniat, Novyse, Mrs., District 100, Delegate La. Const. Conv. Bergeron, Phil, District 100 Delegate to La. Constitutional Conv. Drake, Thomas, Maj., Superindendent of Traffic, N.O. Police Dept.

Louisiana Constitutional Convention-Chap. 1 Law and Order

2 29, 30, 31, 32 2/11/73 Ezcovich, Coleman, Crescent City Coin Club Fartenelli, Joseph, Crescent City Coin Club Steckler, Starr, Student, St. James Major High School Minor, Lisa, St. Student, James Major High School Price, Andrea, President of Student Body, Dominican High School Green, Michael, Student, Delgado Junior College Diaz, David, Dr., Professor, English Department, LSUNO Sweezy, Charles, Dean, University College, Adult Ed., Tulane U. McGuire, Frank, Literary critic Green, Michael, WTIX air personality The 1973 Coinival What's on your mind this Sunday morning? A look at "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

2 29, 30, 31, 32 2/11/73 Carter, James C., S.J., Loyola University Horrman, Victor, Rabbi, Jewish Conservative Congregation Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Bach, Richard, Author of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

The 1973 Coinival What's on your mind the Sunday morning? A look at "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

(Bach interview taped on 1/29/1973 - 4 reels)
6 11 2/18/73 Van Wart, Don M. Jr., Federal Trade Commission Jacques, Frank, President of New Orleans Advertising Club Goldstein, Morry, Better Business Bureau Weekly, Nell, Mrs., Consumer Advisor, Mayor's Council on Consumer Affairs Goesel, Otto A., Sales Manager, WTIX Karp, Sandra R., Sister Helping Sisters O'Neill, Maureen E., Sisters Helping Sisters Miller, Susan N., R.N., Louisiana Right to Life Committee Thayer, Marilyn R., Volunteer Adoption social worker with VOA
Ethics in advertising Abortion

Mid-Month in N.O. - Joyce Ludwig, Director, Vieux Carre Citizens Action Committee, housing in N.O., Treme - public housing; Rakosky and Meyer, Law Firm

2/25/73 Miller, Janice, Southern Black Belt Academy Miller, Jim, Southern Black Belt Academy Priest, Tommy, Southern Black Belt Academy Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Southern Eye Bank Williams, Clarence, President of the Sickle Cell Fund LaCabe, Lionel, Chairman of Louisiana Sickle Cell Anemia Drive Field, James, Dr., Professor, LSU Dental School Marquer, Claude, Pharmacist

The Mardi Gras National Karate Championship National Eye Care Week Louisiana Sickle Cell Anemia Drive Fluoridation in New Orleans?

3/4/73 Hillbrath, Henry, American Engineering Association Wilkerson, Calvin, American Engineering Association McAllister, Wayne, American Engineering Association Rowls, Ed, American Engineering Association Davis, Claude, American Engineering Association Brown, Fred, Dr., Engineering Department, LSUNO McNeely, Jackson P. Simon, Joe Sharpe, H. Alvin Mastio Charles Is there a ban on technology? Mardi Gras-1973

3/4/73 Valley, Chris Oxley, Dave Allen, Dick Giarrusso, Clarence, Superintendent of Police

Is there a ban on technology? Mardi Gras-1973

3/11/73 Schmandt, Jurgen, Dr., Lyndon Johnson Sch. of Ecology, U.of Texas Doty, William, Vice President, Continental Oil Copany Isaac, Marx, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Accardo, Nick, Dr., Pres., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Assoc. Montaldo, Eddie, Chairman, Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Assoc. Panzeca, Sal, Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Association Zuppardo, Fay, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Association

The Energy Crisis The role of the Italian-American in N.O.

3/11/73 Pinner, James, American Association of Accountants Corcoran, B. J., Mrs., Internal Revenue Service Bond, Ann, Mrs., Internal Revenue Service Correa, Nolle, Internal Revenue Service

Your 1973 Income Tax

6 12 3/18/73 Ochs, Todd, HEAD Clinic Gallese, Lucy, R.N., HEAD Clinic Lasher, Rose, Student Hilbert, Clifford, Student Geigel, Alice, Student Webb, Malcolm, Dr., Chairman of Anthropology Department, LSUNO Stiebing, William, Dr., History Department, LSUNO

The New Orleans HEAD Clinic Should we have a 7 or 9 member City Council? Anthropolgy and the Bible

Mid-Month in N.O. -- Mike Palao, Don Anthony, Angella Palao, Italian American Marching Club; Vieux Carre, Tourism & street people
2 33 3/25/73 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Mississippi State College for Women Clawson, R. Mike, Medal of Honor recipient Butler, Ed, Director of Spirit of '76 Roussel, Louis Sr., The Daily Record Mary, Charles, Dr., Commissioner of La. Health, Soc. & Rehab. Adm

Communism vs. Freedom A new newspaper for the city of New Orleans Health, welfare and the Louisiana Super Board

4/1/73 Faulk, Elizabeth, Student Weigang, Jim, Student Brasselle, Ann, Student Sanderford, Britton, Student Hill, Vickie, Second Church of Christ, Scientist Faller, Harold, Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist Martin, John C., Director of Publicity, Christian Science Church

Chamber of Comm. Young People's Science Fair The Christian Scientist religion

4/1/73 Winter, Kathie, Co-Chairman, Fight Inflation Together Phillips, Robin, Co-Chairman, Fight Inflation Together Coberino, Pat, Secondary school teacher Mine, Trannie, Secondary school teacher Blands, Barbara, Secondary school teacher

The Great Meat Boycott Four teachers look at the world

4/8/73 Greer, Katheleen, Divine Light Donlan, Karry, Divine Light Ellender, Bennie, Head football coach, Tulane University Curl, Bill, Sports Information Director, Tulane University Donelon, Thomas, Jefferson Parish President Cucullu, Lionel Casey, James, Divine Light

Divine Light The outlook for Tulane Greenwave for 1973 Discussion with Jeff. Parish Pres. Donelon Current events

6 13 4/15/73

Mid-Month in N.O. - Judge Ed Gillin, Juvenile Court; John Koeferl, Housing planner; Joyce Ludwig, Dir., Vieux Carre Citizens Action Committee

4/22/73 Guirovich, John, American Legion Dept. Commander for Louisiana Marshall, Ed, Ex-convict Larks, Nolan, Community Service Committee

Bseball-1973 A successful rehabilitation of two excovicts

4/22/73 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Boeshans, Francis, Father, Ressurection of Our Lord Church Mason, David, Dr., Exec. Dir., Greater N.O. Federation of Churches LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Foley, Rob, Association of Christian Athletes Schott, Arthur, Baseball historian Furry, John, Young People's baseball organizer Retif, Milton, Tulane baseball coach Maestri, Ron, LSUNO baseball coach Guirovich, John, American Legion Dept. Commander for Louisiana Religion for an Easter Sunday morning Baseball-1973 A successful rehabilitation of two ex-convicts

4/29/73 Odenheimer, Kirt, Dr., Prof. of Oral Patholgy, LSU Dental School Field, Howard, Dr., Head of Dept. of Community & Prevnt. Dentistry Reynolds, James P., Dr., President of Louisiana Heart Assoc. Browne, John T., Chairman, Public Ed. & Info., Comm. of Heart Association Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Past President of La. Heart Association Otepka, Otto, Former Dep. Dir., Off. of Security of U.S. State Department

Oral cancer Committee on Hypertension Eval. Clinic (CHEC) The strange case of Otto Otepka

5/6/73 Gaydos, Michael, Seminarian & member of the World Charismatic Movement Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Cooper, Jean, Mrs., Attorney Millansen, Debra, Miss, Attorney Zuppardo, Fay, Mrs., Vernissage Riccobono, Josie, Mrs., Vernissage Lambert, John, Councilman, District D Long, Howard, Pres. of the Americn Physical Fitness Research Ins.

The World Charismatic Movement The Equal Rights Amendment for Women National Health Food Convention in N.O. Taped Conversation with Lambert about city problems

5/13/73 Miller, Russell, Sergeant, U.S. Army Trahan, Richard, Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Henderson, Dave, Major, U.S. Marine Corp, Radarman 1/C Fogarty, Bill, U.S. Coast Guard Martin, Jerry, Sergeant, U.S. Air Force McGrew, Roger, Rev. & Mrs., Dir. of Insight Center, Halfway House Moreau, James, Colonel, Councilman-at-Large

The "New" Military Rehab of prisoners using Halfway House Method Reapportionment and the City of New Orleans

5/20/73 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Rummage, Nancy, Mrs., Psychologist Lord, Ed, American Legion insurance specialist Morris, Elias, Rosacrucian LeBlanc, Robert, Rosacrucian Sapir, Eddie, Councilman, District B

The American family on the decline? Keeping abreast with your Veterans Insurance The Rosacrucian revisited A conversation with Councilman Eddie Sapir

5/27/73 Callahan, Nancy, Unification Church Jerome, Brother, Process Church Lozell, Dorian, Divine Light Shushan, Sylvia, Wedding Consultant Gish, Harry, Stock Consultant Blaume, Buddy, Stock consultant Hemstreet, Jackie, President of the La. Teachers Association LeCour, Nat, President of the United Teachers of New Orleans Levine, Joan, Wedding Counsultant
The "Different" religions June Brides and December bills The wobbly Stock Market Violence in our school system

6/3/73 Newmann, Hans, Dr., Author of "The Straight Story of VD" Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman of the Education Dept., Tulane U. Sintier, David, Brother, Principal of St. Paul's High School Kay, George, New Orleans Field Director of the American Red Cross Dohs, Frederick, National Field Director of the Am. Red Cross

The Straight story of VD Modular and other new forms of education The American Red Cross in peace and war

6/10/73 Bergeron, Dennis, New automobile dealer LeCron, Ray, Past President, Independent Garage Owner Whittaker, Katherine, Better Business Bureau Berthanaud, Donald, Independent Auto Repair Castagnetta, Donald, Bumper and junk yard dealer

Buying that new car & then keeping it up

6/10/73 Needham, Maurice, Dr., Dir. of La. Assoc. of Transactional Analysis Chapman, Ron, Community Service Center Chapman, Patsy, Community Service Center Murphy, Jim, Community Service Center Eccles, Anthony, Community Service Center Benton, Linda, Community Service Center Alexander, Dan Dale, Author of "Good Sense and Good Health"

The Disney World of Transactional Analysis Taped interview with Dan Dale Alexander

2 34 6/15/73

John Cameron Swazey & J.C., recorded 6/15/1973
6 14 6/17/73 Hines, Merrill, Dr., Executive Director, Ochsner Foundation Diamond, Murray, Dr., Executive Director, Touro Infirmary Maloney, William O., Administartor, Sara Mayo Hospital Muller, Stanley, Pres. of N.O. Chap of Am. Inst. of Architects Lewis, Maurice, Exec. Vice Pres., Louisiana Restaurant Assoc. Delerno, J. M., Louisiana Restaurant Association McConnell, Roger, Louisiana Restaurant Association

The high cost of hospital care "The trouble with New Orleans" The New Orleans Food Festival

Mid-Month in N.O. - Nolan Larks, Ed Marshall, Jr., Community Service Center

6/24/73 LeBreton, Ed, Louisiana Representative Gregson, Vernon, Louisiana Representative Connors, Nick, Louisiana Representative McNeeley, Jackson P., New Orleans Assistant City Attorney Rohlfs, Jean, Commander, Coast Guard Auxiliary Gould, Herb, Lt. Commander, Com. Off., Port Security Reserve Unit Nempster, Ted, Lt.,j.g., Acting Chief, Coast Guard Boating Safety Payne, Dwight, Dr., Mississippi State College for Women Steffins, Marvin, Author of "Facts for the American Public"
The Louisiana Legislature-1973 Water Safety Watergate and what else?

2 35 7/1/73 Casey, Tom, District 90 Representative to La. Constitutional Conv Juneau, Pat, District 43 Rep. to La. Constitutional Convention Smith, Charles, John Birch Society Schilleci, Vic, Jr., Marine Corp League Lewis, James, Chief, U.S. Navy Moreau, James, Col., Marine Corp League Pointer, David, Chief Clerk of La. Constitutional Convention Furry, John, Marine Corp League

Louisiana Constitutional Convention-Chapter 3 Taped interview with C. Smith on gun control Operation Breakthrough Something good about the country


Power failure - no program

6 15 7/15/73 Zanitis, Alex Jr., Co-Producer of "The Carpenter's Son" Poucher, J. Wayne, Rev., Captive Nations Committee Ochsner, Alton Jr., Chairman of the Americanism Comm. for Chamber Andrews, Tigh, TV personality for Nat. Alcohol Safety Action Prj Love, Bill, New Orleans Alcohol Safety Action Project Thayer, Marilyn, Pres. of the Women's Aux. of Volunteers od Am. Laura, Betty, Social worker for Associated Catholic Charities

Captive Nations Week Summer Project to alleviate drunk driving On adopting a child

Mid-Month in N.O. - Ed Marshall, Nolan Marks, Community Service Center; Susie Graham, Robert Thompson, VIGOR

7/22/73 Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Education Department, Tulane University Martinez, Joseph, Dr., Engineering Department, Tulane University Yarborough, John Dr., Hair Transplant Specialist Bordelon, Thomas, Hair stylist and barber Butler, Ed, Information Council of the Americas Warren, Dick, Information Council of the Americas

Preparing for a university education How to grow hair on a balding head Some radicals we have known

7/29/73 Zito, Phil, President of the LaRocca Jazz Foundation Palao, Mike, Member of LaRocca Jazz Foundation Anthony, Don, WTIX Air Personality Grisbaum, Charles, Louisiana Representative from District 79 Beer, Peter, Councilman, District A, City of New Orleans

Nick LaRocca and New Orleans jazz The rising fire menace & how to cope with it A discussion with Councilman Peter Beer

8/12/73 Dirosa, Joseph, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of New Orleans

The Reapportionment Plight - Part I Mayor reviews national, state & local affairs

8/19/73 Chehardy, Lawrence, Jefferson Parish Assessor & delegate to CC-73 Schmitt, Earl Jr., Delegate to CC-73 Bateman, C. C., Dir. of AMPRA (Am. Med. Parpsychological Research Moreau, James, Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans

Property Tax & Constitutional Convention-73 AMPRA, Auras, Mandallas & Kirlian Photography Re-districting of the City Council- Part II

8/26/73 Sapir, Eddie, Councilman for District B Larsen, Paul, Dr., American Muscular Dystrophy Association Bertucci, Frank, American Muscular Dystrophy Association Hebert, F. Edward, Cong., Chairman of House Armed Services Comm.

Redistricting, Part III The Muscular Dystrophy Drive in 1973 A discussion with Congressman Hebert

2 36 8/30/73

Miriam at Christmas; Tulane-Miami 5th down game, 1972; Bennie Ellender's comments (date on box is doubtful)

9/2/73 English, A.W., Mrs., Teacher Cooper, Jay, Manager of Robert E. Lee Theater Brunet, Rene, Manager of Lazarus Theaters Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman of Education Department, Tulane U. Geisert, Gene, Dr., Superindentent of Education of Orleans Parish Davies, Joseph, Superindentent of Education of St. Bernard Parish Sisung, Lawrence, Superindentent of Education of Jefferson Parish

Those wonderful old movies Primary and secondary education-1973 and 1974

2 37 9/8/73

A presentation of the 1930s 9/8/73, with Joe Culotta, Don Anthony, Oscar Talbot, J. Andrew Michaels

9/9/73 Richardson, Russell, Coun. Ch. for Assoc. for Research & Enlight France, Donna, Publisher of the Esoteric Coordinating News Bickhem, Bruce, Regional Rep. for Assoc. of Research & Enlightenment Hendry, Carol, Interpeace Movement La Rose, David, Ananda Marga Yoga Society Trice, Fletcher, Ananda Marga Yoga Society Joseph, Irvin, International Longshoreman's Association

The Edgar Cayce story Baba and the Ananda Marga Yoga Society New Orleans waterfront wildcat strike

9/9/73 Landrieu, Phyllis, State Central Committee, Women of Demo. Party Thayer, Marilyn, President of the Women of Republican Club of La Massett, Elaine, Jefferson Parish teacher Mire, Trannie, Jefferson Parish teacher

Women look at th world

6 16 9/16/73 Alexander, Dan Dale, Author of "Good Health and Common Sense" Mastio, Charles Ellender, Bennie, Head Coach of Tulane University's Football team Roessler, Bob, Sports Editor of the Times-Picayune Olivari, Mark, Tulane football player Truax, Mike, Tulane football co-captain Owens, Mike, Tulane football co-captain

The 30's - A prerecorded presentation "Good Health and Common Sense" Tulane football-1973

Mid-Month in N.O. - Myron Tassin, Delta Queen; Jim Swiler, WTIX (Business in N.O.)

9/23/73 Trahan, Ronnie, Pres. of Air Conditioning & Refrig. Dealers Assoc Fornet, Marcel, V.P. of Air Conditioning & Refrig. Dealers Assoc. Offner, Ted, Member of Air Conditioning & Refrig. Dealers Assoc. Galle, Carey, Chief of Personal Services, VA Hospital Inknoct, Marino, Member of Gay Peoples Coalition Brant, Leslie, Member of Gay Peoples Coalition Gamble, Christ, Member of Gay Peoples Coalition

Heating dangers and problems New liberalized VA Hospital laws (taped) The Gay Peoples Coalition

9/23/73 Cusacks, Chopin, Dr., Loyola University Epstein, Lou, LSUNO Wagner, Vernon, Kalvar Corporation Kutzgar, MENSA

Wonderful World of Science Gay Peoples Coalition

9/30/73 Yenni, Joseph, Mayor of Kenner, Louisiana Berteline, Anthony J., Alderman, Kenner La. Thompson, Theodore, Ajudication Officer, Veterans Administration Lentini, Salvador J., Superindentent of Police, Kenner, La. Sorum, William, Dr., Psychiatrist, River Oaks Hospital Stocks, John, Dr., Psychiatrist, River Oaks Hospital

Kenner story or small city living Interview with Ted Thompson of the VA (taped) Aikido and the Consciousness Movement

10/7/73 Eaton, Jerome, Author of "Gardening Under Glass" Batt, Richard, Assistant Dean, Tulane University College Pezant, James, Budget Research Officer for City of New Orleans Palmer, Vernon, Dr., Professor, Tulane Law School Griener, Paul, Loan Guaranty Officer, Veterans Administration Hyman, Edward, Dr., Member of Council of Medical Staffs Accardo, Nick, Dr., Council of Medical Staffs Garcia-Oller, Jose, Dr., President of Council of Medical Staffs Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Vice-President, Council of Medical Staffs
"Gardening Under Glass" Working middle class looks at New Orleans VA home loans (taped interview) Future of free enterprise of medicine

6 17 10/14/73 Voltz, Henry, Author of "Grains of Sand" Epstein, Arthur, Dr., Sleep & Dreams Lab, Chairman, Tulane Med. S Lentini, Tony, Acting Director of the Veterans Administration Kernion, Richard, Chief Administrative Officer, City of N.O. Gomez, Louis, Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer Augustin, Doug, Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer Basile, Cora, Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer

Wonderful World of Poetry Sleep and dreams Interview with Acting Dir. of VA in N.O. taped The New Orleans city budget
Mid-Month in N.O. - Susan Mague, League of Women Voters; Lisa Drake, Consumer Affairs Adv., Mobile Homes Mfg. Assn; Carre Galle, Chief of Admin., V.A. Hospital

10/21/73 Jackson, Johnny, N.O. Rep. to La. Constitutional Convention Jenkins, Louis "Woody", Baton Rouge Rep. to La. Const. Convention Zervigon, Mary, At-Large Representative to La. Const. Convention Pellegrin, Bob, Public Realtions Officer, La. Const. Convention Gautreaux, Mike, Public Relations Officer, N.O. Black Theater Eader, Mel, Finance Officer, Veterans Administration Lorio, Joseph, Assistant Finance Officer. Veterans Administration

Louisiana Constitutional Convention-Chapter 5 The New Orleans Black Theater (taped interv.) Veterans educational benefits (taped interv.)

10/21/73 Sand, Mary, President, Women Against Crime Aaron, Delores, Vice-President, Women Against Crime Bynum, Chris, Women Against Crime Nicklaus, Karen, Women Against Crime Seifken, Mary Ethel, Women Against Crime

Women Aginst Crime

10/28/73 Jaegers, Beverly, Psychic Criminal Investigator Heldman, Ernie, Greater New Orleans Psychic Rescue Squad Korem, Danny, Greater New Orleans Psychic Rescue Squad Mastio, Charles, Greater New Orleans Psychic Rescue Squad Koll, Muriel, Author of "The Sun Stood Still, The Moon Stayed" Seifken, Mary Ethel, Women Against Crime Houin, Henry, Veterans Administration Mandel, Henry, Dr., Author of "Banners of Light"

Spooks, Spirits Houdini & Halloween Taped interv. Henry Houin on Vets' Income Que How to protect child on Halloweem (taped) Book on interview with famous dead people Cosmic forces and the sacred symbols of Mu

11/4/73 Sheppard, Jim, Director of New Orleans Brake Tag Station Scully, John, Assistant Director of New Orleans Brake Tag Station Connick, Harry, Candidate for District Attorney, New Orleans Reese, George, Candidate for District Attorney, New Orleans Scaccia, Ross, Candidate for District Attorney, New Orleans Volz, John, Rep. for Jim Garrison, Candidate for D.A., N.O. Meier, J. Ralph, Dr., New Orleans Blood Replacement Plan Barnes, George, New Orleans Blood Replacement Plan Bayle, Dufour, New Orleans Blood Replacement Plan
Brake tags and car safety The District Attorney race in New Orleans New Orleans Blood Replacement Plan

11/11/73 Kahn, Felicia, Democratic Party State Central Committee Woman Thayer, Marilyn, New Orleans Woman's Republican Club Walker, Bob, WTIX Taix, Judy, Jefferson Parish school teacher

How do you feel about the president?

11/11/73 Hernandez, F.E. "Pete", Veterans of Foreign Wars Gladstone, Abe, Veterans of World War I Gilyard, Aaron X., First Sgt., U.S. Army Retired Daria, George, La, Department of Veterans Affairs, Claims Office St. Romaine, Evan, Louisiana Sate Emoloyment Sevice Haiarty, Phil, Veterans Assistance Service Thompson, Ted, Veterans Administration Adjudication Officer Greiner, Paul, Veterans Adminstration Home Loan Officer

Veterans Day-1973

11/11/73 Riera, R. E., Admiral, Commandant of the 8th. Naval District Moreau, James, Colonel, USMC Retired Lemoine, Percy, Director of La. Department of Veterans Affairs Lentini, Tony, Assistant Director of Veterans Adm. in N.O. Antee, George, Caddo Parish Service Officer Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Broussard, Ernie, American Legion Schilleci, Vick, Marine Corp League Monasterio, George, AMVETS Bertucci, Joe, Veterans of Foreign Wars Veterans Day-1973

3 01 11/18/73 Ellender, Bennie, Head Football Coach, Tulane University Robin, Ed, Race horse owner Champagne, Ed, Steward for the New Orleans Fairgrounds LaCombe, Allen "Black Cat", Public Relations Man for Fairgrounds Rhode, George, Club House manager, New Orleans Fairgrounds Weekly, Nell, Mrs., Mayor's Consumer Affairs Office Calhoun, Fred, Local dairyman McGee, Ellis, Attorney for the Louisiana Milk Commisssion

Tulane is 8 and 1 The bangtails are back The Great Milk Pricing Question

11/25/73 Parker, Vernon C., Louisiana Air Control Commission Fontaine, Ben, American Lung Association of Louisiana Brisolara, Ashton, Dir. of the Committee of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Ducote, Kirby J., Exec. Dir., Citizens for Educational Freedom Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Chairman of Dept. of Education, Tulane U.

Cleaning up the air in the New Orleans area Alcoholism and drug abuse Public funds for private education

12/2/73 Bateman, C. C., Eastern philosopher Hendry, Carol Loeb, Frank, Dr., Pediatrician, Ochsner Clinic Knott, Marie, Exec. Dir., of the Assoc. for Retarded Children Kirchem, Susan, Supervisor of Infant Development Program Sonnier, Reggie, Mrs., Association for Retarded Children Stewart, Betty, Miss, Department of Health, Education & Welfare Rooney, Bill, Department of Health, Education and Welfare Ezkovich, Coleman, Department of Health, Education and Welfare
East meets West Tri-Parish SEARCH program for retarded child Your new Social Security & Medicare benefits

12/9/73 Etienne, Henri, Retired French Commercial Counselor Thoele, Ann, Astrologer Humphrey, Leo, Rev., Minister at "The Way" Boggs, Hale, Mrs., Congresswomen from the Second District

Sun trins Saturn Around the world with a ten foot cross A discussion with Congresswoman Lindy Boggs

7 02, 03 12/16/73 Rucker, William D., Exec. Dir., Community Service Center Larks, Nolan, Community Service Center Teffrey, Warren, Job Placement Officer, Community Service Center Needham, Maurice, Dr., Community Service Center Murphy, James, Louisiana Transactional Analysis Group Kaust, Sandy, Louisiana Transactional Analysis Group Eccles, Tony, Louisiana Transactional Analysis Group "Kerlie, Mr.", (pseudonym), La. Transactional Analysis Group Keller, Rosa, Mrs., New Orleans civic leader
TORO, Training oper. for returning offenders Transactional Analysis Women's rights, minority groups, prob. in N.O

Mid-Month in N.O. - Eli N. Evans, author of "The Provincials"; Jews in N.O.; James Conaway, Judge

12/23/73 Boeshans, Francis, Fr., Resurrection of Our Lord Church Burton, McKay C., Dr, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Foley, Steve, Christian Athletic Association Clements, Miles, Christian Athletic Association, Nix, Bill, Christian Athletic Association Lovelady, Joe, Rev., Edgewater Baptist Church Landrum, L. E., Rev., Ebenezer Baptist Church LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Foley, Robert, Christian Athletic Association A religious Christmas in New Orleans Alcohol Safety Action Prog. to stop drunk dri The Sugar Bowl Basketball Classic

12/23/73 Roesler, New Orleans Times-Picayune Suit, Greg, LSUNO Sports Information Director Rucker, Dwight, LSUNO basketball team Gill, Terry R., LSUNO basketball team Laiche, Antoine, Educational Dir., N.O. Alcohol Safety Action Proj

Alcohol Safety Action Prog. to stop drunk drivers The Sugar Bowl Basketbal Classic

12/30/73 Michaels, J. Andrew, WTIX News Department Stierman, Jeffery, WTIX News Department Ledoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier Unversity Clawson, R. Mike, Medal of Honor Recipient Epstein, Louis, Dr., LSUNO Astronomy Department Laiche, Antoine, New Orleans Alcohol Safety Action Project

Top news stories & problems in N.O. in 1973 Alcohol Safety Action Project Program The comet Kahoutek

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