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Audio Tapes, 1972

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2 08, 09 1/2/72 Sarrat, Roger, Clerk of the New Orleans City Council Pezant, James N., Budget Research Officer Stevens, Frank, WTIX Walker, Bob, WTIX Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman, Chairman of House Armed Services Comm.

Forty-seven years with the City Of N.O. 1971 news round-up A talk with chairman

1/9/72 Brown, Lou, Exec. Director, Bureau of Governmental Research Black, Durel, Director of Music Therapy Fund, New Orleans Braswell, Charles, Dr., Ch. Of Music Therapy Dept., Loyola U. Schonberger, Leonard, Ch. Music Therapy Dept., Delgado Jr. Coll. Toledano, Ben C., Unsuccessful candidate for mayor of N.O. in 1969

The problems of the Audubon Park Zoo Music therapy What are they doing now?-Ben Toledano

6 08 1/16/72 Assad, Thomas J., Dr., Tulane University Rittiner, Perrin, Disposable bag manufacturer Marchese, Don, Alderman, City og Gretna Casserino, John, Head of Dept. of Sanitation, City of N.O. Ingram, Keith , Department of Administration, City of N.O. Sutterfield, Jim, Incumbent Republican nominee for District 100 Borrello, Charles, Democratic nominee for District 100

"Future Shock" The great garbage bag controversy District 100, House of Representatives debate

Mid-Month in N.O. - Bill Detweiler, Judge Advocate, La. Dept. of American Legion

1/23/72 Scott, Barbara, Mrs., Republican candidate House District 96 Green, Mike, WTIX Ezkovich, Coleman, New Orleans Coin Club Ferrantelli, Joe, New Orleans Coin Club Beer, Peter, Councilman District A, City of New Orleans

Candidacy for House of Rep., District 96 Analysis of Don McLean's song "American Pie" Numismatists The Mississippi River bridge traffic controversy

1/30/72 Newborough, Joseph, Private Investigator Marx, Paul, O.S.B., Ph.D., Author of "The Death Peddlers" Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City of New Orleans Treen, David, Republican gubernatorial candidate of Louisiana

Divorce investigations Abortion Five proposed bond issues for New Orleans The gubernatorial candidacy of David Treen

2/6/72 Talbot, Raymond, Claims Officer, La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Centola, Lawrence, Manager, Veterans Administration Caudill, Lee, Contact Officer, Veterans Administration Anthony, Don, WTIX Kahn, Charles, Mrs., Democratic Party State Central Committeewoman Moreau, James A., Councilman, New Orleans Hingle, James, Better Government Group

Helping the Viet Nam veteran The election-What do people think? The election-What do the professionals think?

2/13/72 Baldone, Joseph A., Dr., Southern Eye Bank McNeely, Jackson P., Attorney Apelman, Joseph, Author of "Doubloon Red Book" Sharpe, H. Alvin, Engraving artist Pezant, James, Doubloon collector Simon, Joseph, Exec. Dir.,Greater New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Allen, Richard B., Tulane University Jazz Archives Mastio, Charles, Voodoo expert

Eyes for those who have none Doubloon madness Mardi Gras-1972

2/20/72 Soniat, Thomas, Better Business Bureau Breeden, Pat, Federal Trade Commission Engolia, Priscilla, New Orleans Council on Aging Plaisance, Ronald, Attorney Levy, Ron, Attorney LeBreton, Ed, Rep., Insurance Agent

Consumerism No Fault Insurance-the pro's and con's

2/27/72 Kolb, Carolyn, Author of "New Orleans" Allen, Dick, Tulane University Jazz Archives Schwartz, Louis A., New Orleans Transportation & Transit Bureau Rugan, Ralph Jr., New Orleans Transportation and Transit Bureau White, Larry K., New Orleans Transportation And Transit Bureau Epstein, Arthur W., Dr., Tulane University Medical School Lorenz, Rainer, Dr., Tulane U. Primate Center, Covington, La. Webb, Malcolm, Dr., Anthropology Dept., LSUNO

The Louis Armstrong Memorial New Orleans and our port Evolutionary aspects and human behavior

2 10 3/5/72 Byrnes, James, Director of Isaac Delgado Museum Hanretty, William, Isaac Delgado Museum Hensen, Rolfe, Art critic and author, Los Angeles Museum Hoffman, Victor, Rabbi, Conservative Congregation of New Orleans Sorum, William, Dr., Psychiatrist

The Arts-Isaac Delgado Museum Anti-semitism in the Soviet Union

Israeli question; Mrs. Guillot on LTIO

3/12/72 Vann, Dorothy J., Mrs., Governor's Advisory Study on Mississippi River Bridge Tannen, Robert C., Governor's Advisory Study Bridge Dobbins, Mike, Governmor's Advisory Study Bridge Kelleher, John J., Louisiana State Employment Service Saltarelli, Jerome G., Louisiana State Employment Service St. Romain, Evan, Louisiana State Employment Service Accardo, Nicholas J., Dr., Greater N. O. Italian Cultural Society Zuppardo, Fay, Mrs., Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Montaldo, Eddie, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Panzeca, Salvador, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Governor's Study Group report Mississippi River Bridge Unemployment and how to solve it Italian-American culture

3/19/72 Gilts, Mary S., Louisiana State Department of Health Simpson, Thomas R., Lt., U.S. Public Health Service Hospital Marquer, Claude J., Pharmacist Rinner, James F., Certified Public Accountant Corcoran, Betty J., U.S. Department of Internal Revenue Lewis, Lois, U.S. Department of Internal Revenue Bond, Ann, U.S. Department of Internal Revenue

Poison Control Week Income Tax-1972

6 09 3/19/72 Kahn, Carol, Recovery Inc. Of Kentucky Somerville, Ellen, Recovery Inc. of Kentucky Somerville, E. J., Recovery Inc. of Kentucky Sternberg, Jay, Recovery Inc. of Kentucky

Maintenance plan to rehabilitate mental patients

Mid-Month in N.O. - Joseph Cardenia, Mike Palao -- Italian American Marching Club

3/26/72 English, A. W., Mrs. Pointes, Bob Ferrand, Justin Ford, Henry J. Dodd, Gloria, Mrs., VIVA-MIA Parks, R. V., Lt. Cmdr., USR 86, Naval Air Station Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Epstein, Arthur W., Dr., Psychiatrist, Tulane U. Medical School Rumage, Nancy, Mrs., Counseling Psychologist Rice, Ronald, Dr., Psychologist, VA Hospital Current Events VIVA-MIA A Psychological Symposium

4/2/72 Harrell, Louis B., Deacon, Wilborn Chapel Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Burton, McKay Dr., Latter Days Saints of Jesus Christ LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Martin, Joseph W., Champion Spark Plugs Robichaux, Lloyd, Automotive mechanic

Religion for an Easter morning Good automotive emission equal clean air

4/9/72 Logan, Sam, Dr., Past Pres. of the Cancer Assoc. of Greater N.O. Schwartz, Charles Jr., President of Cancer Assoc. of Greater N.O. Taylor,Elizabeth, Miss, Instructor for the International Meditation Society Winquist, Robert, Instructor for the International Meditation Society Schott, Arthur, Baseball historian Retif, Milton, Tulane baseball coach Scheuermann, Rags, Loyola baseball coach Joseph, Willie, Loyola baseball Captain

National Cancer Control Month Transcendental Meditation Baseball 1972

4/9/72 Kohlman, Helen, Mrs., Women's Political Caucus Gagliano, Gayle V., Mrs., Women's Political Caucus Landis, Evelyn B., Mrs., League of Women Voters

Women's Political Caucus

2 11 4/16/72 Racherbaumer, John, Magician Despard, Roger, Magician Korem, Daniel H., Magician Heldman, Ernie, Magician Gracianette, Cyril W., Judge, Jefferson Parish Court Landrieu, Moon, Mayor, City of New Orleans

The Wonderful World of Magic Jefferson Parish and the Jurist System Rapping with the mayor

LTIO comments of 4/16/72 Moon & Jim Moreau & the Card Trick & George Wallace attempted assassination

4/21/72 Share, Nathaniel, Rabbi, Gates of Prayer Synagogue Chehardy, Lawrence, Jefferson Parish Assessor Kiefer, Nat, Sen, Senate Floor Leader Henry, Bubba, Rep., Speaker of the House

Bible history and literature Chehardy discusses property tax & other thing The Louisiana Legislature - 1972

4/23/72 Long, Howard C., Pres. American Physical Fitness Research Inst. Kordel, Lelord, Author and nutritionist Hodson, Walter J., Dir. of Education, National Health Federation Mastio, Charles, Health food enthusiast Ellender, Benny, Tulane football coach Curl, Bill, Tulane Sports Information Director Stocks, John, Dr., Psychiatrist Sorum, William, Dr., Psychiatrist Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Surgeon
Health foods Tulane Spring Football B.F. Skinner's "Beyond Freedon and Dignity"

2 12 4/30/72 Marsalis, Harry, Member of La. Air Conditioning Association Marchand, Jules, Member of La. Air Conditioning Association Fortenberry, William, Member of La. Air Conditioning Association Soniat, Tom, Better Business Bureau Gillen, Ed, Judge, Juvenile Court, New Orleans Minyard, Frank, Dr., Director of the Navy's Anti-Drugs Program Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple

Consumerism--Fair Air Conditioning Practice Suggestions to the judge on Juvenile Court Anti-Narcotics - 1972

LTIO opening 4/30/72 -- whole story
2 13 5/7/72

LTIO 7th Anniversary excerpts 5/7/72

5/7/72 Herrick, Ric, Y.M.C.A. - Y Indian Guide Miller, Evan, Y.M.C.A. - Y Indian Guide Shanks, William, Y.M.C.A. - Y Indian Guide Meltzer, Layne, Local businessman and member of Chamber of Comm. Moreau, James, Col., Councilman-at-large, City of New Orleans Monroe, William, Mrs., Member of Chapel for our Parish Prison Wagner, Vernon, Mrs., Member of Chapel for our Parish Prison

Current events Mayor's program to save the Central Bus. Dist A discussion with Councilman James Moreau

5/14/72 Uddo, Frank, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Accardo, Nicholas, Dr., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Levy, Ben, Director of the Superdome Calogero, Pascal, Attorney for the Superdome Chavis, Daniel, Internal Revenue Corcoran, B. J., Internal Revenue

A discussion of "The Godfather" The Superdome today President's Phase II Economic Dev. Program

2 14 5/28/72 Blaum, Buddy, Howard, Weil, Labouisse Friedrichs, Inc. Sutton, Everett, Assistant Jefferson Parish Service Officer Gentzler, Frazier, 1971-1972 1st. Dist. Commander, American Legion Hymel, Wiltz, 1972-73 First District Commander, American Legion Fuselier, Eva, President, Women's Auxiliary, American Legion Roche, Alvin, Commander, American Legion Post 554 Augustine, Israel, Judge, Section I, Criminal District Court

The Stock Market today Louisiana Vietnam bonus A Criminal Judge looks at crime

6/4/72 Gillen, Ed, Judge, Juvenile Court of New Orleans Augustine, Israel, Judge, Section I, Criminal District Court N.O. Ritter, Kenneth, Dr, Psychiatrist Stagni, Leroy, Dr., Chiropractor Rosenberg, Roy, Rabbi, Loyola University and Dominican College

In depth into Juvenile Delinquency Chiropractors and the law A religious leader vacates the city

2 15 6/11/72 Bonnet, Eldon, Family Planner and hypnotist Sclafani, Frances, Hypnotist Hyman, Edward, Dr., M.D. Carlos, Don, Dr., M.D. Guerra, Herman, Pharmacist Sabatier, Joseph, Dr., Louisiana State Medical Association Accardo, Nicholas, Dr., Louisiana State Medical Association Joseph, Irving, Viet Nam vet & past Pres. of Delgado Vet. Club

Hypnotism The case of generic drugs Equal time reply by Med. Assoc. to Chiropractors Viet Nam Veteran at home and his problems
Mrs. Pizzo (caller) on LTIO on "DNA" 6/11/72
2 16 6/18/72 McManis, Jo, Professor of English, Loyola U & Natl. Org. of Women Keevers, Suzanne, Housewife and National Organization of Women Koerner, Peggy, Pres., Women's Auxliary of Chamber of Commerce Salassi, Carmelite, Past Pres., Women's Aux. of Chamber of Commerce Long, Gillis, Chairman of Task Force for the Louisiana Superport Pezant, James, Council Research Officer for City of New Orleans

The Equal Rights Amendment and Louisiana The Louisiana Superport Is Mr. Middle American getting it in the neck?

LTIO Women's Amendment "cat fight"
2 17 6/25/72 Lewis, Maurice, Exec. Vice President of La. Restaurant Assoc. McConnell, Roger, Member Louisiana Restaurant Association Joan, Sister, Process Church of the Final Judgement Meredith, Sister, Process Church of the Final Judgement Schillesi, Vic, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Badeaux, J. H., National Rifle Association Palao, Michael, National Rifle Association Riley, James, New Orleans Police Department

The New Orleans Food Festival The Process Church of the Final Judgement Should there be a ban on guns?

7/2/72 Fitzmorris, James, Lt. Gov. Moreau, Councilman-at-large

The Office of the Lt. Governor of Louisiana Affairs of the City of New Orleans

2 18 7/4/72

Jimmy Fitzmorris - LTIO break
2 27 7/7/72

Presidential election 7/7/1972
2 19 7/9/72 Gregson, Vernon, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Cooper, George, Rep., Louisiana Legislature LeBreton, Ed, Rep., Louisiana Legislature McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans Asst. City Attorney Etienne, Henri, Mr. & Mrs., French Commercial Counsel

The Louisiana Legislative Session-1972 Accupuncture and Astrology

Including Mr. Gaillot and slaver grandfather

7/16/72 McCoy, Robert, Dr., Pres. of Am. Veterinarian Medical Association Chitwood, Kenneth, Dr., Veterinarian Besch, A. J., Dr., Dean of future LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Gibbs, Robert D., Dr., Veterinarian Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr. Smith, H. Gilbert, Mrs. Steffins, Marvin

A discussion of animals and pets Captive Nations Week

6 10 7/18/72

Mid-Month in N.O. -- YWCA, Carolyn Spruill, Ruby Sanchez

7/23/72 Newell, David, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Levy, Edward D., Businessman Walker, Bob, WTIX Hildebrand, Henry, All South Record Distributors Grisbaun, Charles, Rep., Louisiana State Representative Soniat, Thomas S., Assistant Manager of Better Business Bureau Castagnetta, Donald, Bumper repairs Berthanaud, Don, Automotive mechanic LeCora, Ray, Automotive mechanic Whitaker, Catherine, Automotive Rep. Better Business Bureau The Begetting of a President Record bootlegging How to avoid automotive rackets?

7/30/72 Webb, Malcolm, Dr., Chair. of Anthropology & Geography Dept., LSUNO Schoenhels, Richard, Dr., Assistant Professor, LSUNO Samuels, Martha, Mrs., Coliseum Park Civic Association Rittiner, Perrin, Committee for Building Second Miss. Riv. Bridge Collier, Wayne, Director Of Vieux Carre Commission

Anthropology and the American Indian Second Mississippi River Bridge Question Problems and assets of the Vieux Carre

2 20 8/6/72 Cupit, John R., Rev., First Penecostal Church Nicholls, Gaylon, Rev., Student at Penecostal Bible Institute Bresciani, Michael, Rev. , Cleems, Richard, Volunteer worker at "The Way" Hakes, Jay E., Louisiana delegate to the Democratic Party Keebers, Sue, Louisiana delegate to the Democratic Party Roussel, Louis Sr., Financier Walker, Bob, WTIX air personality

Solid Rock Youth Revival Senator McGovern and Democratic Campaignc A businessman looks at business Open discussion with Mr. Robert Walker
Louis Roussel - "I Carry an Umbrella" (See also 2-21)
2 21 8/13/72 Brady, John Mark, Traveling British instructor at Oxford Soule, Evan Jr., The President of "Demand Gold" Kahn, Chip, Student, Johns Hopkins University Farentelli, Joseph, American Numismatics Association Ezcovich, Coleman, Member of American Numismatics Association Rochette, Ed, Executive Director of the ANA Pittman, John, President of the American Numismatics Association Bateman, C. C., Dr., Author

British Politics The Numismatics Assoc. convention in N.O. Dream interpretation and aura reading

Louis Roussel on LTIO 8/7/72; Evan Soule, Chip Kahn, & Mrs. Gaillot calling; See also 6-5, Mid-Month in N.O. -- Dr. H. Elsie Austin, specialist on Africa; Dr. Anthony Dahl, assoc. curator Smithsonian Inst.; Thelma Thomas, auxiliary member, New Orleans
2 21 8/13/72 Bateman, C. C., Dr., Author Hendry, Carol Crifasi, Mariam Sclafani, Florence Walker, Bob Korem, Danny

Dream interpretation and aura readings

2 22 8/20/72 Harvey, Bob, Pres. of New Orleans Society of X-Ray Technicians Clemens, Betty, Mrs., Potential Development Institute Payne, Dwight, Dr., Dir. Physical Sciences, Miss. State Col. Women

How qualified are X-Ray Tech.& how dangerous Bridging the generation gap The national political climate

D.P. and J.C. argue with militant

8/27/72 Cantelli, Rusty, Political writer Chippel, Jean, Miss, Desire Credit Union Steers, Pauline Mrs., Central City Credit Union Andrews, Barbara, Mrs., 9th. Ward Credit Union Martin, Ed, National Bank of Commerce Vidrine, Louis, Geologist Bertucci, Frank, Chairman of 1972 Muscular Dystrophy Program Larsen, Paul, M.D. Warren, Dick, INCA
Letter to businessmen Low cost loans for the poor The confusing world of semantics Muscular Dystrophy

9/3/72 Geisert, Gene, Dr., Orleans Parish Superintendent of Public Ed. Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent of parochial education for the Archdiocese of New Orleans Lentini, Tony, Col., Veterans Administration Leithmann, Bob, Veterans of Foreign Wars

The necessary role of continuing education Elementary and secondary education-1972-73

9/3/72 Engolia, Priscilla, Exec. Dir., Metropolitan Council on Aging Byrd, Mildred, Mrs., Project Dir. of the Senior Aids Program Rooney, Bill, St. Claude Branch, Social Security Administration Caudill, Lee, Head of Veterans Assoc.- VA Regional Office Cook, Jack, Director of Foster Grandparent Program Sweezey, Charles, Dean, University College, Tulane University Dohse, Fritz, Dr., University College, LSUNO Brown, Fred, Dr., LSUNO Cassin, Tom, Lafourche Parish Service Officer
Our senior citizens in the Silver Foxes The necessary role of continuing education

9/10/72 Hoffman, Richard, Rabbi, Conservative Congregation of N.O. Miller, Jim & Janice, Second degree black belt karate holders Augustine, Israel, Judge Ellender, Benny, Head football coach, Tulane University Moreau, James, Councilman-at-large, City of New Orleans Curl, Bill, Sports Information Director, Tulane University Hall, Charles, Tulane football player Truax, Mike, Tulane football player Harder, Glen, Tulane football player Koesling, Mike, Tulane football player Pink, blue, purple, green & black belt karate A program to alleviate black crime in N.O. Tulane Football-1972

9/17/72 Yenni, Joseph, Mayor, City of Kenner Escalada, Jenny, Mrs., Pres. of PARC (Parents and Retarded Children) Hebert, Karen, Member of Parents and Retarded Children Simms, Connie, Member of Parents and Retarded Children Rico, Corinne, Member of Parents and Retarded Children Solomon, David, Rev., Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church Epstein, Arthur, Psychiatrist, Dept. of Neurology, Tulane U.

Parents and Retarded Children Metropolitan Comm. Church-Homosexuality& religion Sleep and dreams

9/24/72 Cusimano, Anthony, Chairman of Our Lady of Fatima Committee Franzella, Irene, Mrs., Member of Our Lady of Fatima Committee Perkins, Fred, Independent debt collector Ellender, Benny, Head Coach, Tulane University Hobson, George, Dr., Dir. of Veterans Administration Hosp, N.O. Frank, Todd, Dr., Chairman of VA Anti-Drug Abuse Program

The Weeping Madonna Secrets and confessions of a debt collector Taped interview with Coach Benny Ellender VA program to alleviate drug abuse by vets

10/1/72 English, Elizabeth, Mrs. Flanders, Martha, Mrs. Lambert, John Jr., New Orleans Congressman for District D Majors, John F., American Party representative Rojas, Alfonso A., American Party representative Burmaster, Melvin J. Jr., American Party representative Clausen, R. Mike, Medal of Honor recipient

The movies of the thirties The American Party-1972 Medal of Honor recipient speaks out Problems of City of New Orleans in Dist. D

10/8/72 Toure, Sehou A., Dr., Professor of Black History, Xavier U. Bouise, Oscar, Dr., Professor of Black History, Xavier University Boubacar, Kasse, Director of Radio in Mali, Africa Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Stocks, John, Dr., Psychiatrist

Black History "I'am OK, You're OK"

10/15/72 Chehardy, Lawrence, Assessor of Jefferson Parish Curl, Bill, Sports Information Director, Tulane University Ellender, Benny, Head Football Coach, Tulane University Kagan, Candance, Miss, Social Worker Pittman, Terry, Miss, Social Worker LeMieux, Guy, President of Orleans Parish Levee Board

Amendments 1-5 relating to Homestead Tax Public opinion and the Felony Action Squad Hurricane and levee protection in Louisiana

2 23, 24 10/22/72 Cusachs, Chopin, Dr., Loyola University Epstein, Lewis, LSUNO Wagner, Vernon, Kalvar Corporation Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City Of New Orleans

"Whole Earth Catalogue" & black holes etc. Rapping with the Mayor of New Orleans

Brain trust and hexochlorophene lady

10/27/72 Cousins, Ruth, Mrs., Eckankar Price, Suzanne, Miss, Eckankar Hickey, Linda, Miss, Eckankar Stupka, Mark, Eckankar Mastio, Charles Holzer, Hans, Author Stuckey, Jack, Dr., Head, Hemotoogy Research Dept., Tulane Med. S Thompson, Ted, Adjudication Officer, Veterans Administration

"Ghosts of Dixie"-Taped int. with H. Holzer Sickle Cell Anemia Income questionnaire for disabled vets & widows

2 25 10/29/72 Grubbs, Jack, Pentacostal Church Hillary, Ted, Pentacostal Church Young, Ed, Pentacostal Church

The Anti-Christ

(See also 2-26)
2 26 11/5/72 Dickhaus, Jerome, Publicity Director of WYES-TV Salmon, Harold, Mrs., Co-Chairman of WYES auction Walker, Raymond B., Mrs., Co-Chairman of WYES auction Shroyer, Margery, Mrs., Socialists Workers' Party Rojas, Alfonso A., American Party Hakes, Jay E., Democratic Party Hoefnagel, Theodore W., Republican Party

WYES-Our educational television station The Presidential Election-1972

(Also includes 10/29/1972)

11/12/72 Callahan, Nancy, Unification Church Kercz, Peggy, Unification Church Priest, Tommy, Black belt karate instructor LeBreton, Ed, Rep., State Representative Dahlstrom, H., Civil servant Clawson, Mike, Medal of Honor receipient Hingle, James, Alliance for Good Government

The Unification Church Where do you go with a 49 state landslide?

11/19/72 Harrell, Louis, Deacon, Wilborn Chapel Marshall, Ed, Ex-convict White, Ted, Drug Counselor and ex-convict Warmouth, Ron, Financial Psychic Hebert, Ricky, Tulane player & member of Nat. Christian Ath. Asst Harden, Glen, Tulane player & member of Nat. Christian Athletes A Rhode, George, Catering Manager, New Orleans Fairgrounds Pichon, Teague, Steward, New Orleans Fairgrounds Lacombe, Alan "Black Cat", Publicity Director, N.O. Fairgrounds Robin, Ed, Horse owner Problems of the ex-convict The Stock Market & the Psychic World Nat. Christian Athletes Assoc. & food baskets Bangtails are back & running at Fairgrounds

11/26/72 Stillman, Richard J., Dr., Prof. of Management, LSUNO & author Payne, Dwight A., Dr., Professor at Miss. St. College for Women

"How to Handle Personal Finances"-Stillman Campus upheavals & role of student, teacher

12/3/72 Newell, David Rev., Word of Faith Temple Levy, Edward D., Businessman Walker, Bob, WTIX Nixon, Richard M,, President of the United States Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of New Orleans Andrews, J. Michael, WTIX Newscaster Mizell, Farrell, WTIX Sports Director

"The History of a Man and His Country" The Tulane-LSU football game

12/10/72 Pailet, Ellis, Attorney and member of La. Consumers League Reeves, William D., Dr., Candidate for Orleans Parish School Bd. Willard, Elliott, Candidate for Orleans Parish School Board Yenni, Joseph, Mayor of City of Kenner, La. Lentini, Sal, Superintendent, Chief of Police, Kenner, La. Bowman, George S., Maj. Gen, ret. Chancellor of Marine Military Acad

Safe toys for a safe Christmas Orleans Parish School Board Election-1972 The Wonderful City of Kenner Facts about Military Academies

12/17/72 Fitzmorris, James, Lieutenant Governor Groetch, Michael, New Orleans Detoxification Unit Glancey, James, Judge, New Orleans Municipal Night Court judge Harvey, John, Candidate for Total Community Action Alcoholism Pro

Opening lines Discussion with the Lieutentant Governor The derelict in N.O.-Freedom or Happy Farm

2 28 12/24/72 Boeshans, Francis, Father, Resurrection of Our Lord Cath. Church Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Le Doux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Harrell, Lewis, Deacon, Wilborn Chapel Humphrey, Leo, Rev., "The Way"

Religious Christmas Beating the blues for the holidays

(Also includes 12/31/1972)
2 28 12/31/72 Mitchell, Bob, WTIX Spencer, Percy, WTIX Anthony, Don, WTIX Walker, Bob, WTIX Andrews, J. Michael, WTIX Pezant, James N., New Orleans City Council Research Officer

1972-What a wonderful year

(Also includes 12/24/1972)

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