Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1971

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1/3/71 Ochsner, Alton Sr., Dr., Ochsner Foundation Raymond, W. Finley, Chairman of La. Tuberculosis & Respiratory Disease Association Gillen, Ed. Judge, Juvenile Court Morial, Ernest, Judge, Juvenile Court

The dangers of smoking & respiratory diseases Juvenile Delinquency

1/10/71 Harrison, Richard D., Member of the New Orleans Symphony Weinstein, Stanley, Member of the New Orleans Symphony Smith, Norman L., Member of the New Orleans Symphony Lind, Eugenie, Miss, Member of Young Audiences Alford, Mary D., Mrs., Volunteer for the Open Door Project Alford, W.S., Volunteer for the Open Door Project Gautreaux, Vera, Mrs., Trinity Christian Center & former addict Brown, Bill, Rev., Director Of Trinity Christian Center Yound, Ed., Rev., Biblical writer Vidrine, Louis Young audiences and music appreciation Religion as an answer to narcotics Current events

1/10/71 McDonald, Tom Nugent, Joseph, Dr., Tulane University

Religion as answer to narcotics Current events

1/17/71 Wilson, Louis, Vice President Century Laboratories Marquer, Claude, Pharmacist Mandel, Jutta, Social worker Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Kutzgar, George, MENSA

The pharmaceutical industry The population explosion

1/24/71 Generes, Louis W., Father, Super.of Educ. for Archdiocese of N.O. Comar, Emile, Exec. Director of Citizens Education Fund Koerkel, Karleen, Miss, Student Forsyth, David, Student Nabonne, Ron, Student Zatarain, Chuck, Student Butler, Ed., Conflict manager

What happens if the Catholic schools close? How does the 18 year old vote?

6 7 1/31/71

Mid-Month in N.O. (date is unclear 1/13/71 or 12/13/??) - Jaycees on Halfway House; Plauche Villere, Jr., William Rucker; note inside box: Dr. C. Thomas Olivo, Pres. American Vocational Assn.; Lowell A. Burkett, Exec. Dir.

1/31/71 Rosenberg, Roy, Rabbi, Loyola University Rappoport, Leah, Mrs. Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University

The Israeli-Russia schism & Jewish Defense League The Establishment

2/7/71 Farentelli, Joseph, Numismatist Senior, Ruth, Rev. Landrum, Edward, Rev., Ebenezer Baptist Church DiRosa, Joseph, Councilman-at-large

Numismatism Healing and prophecy Councilman-at-large DiRosa's viewpoints

6 6 2/14/71 Heldman, Ernest, Psychic Research Society of New Orleans Garrety, Karen, Psychic Research Society of New Orleans Price, Suzanne, Psychic Research Society of New Orleans Nelson, Greg, Student, Tulane University Korem, Daniel, Student, Tulane University Chehardy, Lawrence, Jefferson Parish Assessor

PSI-SSP, ESP, PKI Property assessments in Louisiana

Mid-Month in N.O. -- Dick Allen, Tulane Jazz Archive; Jack McNeely, City Attorney

2/21/71 Kahmann, Cecil, Representative of Wine Growers of California Appelman, Joseph, Author of "The Doubloon Collector" Sharpe, H. Alvin, Metal and doubloon engraver McNeeley, Jackson P., City Attornry Simon, Joseph, Exec. Director, Chamber of Commerce Allen, Dick, Chairman of Jazz Archive Mastio, Charles, Tulane University

Classic and not so classic wines Doubloons--or the story of bruised knuckles Mardi Gras

2/28/71 Allen, Marty, Hairdresser for D.H. Holmes Jones, Anthony C., Hairdresser for D.H. Holmes Armiger, Frank, Col., Exec. Dir. of Mississippi R. Bridge Auth. Foucha, Anthony, Capt.,Comm. Off. Miss. River Bridge ,Control Pol Lentz, Paul R., Louisiana Development Corporation

Canned ego and long hair A discussion about Mississippi River bridge Louisiana Development Corporation

3/7/71 Webb, Malcolm C., Dr., Ch. of Anthropology & Geography Dept LSUNO Soniat, Leon, Jefferson Parish State Representative

"Chariots of the Gods" by Erich Von Deniken An equal time reply on property assessments

2 2 3/14/71 Cunningham, John, S.J., Brother, Jesuit High School Zuppardo, Fay, Mrs., Greater New Orleans American-Italian Society Montaldo, Eddie, Greater New Orleans American-Italian Society Panzeca, Salvador, Greater New Orleans American-Italian Society Retif, Milton, Tulane University baseball coach Scheurmann, Louis "Rags", Loyola University baseball coach Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City Of New Orleans

St. Joseph's Day and St. Patrick's Day College baseball A discussion with the Mayor of New Orleans

3/21/71 Soniat, Tom, Better Business Bureau Drake, Thomas, Major, New Orleans Police Department McHauer, David, Judge, (retired)

A look at the Better Business Bureau Local law enforcement Defeated judge looks at city from other side

3/28/71 Pinner, James, C.P.A. Lewis, Lois, Miss, Internal Revenue Corcoran, B.J., Internal Revenue Walsh, Dot, Mrs., Internal Revenue Engolia, Priscilla, Miss, New Orleans Council on Aging Foulks, Alma, Mrs., Director of Taylor House Nursing Home Rooney, Bill, Social Security Administration Culver, Doris, Mrs., Department of Public Welfare

Federal income tax A symposium on geriatrics

4/4/71 Burke, Pat, Member of Jefferson Parish School Board Stone, John, Member of Jefferson Parish School Board Moreau, James, Councilman-at-large, City of New Orleans Payne, Dwight Dr., Tulane University Kutzgar, George, M.E.N.S.A.

Jefferson Parish education, Part I The Lt. William Calley affair "Animal Farm" by George Orwell

4/11/71 Mantle, Peter, Director, Bell Aerospace Supersonic Speed Show Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ Smith, H., Rev., Church of the Nazarene Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Ledoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Stone, John, Member of Jefferson Parish School Board Burke, Pat, Member of Jefferson Parish School Board

The amazing S.S.E. Religion today Jefferson Parish education, Part II

4/18/71 Soule, Evan, Member of New Orleans Libertarian Alliance Aleche, Francisco X., Member of New Orleans Libertarian Alliance Harris, Howard, Member of New Orleans Libertarian Alliance Roberts, Johnny, Member of New Orleans Libertarian Alliance Ledet, Nan, Miss, Member of New Orleans Libertarian Alliance Hodson, Walter J., Dr., National Health Federation Long, Howard C., National Health Federation

Libertarianism Health foods and fads

2 3 4/19/71

Sandra Warfield; Jim McCracken; recorded at WTIX on 4/19/1971 (never aired)

4/25/71 Korem, Daniel H., Student at Tulane University Nelson, Greg, Student at Tulane University Walker, Bob, Disc Jockey, WTIX Welsh, William, Dr. Vidrine, Louis Masselli, Joe, 1971 National AAU Boxing Tournament Hull, Don, Col., 1971 National AAU Boxing Tournament

Another look at amazing Daniel Korem If I were a communist 1971 National AAU boxing

5/2/71 Nolan, Al. Dr., Orthodontist Chada, J. M., Dr., Ch. of Dept. of Orthodontics, LSU Sch. of Dent Welch, William, Dr., Dentist Magri, Irving, Patrolman, PANO (Police Association of N.O.) Flynn, Van H., SUNO (Supervisor's Union of New Orleans) Cowan, Alton, Dr., Superintendent of Orleans Parish School Board Dean, James, Asst. Superintendent of Orleans Parish School Board

Your child and straight teeth Law Enforcement Union Recent Supreme Court bussing decision

5/9/71 Gibbs, Karen, Parochial school teacher Kahn, Felicia, Public school substitute teacher Morgan, Diane, Secretary of Morality in Media Moreau, James, Col., Councilman-at-large for City Of New Orleans

Women look at the world The ladies talk it over with Moreau

5/16/71 Andoni, Jack, Dr., Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans, Inc O'Donnell, James J., Gen., Louisiana Selective Service System McDonald, Thomas Butler, Ed, Author of "Revolution in My Profession" Deris, George, Claims Manager of La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Centola, Lawrence, Manager of Veterans Administration Thompson, Theodore, Adjudication Officer, Veterans Administration Griener, Paul, Home Loan Officer, Veterans Administration

Carcinoma in women Current events Bringing you up to date with vets benefits

5/23/71 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Chemistry Department, Tulane University Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Schott, Arthur, Sports writer for the "States-Item" McFarland, Bob, President of Carrollton Central, Inc. Dean, James, Orleans Parish School Board Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Dir. of Center for Teacher ed. Tulane U. LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier Univerity

Has integration succeeded?

5/31/71 Cloudman, Timothy, Fenner Company McCarthy, Richard Jr., Fenner Company Randolph, Elmon, Lt., Traffic Division, New Orleans Police Dept. Rosenzweig, Allen, Dir., Alcohol Safety Action Program for NOLA Eads, Ewin, Dr., Dir. of Environmental Studies, Lamar University Payne, Dwight, Dr., Head of Chemistry Department, Tulane U.

Inventions and inventors A method to deter drunk driving at proms The Environmemt-1971

6/6/71 Newbrough, Joseph, Participant of 40 day fast program at VA Hosp. Minyard, Frank, Dr., Director of Bethlehelm House of Bread Street, Noel, Rev., Author of "The Man who Can Look Backwards" Street, Collen, Mrs., Yoga expert Zane, Clemens, Director of Parapsychology Foundation Gibbs, Karen, Mrs., School teacher Mandel, Jutta, Mrs., Director of Total Community Action Crifasi, Miriam, Mrs., Housewife Noel, Jan, Miss, Secretary
Wadsworth VA Hospital 40 day total fast prog. A method of combatting narcotics among women "The Man Who Can Look Backwards"

2 4 6/13/71 Singlemann, George, Chairman of Greater N.O. Citizens Council Graffia, Joseph, Greater New Orleans Citizens Council LeBreton, Edward, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Gregson, Vernon, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Gill, William, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Schmitt, Earl, Rep., Louisiana Legislature McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans Asst. City Attorney, Giarrusso, Joseph I., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Accardo, Nick, Dr., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Addrianne, John, Dr., Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society The Citizens Council Voters registration plan Louisiana Legislature Fiscal session for 1971 The use of ethnic terms in the media

"Kookey" woman on 6/13/71 LTIO; Mr. Green "Gets His" and Ed LeBreton on LTIO 6/13/71

6/20/71 Brockman, Fred, Exec.V.P., Comm. on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse of NO Minyard, Frank, Dr., Bethlehelm House of Bread "Jane", Former narcotics addict Butts, J. Randolph, V.P., Howard, Weil, Labouisse, Fredrichs, Inc Blaume, Buddy, V.P., Howard, Weil, Labouisse, Fredrichs, Inc. Petre, John, Former Councilman-at-large for City of New Orleans

Discussion with a former drug addict The Stock Market-1971 A former councilman looks at city

6/27/71 Beer, Peter, City of New Orleans Councilman Miceli, Vincent, Fr., Prof. of Philosophy, University of Vatican Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University

Metropolitan Earning Tax Problems in today's universities

7/4/71 Daigle, Vernon, Louisiana Council for the Blind Turnage, Billy Joe, Louisiana Council for the Blind Jenks, Paula, Miss, Louisiana Council for the Blind Duffel, Oscar, Louisiana Council for the Blind Sanchez, Joseph Y., Businessman Moreau, James, Councilman, City of New Orleans Schilleci, Vic, Jefferson Parish Police Officer

Louisiana Council for The Blind Problems of a small businessman Patriotism on the Fourth of July

7/11/71 Goodyear, David McDonald, Thomas Ellender, Bennie, Head Coach, Tulane University Curl, Bill, Sports Information Director, Tulane University Edwards, Edwin, Congressman Dudenhefer, Leonard J.

Recreation and camping "Why I am Going to Australia" Kicking off the year of the Green Plus 1 The 1971 gubernatorial race

7/18/71 Garretty, Carolyn, Mrs., Metaphysical Society Winkler, E. Arthur, Dr., Metaphysical Society Campo, John J., Ban the Blackout Committee Rubin, Ellis S., Ban the Blackout Committee Dobriansky, Les, Dr., Chairman, School of Law, Georgetown U. Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Chairman, Captive Nations Week Zane, Clemmons, Metaphysical Society

Hypnosis and metaphysics Ban the Super Bowl blackout Captive Nations Week

7/25/71 Levy, Ben, Chief Administrative Officer for City of New Orleans Gomez, Louis H., General Budget Director, City of New Orleans Mura, Robert J., Capital Budget Director, City of New Orleans Mary, Charles C.,Dr., Director, Charity Hospital Gregson, Vernon, Rep., Third Ward State Representative Schwegmann, John, State Senator & gubernatorial candidate

New Orleans, Its finances & it's budget Charity Hospital-a new era & old traditions The 1971 gubernatorial race

8/1/71 Welch, William, Dr. O'Donnell, James, General Kahn, Charles Trent, Louis P., Judge, Traffic Court of New Orleans Rozenzweig, Allan, Director of Alcoholic Safety Action Project Johnston, J. Bennett, Sen., Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

Current events Traffic Court and traffic laws The 1971 gubernatorial race

8/8/71 LeCron, Ray, President, Independent Garage Owners Association Forester, John, Exec. Dir. Independent Garage Owners Association Berthanaud, Don, Member of Independent Garage Owners Association Soniat, Tom, Better Business Bureau Gillen, Ed, Judge, Juvenile Court Bell, Samuel, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

The high cost of auto repairs Today's young people The 1971 gubernatorial race

8/15/71 Ochsner, Alton Sr., Dr., Ochsner Foundation Ochsner, John, Dr., Ochsner Foundation Guthman, Edwin, Author of "We Band of Brothers" Culotta, Stanley, Bro. Principal, Holy Cross H.S,, San Antonio,TX

The heart "We Band of Brothers" by Edwin Guthman The problems with parochial education

8/22/71 Gruwell, Melvin, Dr., Director of Teachers Education, Tulane U. Simon, Joseph, Exec. Director of Greater N.O. Chamber of Commerce Lewis, Floyd, President of Middle South Services

New trends in education Business in N.O. & Nixon's new economic polic

8/29/71 Cohen, Harold, S.J., Father, Loyola University Gallagher, Patti, Miss, Chaplain, Loyola University Mansfield, Al, Loyola University Generes, Louis, Father, Dir. of Educ. for Archdiocese of N.O. Dean, James, Acting Public School Superintendent of New Orleans Treen, David, Gubernatorial candidate for Republican nomination

The Charismatic movement School's opening The 1971 gubernatorial race

9/5/71 Gustin, John Paul, Director of Muscular Dystrophy in N.O. Roussell, Louis, Financier Ellender, Benny, Head football coach, Tulane University Moreau, James, Councilman-at-large Curl, Bill, Sports Director, Tulane University Bullard, Joe, Tulane University football player Ellis, Paul, Tulane University football player Thompson, Jim, Tulane University football player Marshall, Bob, Tulane University football player Collier, Wayne, Director of the Vieux Carre Commission Kicking off Muscular Dystrophy Program in N.O A financier looks at New Orleans The year of the Green plus one The Vieux Carre & its new Pedestrian Mall

2 7 9/12/71 Boeshanes, Francis, Father, Pastor of Resurrection of Our Lord Ch Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City of New Orleans Hebert, F. Edward, Rep. Chairman of House Armed Forces Committee

The role of the layman in contemporary life The State of the City The State of the Nation

9/19/71 Lewis, Maurice E., Exec. V.P. of the Louisiana Restaurant Assoc. Savin, Jules, Orleans Chapter Pres., La. Restaurant Association Pointes, Bob, Consultant, Louisiana Restaurant Association Bruneau, Emile, President, World Boxing Association Maselli, Joe, Boxing enthusiast Herman, Pete, Former Bantamweight Champion of the world Thompson, Roswell, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Moore, James W., Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

Good food and where to eat it The Squared Circle The 1971 gubernatorial race

9/26/71 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatristr Rosenberg, Roy, Rabbi, Prof. Old Test. & Comp. Rel Loyola& Dominican Green, Michael, WTIX air personality Long, Gillis, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

Mental Health The Jewish High Holidays Contemporary music The 1971 gubernatorial race

10/3/71 Kitzgar, George, MENSA Wagner, Vernon, Kalvar Corporation Epstein, Lewis, Physics Department, LSUNO Bethune, Harold, Rev., Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Detweiler, Bill, Assistant District Attorney Kahn, Charles Welsh, William, Dr.

What's new and far out? The 1971 gubernatorial race Current events

10/10/71 Cousins, Dick, Information Representative, La. Health Dept. Dilts, Mary Stewart, Mrs., Publicity Dir. La. Poison Control Cent Simpson, Thomas, Lt., Assoc. Director, La. Poison Control Center Marquer, Claude J., Jr., Private pharmacist Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Oler, J. Garcia, Dr., Pres. of Medical Council of Medical Staff Smith, F. Michael, Dr., Children's Clinic Salter, Frank, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

10/17/71 Parrell, Louis B., Deacon, Crusaders for Christ Sturgis, Willomena, Sister, Crusaders for Christ Walker, Bob, WTIX air personality Kendall, Janet, Mrs., Inner Peace Movement Mandel, Jutta, Mrs., Inner Peace Movement

Convict rehabilitation Inner Peace

10/24/71 Pezant, James N., Budget Research Director of N.O. City Council McGovern, John L., Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs Detweiler, Bill, American Legion Raabe, Conrad, Dr. Chairman, Political Science Dept. Loyola U. Nityananda, Hare Krishna Movement Kanya Kumari, Hare Krishna Movement

Research and the City Council Veterans benefits on Veterans Day The United Nations today The Hare Krishna Movement

10/31/71 Whitsell, Russell Zane, Clemmons Mastio, Charles Korem, Daniel Bringuier, Carlos Aspuru, Eugenio Blanco, Otto Aycock, Taddy, Lt. Gov., Louisiana gubernatorial candidate

Citizen of two worlds The Great Sugar Cane Conference invasion Th 1971 gubernatorial race

11/7/71 Salmon, Harold Jr., Mrs., Chairman of WYES auction Carter, Samuel, Author "Blaze of Glory" Chandler, David, Defeated gubernatorial candidate Bethune, Harold L., Defeated gubernatorial candidate Deichmann, Charles, Former State Senator Vidrine, Louis, Geologist

Kicking off the WYES auction "Blaze of Glory"-the story of Battle of N.O. The 1971 gubernatorial election round-up

11/14/71 Ashton, Ann, Miss, Positive Development Institute Guidry, Sal, Positive Development Institute Clemens, Betty, Miss, Positive Development Institute Yerger, Max, Xavier University Pichon, Teague, Steward of New Orleans Fairgrounds Rhode, George, Publicity Chairman of New Orleans Fairgrounds LaCombe, Allen, Asst. Publicity Chairman of N.O. Fairgrounds Robin, Frank Ed, Race horse owner, New Orleans Fairgrounds

Self-development and Psycho Cybernetics The Sport of Kings-1971

11/21/71 Allen, Marty, Canned Ego Harrod, Rene, Canned Ego Guessfeld, Michael, Hair Seabring Agnew, Susan, Miss, English teacher, Abramson High School Laporte, Rhonda, Miss, Student, Abramson High School Stavis, Barbara, Miss, Student, Abramson High School Soniat, Tom, Better Business Bureau Breeden, Pat, Federal Trade Commission Oubre, George T., Louisiana Attorney General candidate
Long hair for men and women Close-up---the students' trip to Washington Consumerism Louisiana Attorney General race-Part I

11/28/71 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Mississippi State College for Women Alcock, James, Judge, Appointed Criminal Judge from District C Winsberg, Jerome, Candidate for Criminal Judge from District C Guste, William, Sen., Democratic candidate for La. Attorney Gen.

The Bureaucracy The section C Criminal Judgeship race Louisiana Attorney General race, Part II

12/5/71 Adcock, Jamar, Sen., Candidate for Lt. Governor of Louisiana Schmitt, Earl, Incumbent candidate for House of Rep., District 87 Ruiz, Walter, Challenging candidate for House District 87 Halzer, Hans, Author of "The Aquarian Age" Heldman, Ernie, Director of Psychiatric Research Institute Mastio, Charles Treen, David, Republican gubernatorial candidate

Candidacy of Senator Jamar Adcock The District 87, House of Rep. race The Aquarian Age The candidacy of David Treen

12/12/71 Blaume, Buddy, Howard, Weil, Labouisse, and Friedrichs Stockbr. Viguerie, Shawn, Howard, Weil, Labouisse and Friedrichs Fitzmorris, James, Louisiana Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate Biting, Ralph W., Rev., Appalachia Ward, Butch, Candidate for Louisiana Senator, District 8 Windhorst, Fritz, Candidate for Louisiana Senator, District 8

The ups and downs of the Stock Market Louisiana Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate The Christian Caravan District 8, Louisiana Senatorial election

12/19/71 Wilbon, W.L., Rev., Chaplain of Wilbon Chapel, Church in Christ Harrell, Louis B., Deacon, Wilbon Chapel, Church in Christ Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple Cohen, Harold F., Father, Loyola University Humphrey, Leo, Rev., Minister of "The Way" Rosenzweig, Allen, Director, Alcholic Safety Action Program Ramirez, John F., Sgt., Louisiana State Police

Christmas and religion Plan to alleviate alcholism on highways now

12/26/71 Cupid, John, Brother, Pastor of the First Pentacostal Church Augustine, Israel, Judge, Criminal Courts of New Orleans Palmer, Vernon, Professor, Tulane University Law School Robertson, John C., Ex-convict Brown, Charles Jr., Prison Rehabilitation Officer

The Pentacostal Church Our prison problems

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