Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1970

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1 32 1/4/70 Levy, Benjamin, Chief Administrative Officer-City of N.O. Augustine, Douglas, Asst. Adm. Officer-City of New Orleans Gomez, Louis, Asst. Administrative Officer. Bringuier, Carlos, Dr., Author of "Red Friday"

City budget "Red Friday", a defense of the Warren Report

"Kitchenaires" (band) (Shirley Murray, gut bucket; Ethel Merwin, banjo; Edna Reso, washboard; Lorraine Dowty, moraccos; Helen Warren, tamborine; Betty Dixon, beer tray) recorded 1/4/1970"

1/11/70 Webb, Malcolm, Dr., Chairman of Anthropology Dept., LSUNO Blaum, Buddy, Stock consultant, Kohlmeyer Inc. Monroe, Bob, Stock consultant, Louisiana Land Corporation

An anthropology primer Our sliding stock market

1/18/70 Ochsner, Alton, Sr., Dr. Appleman, Joseph, Co-Chairman of the New Orleans Coinival Eddy, Robert, Co-Chairman of the New Orleans Coinival Sweezey, Charles, Dean of University College Division, Tulane U. Goessl, Otto, Account Executive, WTIX

Last week's heart transplant at Ochsner Tobacco and carcinoma 1970 Louisiana Coinival (Coin Collecting) Marshall Mc Luhan's World of Communications

1/25/70 Blombert, Margaret, Mrs., Orleans Parish School Board member Gillin, Ed, Judge, Orleans Parish Juvenile Court judge

Our New Orleans school system Juvenile delinquency

2/1/70 McDonald, Tom, Current events panelist Kahn, Charles, Current events panelist Peterson, Frank, Current events panelist Perez, Manuel, Student of Lost Continent of MU Chehardy, Lawrence, Jefferson Parish Property Asssessor

Current events Lost Continent of MU Jefferson Parish property assessment problems

2/8/70 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Chairman of Chemistry Dept., Tulane U. Sanzenbach, Paul, Community Director for the Urban League Simon, Joe, Exec. Director, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Mastio, Charles, Tulane University McNeely, Jackson P., N.O. City Attorney to the Vieux Carre Comm. Allen, Dick, Director of Tulane University Jazz Archives Provenzano, Joseph, Rep. of the Cresent City Carnival Marching Gr

Discussion of problems of cities Mardi Gras Recordings from Tulane U. Jazz Archives

2/15/70 Layton, Felix, Mr. & Mrs., Authors of "The Age of Theosophy" Goessl, Otto, Account Executive, WTIX Garon, Herbert J., Pres. of Jewish Welfare Committee & attorney Jacobs, Sidney, Dr., Physician Saltzman, John, Businessman

"The Age of Theosophy" Sales marketing executive meeting Jewish Welfare Comm. Mission to Israel-1970

2/22/70 Points, Bob Vidrine, Louis Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Pres. of Mental Health Unit-La.& N.O.

Hypothesis The trial of the Chicago Seven The psychology of politics

3/1/70 Volz, Pat, Louisiana chartered hypnotist Murphy, Patrick, Father, Author of "These Questions Mock Me" LeBreton, Edward, State representative Kiefer, Nat, Lousiana State senator

Hypnosis "These Questions Mock Me" Louisiana 1970 Special Legislative Session

3/8/70 Wallace, Nora, Mrs., Society for the Prevention of Crib Deaths Simon, Henry, Dr., Pediatricisn Acosta, Albert. Vidrine, Louis Kahn, Charles Hadden, Jeffrey K., Dr., Urban Study Center, Tulane University McManus, Eugene, S.J., Loyola University

Prevention of crib deaths Hypothesis-If you were President of Russia? The gathering storm of the churches

1 33 3/11/70

"Mrs. Moshe Dayan with Joe Culotta recorded at the Royal Sonesta on 3/11/70"

3/15/70 O'Sullivan, Francis X., Poison Control Center Casey, Jerry, Dr., Poison Control Center Marquer, Claude, Local pharmacist Murphy, Patrick, Father Zuppardo, M. J., Mrs. Panzeca, Salvatore Accardo, N. J., Dr. , Toledano, Ben, Republican candidate for mayor of New Orleans

Poison control St. Joseph meets St. Patrick Republican candidate for mayor of N.O.

3/22/70 Lewis, Lois, Mrs. Internal Revenue Service Walch, Dot, Mrs., Internal Revenue Service Ezkovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration Koerner, Lewis, Mrs. Salassi, Raymond, Mrs. Newbrough, Celeste, Miss Kahn, Charles, Mrs. Landrieu, Maurice "Moon", Councilman-at-large & mayor candidate

Income tax and Social Security The women take a look at the world Democratic candidate for mayor of N.O.

1 34 3/29/70 Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple LeDoux, Jerome, Father Bordelon, C.E., Rev., Calvary Church of the Nazarene Patterson, Robert McKenzie, Ellen, Dr., Psychiatrist Kurtzgar, George

A religious Easter Sunday Send a boy to camp Mensa

4/5/70 Palao, Mike Glassen, Hal Schooley, John Badeaux, J. Alvin Mastio, C. J. Labiche, Albert, Chairman of the Mississippi Bridge Authority Beck, Paul, Dr. Long, Howard, Vice President of National Health Federation

National Rifle Association Misissippi River Bridge Health foods & the National Health Federation

4/12/70 Schlesinger, Ed, Chairman "Directions 70", Tulane University Rosenzweig, Al, D.A. Chase Research, Incorporated Warren, Dick, Information Council of the Americas, INCA Roussel, Bill, Human Relations Committee, Contemporary America Pittman, Jim, Tulane University coach Jenson, Jerry, Reg. Dir., U.S. Dept. of Justice (Narcotics) Marquer, Claude, Local pharmacist Landrieu, Moon, Mayor elect

Contemporary America Tape interview with Coach Jim Pittman of T.U. Telephone interview with Mayor Elect Landrieu Narcotics and dangerous drugs in New Orleans

4/19/70 Fishbaugh, Charles, Dr., Department of Economics, LSUNO Wall, Bennett H., Dr., Department of History, Tulane University Kutzgar, George, Mensa Newbrough, Celeste, Miss Atkins, Martha, Miss Roberts, Sylvia, Mrs. Boileau, David A., Father, Loyola University

Shades of the 30's--The depression years The Women's Liberation Movement

1 35 4/26/70 Schott, Arthur O., Bseball historian Reese, Ned, Tulane 2nd. baseman Brechtel, Loyola pitcher

The wonderful world of baseball

1 35 4/26/70 Glover, Richard R., Department of Agriculture Mandel, Jutta, Mrs., Total Community Action Culver, Doris, Mrs., Department of Public Welfare Pezant, James, City of N.O. Rep. to Food Stamps Program Howe, Seena, Mrs. Catalanotto, Adele, Mrs. Marcuse, Jacques, French foreign correspondent Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of New Orleans & former Loyola pitcher Scheuerman, Rags, Baseball coach, Loyola University Retif, Baseball coach, Tulane University The Food Stamp Program Wigs A French correspondent looks at China The wonderful world of baseball


Program cancelled because of power failure

2 1 5/10/70 Torkanowski, Werner, Conductor of the New Orleans Symphony Greene, Thomas, A., New Orleans Symphony Moreau, James, Councilman Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman Morel, W.V. Barney, St. Bernard Charter Committee Thompson, Don L., St. Bernard Civic League Thiel, Art, Public Affairs Research Council Warren, Dick, Executive Director, INCA

The New Orleans Symphony Celebrating program's anniversary Pre-recorded interview with F. Edward Hebert A new form of government for St. Bernard Campus disturbances

5/17/70 Grimball, Henry, Architect Dall, Curtis, F.D.R.'s son-in-law, Author-"My Maligned Father-in-Law Ritter, Kennett, Dr., Psychiatrist Schulingkamp, Oliver, Judge

Better school buildings "My Maligned Father-in-Law" "The Criminal Mind"

5/24/70 Boudreaux, Earl, Pol. Off. Member of N.O. Council of Traffic Saf. Giraud, Thomas, Attorney, N.O. Council for Traffic Safety Comar, Emile, Committee for Educational Freedom Everett, Myrt, Sherwood Forest P.T.A. Manguno, Joe, Editor in Chief Driftwood, LSUNO Socola, Edward, Dr., English Department, LSUNO Tardiff, George, Student Government Association LaRose, Edmond, Jr., Managing Editor of Driftwood, LSUNO

Council of Traffic Safety Should legislature support private schools? LSUNO in trouble

5/31/70 Lyons, C. W., Mrs. Seemas, Marjorie, Mrs. Baird, Margaret, Mrs. Christiansen, Mike Vidrine, Louis O., Geologist Eads, Edwin X., Dr., Chairman of Environmental Sciences,Lamar Tech Dixon, Wayne, Inhalation Specialist, Methodist Hospital Carter, Linwood, Dr., Hyperbaric oxygen therapist Moore, Richard, Department of Biology, Xavier University Payne, Dwight, Dr., Chairman of Chemistry Department-Tulane U. Ladies and hardhats Ecology

6/7/70 Lindsay, Joe, Chairman of Reg. Planning Commission Ormand, Rosanne, Regional Planning Commission Thomas, Joseph W., Regional Planning Commission, Bernard, Nancy, Regional Planning Commission Baile, Patricia, Mrs., Headstart Program Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., President of Louisiana Heart Association Meyer, Allen D., Dr. Hyman, Albert L., Dr. Hargesheimer, Kathryn,
Regional Planning Commission Headstart program What's new with the heart?

6 3 6/14/70 Smucker, Kim, Volunteer for United Farm Workers Organizing Comm. Patterson, Bill, Vol. for United Farm Workers Organizing Comm. Mary, Charles C., Dr., Director of Charity Hospital Rosenzweig, Allen, Member of Save the Charity Hospital Committee Simpson, Percy, Rev., Member of Save Charity Hospital Committee

The grape boycott Big troubles at Big Charity

Mid-Month in New Orleans - Bob Richards, Pub. Building administrator for N.O.; Fenwick Eustis, Chief Planner & Estimator; Walter Perrin, Painter Forman & Labor Relations Chairman for city; Al Acosta, LDVA Emp. Assn. & NOMEC

6/21/70 Juergensen, Hans, Member of Nat. Federation of States Poetry Soc. Cuevas, Earl, Member of Nat. Federation of States Poetry Society Ferral, Ellison, Member of Nat. Federation of States Poetry Soc. Hobson, George, Dr., Dir. Of Veterans Administration Hosp., N.O. Scorsone, John, Hospital Service Off.,La. Dept. of Veterans Aff. Sutton, Everett, American Legion RS volunteer Stogner, Bobby, Diabled American Veteran & patient at VA Hosp. Drake, Thomas, Capt., Commanding Officer, NOPD Intelligence Div. Eyer, David, Student and Mensa member Stewart, Jenny, Student and Mensa member Poetry Answer to press criticism against VA Hospital Campus violence and the police officer The Mensans look at campus disorder

6/21/70 Franks, Maurice, Attorney and Mensa member

The Mensans look at Campus disorder

6/28/70 Epstein, Lou, Physics Department, LSUNO Wagner, Vernon, Kalvar Corporation Ritter, Kenneth, Dr. Mandel, Jutta, Social worker for Total Community Action Myers, Joel, Graduate student in Political Science

The black hole & what is new in science? Should everybody be middle class?

7/5/70 Kutzgar, George, Mensa Epstein, Lou, Physics Department LSUNO Walker, Bob, WTIX Swiler, Jim, WTIX Jenkins, Cy, WTIX Green, Ted, WTIX

Book on the taboo against knowing who you are Is the news still controlled?

7/12/70 Bach, Sidney, Co-Chairman of HONEST, Inc. Bernstein, Joseph, Co-Chairman of HONEST, Inc. Costa, Mildred A., Mrs., Volunteer worker, Ursulines Convent Mayer, Catherine, Mrs., Volunteer worker, Ursulines Convent Wilson, Samuel Jr., Architect, Tulane University Fitzwilliam, Columba, O.S.U., Sister, Ursulines Academy Heaney, Jane, O.S.U., Sister, Ursulines Academy Ciszek, Walter, S.J., Author of "With God in Russia" Ochsner, Alton, Jr., Dr., Chair. Americanism Comm. of Chamber De La Vega, Carlos, Cuban freedom fighter The dome stadium Hist. & problems of old Ursulines Convent The captive nations of the world

7/19/70 Gleason, James J. III, Candidate , Judge Dist. I Criminal Court Koch, Edward G., Jr., Candidate, Judge Dist. I, Criminal Court Moreau, James, Councilman-at-large Curl, Bill, Director of Tulane University Sports Imformation Hester, Ray, Linebacker, Tulane University Kingrea, Rick, Linebacker, Tulane University Wagemann, Dolly Reed, Auth.-"How To Make Yourself Over in 6 Weeks Catalanotto, Adele Kahn, Felicia Mandel, Jutta Race for judge in District I The Year of the Green, Tulane football How to make yourself over in six weeks

7/26/70 Barker, Robert, Dr., Chemistry Dept., Clemson University Whitaker, Jim, Narcotics Anonymous Saucier, Olivia, Narcotics Anonymous Landrieu, Moon, Mayor of City of New Orleans Lewis, Clinton A., Viet Nam veteran Cochran, Jackie, Student Kahn, "Chip", Student

Narcotics Anonymous Mayor talks it over with young people

1 37 8/1/70

Part I LTIO -- the grape boycott; should everyone be middle class, Part I
1 36 8/1/70

"Kim Culotta on the Buzz Bennett show abt. 1966; Part II LTIO -- should everyone be middle class with Dr. Ken Ritter, Jutta Mandel & Joel Myers; Ted Green show

8/2/70 Smucker, Kim, Volunteer for United Farm Workers Organizing Comm. Patterson, Bill, Volunteer for United Farm Workers Org. Comm. Ritter, Kenneth, Dr. Mandel, Jutta, Social worker for Total Community Action Myers, Joel, Graduate student in Political Science

Grape boycott (repeat of 06/14/1970 program) Should everone be middle class? (repeat)

8/9/70 Salassi, Raymond, Mrs., Ladies Auxiliary, N.O. Chamber Culotta, Stanley, H.C.,Bro. Prin. of Holy Cross H.S., San Antonio Kell, Larry, Louisiana Divers Association Chaiss, Joe T., Louisiana Divers Association Fitzmorris, Pete, Editor of Undercurrent Magazine Carter, Linwood H., Dr. Green Michael, WTIX Walker, Bob, WTIX

Salvation of a ghetto high school The dangers of deep sea diving Contemporary music & effect on under thirty

8/16/70 Gregson, Vernon J., Representative, Louisiana Legislature LeBreton, Edward F., Representative, Louisiana State Legislature Gill, William A.,Jr., Representative, Louisiana State Legislature McNeely, Jackson P., City Attorney to Orleans delegation-Legist. Gagliano, Anthony, Jaycees Schmitt, Carl J., Jaycees Hebert, F. Edward, First district United States Representative

The 1970 Louisiana Legislature The Jaycees versus slum landlords A Congressman looks at the country

8/23/70 Thames, Marvin E., Dr., Chancellor, Delgado Jr. College Gill, William, Educator, Delgado Jr. College & State Legislator Cowan Alton, Dr., Superintendent, Orleans Parish School Board Dean, James, Asst. Superintendent, Orleans Parish School Board Gracianette, Cyril J,, Judge, Jefferson Parish jurist

Education at Delgado Junior College Education in the Orleans Parish public school The Jefferson Parish judiciary

8/30/70 Wager, Isadore, Dr., Jefferson Parish health officer Bondi, Andy, Co-Director of N.O.R.D. Theater Sorum, William, Dr., Psychiatrist

Rub out rubella New Orleans Theater The psychology of metaphysics

9/6/70 Evans, Luther E., The Board of Prevention of Alcholism Pittman, Jim, Tulane head football coach Curl, Bill, Sports Information Director, Tulane University Barrios, Steve, Tulane setback Moreau, James A., Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans Etienne, Henri, French Commercial Counselor Mandel, Jutta

Alcholism Tulane football- the Year of the Green Astrology

9/13/70 Welsh, William, Dr. Vidrine, Louis Kahn, Charles Jr. Miceli, Vincent P.,S.J., Author of "The Gods of Atheism" Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University Epstein, Arthur, Dr., Dir. of Sleep Laboratory, Tulane Med. School

Current events "The Gods of Atheism" Sleep and dreams

9/20/70 Delavega, Carlos, Cuban refugee, now American citizen Arceneaux, Lawrence, Coordinator of the Soul Bowl Bouchon, Henry E., Capt., Retired captain, N.O. Fire Department Donelon, Thomas, Jefferson Parish President

Soul Bowl Cuba Fire Prevention Week Problems & high Points of Jefferson Parish

9/27/70 Jones, Nathan L., HUD Duncan, Herman J., HUD Valees, Emanuel R., Private contractor St. Pee, Oliver, Model Cities Eschenfelder, George J., Capt., USMC Sleger, Joseph Jr., Lt. Col., USMC Hester, C. E., Major, USMC Mims, Jim, Gunnery Sgt., USMC Moreau, James, Retired Col., USMC & Councilman-at-large
Scattered site housing as answer to slums,etc The positive side of the draft

10/4/70 David, Sylvia F, Miss, Mem. Ch. of National Organization for Women Twinan, June, Mrs. Member of National Organization for Women Hacker, Christine, Miss, Communications Chairman for NOW Payne, Dwight, Dr., Head of Chemistry Department, Tulane U.

Moderate wing of the Women's Liberation Move. Public education and student dissent

10/11/70 Parihk, A. V. K., Dillard University Mastio, Charles, Tulane University Turla, Peter, Inner-peace Movement Alfano, Gloria, Mrs., Inner-peace movement Mandel, Jutta, Inner-peace movement Ezcovich, Coleman, Social Security Administation Kahn, Felicia, League of Women Voters

A symposium on metaphysics Social Security Abortion

10/18/70 Dial, Dan, Unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of New Orleans Gayle, William, Rev., Glendale, California Ledoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Lee, Robert E., Republican candidate for Congress, 2nd. District

One man's hopes & Aspirations for Wonderful Town, USA Black & white clergy look at contemporary rel Robert E. Lee's bid for 2nd. Congress. Dist.

1 38 10/25/70 Gaillot, B. J., Mrs., Author "God Wrote the Ten Commandmnets...." Reed, Barbara, Mrs. Witch of the French Quarter Mastio, Charles, Tulane University Alfano, Gloria, Mrs., Inner-peace movement Smith, Ben, Independent candidate for Congressional 2nd. Dist

"God Wrote the Ten Commandments and the law.. Witches and metaphysics Ben Smith's bid for 2nd. Congressional Dist.

Spring Fiesta: Mrs. John (Barbara Osborne); Mr. And Mrs. Michael Palao; Jack McNeely, attny. For the Vieux Carre Commission

11/1/70 Salassi, Carmelite, Mrs. Points, Bob Leonhard, Jacqueline, Mrs. Detweiler, Bill, Private attorney & Amer. Leg. 1st. Dist. Adjutan Collin, Richard H., Dr., Author "New Orleans Underground Gourmet" Etienne, Henri, Mr. & Mrs., Mr. Etienne is French Commercial Counselor

The November elections Proposition 5-The Vietnam bonus New Orleans food

11/8/70 Abinanti, Joe L., Silent Majority Brierre, Don, Silent Majority Lozes, L. Clarke, Silent Majority McCarthy, J. J., S.J. (retired) Korndorffer, Frederic A. Palermo, George P., Dr. Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman Staggs, Dick, Director Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Schilleci, Vic Jr., Marine Corps League The silent majority The history of Jesuit High School Veterans Day-1970

11/8/70 Browne, W. Ted, AMVETS Hernandez, F. E., VFW Baker, William R., VFW Camus, Raymond, American Legion Acosta, Albert, Orleans Parish Service Officer

The silent majority The history of Jesuit High School Veterans Day-1970

6 4 11/15/70 Jones, James L., Rev Brown, George, Mrs. Weekley, Glenn Rittiner, Perrin Foulks, Alma, R.N., Director of Baptist Hospital Nursing Home Riley, William, Pres. Of Louisiana Nursing Homes Association

The Unitarian religion The Committee to build Mississippi River Bridge Are nursing homes performing adequately?

Mid-Month in New Orleans - Rev. Dalton Burch; morality in media; Ernest Villas

11/22/70 Lacombe, Allen "Black Cat", Publicity Dir., N. O. Fairgrounds Rhode, George, Concessions Chairman of N. O. Fairgrounds Moreland, Kelly, Miss, Jefferson Parish S.P.C.A. Senior, Ruth, Rev., Ebenezer Baptist Church Feltas, James, Bishop, Ebenezer Baptist Church Landrum, Richard, Rev., Ebenezer Baptist Church

The Sport of Kings The problems of Jefferson Parish S.P.C.A. New Orleans prophets

11/29/70 Pittman, Jim, Football coach, Tulane University Allen, Gary, Dr., Professor of Earth Sciences, LSUNO Good, Mary, Dr., Radiochemist, LSUNO Stocker, Jack, Dr., Ch. of Amer. Chemistry Soc. National meeting Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Southern Eye Bank Warren, Dick, INCA Cassanova, John, Students Unification Program, LSUNO

Taped interview with Coach Jim Pittman American Chemical Society Eye transplant Revolution and dissent

12/6/70 Greiner, Paul, Veterans Adm. Home Loan Guaranty Officer Fitzpatrick, Steve, Vice President, Delta Mortgage Corporation Manion, Don, Vice-President, Delta Mortgage Corporation Knight, Richard, M.D., Candidate for School Board Cager, Larry, Candidate for School Board Andoni, Jack, Dr., Obstetrician Simon, Henry, Dr., Pediatrician

What's new with Veterans Adm. home loans Discussion with School Board candidates Babies and how to have them

12/13/70 Kutzgar, George, Mensa Mackenzie, Ellen, Dr., Psychiatrist Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist Sorum, William, Dr., Psychiatrist Epstein, Arthur, Dr., Psychiatrist

Bio-feedback training-the wave of the future A symposium on Psychiatry

12/20/70 Green, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple LeDoux, Jerome, Father, Xavier University Burton, McKay C., Dr.,Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Finazzo, Jim, U.S. Department of Agriculture Humphrey, Leo, Rev., The Way Britton, Jim, Rev., The Way

Christmas 1970

12/27/70 Koll, Muriel S., Mrs., Author:"The Sun Stood Still..The Moon Stayed Mastio, Charles, Tulane University Conrad, Glenn R., Prof. of History, USL, "Creed of a Congressman" Walker, Robert, WTIX Mitchell, Robert, WTIX

Review: "The Sun Stood Still..The Moon Stayed Review: "Creed of a Congressman" Review of top news stories of 1970

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