Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1969

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1 26 1/5/69 LaBiche, Albert, Pres. of Mississippi River Bridge Authority Fazzio, John, Chairman of "Keep Our Bridges Toll Free" Kaplay, Bernie, Cattier

Tolls for the Mississippi River bridge The wonderful world of cats

"Interview with Princess Catherine Karaja of Roumania, 12/68, presented on LTIO on 1/5/69"

1/12/69 Riley, James, Off., Undercover agent of New Orleans Police Dept. Ezcovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans City Attorney Egan, LLoyd, Mgr. of Leitz-Egan Funeral Home

The story of an undercover agent The cost of dying

1/19/69 Reinecke, George, Dr., English Dept. LSUNO Mastio, Charles, Chemistry Dept., Tulane University Turla, Peter, Inner Peace Movement Morrow, Aimee, Miss, Inner Peace Movement

Louisiana folklore The Inner Peace Movement

1/26/69 Monroe, Robert, Louisiana Land Corporation Montgomery, Philip, Viguerie, Hayne & Chaffe Payne, Dwight, Dr., Head of Chemistry Dept., Tulane University

The Stock Market-1969 The Wonderful World of Chemistry

2/2/69 Kirk, Michael, Coin collector Vidrine, Louis, Geologist Shushan, Sidney, Attorney

The numismatists Yes and no to the draft

2/9/69 Landrieu, Maurice E. "Moon", Councilman-at-large Kahn, Charles N., III, Student Zatarain, Chuck, Student Koerkel, Karleen, Student Wineberger, Alan, Student

The councilman discusses it over with kids

2/16/69 Simon, Joseph, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans Vieux Carre Commission Salassi, Raymond, Mrs. Pres Women's Aux. of N.O. Chamber Commerce Reinecke, George, Dr., Professor of English at LSUNO

Mardi Gras and the City of New Orleans

2/23/69 Hill, Kurt Anthony, Student, Xavier University, N.O., La. Fisher, June, Sister, SBS, Asst. Prof. of Biology, Xavier U. Morris, Elias, Grand Master of La. Chapter of the Rosacrucians Landry, Dorothy, Mrs., AMORC

Drug addiction on campus The Rosacrucians

1 27, 28 3/1/69

"Dissent; miracle; ladies"

3/2/69 Connick, Harry B., Mrs., Private attorney Kahn, Charles, Jr., Mrs., Pres. of League of Women Voters of NOLA Salassi, Raymond, Mrs., Pres. of Women's Aux. of N.O. Chamber DeSica, Archangel, Father , Lomangino, Joey , Richter, Bruce, Students for Democratic Society, LSUNO Long, Henry, Graduate student, LSUNO Youngblood, Peter, Canadian graduate student, LSUNO

The ladies look at the world The expected miracle at Garabandal The right & responsibility of dissent

3/9/69 Berni, Ralph, Dr., Southern Regional Research Laboratories Treen, David, Louisiana Chairman of the Republican Party

The movies Direction of America under Nixon's Administ.

3/16/69 Perret, George, Dr., Louisiana Poison Prevention Association O'Sullivan, Francis LT., Cmdr., U.S. Public Health Service Hosp. Marquer, Claude, Local pharmacist Zuppardo, Michael, Mrs. Liberto, V., Father, Pastor of St. Mary's Italian Church Accardo, Nick, Dr., New Orleans American-Italian Society

Poison Prevention Week The Italians

3/23/69 Corcoran, B. J., Internal Revenue Service Lewis, Lois, Mrs., Internal Revenue Service Hart, Don, Private C.P.A. Salmon, Harold, Member of the Jewish Federation Friedler, Frank, Member of the Jewish Federation Weinstock, John, Member of the Jewish Federation Gaba, Martin, Member of the Jewish Federation Cronvich, Alwyn, Sheriff, Sherfiff of Jefferson Parish

Your income tax A look at Israel Assessments in Jefferson Parish

3/30/69 Roxburg, Gilbert, O.F.M., Father, Loyola University Brown, Charles, Dr., Leukemia Society of America Collins, Don, Leukemia Society of America Gentzler, Marcia, Mrs., Leukemia Society of America Simon, Claude "Monk", Chairman of the 1969 Leukemia Fund drive Chehardy, Lawrence, Assessor of Jefferson Parish

A liberal priest looks at religion today Leukemia Assessments in Jefferson Parish

4/6/69 Green, Charles, Rev., World of Faith Temple Ochsner, Alton, Sr., Dr., Ochsner Foundation, NOLA Hamilton, H. J., Manager, Ochsner Foundation, NOLA

The meaning of the Ressurrection The high cost of hospital care

4/13/69 Rue, Mel, Baseball panel member Fury, John, Baseball panel member Schott, Arthur, Baseball panel member Hyatt, Jim, Baseball panel member Andignac, Dave, Captain, Tulane U. baseball team Retif, Milton, Head Coach, Tulane U. baseball team Carr, Gerry, Director, Weight Watchers of Louisiana Druen, Max, Area Representative, Weight Watchers of Louisiana

Baseball-1969 Watch that pouch

4/20/69 Peterson, Frank Kahn, Charles N., Jr. McDonald, Thomas Richter, Bruce, Chairman, Students for Democratic Society-LSUNO Kihnel, Larry, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

Current events The mechanism of Students for a Democratic Society

4/27/69 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., President of the La. Psychiatry Assoc. Roxburg, Gilbert, Father, Loyola University professor Krause, Jay, Rabbi, Tulane University Greene, Charles, Rev., Word of Faith Temple

Psychiatry and religion

5/4/69 Drake, Thomas, Capt., Comm. Officer, Intelligence Division NOPD Brown, Warren, Co-editor of the Xavier Herald Baker, Brad, Editor of the Catalyst

The Police Department & contemporary society Campus and student newspapers

5/11/69 Moreau, James, Col., Councilman for Dist. E., N.O. City Council Simon, Joseph, Exec. Dir.,Greater New Orleans Chamber of Commerce

Problems of the City of New Orleans Why do we have so many mayoralty candidates?

5/18/69 McLeod, Norma, Dr., Dept. of Anthropology, Tulane University Guarino, Walt, Saenger Theater Henson, Frank, Allied Theaters

Witchcraft Pay TV

5/25/69 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Louisiana Psychiatric Association Meade, Kenneth, Dr., Private physician

Our forgotten presidents Sex education

1 29 6/1/69 Sechrist, Elsie, (via tape) Schulingkamp, Oliver, Judge

The Cultural Attraction Fund Dreams (taped interview) What's ahead for the U.S. Supreme Court

1 30 6/4/69

"Dizzy Gillespie, recorded 6/4/69"

6/8/69 Gingrich, Newton, Dr., Tulane University Parikh, Isaac, Dr., Dillard University

The year 2000 Parahama yoga

6/15/69 Forsythe, Hewett, Genealogist Epstein, Louis, Astronomer, LSU New Orleans

Name origins Astrology and related sciences

6/22/69 McDonald, Thomas Kahn, Charles, Jr. Petersen, Frank Gregson, Vernon, State Representative LeBreton, Ed, State Representative Schmitt, Earl, State Representative McNeely, Jackson P., Lobbying Attorney for City Of New Orleans

Current events Summing up the Legislature-1969

6/29/69 Keller, Alex Williams, Alfred, Exec. Dir. of the Blue Army of the Fatima Comm.

Astro-projection Fatima today

7/6/69 Mangin, Earl Kiefer, Nat Fortier, Don Glaudi, Hap Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University Barker, Robert, Dr., Clemson University Mastio, Charles, Tulane University

Candidates for 23rd. Senator Dist. Wards 8&9 The professors look at campus upheavals

7/13/69 Pizzo, Vincent, Head of Louisiana Retail Dealers Association Crifasi, Sam, Bell Super Market Association Alexander, J. B., Small Business Administration Sas-Jaworski, Hans.

Small business in America Captive Nations Week

7/20/69 Roxburg, Gilbert, Father, Loyola University Rosenberg, Roy, Rabbi, Temple Sinai Greene, Charles, Rev., World of Faith Temple

Life, death and the hereafter

7/27/69 Escovich, Coleman, Social Security Thompson, T. W., Veterans Administration Moreau, James, Col., Councilman, City of New Orleans Poirrier, Adam, Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs Duclaux, Danny, Marine Corps League Wilson, Bob, American Legion Department Commander Vidrine, Louis

Security for young and old Current events

8/3/69 Spangenberg, Nicolle, Mrs., Chairman of N.O. Anti-Smut Assoc. LaRose, Joe, Drama critic of the Clarion Herald newspaper Minyard, Frank, Dr., Dir. of Bethlehem House methadone program

Anti-smut Bethlehem House methadone program

8/10/69 Andoni, Jack, Dr., Obstetrician and gynecologist Simon, Harry, Dr., Pediatrician

One + one = three

8/17/69 Baumler, Tom, Attorney and astrologer Lawson, Ed., Rev., Minister, World of Faith Temple, Washington,DC Green, Charles, Rev., Minister, World of Faith Temple, N.O., La.

Astrology Conversion

8/24/69 Acosta, Albert, Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs Kahn, Charles N., Mrs. League of Women Voters Ezkovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration Keyes, Elliot, New Orleans Housing Authority Bidwell, James, U.S. Post Office Greiner, Paul, Veterans Administration , Home Loan Division Alexander, J. B., Small Business Administration LeBreton, Ed, LeBreton Insurance Agency Hobson, J., Dr., Managing Physician of the VA Hospital Simon, Henry, Dr., Private physician Hurricane Camille - the aftermath Gertler's candidacy for mayor

8/24/69 Arnette, George, Department of Public Welfare Hampton, Clift, American Red Cross Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman Gertler, David, Judge, Candidate for mayor of City of N.O.

Hurricane Camille - the aftermath Gertler's candidacy for mayor

8/31/69 McDonald, Tom Kahn, Charles N., Jr. Peterson, Frank Adriani, John, Dr. Guste, William, Sen.

Current events HEW and the Pharmaceutical companies The William Guste mayorality candidacy

9/7/69 Lichtblau, Ruth, Mrs., V. Chairman of Traffic Court Advisory Committee Claverie, Momus, Chairman, Traffic Court Advisory Committee McHauer, Dave, Judge, Senior Judge, N.O. Traffic Court Lipscomb, John, Maj., Clerk of N.O. Traffic Court Landrieu, Maurice "Moon", Councilman-at-large

Traffic laws and Traffic Court Councilman Landrieu's mayorality candidacy

9/14/69 Simons, Monk, Tulane University Sugar Bowl Committee Curl, Bill, Tulane University sports information director Hester, Ray, Linebacker of Tulane Greenwave LaBorde, Jack, Running back of Tulane Greenwave Petre, John, Councilman Mayoralty candidate for City of N.O.

College football's 100th year Councilman John Petre's mayoralty candidacy

9/21/69 Keyes, Elliot, Housing Authority Cuevas, Earl, Security Inc. Getz, Ed, Pres. of the Metropolitan Council for the Aged Morales, Joe, Medicare Department of Pan-American Life Insurance Fitzmorris, James, Mayoralty candidate for City of New Orleans

Security for the aged James Fitzmorris' mayoralty candidacy

6 01 9/28/69 Brisolaro, Ashton, Executive V.P. of Alcoholics Anonymous Harvey, John, an alcoholic Ransone, Ed, Dr., Physician attached to Alcoholics Anonymous Carter, Linwood H., Dr. Tedesco, Victor, Dr.

Alcoholism Two surgeons make a house call

Mid-Month in N.O. -- Joe Simon & Joe Culotta

10/5/69 Knight, Ron, WTIX Webb, Malcolm, Dr., Chairman of Antropology & Geography at LSUNO Spann, John, Maj., Mayoralty candidate for City of New Orleans

Open discussion "Man the Hunter" by Dr. Irvin DeVore Major Spann's mayoralty candidacy

10/12/69 Ritter, Kenneth, Psychiatrist Saporito, George, Psychologist Harris, Joseph, Student Klein, Steve, Student McCawley, John, Student Rittiner, Lloyd, Candidate for mayor

Generation gap Lloyd Rittiner's mayoralty candidacy

10/19/69 Swift, Richard J., Father, St. Peter Claver Church LeDoux, Gerome, Father, Xavier University Gale, William P., Rev., Glendale, California Sciortino, Maurice, Mayoralty candidate

Should reparations be paid to black people? Maurice Sciortino's mayoralty candiacy

10/26/69 Reid, Barbara, Local witch Mastio, Charles, Tulane University Baumer, Thomas, Attorney Thompson, Roswell, Candidate for mayor

Halloween and metaphysics Roswell Thompson's mayoralty candidacy

1 31 11/2/69 Ward, Charles, Candidate for District Attorney Connick, Harry, Candidate for District Attorney Scaccia, Ross T., Candidate for District Attorney Alcock, James, Pepresentative of James Garrison, Candidate for DA Dial, Dan G., Candidate for mayor Modenbach, Joseph C., Algiers assessor Hymes, Izear, Mrs., Property owner

The District Attorney race Dan G. Dial's mayoralty candidacy Carpetbaggers-1969

11/16/69 Swiler, Jim, WTIX News Department Lawrence, David, WTIX News Department Epstein, Arthur, Dr., Sleep Center, Dept. of Psychiatry-Tulane U. Baldone, Joseph, Dr., Southern Eye Bank McDonald, Willis, Southern Eye Bank

V.P. Agnew's speech criticizing news media Sleep and dreaming Eye transplant

11/23/69 Fleming, Rick, Member of ANTI Fletchinger, Daryl, Member of ANTI Charbonnet, Joseph, Member of ANTI Payne, Dwight, Dr., Chemistry Deprtment, Tulane University

ANTI- Narcotic addiction among young The Payne philosophy

11/30/69 Lacombe, Allen, Fairgrounds official Rhode, George, Fairgrounds official Pichon, Teague, Fairgrounds official Drake, Thomas, Capt., New Orleans Police Department Fitzmorris, James, Runoff candiadte for mayor of New Orleans

The Sport of Kings An up-dated look at our Police Department James Fitzmorris' mayoralty candidacy

12/7/69 Beer, Peter, Candidate for Councilman of District A of N.O. Higgins, Jim, Candidate for Councilman of District A of N.O. Medina, Ignacio, Dr., Candidate for Coroner of Orleans Parish Morial, Ernest, Candidate for Councilman-at-large, N.O. DiRosa, Joseph, Candidate for Councilman-at-large, N.O. Landrieu, Moon, Councilman, Runoff candidate for mayor of N.O

Candidates for Councilman, District A Candidate for Coroner of Orleans Parish Candidates for Councilman-at-large Moon Landrieu's mayoralty candidacy

12/14/69 Kirk, Michael, Medal arts Eddy, Robert, Doubloon collector Appelman, Joseph, Author of "Doubloon Digest" Allen, Dick, Tulane University Jazz Archives Wiggs, Johnny, Musician Kahn, Chip, III, Student Leech, Archie, Student

Are New Orleans doubloons getting out of hand New Orleans jazz The Wonderful World of W.C. Fields

6 02 12/15/69

Mid-Month in N.O.

12/21/69 Green, Charles, Rev., World of Faith Temple Humphrey, Leo, Rev., Chaplain of Bourbon Street Hippie Mission Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) LeDoux, Father, Xavier University Bordelon, C.E., Rev., Temple of the Nazarene Green, Ted, WTIX air personality

The meaning of Christmas "Ted Green's Cajun Christmas"

12/28/69 Schott, Arthur, Baseball historian Wattigny, Don, Karr High School football coach Walker, Bob, WTIX air personality Kabel, Mike, Chairman of Journalism Department, LSUNO Wagner, Vernon, Vice President, Kalvar Incorporated Epstein, Louis, Dr., Physics Department, LSUNO

A decade in review

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