Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1968

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1/14/68 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University Swiler, James, WTIX News Department Walker, Bob, WTIX News Department Holyook, Dale, Bishop, Mormon Church Burton, McKay, Dr., Mormon Church

Wrap-up of New Year's news report A second discusion with the Mormons

1/21/68 Terrel, Mittie, Mrs., Mother's Chairman for March of Dimes Fitzmorris, James, Chairman of the March of Dimes Evans, Wilfred, Dr., March of Dimes Program Cook, Francis, Father, Visiting Professor at Loyola University

March of Dimes Communism in the Far East

1/28/68 Walters, Dorothy, Miss, Marjorie Walters School for Excep.Chlld. Walters, Marjorie, Miss, Marjorie Walters School for Excep.Child. Walters, Lynn, Marjorie Walters School for Exceptional Children Rodgers, Roselyn, Miss, Marjorie Walters School for Except. Child Gallinghouse, Gerald, West Bank resident Kohn, Aaron, Metropolitan Crime Commissionn

Training of the dyslexic child Juvenile correctional center in Algiers

2/4/68 Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Pres. of Infomation Council of the Americas Smith, H. Gilbert, Mrs. Fowler, Alberto, International Rep. of Mayor Schiro's office

A new look at Cuba

2/11/68 Monroe, Robert, V.P. of Viguerie, Hayne and Chaffe stockbrokers Phillips, Noel, Young Men's Businees Club

A primer on the Stock Market Discussion of current events

2/18/68 Berni, Ralph Dr., Southern Regional Research Laboratory-Tulane U. Vaughn, Philip, Father, Father Seelos Center

Today's movies The making of a saint

2/25/68 McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans City Attorney Simon, Joseph W., Exe. V.P. New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Houk, Allen, Jaycees

Current events A look at New Orleans and Mardi Gras

1 17, 18 3/3/68 Keller, Alex. Vick, Kathy, Mrs., Democratic State Committeewoman King, Joan, Mrs., Republican State Committeewoman Kahn, Felicia, Mrs., Pres., League of Women Voters Salassi, Carmelite, Mrs., Pres. Woman's Aux. Chamber of Commerce

Current metaphysical events The ladies look at the world

"Ladies on LTIO"
1 19 3/10/68 Weisberg, Arthur, Author of "Whitewash" Ezkovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration Thompson, T. W., Veterans Administration Corcoran, Betty Joe, Internal Revenue Service Lewis, Lois, Internal Revenue Service

"Whitewash" You and your money

3/17/68 Cunningham, John, Brother, Society of Jesus Lee David, of Belfast Island McCoy, Jimmy "Goggles", Retired jockey McCoy, William, Ex-jockey

A great day for the Irish The Sport of Kings

3/24/68 Petre, John, Councilman-at-Large and Acting Mayor Kolin, Al, Tulane University student Kline, Steven, Tulane University student Redman, Ed, Loyola University student Burks, Art, Col., U.S. Marines, Retired

The students ask the Councilman Your identity in past life

3/31/68 Olivier, D.P., Minister of S. African Embassy in Washington Meyer, W.G., Information Counsellor of S. Africa in Washington Goldman, Robert,Nat. Assoc. for the Advancement of Colored People

South Africa pro and con

4/7/68 Fernandez, Lee, Chairman, N.O. Council on Youth Opportunity Macon, Gener, Employment Chairman of N.O. Council on Youth Opport Payne, Dwight, Dr., Co-chairman Education-N.O. Council on Y.O. Scott, Elroy, Chairman Recreation-N.O. Council on Youth Opport. Howell, Janie, Co-chairman Entertainment-N.O. Council on Y.O. Ketteringham, George, Southern Eye Bank Hall, Aldon, Southern Eye Bank Baldoni, James, Dr., Southern Eye Bank New Orleans Council on Youth Opportunity Eye transplants

4/14/68 Green, Charles, Rev., World of Faith Temple Bordelon, C.E., Rev., Downtown Church of the Nazarene Rue, Mel, Past minor-league ball player Bevan, Hal, Past minor-league ball player Schott, Arthur, Originator of "Cooperstown Junior" Fury, John, N.O.R.D baseball coach Hyatt, James, Veterans Umpire Association
The Resurrection Baseball-1968

4/21/68 Landrieu, Maurice "Moon", Councilman-at-Large

New Orleans and Its Politics

4/28/68 Shushan, Sidney, Jaycees Davis, Beatrice, Mrs., Orleans Parish School Board Stern, Alfred, Dr., Chairman-Special Education Center, LSUNO Mallenich, Walter, Dr., Asst. Prof. Special Ed. Center, LSUNO Cheramie, Louis, Jefferson Parish School Board Fox, Bruce, New Orleans Circle K Club

Current events The exceptional child

5/5/68 Treen, Dave, Private attorney and Republican Vick, Kendell, Private attorney and Democrat Courtney, Kent, Ed. of Ind. American Newspaper & G. Wallace supp.

The Presidential Campaign-1968

5/12/68 Moreau, James, New Orleans City Council Gregson, Vernon, Louisiana State Legislature Representative McNeely, Jackson P., N.O. Asst. City Att.& Leg. Attor. to La. Leg

The Louisiana Legislature-1968

5/19/68 Krauss, Elly, Mrs., New Orleans Public Library Klein, Pat, Mrs. New Orleans Public Library Freudenberger, Herman, Dr., Ch. Dept. of Economics, Tulane U. Melitz, Jacques, Dr., Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Economics, Tulane U.

Talking books for blind and incapacitated Evaluation of W.M. Martin's financial holocaust

5/26/68 Snyder, William, Dr., Rosacrucian Morris, Elias, Rosacrucian Eads, Ewin, Dr.,Ch.Envir. Science Dept.,Lamar Institute of Tech. Payne, Dwight, Dr., Act. Head A & S, Chemistry Dept., Tulane U. Carter, Linwood H., Dr., Private physician Moreau, James, Col, Councilman, District D.

Rosacrucians Air pollution

6/2/68 Lazard, Calme, Numismatist Roxbourg, O.P. Gilbert, Father, Prof. of Theology, Loyola, U.

Coins, stamps & doubloons Changes in th Catholic Church

6/9/68 Curtis, Doris, Dr., League of Women Voters Pezant, James, Chief Budget & Research Officer, N.O. City Council

A lady's trip to Russia Government financing

6/16/68 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Pres. Louisiana Psychiatric Association Sapir, Eddie, Councilman, District B Payne, Dwight, Dr., Co-Chair. Educat. Div. N.O. Council Youth Opp

The methadone program N.O. Council on Youth Opportunity Edu. Prog

6/23/68 Yeager, Isadore, Dr., Jefferson Parish Health Officer Mick, Robert H., Dr., Dentist Capo, John T., Dr., Dentist Beck, Fredertick D., Dr., Chiropractor Fazzio, Leon, Dr., Chiropractor


6/30/68 Pezant, James, Past First Dist. Comm. of American Legion Aucoin, Paul, Am. Legion Rep. to La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Camus, Raymond F., Am. Legion Rep. to La. Dept. of Veterans Aff. Detweiler, William, Adjutant of American Legion Post 203

Some views of the American Legion Program continued on next screen

6/30/68 Katz, Diane R. (for Eugene McCarthy) Isaacson, Walter (for Eugene Mc Carthy) Kahn III, Charles N. (for Nelson Rockfeller) McNutt, Mike (for Nelson Rockfeller) Zatarain, Chuck (for Ronald Reagan) Koerkel, Karleen (for Richard Nixon) Gonzales Rene (for George Wallace)
Young people speak out for their candidates

7/7/68 Conrad, Baltzer J., Jr., Pres. of "We the People of Am. Speak" Gillen, William F., Chairman of "We the People of Am. Speak, Inc" Sofio, A. J. Jr., Secretary of "We the People of America Speak" Lucich, Afred, Jr., Treasurer of "We the People of Am. Speak,Inc" Payne, Dwight Dr., Head of Dept. of Chemistry-Tulane University

A discussion of We the People of Am. Speak The Presidential Executive Order of 1967

1 20 7/14/68 Wormbrandt, Michael, Mr.. Wormbrandt, Michael, Mrs.

Captive Nations Week

"John Haffert or The World's Greatest Secret; played on LTIO on 7/14/68"
1 21 7/18/68 Dirksen, Senator Everett

"Taped in Sen. Dirksen's office, July 18, 1968"
1 22 7/21/68 Mastio, Charles, Tulane University Barker, Robert, Dr., Clemson University

Subtle tides of life Higher education

"Joe Cullota award winning editorial on LTIO 7/21/68"
1 23, 24 7/28/68 No guests

History of a country and a man

"Special Program: History and F.E. Hebert"

8/4/68 Pecot, Carlton, Candidate-U.S. Congress 1st. District, in N.O.

Mr. Pecot's political candidacy

8/11/68 Platt, Bill, S.E. Area Dir. for State Dept. A.I.D Program Vandervoort, Hub, Dutch architect Goessl, Otto, Sales Manager for WTIX Mayer, Pete, President of Pete Mayer Advertising Agency.

Recruitment for A.I.D. in the South Architecture in building The Wonderful World of Advertising

8/18/68 Reno, Bobby Broussard, Skip.

Taped interview with guests Rerun of young people speak for their candidates

1 25 8/25/68

"Black athletes"

9/1/68 Krause, Jay M., Rabbi, B'Nai B'rith Hillel Foundation Krause, Ellie, Mrs., B'Nai B'rith Hillel Foundation Vidrine, Louis

Israel today Current events

9/8/68 Powell, James, Past National Commander of the American Legion Pezant, James, Past 1st. District Commander of the Am. Legion Aguda, Sal, Past 1st. District Commander Palao, Mike, Member of the National Rifle Association Laura, Joseph, Attorney for New Orleans Police Department

National Convention in New Orleans Gun control

9/15/68 Dean, Jim, Asst. Superintendent of Orleans Parish School Board Whittemore, Robert C., Dr., Dean of University Coll. at Tulane Boll, Mary, Sister.

Lower and higher education Retreats and meditation

9/22/68 Koops, Eleanor, Mrs., American Red Cross Shomer, Susan, Mrs., American Red Cross Redd, Michael Rev., American Red Cross Bruner, Keith, American Red Cross

The Red Cross in war and disaster

9/29/68 Theard, W. P., Jr., Baseball coach of Redemptorist High School Schott, Arthur, Historian Fury, John L., NORD baseball coach Hyatt, James, Veterans Umpire Association Rue, Mel, Minor league ball player Wilson, Woodrow W., Jr., Community Relations Division, NOPD Richards, Lloyd A., Sgt., Community Relations Division, NOPD
Baseball The police department and community relations

10/6/68 McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans Asst. City Attorney Simon, Joseph W., Exec. Vice President of Chamber of Commerce Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University Members of Young Americans for Freedom-Tulane & Loyola U.

Vieux Carre Trouble on the campus

10/13/68 Ochsner, Alton, Sr., Dr., Pres. of Ochsner Foundation Hospital Kahn, Charles N. Mrs., President of League of Women Voters Phillips, Joan, Mrs., Voters Service-League of Women Voters McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans City Attorney

Carcinoma Voting on 1968 La. Constitutional Amendments

10/20/68 Shannon, George. Dennery, Felix Saporito, George, Psychologist Arlington, Benjamin, Medical student Renois, Philip, Medical student

Louisiana state educational program Tulane U.'s Family Planning & Maternal Care C

10/27/68 Gallinghouse, Gerald, Attorney-at-law Calogero, Pascal, Attorney-at-law Courtney, Kent, Editor

The Presidency - 1968

11/3/68 Schulingkamp, Oliver P., Justice, Criminal District Court

Law and order

11/9/68 Jupiter, Clarence, Xavier University Gregson, Vernon, State Representative Kahn, Charles, Jr., Local businessman Pointes, Bob Petersson, Frank McDonald, Tom

New Orleans political wrapup Current events

11/11/68 Keller, Alex Sarrazin, Jean, Miss, LSUNO

Another look at metaphysics

11/24/68 Gale, W., Rev., Minister of Calvary Church, Los Angeles, Ca. Roxburg, Harvey, Father, Professor of Theology-Loyola University

God's chosen people Changing morality in our times

12/1/68 Budd, William, Dr. Dickinson, Edith. Drobler, Andrea, Consul General, South Africa Steinfel, Henry, South African Parliamentarian Rittiner, William, South African Parliamentarian

Louisiana Eye Bank Minority and majority parties of South Africa

12/8/68 Spears, Mack, Dr.,Candidate for School Board Huddleston, Albert, Candidate for School Board Whittemore, Robert C., Dr., Dean of University College, Tulane U.

Orleans Parish School Board The philosophy of religion

12/15/68 Bernard, Ursula, Mrs., Department of State Berlin Francis, Mr. Volunteer to State Dept. Program Open Door Compton, N., Mr., Volunteer to State Dept. Program Open Door Vietz, Mary, Miss, Volunteer to State Dept. Program Open Door Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., President of La. Psychiatric Association
U.S. Dept. of State's Open Door Program Hysteria and related psychiatric subjects

12/22/68 Green, Charles , Rev., Word of Faith Temple Humphrey, Leo, Rev. Asst. Chaplain of Bourbon Street

A "Non-plastic" Christmas

12/29/68 Wagner, Vernon, Kalvar Corp. McNeely, Jackson P., New Orleans City Attorney

100 years ago and 100 years from now

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