Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1967

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1 12 1/1/67 Ochsner, Alton, Ochsner Foundation Pittman, Jim, Coach Tulane University Hebert, F. Edward, U.S. Congressman Miceli, Vincent, Fr., Loyola University Rue, Mel, Former shortstop, New Orleans Pelicans Butler, Ed, INCA Stoddard, Pat, President of AFL-Cio Sheldon, Kaye, Republican Party McGregor, Don, Program Director, WTIX Ezkovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration Predictions for 1967

1 12 1/1/67 McGovern, John L., La. Department of Veterans Affairs Mastio, Charles, Tulane University Berni, Ralph, Souhern Regional Research Laboratory Harrington, Bob, Chaplain of Bourbon Street

Predictions for 1967

Also includes 12/18/67 and possibly 5/22/66

1/8/67 Payne, Dwight, Dr,, Tulane University

Current events

1/15/67 Greene, Carol D., Pub. Rel. Chairman, League of Women Voters Fitzpatrick, Jerry, Mrs., Voters Service of L. of Women Voters Drake, Thomas, Lt., New Orleans Police Department

January 17th. election on city sale tax Law enforcement

1/22/67 Stock, Vere, Consul General of South Africa Nel, Nick, Vice-Consul - Consulate General of South Africa

Dispute over Southwest Africa at UN

1/29/67 Thompson, Don, St. Bernard Civic League Munster, Louis P., St. Bernard Police Jury Tillery, Allen J., St. Bernard Charter Commission Newman, Louis, Exe. Dir. of Bureau of Governmental Research Hollis, Thomas, Private attorney Laura, Joseph, Private attorney

A new form of government for St. Bernard Probate - pro & con

2/5/67 Hollis, Tom, Private attorney McNeely, Jackson P., Private attorney Mastio, Charles, Chemistry Department - Tulane University

Probate Mardi Gras-Its History, Customs & Fantasy

2/12/67 Smith, Ben, American Civil Liberties Union Laura, Joseph, President- New Orleans Academy of Trial Lawyers

Causes of the rising crime rate

2/19/67 Fernandez, Lee, U.S. Bio-Chem Laboratory Higgins, Terry, U.S. Bio-Chem Laboratory Toney, Anita, U.S. Bio-Chem Laboratory Gulotta, James, Judge, Juvenile Court Stern, Alfred, Ph.D., Special Education Center LSUNO

Pathology in private laboratories A look at our teenagers

2/26/67 McGregor, Don, Program Director, WTIX Murphy, Perry, Production Director, WTIX Bennett, Buzz, Music Director, WTIX

Contemporary music

3/5/67 Davis, Roy E., Director of New Life DeJeagher, Raymond, Fr., Cardinal Mendzenci Foundation

Yoga China, Viet-Nam, and communism today

3/13/67 Saporito, George, Pres. of Metropolitan N.O. Council on Aging Ezkovich, Coleman, Field Representative-Social Security Thompson, T. W., Adjudication Officer-Veterans Administration Barbaccio, Joseph, Dr., Tulane University School Of Medicine


3/19/67 Berni, Ralph, Dr., Southern Regional Laboratories Gillespie, John, Dr., Department of Pol. Science-Tulane University Reeves, Jean H.,Mrs., New Orleans League of Women Voters Meyers, Joel, Mrs., New Orleans League of Women Voters

Academy Awards for 1967 A primer on th United Nations

1 13 3/23/67 Cronvich, Sheriff

Tax equality

3/26/67 Bordelon, C. E., Rev., Pastor, Downtown Church of the Nazarene Miceli, Vincent, S. J., Loyola University Cole, Robert, Training & Info. Officer, Dept. of Safety-N.O.

Easter & the Resurrection The New Orleans Motorcycle Safety Ordinance

1 14 4/2/67 Goldman, Robert, History Major - LSUNO Kilpatrick, Political Science Major - Tulane University Courtney, Kent, Editor-Independent American newspaper

Kennedy, Wallace & Reagan for President

4/9/67 Deichman, Charles, Louisiana State Senator LeBreton, Edward F., Louisiana State Representative

Legalized gambling

4/16/67 Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Pres. of Ochsner Foundation Hosp. & INCA Smith, H. Gilbert, Former UNICEF Committee President of Cuba Fowler, Alberto, Dir. of Int. Relations Committee of City of N.O.

Cuba - yesterday and today

4/23/67 Keller, Alex Taylor, Robert


4/30/67 Fury, John, New Orleans Recreation Dept. baseball coach Hyatt, James, Veterans Umpire Association Schott, Arthur, Baseball historian & orig. of Cooperstown Junior Bevan, Harold "Hal", Past major & minor league baseball player Rue, Mel, Past major and minor league ball player


5/7/67 Boggs, Tex Lee, Agency for Int. Development-U.S. Dept. of State Searight, Patti, Agency for Int. Development-U.S. Dept. of State Payne, Dwight, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry-Tulane University Vidrine, Louis Deichmann, Charles, Louisiana State Senator

The other war in Viet-Nam A primer in economics

5/14/67 Payne, Dwight, Chemistry Department - Tulane University Thames, Marvin, Pres. of Delgado Trade & Technical School Jensen, Hansese, Capt., U.S. Army Nurse Corps Champaign, Leo., Sgt., U.S. Army recruiting Lauland, Ronnie, Off., New Orleans Police Department

Careers N.O.Pol.Dept.'s self-defense course for women

5/21/67 Miceli, Vincent, S.J., Philosophy Dept.-Loyola University Rosenberg, Roy, Rabbi, Temple Sinai Congregation Winters, Glen R., Capt., Salvation Army

The Bible

5/28/67 Schulingkamp, Oliver P., Judge

Judicial matters

6/4/67 Zibilich, Bernice, Mrs., Juvenile Div.- N.O. Public Library Palmisano, Thelma, School teacher-Sherwood Forest Grammar School DeVillers, David, Chief Advocate for S.W. African case in Hague Stock, Vere, Consul General of South Africa-Con. Gen. in N.O. Cronvich, Alwynn J., Jefferson Parish Sheriff Schilleci, Victor, Sgt., Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

Summer Enrichment Program for school children Proceedings of Southwest African case Law Enforcement in Jefferson Parish

6/11/67 Rosen, James, Date A, Computerized Service Bradley, James, Date A, Computerized Service Barnett, Walter, Private Attorney-Urban Renewal Jackson, Ralph, Private Attorney

Computerized dating Pro side of Urban Renewal

6/18/67 Green, S. S., Lt., United States Navy, Retired Fernandez Lee, Spec. Assistant to the City of N.O. War on Poverty Nuckles, Donald, Elder, Rep. of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ Holyaak, Dale M., Elder,Rep. of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ Keith, J Coleman,Elder, Rep. of Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ Burton, McKay C., Dr.

Genesis of modern day China City of N. O. role on the war on poverty Great religions of the world, Pt. IV- Mormons

6/25/67 Ochsner, John L.,Dr., Heart surgeon-Ochsner Foundation Hospital

Heart disease

7/2/67 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University Schott, Arthur, Baseball historian Miceli, Vincent, S.J., Loyola University Rosenberg, Roy, Rabbi, Temple Sinai Congregation Hebert, F. Edward, U.S. Democratic Congressman, Louisiana Mitchell, Robert, WTIX Reno, Bob, WTIX Talbot, Oscar, WTIX Keenzie, Tom, WWOM
Special Fourth of July taped program

7/9/67 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Pres. of the La. Psychiatric Association


7/16/67 Green Charles, Rev. Gillen, Ed, Ass't District Attorney for the Juvenile Court

Fundamentalism Supreme Court decisions & effects on youth

1 15 7/23/67 Barker, Robert, Dr., Clemson University Mastio, Charles, Tulane University Reed, Barbara, Mrs., Local author & alleged pract. of witchcraft

Zombies, voodooism, and witchcraft

7/30/67 Davis, Roy Eugene, Director of NEW LIFE World-wide


8/6/67 Hoehn, Ernst, Dr., University of Saskatchewan Simon, Joe W., Exe. Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce

A look at modern Germany Chamber of Commerce in City of New Orleans

8/13/67 Fernandez, A. S. Lee, Exe. Assistant to the Mayor of N. O. Kleppner, F., Mrs., Property Chairman League of Wom. Vot.-Jeff. Chehardy, Lawrence A., Jefferson Parish Assessor

Recreational island in Lake Ponchartrain

1 16 8/20/67 Miller, William A., Fr., Redemptorist Order Johnson, Philip B., LSU School of Medicine Stover, Francis W., Chairm. Legal Committee-Vets. of Foreign Wars

Right to life of the unborn Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in N. O. Pending veterans legislation

8/27/67 Parker, Ernie, Linebacker, Tulane "Greenwave" Eumont, Vic, Guard, Tulane "Greenwave" Curl, Bill, Sports Publicity Director-Tulane University Adams, William A., Dr., William Jewell College-Liberty, Missouri

Tulane sports program - Part I Soviet Union

9/3/67 Jupiter, Clarence - Total Community Action Ochsner, John L., Dr. - Ochsner Foundation Gallinghouse, Tim - Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters

Total Community Action Cystic Fibrosis Voters service

9/10/67 Moreau, James - City Councilman Wards 7&8 Curl, Bill - Sports Publicity Director Of Tulane University Duhon, Bobby - Quarterback for Tulane "Green Wave" Jancik, Jim - Safety for the Tulane "Green Wave"

Tulane football--1967 Issues affecting the City of New Orleans

9/17/67 Payne, Dwight, Ph.D. - Chemistry Department Tulane University

What's wrong with the conservatives

9/24/67 Courtney, Cy Rarick, John R., Congressman Thompson, Roswell Ahern, Frank

The Gubernatorial race A taped interview with Mrs. Jeanne Dixon

10/1/67 Herman, Pete - Former bantam weight champion Rue, Mel - Minor league ball player Bevin, Hal - Minor league ball player Fury, John - N.O.R.D. baseball coach Hyatt, James - Veterans Umpire Association

Boxing - today and yesterday The World Series

10/8/67 Drake, Tom, Capt., - Comm. Off. Intelligence Division-NOPD Jenkins, Pryce, Dr.

Law enforcement Relaxation for the multitudes

10/15/67 Kolin, Al - Student, Tulane University Klein, Steve - Student, Tulane University Brody, Kent - Student, Tulane University Boas, Paul - Student, Tulane University Petre, John, - Councilman-at-Large, City of New Orleans

The University from the a student's viewpoint City of New Orleans from the political aspect

10/22/67 Simon, Henry, Dr., - Pediatrician Rumage, Nancy-La. Assoc. for Children with Learning Disabilities Freeman, Maxine D. Hartman, Helene Lauland, Ronald, New Orleans Police Department

Protection of school children Dyslexia,the diability of the except. child

10/29/67 Reid, Barbara. Courtney, Kent. Keller, Alex.

Flying saucers, witches and poltergeists

11/5/67 Hebert, F. Edward, Congressman - First District of Louisiana

A Congressman speaks out

11/12/67 Thompson, T. W., Veterans Administration Dupree, Vernon, La. Department of Veterans Affairs Foreman, Eugene, Veterans Administration Schilleci, Victor, Veterans Affairs Commission Gillespi, Charles, Dr., Veterans Administration Hospital

Veterans benefits

11/19/67 Gilbride, Thomas V., Father Hammer, Betty, Mrs. Wellman, Arthur, Mrs. Lapeyre, Felix H.

Education in our Parochial Schools

11/26/67 Rosenberg, Roy, Rabbi

The Jewish people, their rel. culture&history

12/3/67 Laura, Joseph, Asst. City Attorney assigned to NOPD Goldman, Robert, Grad. student and Asst. Professor at LSUNO

Current affairs

12/10/67 Ritter, Kenneth, Dr.

Games people play

12/17/67 Reno, Bobby, Disc Jockey-WTIX Walker, Robert, Disc Jockey-WTIX Greene, Ted, Disc Jockey-WTIX Bowen, Kenneth, Disc Jockey-WTIX Chaisson, Stanley, Record distributor for All South Wagner, Vernon, President of the N.O. Epicurean Club

Contemporary music An Epicurean Christmas dinner

12/24/67 Harrington, Bob, Rev. Green, Charles, Rev. Bordelon, C.E., Rev.

The true meaning of Christmas

12/31/67 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University Swiler, Jim, WTIX News Department Wood, Brian, WTIX News Department

A look at last year's news & news to come

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