Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1966

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1/2/66 Bevin, Hal, Former minor & major league baseball player Landrieu, "Moon", State Rep. & Councilman at Large-Elect Butler, Ed, Executive Secretary of INCA McKeithen, John, Governor of Louisiana Payne, Dwight, Tulane University Scheps, Clarence, Vice President of Tulane University McGovern, John, Asst. Orleans Parish Service Officer Hannan, Phillip, Archbishop of Archdiocese of New Orleans

Resolutions, Predictions and Hopes for 1966

1/2/66 Moreau, James, State Representative And Councilman-Elect Chance, Jerry, Baptist Theological Seminary Munster, Louis, Police Juryman, St. Bernard Pezant, James, Council Research Officer-City of New Orleans Hamlin, Walter, Justice, Supreme Court of Louisiana Petre, John, Councilman at Large-Elect, City of New Orleans Feibelman, Julian, Rabbi, Temple Sinai Congregation Miceli, Vincent, S.J., Loyola University Hartwell, Ralph, Dr., American Medical Association Oschner, Alton, Dr., Oschner Foundation Resolutions, Predictions and Hopes for 1966

1/9/66 Payne, Dwight, Chemistry Department of Tulane University Butler, Edward, Executive Secretary of INCA

Communism and our foreign policy

1/16/66 Drake, Thomas, Lt., Asst. Commander, New Orleans Police Academy

Police brutality

1/23/66 Green, Bill, Exc. Director of Cultural Attractions Fund Fried, J. M., Pres. of N.O. Chapter of La. Cert. Public Acc. Asso Jacobs, Bernard, Member of N.O. Chapter La. C.P.A. Association Galas, J., Member of N.O. Chapter of La. C.P.A Association

Cultural Attractions Fund and Income Tax

1/30/66 Petre, John, Councilman District "D", New Orleans

Rights of Orleans Parish civil servants living out of city Air rights

2/6/66 Rafferty, Thomas, Dr., Med. Dir. Mental Health Clinic, N.O.,La. Brisolara, Ashton, Exe. Dir. Comm. on Alcholism for Greater N.O. Chance, Jerry, Asst. Dir. Comm. on Alcoholisn-United Fund Angency "John", A member of Alcoholics Anonymous who has recovered


2/13/66 McCarrick, Earleen, Ph.D, Lousiana State University-N.O Mueller, William, Ph.D, New Orleans Baptist Theological Sem. Payne, Dwight, Ph.D, Tulane University Miceli, Vincent, S.J., Ph.d, Loyola University

Radical Organizations, Left and Right

2/20/66 Pemberton, Dave, Major, U.S. Army Special Forces McNeely, Jackson P., Attorney Brogii, Goodwyn, Port of New Orleans, Publicity

Viet-Nam and Mardi Gras

2/27/66 Sheldon, Kay, Republican Party, Political Action Johnston, Ellen, League of Women Voters of New Orleans Felt, Mrs. Arthur, Jr., Chamber of Commerce, Women's Auxiliary Gaudin, Mrs. Felix W., Chamber of Commerce, Women's Auxiliary Hamlin, Walter, Justice, Supreme Court of Louisiana

The role of the woman in modern America

3/6/66 Hoehn, Ernst G., Chemistry Department, Tulane University Goronzy, Friedhelm, Graduate Student L.S.U. Baton Rouge

Germany-Yesterday and Today

3/13/66 Keller, Alex


3/20/66 Trapolin, Ivor, Private attorney Gillen, Edward, Asst. District Attorney, City of New Orleans

Pornographic literature & effect on society

3/27/66 Sutherland, Mathew R., Orleans Parish School Board Shuster, Walter, Orleans Parish School Board Dolce, Carl, Dr., Superintendent of Schools

Problems in our public school system

4/3/66 Giarusso, Clarence, Lt., Commander Narcotics Div. N.O. Police Dep Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Psychiatrist


4/10/66 Bordelon, C.E.,Rev., Downtown Church of the Nazarene Rue, Mel, Scout for Atlanta Braves & former pro baseball player Hyatt, James, Umpire, Umpires Association Fury, John, Member N.O. Recreational Department (NORD)

Easter-Its origin and sacredness Baseball-Yesterday and today

4/17/66 Pastor, Radolfo, Member of the Liberals Club, Tulane Rushton, William, Member of the Liberals Club, Tulane Kilpatrick, Dale, Member of the Conservatives Club, Tulane Curtis, Ever, Miss, Member of the Conservatives Club, Tulane

Student demostrations on & off campus Related political topics

4/24/66 Kortlucke, Shela, Society for the Preservation of the Crow Feldman, Lena, Society for the Preservation of the Crow "Lucky the Crow" Krauss, Jay, Rabbi, B'nai Brith Hillel Foundation Tulane Univ. Klinkenberg, Bill, News Director of WTUL (Tulane Univ. Station)

Preservation of the crow and Judaism

5/1/66 Miceli, Vincent, S.J., Loyola University Payne, Dwight, Ph.D., Tulane University

Loyality Day and Anti-Communism

5/8/66 Laura, Joseph, Private Attorney Smith, Benjamin, Board Member of the Am. Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union-Pro & Con

5/15/66 Thompson, Donald L., St. Bernard Civic League Janssen, I.J.G., St. Bernard Levee Association Munster, Louis P., St. Bernard Police Jury Colomb, C. Earl, St. Bernard Chamber of Commerce

St. Bernard Story, Chapter Two

5/22/66 Keller, Alex

The lost continent of Atlantis

5/29/66 Hollaway, Gilbert N., Dr., E.S.P. Sensitive Landrieu, Maurice, Councilman-at-Large, New Orleans Moreau, James, Councilman, District "D" Ciaccio, Philip, Councilman, District "E"

E.S.P Philosophies of three new councilmen

6/5/66 Ezkovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration Labiche, Albert, President, Mississippi River Bridge Authority Porterie, Arthur, Attorney, Mississippi River Bridge Authority Duke, Claude, Attorney, Mississippi River Bridge Authority

Medicare Problems of the Mississippi River Bridge Authority

6/12/66 Parker, Bernard

Philosophical look at parapsychology

6/19/66 Mastio, Charles, Chemistry Department, Tulane University

Adventures of the Mind, Part Two Reference-Morning of the Magicians

6/26/66 Butler, Edward S., Exec. V.P, Information Council of the Americas Connolly, Michael, Tulane University Medical School Philips, Cyril, M.D., Tulane University Medical School Stern, Alfred, Ph.D., L.S.U. Education Department Turner, Robert, New Orleans Chamber of Commerce Rouchon, Richard, Pres. West Bank School for Retarded Children

Philosophy of "Up With People" Mental retardation

7/3/66 Pezant, James, American Legion Gerarbe, Jake, Marine Corps League Gallinghouse, Gerald, Principal Speaker Kinhemann, Joe, American Veterans of World War II (AMVETS) Perneciaro, Pete, Veterans of Foreign Wars

The Fifth of July

7/10/66 Drake, Thomas, Lt., New Orleans Police Department

Communism versus the local police department

7/17/66 Wagner, Vernon, Kalvar Corp. New Orleans, La.

Astronomy and outer space

7/24/66 Gillen, Ed, Assistant District Attorney

The Family Court and related problems

7/31/66 Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University McCarrick, Earleen, LSUNO

Philosophies and causes of present riots

8/7/66 DeBlieux, J.D., State Senator Guice, Troyce, State Senator

The U.S. senatorial race

8/14/66 Westerfield, Rex, John Birch Society Piersol, Mack, John Birch Society

The John Birch Society

8/21/66 Guirovich, John, Baseball Chairman, American Legion Keller, Alex, Occultist

American Legion baseball Edgar B. Cayce

8/28/66 Babin, Peter III, Intl. Am. Fed. of State, County & Mun. Employe Morel, Barney, Intl. Rep. of Steelworkers, AFL-CIO

Organized labor

9/4/66 Gallinghouse, A.P. "Tim", Registrar of Voters- Orleans Parish Laura, Joseph, Attorney for Registrar of Voters Benedetto, Francis A., Fr., Exe. Asst. to President of Loyola U.

Registration of voters in Louisiana Role of the university in comp. Am. Society

9/11/66 Pittman, Jim, Head Coach (Football), Tulane University Towhill, Billy, Defensive Coach (Football), Tulane University

Tulane football, 1966

9/18/66 McCharry, Warren F.,C.M., Vincentian Fathers

A personal look at the inside of Red China

9/25/66 Ferguson, Milton L., Dr., Dean of College of Education, LSUNO Stern, Alfred, Dr., Dir. of Special Education Center, LSUNO Rice, John C., Academic Asst. Principal of Jesuit High School Lambert, Ronald, Mrs., Montessori School

Education from pre-school to secondary level

10/2/66 Barker, Pat, Miss, Optimation Hoffpauir, R.A., Optimation Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Ochsner Foundation

Speed reading Carcinoma and related topics

10/9/66 Two members from League of Women Voters Wagner, Vernon, Kalvar Corporation Mastio, Charles, Chemistry Department, Tulane University

The 45 amendments Astrology and Astronomy

10/16/66 Joiner, Richard, Capt., USMC Stock, Vere, Consul General, Republic of South Africa Payne, Dwight, Dr., Tulane University

A Marine looks at Vietnam South Africa and Rhodesia today

10/23/66 Giarrusso, Clarence Lt., Comm. Officer Narcotics Div. N.O. Police Ritter, Kenneth, Chief of Acute Treatment at De Paul Hospital


10/30/66 Chaney, Robert. Davis, Roye. Parker, Ben. Mastio, Charles

Ladies for lower food prices A cult phenomenon (Halloween ?)

11/6/66 Shilstone, Cecil, Shilstone Corporation Anzelmo, Sal, Representative - Seventh Ward Leonard, Lee, Young Men for Better Government Mmahat, John, Private Attorney

Debate on the 1st. Amend. Gubernatorial Succ.

11/13/66 Toledano, Ben, Private Attorney Vadrine, Louis, Geologist Bennett, Buzz, WTIX Announcer

The individual in contemporary society

11/20/66 Sheldon, Joseph Treen, David Limes, Leonard L.

History of the Republican Party

11/27/66 Harrington, Bob, Rev., Chaplain of Bourbon Street Pederman, Ralph, Basketball Coach of Tulane University Nissalke, Tom, Asst. Basketball Coach of Tulane University

The Baptist religion Tulane basketball

12/4/66 Deichmann, Charles, Louisiana State Senate Miller, William, Fr. Redemptorist Order

Urban Renewal

12/11/66 Thompson, Theodore, Adjudication Officer Veterans Administration Foreman, Eugene, Education Specialist of Veterans Administration McGovern, John L.,Jr., Depart. Service Officer Am.Leg.& La.Dep.VA Carter, Linwood, Private Physician

Veterans benefits Hyperbaric oxygen therapy & cryogenics

12/18/66 Miceli, Vincent, Fr. Loyola University


1 08, 09, 10, 11 12/25/66 No quests

An old fashion radio Christmas
No. 08: "Christmas 1966 WTIX, played 12/25/66 on LTIO; Fr. Miceli at beginning"; 09 says:"Santa Claus interview"; 11 says:"Ted Green - N.O.Christmas"

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