Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1965

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5/16/65 Payne, Dwight--Asst. Prof. of Chemistry, Tulane Kilpatrick, Dale--Member, Conservative Club, Tulane

Conservatism on the campus

5/23/65 Miceli, Vincent, S.J.--Asst. Prof. of Philosophy, Loyola

Morality of student demonstrations on campus

5/30/65 Kruger, Bruce--Young Liberal Club, Tulane Bullard, Robert--President, Young Liberals Club

Liberalism on the campus

6/6/65 Petre, John--Councilman District D, New Orleans

Code of ethics, zoning, independent Council

6/13/65 Gulotta, James C.--Judge, Juvenile Court

Juvenile Delinquency

6/20/65 Burke, Richard--Assessor 4th. Dist. Pres. N.O. Assessor's Assoc.

Homestead assessments

6/27/65 Hartwell, M.D., Ralph--Chief Pathologist-Hotel Dieu Wolfe, M.D., William--Medical Director, Kaiser Aluminium

Medicare and the Douglas Amendment

7/4/65 Pezant, James N.--District commander of the American Legion Dennis, Randolph--Americanism Chairman of Veterans of Foreign Wars Gerarve, Jacob--Americanism Chairman for the Marine Corps League

What's good about America & our foreign policy

7/11/65 Hunt, Raymond Mastio, Charles

"Fluoridation" and "Health & Health Foods"

7/18/65 Hathaway, E. S.--Exec. Director, La. Mosquito Control Association Harden, Frederick--Entomologist, General Electric Company Stokes, Glenn M.--Director, Jefferson Par. Dept. of Mosquito Cont Anderson, Charles H.--Act. Dir., Plaquemines Par. Mosq. Cont.Dist Elmore, Chris--Director of Gulf Coast Mosquito Control Commission Carmichael, George--Mosquito Control Administrator, New Orleans

Mosquito control

7/25/65 Dixon, Dave Bidwell, William--Vice President, St. Louis Cardinals

Professional football in New Orleans

8/1/65 Thompson, Don--President, St. Bernard Civic League Munster, Louis P.--Chairman, St. Bernard Police Jury Nunez, Samuel B.--State Representative Roy, Edwin--Editor, St. Bernard Voice newspaper

The St. Bernard question

8/8/65 Kelly, Dan-- Councilman, District E-New Orleans

Riverfront Expressway

8/15/65 McSteen, Martha, Dist. Manager-Social Security Admiinistration Ezcovich, Coleman, Field Representative of Social Security

New laws of Social Security

1 02, 03 8/22/65 Butler, Edward S., President, Information Council of the Americas

The cause of the Los Angeles riot
Mrs. Guillot calling, 8/22/65 with Ed Butler"

8/29/65 Moreau, James A., Louisiana State Representative-7th.Ward Chrestia, August A., Selective Service Broha, William, Lt. Comdr., Chief-in-Charge, Reg. Nav. Recruiting

Outlook for today's youth-Enlist or school

9/5/65 Hainline, Douglas, Spartacist Society Klein, Mark, Spartacist Society Butler, Edward S., Information Council of the Americas

What two Trotskyites believe

9/19/65 Ledoux, Marie, Phonics Div. of Berkeley School of California Ezcovich, Coleman, Social Security Field Representative Robin, Frank E., Chief Inspector of City of New Orleans Jung, Rodney, Dr., Chief of New Orleans Health Department Griener, Paul, Chief of Vet. Administration Home Loan Division Carmichael, George, New Orleans Mosquito Control Burke, Richard, Chairman of Hurricane Betsy relief fund Munster, Louis, Police Juror of Third District of St. Bernard Shaeffler, William, Field Representative-American Red Cross Williams, Donald, Field Representative American Red Cross Hurricane Betsy epilogue

9/19/65 Munson, Ralph, Represntative Of Small Business Loan Admn. Gallinghouse, Gerald, President of Orleans Levee Board

Hurricane Betsy epilogue

10/3/65 Bevan, Harold "Hal", Businessman & ex-Major League ball player Rue, Mel, Businessman & ex New Orleans Pelican baseball player Fury, John, Businessman & leader & Org. of local Biddy Baseball O'Boyle, Tommy, Head football coach of Tulane University

New Orleans sports & its effect on community

10/10/65 Hamlin, Walter B., Justice - Supreme Court of Louisiana

The Bill of Rights as an answer to communism

1 04, 05 10/11/65

"Tom Keenze show - on Ted Green Show, 10/11/65, 7-8 p.m., Part 1" and "Oct. 28, 1965"

10/17/65 Drake, Thomas, Lt., Asst. Commander, New Orleans Police Academy

Law enforcement

10/24/65 Daulton, Gus, Small Business Laon Assoc. St. Bernard Parish Kelly, Dan, Councilman District "E", City of New Orleans Serio, James, Candidate for Councilman District "E"

The $1800.00 Small Bus. Loan Assoc.'s grant The race for Councilman of District "E"

10/31/65 Moore, Harry B. N.O. Chairman, Science Fiction Convention - 1959 Johnson, Diane, Special quest

Flying Saucers, Extrasensory Perception, Poltergeist

11/7/65 Dupree, Vernon, Chief Training & Info. Officer-La.Dept. Vet. Aff. McGovern, John, Jr., Asst. Orleans Parish Service Officer Houin, Henry, Section Chief of Veterans Adm. Regional Office

Veterans benefits

11/7/65 Centola, Lawrence, Mananger, VA Regional Office in New Orleans Staggs, L. L., Director, La. Department of Veterans Affairs Mayeaux, Camille, Veterans of W.W.I Rep. on Veterans Affairs Comm Hernanez, F. E., Vet. of For. Wars Rep. on Vet. Affairs Comm. Baker, William R., Vet. of For. Wars Rep. on Vet. Affairs Comm. Schilleci, Victor, Marine Corps League Rep. on Vet. Affairs Comm. Camus, Raymond, American Legion Rep. on Vet. Affairs Commission Aucoin, Paul, American Legion Rep. on Veterans Affairs Comm. Browne, W. Ted, Am. Veterans of WW II Rep. on Vet. Affairs Comm. Thompson, T.W., Adjudication Officer-VA Regional Office in N.O. Veterans benefits

1 06, 07 11/14/65 Cade, Cathy, Member of the Young Liberals Club, Tulane University Barrett, Kathy, Member of the Vietnam Committee Kilpatrick, Dale, Pres. of the Tulane U. Young Republican Club Schenken, John, Pres. of the Tulane U. Young Conservatives Club.

The war in Vietnam
"L.T.I.O. Radicals 11/14/65"

11/21/65 Ochsner, Alton, Dr., Pres. of the Infomation Council of the Americas Butler, Edward, Exc. V.P. of Information Council of the Americas

The South America problem

11/28/65 Krause, Jay M., Rabbi, B'nai Brith Hillel Foundation Hill, William, S.J., Jesuit High School Bordelon, C. E., Pastor, Downtown Church of the Nazarene Pinnoch, Clark, Ph.D., Baptist Theological Seminary Ruiz, Raymond, Maj., Comm. Officer of Juvenile Div. N.O. Police

The youth today

12/5/65 Ritter, Kenneth

Psychiatry and hypnotism

12/12/65 Miceli, Vincent P.,S.J. Eshleman, Frank Bordelon, C. E., Rev. Chance, Jerry, Rev.

Keep Christ in Christmas

12/19/65 McGovern, John L., Department of Veterans Affairs Ezkovich, Coleman, Social Security Administration

Special service show

12/26/65 Mastio, Charles, Tulane University

A review of "The Gift of Prophesy"

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