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Louisiana Division/ City Archives

The Louisiana Division/ City Archives & Special Collections serves as the official repository for the records of the New Orleans city government (See Home Rule Charter of the City of New Orleans, 94:36-41). The City Archives is charged with preserving, organizing, and providing equitable access to the materials transferred to the City Archives' collection. This includes records of the creation of the city's government, of past mayoral and city council administrations, and will eventually include records from current and future administrations.

Contact Information:
Louisiana Division/ City Archives | New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Ave, 3rd floor | New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 596-2610 |

Please contact the Louisiana Division/ City Archives to arrange a meeting to discuss your agency's records and retention obligations. You can also review An Introduction to Records Management for the City of New Orleans developed by the City Archives. This document is meant to provide an overview of Records Management principles and provide guidance for agencies regarding records retention and disposal processes. To learn more about Records Management, please see the Additional Information listed below.

Additional Information

Records Management

While the City Archives cares for the city's permanent records of historic value, a Records Management Program provides instruction regarding all of an organization's records, including those of temporary value that will eventually be destroyed. Records Management is a specialized discipline that oversees the treatment of records created, received, stored, and used by an organization. It gives agencies control over their own records by identifying what records need to be kept (and for how long), what records should be retained permanently, and what records can be disposed of in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Records Management provides the foundation for a successful archives by promoting the seamless transfer of records from originating agency to the archives, ensuring that valuable materials are not lost or discarded. Because the City of New Orleans does not have a Records Management Program at this time, it falls to the individual agency to work with both the City Archives and State Archives regarding the management and disposal of their own records. The City Archives can provide support to city agencies in developing policies that promote responsible retention, preservation, and destruction of city records. City Agencies must obtain approval from both the City Archives and the State Archives prior to disposing of any records, as outlined in R.S.44:411.

Louisiana State Archives

The Louisiana State Archives functions as the repository for the government records for all Louisiana municipalities excluding New Orleans. The City Archives works cooperatively with the State Archives to manage City of New Orleans records, but it is the State Archives that has ultimate approval authority on retention schedules and disposal requests. The State Archives has developed many useful Records Management Documents and Policy Forms that can be accessed on their website. If you are interested in additional Records Management Trainings, the State Archives also provides several throughout the year.

Public Records Law

The Louisiana State Public Records Law (R.S.44) gives direction for the preservation, retention, and disposal of public records. This will provide helpful information when drafting your agency's records retention scehdule.

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