WPA Photographs

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Series Number Project Series Title Description Date Taken Project Dates OP # Negatives Contact Prints 8x10 Prints Digital #
05.01 Archaeology Fish Hooks Barbed fish hooks, similar in appearance to those used by present day fishermen, which were taken from an Indian mound in LaSalle Parish. 7/7/1939

3 1
1 ; 2; 3
05.02 Archaeology Pottery Vessels A few of the 50 or more pottery vessels, restored to their original shape with fragments taken from the LaSalle Parish mound. Intricate patterns and designs on the vessels trace their origin to the early Marksville Period. 7/7/1939

2 2
1 ; 2
05.03 Archaeology Two miles southeast of New Orleans Airport WPA workers assigned to the Statewide Archaeological Project begin excavating at a site where scientists expect to find trace of a prehistoric Indian culture, older than any yet discovered in the Mississippi Valley. 7/13/1939

3 3
1; 2; 3
05.04 Archaeology Two miles from New Orleans Airport near the Lake WPA workers of the Archaeological Project studying soil profile in an Indian mound near Lake Pontchartrain. From this site, archaeologists are unearthing evidence of an Indian culture which they believe is the oldest yet disc overed in the Mississippi Valley. They have named the culture the Tchefuncta Period. 8/3/1939

4 3
1; 2; 3; 4

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