Photographs Arranged by Street Names

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range:1926-1985 (bulk 1950-1959)
Extent: 4075 prints
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Scope Note

This is an artificial collections of photographs sent to the City Archives over the years by various city agencies (including the Department of Streets, the Dept. of Utilities, the Office of the Mayor and the Public Relations Office) and by the Louisiana Department of Highways.


The photographs are numbered and filed sequentially in folders which are filed alphabetically by street name.

The photographs were scanned in greyscale mode at a resolution of 400-600 ppi and saved in TIFF format. The TIFF images were edited to produce greyscale JPEG images of 650 pixel width (or height) for web display. The JPEG images were again edited to produce 150 pixel width (or height) thumbnail images, also for web display.

Below is a list of the streets for which at least one photograph exists. Click on the street names for available images. Descriptions were supplied by the archivists or transcribed from information available on the reverse of the photographs themselves.

Abundance St.
Adams St.
Agriculture St.
Airline Hwy.
Almonaster Ave.
Amelia St.
Argonne St.
Arts St.
Audubon Blvd.
Audubon Pl.
Aymard St.

Banks St.
Baronne St.
Barracks St.
Basin St.
Bay St.
Bayou Rd.
Behrman Hwy.
Belfast St.
Bellaire St.
Benefit St.
Bienville St.
Broad (North) St.
Broad (South) St.
Broadway St.
Burgundy St.

Caffin Ave.
Calliope St.
Camp St.
Canal Blvd.
Canal St. (page 1)
Canal St. (page 2)
Canal St. (page 3)
Canal St. (page 4)
Canal St. (page 5)
Canal St. (page 6)
Canal St. (page 7)
Canal St. (page 8)
Canal St. (page 9)
Canal St. (page 10)
Carondelet St.
Carrollton Ave.
Carrollton Interchange (Pontchartrain Expressway)
Castiglione St.
Chappelle St.
Chatham Dr.
Chef Menteur Hwy.
Chestnut St.
City Park (Streets within the park)
City Park Ave.
Claiborne (North) Ave.
Claiborne (South) Ave.
Clare Ct.
Clover St.
Cohn St.
Colapissa St.
Colbert St.
Commercial Pl.
Common St.
Constance St.
Conti St.
Cortez (North) St.
Crowder Rd.
Crystal St.
Curran Blvd.

Decatur St. (and vicinity)
Delery St.
DeLord St.
DeSaix Blvd.
Dorothea St.
Dreux Ave.
Dryades St.

Eads Plaza
Earhart Blvd. (page 1)
Earhart Blvd. (page 2)
Earhart Blvd. (page 3)
Earhart Blvd. (page 4)
Earhart Blvd. (page 5)
Elk Pl.
Elysian Fields (page 1)
Elysian Fields (page 2)
Elysian Fields Area
Erato St.
Esplanade Ave.

Filmore Ave.
Florida Ave.
Forshey St.
Fountainbleau Dr.
Franklin Ave.
French St.
Freret St. (page 1) (Sent from Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Office)
Freret St. (page 2) (Sent from Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Office)
Freret St. (page 3) (Sent from Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Office)
Front (North) St.
Front (South) St.
Fulton St.

Galvez (North) St.
Galvez (South) St.
General DeGaulle Dr.
General Diaz St.
General Haig St.
General Meyer Ave.
General Pershing St.
Genois (South) St.
Gentilly Woods Rd.
Gravier St.

Hammond Hwy.
Harrison Ave.
Hayne Blvd.
Henry Clay Ave.
Hidalgo St.
Higgins Ave.
Holiday Dr.
Howard Ave.

Interstate Hwy. 10
Interstate Hwy. 610

Jackson Ave.
Jasmine St.
Jefferson Ave.
Jefferson Davis Pkwy.
Jena St.
Joseph St.
Josephine St.

Kenilworth St.

Lafayette St.
Lake Ave.
Lakeshore Dr.
Lane St.
LaSalle St.
Laverne (West) St.
Leake Ave.
Leonidas St.
Lewis Rd.
London Ave.
Lopez (South) St.
Louis XIV St.
Louisa St.
Louisiana Ave.
Lotus St.
Loyola Ave.

MacArthur Blvd.
Magazine St.
Mandeville St.
Marais St.
Marconi Dr.
Marigny St.
Marshall Foch Ave.
Melpomene Ave. Page One
Melpomene Ave. Page Two
Memphis St.
Metairie Rd.
Milan St.
Milton St.
Mirabeau St.
Miro (North) St.
Monroe St.
Moss St.
Mouton St.
Music St.

Napoleon Ave.
Nashville Ave.
New Orleans St.
Newton St.

Oak Pl.
Oak St.
Octavia St.
Oleander St.
Olive St.
Orleans St./Ave.
Overton St.

Pace Blvd.
Painters St.
Palmetto St.
Paris Ave.
Pasteur Blvd.
Perdido St.
Perrier St.
Peters Ave. (See Jefferson Ave.)
Peters (North) St.
Peters (South) St.
Piety St.
Pine St.
Poland St.
Pontchartrain Blvd.
Pontchartrain Expwy. (See also Carrollton Interchange)
Powhattan St.
Poydras St.
Prentiss St.
Press Dr.
Press St.
Prieur St.
Prytania St.

Rampart (North) St.
Rampart (South) St.
Reynes St.
Robert E. Lee Blvd.
Robertson (North) St.
Rocheblave (North) St.
Rocheblave (South) St.
Roman (South) St.
Rosedale St.
Royal St.

St. Anthony St.
St. Bernard Ave.
St. Charles Ave.
St. Claude Ave.
St. Ferdinand St. (see also Elysian Fields Area)
St. Louis St.
St. Maurice Ave.
St. Peter St.
St. Roch Ave.
Scott (North) St.
Selma St.
Short St.
Simon Bolivar Ave.
Sixth St.
Spain St.

Tchoupitoulas St.
Terpsichore St.
Thalia St.
Toledano St.
Toulouse St.
Tulane Ave.

Union St.

Venus St.
Verbena St.
Vermillion St.
Veterans Hwy.
Vicksburg St.

Walker St.
Walmsley Ave.
Washington Ave.
Webster St.
Wells St.
West Bank Expwy.
West End Blvd.
Whitney Ave.
Willow St.
Wisner Blvd.
Wisteria St.


Broad (South) St.(page 1)
Broad (South) St.(page 2)
Broad (South) St.(page 3)
Broad (South) St.(page 4)
Broad (South) St.(page 5)
Claiborne (North) Ave
Claiborne (South) Ave.(page 1)
Claiborne (South) Ave.(page 2)
Claiborne (South) Ave.(page 3)
Claiborne (South) Ave.(page 4)
Claiborne (South) Ave.(page 5)
Claiborne (South) Ave.(page 6)
Dorgenois (South) St.
Galvez (North) St.
Jefferson Davis (South) Pkwy.(page 1)
Jefferson Davis (South) Pkwy.(page 2)
Palmetto St.(page 1)
Palmetto St.(page 2)
Palmetto St.(page 3)
Wisner Blvd.(page 1)
Wisner Blvd.(page 2)


Broad (North) St. (page 1)
Broad (North) St. (page 2)
Canal Blvd. (page 1)
Canal Blvd. (page 2)
Canal Blvd. (page 3)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 1)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 2)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 3)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 4)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 5)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 6)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 7)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 8)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 9)
Carrollton (South) Ave. (page 10)
City Park Ave. (page 1)
City Park Ave. (page 2)
City Park Ave. (page 3)
Franklin Ave. (underpass & overpass)(page 1)
Franklin Ave. (underpass & overpass)(page 2)
Franklin Ave. (underpass & overpass)(page 3)
Franklin Ave. (underpass & overpass)(page 4)
Franklin Ave. (underpass & overpass)(page 5)
Gentilly Blvd. (page 1)
Gentilly Blvd. (page 2)
Marconi Dr. (page 1)
Marconi Dr. (page 2)
Paris Ave. (page 1)
Paris Ave. (page 2)
Pontchartrain Blvd. (page 1)
St. Bernard Ave. (page 1)
St. Bernard Ave. (page 2)

Louisiana Highway Department. Right of Way Suit Photographs

Calliope St. (1800 block)
Carondelet St. (1100 block)
Dryades St. (1100 block)
Marks St. (8400 block)
Marks St. (8530)
Pontchartrain Blvd. (4434)
Pontchartrain Blvd. (4515)

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