Mayor Victor H. Schiro

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: ca. 1955-1970 [bulk 1964-1970]
Size of collection: 921 prints
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Scope Note

The photographs reflect mainly ceremonial aspects of Mayor Schiro's activities. Schiro's 1962 and 1966 inaugurations are included, as are photographs depicting the mayor's participation in groundbreakings, parades, trips abroad, presentations of keys to the city, receptions and other ceremonies for visiting dignitaries, etc. The 1967 visit of Nicarauguan president Anastasio Somoza is particularly well represented.

Many additional photographs from the Schiro administration can be found among the photographs in the Municipal Government Collection representing specific city agencies, departments, boards and commissions, and in the "Recently Processed" section of NUTRIAS.

A few of the photographs date from Schiro's terms as Councilman-at-Large.

The prints were scanned as grayscale or color images at 400 dpi and saved as 2000 pixel TIFFs using Photoshop 4.0 and 5.02 or Paint Shop Pro 6.01. The TIFFs are being retained as archival masters. Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro were also used to produce edited 600 pixel JPEGs and the 150 pixel JPEG thumbnails displayed on the pages listed below.

Additional collections of Schiro photographs can be found at Tulane University in the Manuscripts Department.


The prints are arranged in general subject categories and numbered sequentially. Click on the links below to view thumbnail images; each thumbnail links to a larger image.

Page One
American Insurance Association
(Photo 1)
Page Two
(Photo 2)
Page Three
Assessors, Board of (Orleans Parish)
(Photo 3)
Page Four
Boat Show
(Photos 4-8)
Page Five
Business and Industry
(Photos 9-11)
Page Six
Canada Week
(Photos 12-15)
Page Seven
Carrollton Businessmens Association
(Photos 16-17)
Page Eight
Chief Administrative Office
(Photos 18-19)
Page Nine
(Photos 20-21)
Page Ten
City Council
(Photos 22-27)
Page Eleven
City Hall
(Photos 28-33)
Page Twelve
City Park
(Photo 34)
Page Thirteen
City Planning Commission
(Photos 35-41)
Page Fourteen
Civil War Centennial
(Photos 42-46)
Page Fifteen
Cologne, Germany, Jazz Club
(Photos 47-60)
Page Sixteen
Confederate Flag
(Photos 61-62)
Page Seventeen
Construction Projects--Identified
(Photos 63-70)
Page Eighteen
Construction Projects--Unidentified
(Photos 71-72)
Page Nineteen
Consular Corps
(Photos 73-79)
Page Twenty
Cuban Crisis--Press Conference
(Photo 80)
Page Twenty-One
Cultural Center
(Photo 81)
Page Twenty-Two
(Photos 82-105)
Page Twenty-Three
(Photos 106-112)
Page Twenty-Four
Fire Department
(Photos 113-125)
Page Twenty-Five
Groundbreaking Ceremonies--Identified
(Photos 126-136)
Page Twenty-Six
Groundbreaking Ceremonies--Unidentifed
(Photos 137-151)
Page Twenty-Seven
Group Shots--Identified
(Photos 152-157)
Page Twenty-Eight
Group Shots--Unidentified
(Photos 158-167)
Page Twenty-Nine
Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Dept. of
(Photos 169-171)
Page Thirty
Human Relations Committee
(Photos 172-176)
Page Thirty-One
(Photos 177-193)
Page Thirty-Two
Informal Shots
(Photo 194)
Page Thirty-Three
Inter-American Municipal Organization
(Photos 195-218)
Page Thirty-Four
International Assn. of Government Labor Officials
(Photos 219-221)
Page Thirty-Five
International House
(Photos 222)
Page Thirty-Six
International Relations--Vera Cruz Carnival, 1965
(Photos 223-225)
Page Thirty-Seven
International Relations Committee
(Photos 226)
Page Thirty-Eight
International Relations Office
(Photos 227-229)
Page Thirty-Nine
International Week
(Photos 230-266)
Page Forty
Jackson Square
(Photos 267-269)
Page Forty-One
Kaiser Aluminum Dinner Party, 1965
(Photos 270-272)
Page Forty-Two
Louisiana Municipal Association
(Photos 273-275)
Page Forty-Three
Louisiana State Legislature
(Photo 276)
Page Forty-Four
Louisiana Statehood Day, 1962
(Photos 277-279)
Page Forty-Five
Mardi Gras
(Photos 280-281)
Page Forty-Six
Mayor with Identified People
(Photos 282-309)
Page Forty-Seven
Mayor with Unidentified People
(Photos 310-351)
Page Forty-Eight
Mayor's Day
(Photos 352-354)
Page Forty-Nine
Mayor's Day at the Races
(Photos 355-357)
Page Fifty
Mayor's Possee
(Photos 358-364A)
Page Fifty-One
Mayor's Staff
(Photos 365-366)
Page Fifty-Two
McDonogh Day
(Photo 367)
Page Fifty-Three
Mexico Week
(Photos 368-375)
Page Fifty-Four
(Photos 376-388)
Page Fifty-Five
(Photo 389)
Page Fifty-Six
Municipal Employees Golf Tournament
(Photo 390)
Page Fifty-Seven
Naval Reserve Association
(Photos 391-394)
Page Fifty-Eight
New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony
(Photos 395-408)
Page Fifty-Nine
New Orleans Public Library
Dedication of Algiers Regional Branch, April 19, 1966
(Photos 409-412)
Page Sixty
New Orleans Recreation Department
(Photo 413)
Page Sixty-One
Parades (non-Mardi Gras)
(Photos 414-425)
Page Sixty-Two
Pan-American Day Ceremonies
(Photos 425a-425c)
Page Sixty-Three
Parkway and Park Commission
(Photo 426)
Page Sixty-Four
Police Department
(Photos 427-430)
Page Sixty-Five
Political Campaigns
(Photos 431-436)
Page Sixty-Six
Port of New Orleans
(Photos 437-438)
Page Sixty-Seven
Portraits - A
(Photos 439-440)
Page Sixty-Eight
Portraits - B
(Photos 441-450>
Page Sixty-Nine
Portraits - C
(Photos 451-459)
Page Seventy
Portraits - D
(Photos 459-462)
Page Seventy-One
Portraits - F
(Photos 463-464)
Page Seventy-Two
Portraits - G
(Photos 465-468)
Page Seventy-Three
Portraits - H
(Photos 469-471)
Page Seventy-Four
Portraits - K
(Photo 473)
Page Seventy-Five
Portraits - M
(Photo 474)
Page Seventy-Six
Portraits - P
(Photo 475)
Page Seventy-Seven
Portraits - R
(Photo 476)
Page Seventy-Eight
Portraits - S
(Photos 477-478)
Page Seventy-Nine
Portraits - W
(Photo 478a)
Page Eighty
Portraits - Unidentified
(Photos 479-487)
Page Eighty-One
Prayer Breakfast - 1965, 1966
(Photos 488-499)
Page Eighty-Two
Proclamations, Keys to the City, etc.
(Photos 500-523)
Page Eighty-Three
Public Relations Office
(Photos 524-525)
Page Eighty-Four
Railroad Terminal Board
(Photo 526)
Page Eighty-Five
Regional Planning Commission
(Photos 527-536)
Page Eighty-Six
Riverfront Expressway
(Photo 537)
Page Eighty-Seven
Roosevelt Mall
(Photo 583)
Page Eighty-Eight
School Board
(Photo 539)
Page Eighty-Nine
Sewerage and Water Board
(Photo 540)
Page Ninety
Soap Box Derby
(Photo 541)
Page Ninety-One
Southern Mayors' Championship Sailboat Race, 1967
(Photos 542-549)
Page Ninety-Two
Spring Fiesta
(Photo 550)
Page Ninety-Three
Streets Department
(Photos 551-561)
Page Ninety-Four
Taxicab Bureau
(Photo 562)
Page Ninety-Five
Television News, Local
(Photos 563-566)
Page Ninety-Six
Testimonial Dinner -- Luis Aparicio, 1964
(Photos 567-572)
Page Ninety-Seven
(Photo 573)
Page Ninety-Eight
Traffic and Safety
(Photos 574-575)
Page Ninety-Nine
Trip to Central America (1965)
(Photos 576-621)
Page One Hundred
Trip to Germany (1957)
(Photos 622-635)
Page One Hundred and One
Trip to Guatemala (1966)
(Photo 636)
Page One Hundred and Two
Trip to Ireland
(Photo 637)
Page One Hundred and Three
Trip to Mexico
(Photos 638-649)
Page One Hundred and Four
Trip to Municipal Congress (December 1966)
(Photos 650-659)
Page One Hundred and Five
Trip to New York
(Photos 660-667)
Page One Hundred and Six
Trip to Nicaragua (1967)
(Photos 668-669)
Page One Hundred and Seven
Trip to Spain
(Photos 670-672)
Page One Hundred and Eight
Trips -- Unidentified
(Photo 673)
Page One Hundred and Nine
Trip to Washington D.C.
(Photo 674)
Page One Hundred and Ten
250th Anniversary--Commemorative Medalion
(Photos 675-676)
Page One Hundred and Eleven
(Photos 677-696)
Page One Hundred and Twelve
United Fund
(Photo 697>
Page One Hundred and Thirteen
United Nations Day
(Photo 698)
Page One Hundred and Fourteen
United States Day
(Photo 699-721)
Page One Hundred and Fifteen
United States Conference of Mayors
(Photo 722-735)
Page One Hundred and Sixteen
Visiting Dignitaries -- Argentina
(Photo 735b)
Page One Hundred and Seventeen
Visiting Dignitaries -- Brazil
(Photo 736)
Page One Hundred and Eighteen
Visiting Dignitaries -- Canada
(Photos 737-738)
Page One Hundred and Nineteen
Visiting Dignitaries -- Honduras, 1960
(Photos 739-747)
Page One Hundred and Twenty
Visiting Dignitaries -- Unidentified/Unidentified
(Photos 748-757)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-One
Visiting Dignitaries -- Italy
(Photos 758-778)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Two
Visiting Dignitaries -- Nicaragua
(Photo 779)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Three
Visiting Dignitaries -- Philippines
(Photo 780)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Four
Visiting Dignitaries -- Ship Jeanne D'Arc
(Photo 781)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Five
Visiting Dignitaries -- Anastasio Somoza
(Photos 782-812)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Six
Visiting Dignitaries -- Anastasio Somoza
(Photos 813-844)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Seven
Visiting Dignitaries -- Anastasio Somoza
(Photos 845-896)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Eight
Visiting Dignitaries -- Spain
(Photos 897-903)
Page One Hundred and Twenty-Nine
Visiting Dignitaries -- Unidentified
(Photos 904-919)
Page One Hundred and Thirty
Women in Marines Day
(Photo 920)

Thanks to Louisiana Division volunteer Aromenta Evans, who scanned the majority of these prints.

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