City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal
Minute Books, 1948-1996
27 volumes

Each volume includes the official typewritten minutes of the Union Passenger Terminal Committee's meetings. All or some of the following documents follow the minutes of each meeting: reports of the Chief Engineer (later the Terminal Manager), auditors' reports, reports of the General Counsel, reports of the Railroad Terminal Board to the UPT Committee, reports of consulting engineers on UPT projects, reports of various subcommittees, and correspondence.


v. I April 1948-June 1949
v. II June 1949-June 1950
v. III June 1950-May 1951
v. IV May 1951-September 1952
v. V September 1952-January 1954
v. VIJanuary 1954-July 1957
v. VIIJuly 1957-September 1957
v. VIIISeptember 1957-January 1960
v. IXJanuary 1960-January 1962
v. XJanuary 1962-January 1964
v. XIJanuary 1964-July 1966
v. XIIOctober 1966-October 1968
v. XIIIJanuary 1969-October 1970
v. XIVJanuary 1971-October 1972
v. XVJanuary 1973-July 1975
v. XVIOctober 1975-October 1977
v. XVIIJanuary 1978-December 1979
v. XVIIIJanuary 1980-December 1981
v. XIXJanuary 1982-October 1983
v. XXJanuary 1984-October 1985
v. XXIJanuary 1986-July 1987
v. XXIIOctober 1987-October 1988
v. XXIIIJanuary 1989-October 1989
v. XXIVJanuary 1990-September 1991
v. XXVJanuary 1992-May 1993
v. XXVISeptember 1993-September 1994
v. XXVIIFebruary 1995-September 1996

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