Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with S

Pupuy, Bernard Sacerdote, Salomen, estate of 935 1835
Sacerdotte, Simon Sacerdotte, Salomen, attorney for absent heirs of 965 1835
Boyer, Annette Salvant, Caroline, tutor of minor heirs of 918 1835
Greno, Julio Salvant, P.P., curator of 1544 1842
Michel, Marie (fwc) Sans-Regret, Joseph, Estate of 102 1823
Clarke, Delila, estate of Sassenes, Pierre 1421 1841 Spelling of defendant's name is questionable

Saucier, Minors 900 1835 Family meeting
Schaumburg, James W. Schaumburg, Bartholomew, executor of 1501 1841
Seghers, undertutor Schmidt, G., tutor of minors 1230 1838 Estate of Melanie Seghers, wife of G. Schmidt
des Essarts, Madame Teinturier Schomberg, Widow & others for a partition 1086 1837 Estate of Simeon Schomberg
Gormley, William & Miller, John F. Schrager, Jacob, dative tutor of heirs of 1045 1836
Keifer, Louisa, wife of George Schroeder Schroeder, George, her husband 1251 1838
McPhetus, J.A. Scoville, S., Estate of 1795 1846
Fernandez, Rufino Sedella, Father Antonius de, executor of 515 1829
Duverge, Widow Seguin, P., estate of 555 1830
Wynne, Robert Seixnaydre, Sebastien, his tutor 1514 1841
Quesnel, P.A.N. Sel, Francois, administrator of 1154 1837
Senac, Widow Senac, Guillaume Dazet, executor of 1285 1839
Grandmont, H.R., attorney for the absent heirs Serro, Angelo, curator of 1220 1838
Parkinson, John & wife Shepherd Brown, executors of 318 1825
Downer and Co. Shields, E., estate of 1300 1839
Powell, Thomas Shull, Magdalen O'Keefe, tutrix, widow, James F. Hull 803 1834
Toulouse, Francois, executor of Sifflet, Jean et al. for a partition 1165 1838
Greithenweis, Elizabeth Simon, Guillaumme, executors of 1597 1842
Dougherty, John, absent heirs of Simpson, Mathew & Joseph Gonds 362 1826
Sinnott, Ann Sinnott, Jane Mary, Executor 1753 1845 Estate of Patrick Ryan
Sinnot, Jane and Patrick Ryan, her husband Sinnott, Nicholas 1374 1840 Estate of Eliza Cahill
Sinnott, David Sinnott, Nicholas 1373 1840
Skinner, Lydia Skinner, F.I., Estate of 179 1824
Calles, James Skinner, Francis J. 149 1823 Actually First Judicial District Court 5560
Carson, Jane, et al. Sloane, Peter L. and Jane L. Sloane, Executors of 1675 1843

Smith, Daniel, succession of 1343 1840 Petition of Sarah Smith, wife of Charles Hester, and her husband, praying for a partition
Morrison, Joseph Smith, Hezikiah, curator of 1201 1838
Grass, Albrecht Smith, John, Estate of 91 1823
Grass, Albrecht Smith, John, Estate of 37 1823
Smith, William B. Smith, Mrs. C., executrix 1096 1837 Succession of Henry Babcock

Smith, Palmer, estate of 885 1834
Walden, D.T. & others Smith, Palmer, Widow & Heirs of 946 1835
Gyles & Lang Smith, T.H., estate of 817 1834
Carrere, Etienne, tutor of minors Elodie, Melion, Etienne Carrere Soniat, Julie, fwc, tutrix & grandmother of Jean Baptiste Mederic 956 1835 Bellile, alias Jean Baptiste Mederic, fmc, Succession of
Sorapuru, Zoe Sorapuru, Widow & estate of J.B. Sorapuru 484 1828
Cox, Michaela, fwc Soubie and Leroux minors, tutor of 1530 1842 Succession of Euphrosine Soubie, fwc
Soubiran, Jean Pierre & others, heirs of Victor E. Soubiran Soubiran, Victor E., attorney for absent heirs of 979 1835
Lancar, Louise, fwc Soubiran, Victor, curator of estate of 903 1835
Otto, Henry, Absent heirs of Squier, Job & Joseph Chardon 5 1823
Simard, Anne Marie, widow Guillet & others St. Amand, Antoine & others 966 1835 Estate of Simon Guillet
St. Amand, Emilie, wife of A.L. Boisnare & J.B. St.Ville St.Amand St. Amand, Pierre, Executors of 181 1824
St. Amant, Telesphore & Antoine St. Amant, Alexandre, curator of estate of 589 1831
Lessassier, Constance, widow Delery St. Amant, Faustine 335 1825 In the matter of the Estate of Virginie Delery
St. Amant, Amelie St. Amant, Onezine, administrator of estate of 516 1827
Rigaud, Francois St. Amant, Pierre, heirs of 312 1825
Oakey, Samuel W. St. Cyr, Gertrude Dubreuil, widow deArmas 323 1825
Lanier, Amadee St. Marcq, Jean 114 1821
Scales, A.W. Stackhouse, Thomas, executor of 792 1833
Lewis, Robert, heirs of Stackhouse, Thomas, heirs and executors 796 1833
Henderson, William Starkie, Ann, widow Thomas Henderson 751 1833
Sterling, Emile Sterling, Pupone Francoise, Widow Perrodin, Administrator and attorney for absent heirs of 1715 1844
Gallagher, James Stewart, John, minor 744 1833
Sommeillan & brother Stewart, John, minor, heir of W.W. Stewart 690 1833
Lavesque, F.M. Laferriere Stewart, William W., estate of 913 1835
Morton, Henry E. Stone, E. 1569 1842 Succession of A. Roche
Campbell, George G. Striker, Richard, executor of estate of 982 1836
Gilmore, William Strong, Jesse, executor of 1555 1842
deLizardi, F. and Co. Strong, Jessee, executor of 1608 1842

Strong, Jessee, Succession of 1776 1845 Petition for removal of administrator
Struve, Horne, attorney of Struve, William, curator of absent heirs of 1037 1836
Walsh & Lyall Suares, A, executors of 1071 1837
Sauton, Florentin Suarez, A.A., executors of 1107 1837
Campanee, B. Sucko, E., Estate of 161 1824
Girod, Nicholas Sucko, Etienne de, Estate of 72 1823
Reynaud, Louis M. Sucko, Etienne, Estate of 133 1823

Suzeneau, Widow Pierre, Succession of 0 0

Swanson, Daniel, estate of 731 1833

Swanson, Daniel, succession of 677 1832

Sylva, Antonio Ignace, estate of 611 1832
Syndos, Aginor Syndos, P., exectutor of estate of 361 1826

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