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Records of the Disposition of Destitute Orphans

Transcription, 1892-1893

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
02/05/1892 Rosana Handley, Aunt of children 106 1/2 Erato St. Joseph Kelly 7 years old Mother dead - father incapable of taking care of them. Sent to St. Alphonsus Asylum, Febry 5/92.
Dennis Kelly 9 years old
03/15/1892 Jno. Journee, Capt. Commdg., 3rd precinct
Francis Crabert 10 Sent by Mrs. Hawkins, Matron of 3rd Prect. Station to St. Mary's Boys Orphan Asylum. Mother in destitute condition and in Charity Hospital.
Jno. Crabert 8
04/05/1892 Mrs. E. Schiff 53 Ursulines Henry Maas 19 years old Afflicted with leprosy. Mother being sent this date to Charity Hospital in charge of Dr. J. C. Beard.
11/21/1893 John Wilford Frechette and Julie Marie Cazeaux
Wilford Gellem 9 Records of Adoption. Said orphan Wilfred Gellem or Frichette [sic] was an inmate of St. Mary's Orphan Boy's Asylum, and was the son of the late Charles Gellem and Mary Frichette [sic] and a legitimate child thereof. Mr. J. W. Frichette [sic] the adopted parent is an uncle of the child. Act of adoption before Paul Louis Fourchy, Notary Public.

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