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Transcription, 1891

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
03/31/1891 Sisters-Mrs. E. Delavallade St. Elizabeth Asylum
211 Julia St.
Mollie Malone 15 Orphans sent to St. Elizabeth Asylum.
Katie Malone 14
07/06/1891 Miss Katie Aman, Aunt of child cor. Bayou St. John & Grand Route St. John Wilhemina Seelhortz 10 years old Bailey, Bayou St. John, opposite car station. She is unable to provide for the child's support & wishes her sent to an asylum. The Mayor sends her this day to the N.O. Female O. Asylum, Camp, Clio, & Prytania St. Mother & father both dead. Has been staying with her Aunt Mrs. Mary
[See also 02/05/90]
07/27/1891 Mrs. Jos. Busetil Barracks & Bourbon Jos. Jno. Busetel 7 Father dead. Mother unable to take charge of by reason of constantly working out. Sent to St. Mary’s Male Orphan Asylum.
08/03/1891 A. C. Gastin S.P. Central Station Marguritte Pusch 9 mos Father not known. Mother’s name Anna Pusch now residing at 248 Delord St. Babe in charge of one Mrs. Marguritte 275 St Peter St. Sent to St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum.
08/18/1891 Mrs. J. McMahon, (Aunt of the Child) 460 Chartres St. Geo. Howell 9 years old Father & mother dead. The aunt Mrs. McMahon unable to make provision for his maintenance. Sent to the St. Alphonse Asylum.
09/21/1891 Mrs. Levins cor. 4th & Prytania Philip Finnegan 12 months old Mother dead. Reputed father Wm Finnegan disclaims being the father & refuses to acknowledge or care for it. No relatives to care for it. Sent to St. Vincent’s Inft. O. Asylum, Race & Magazine.
12/15/1891 Sgt. Cooper Police Force Nameless A few days old Found in 7th Precinct by Sgt. Cooper. Sent to St. Vinct. Infant O. Asylum. Sgt. Cooper directed to turn over the above female infant to Mrs. Catharine Rachs residing at 754 Constance St. who will take charge of & raise same as if it were her own - Decbr. 16/91. Child subsequently proved to be colored & was sent to the La. Asylum, cor. Tonti and Hospital in which asylum she is being cared for.

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