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Transcription, 1890

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
02/05/1890 Mrs. Allen Shimorell Esplanade St. Car Station Wilamina Seelhorz 7 years old White female. Mother dead. No information relative to father. Has no relatives fit to take charge of child. Sent to Asylum cor. Race & Magazine. Child adopted March 22/90 by Miss Katie Aman as pr. Act of Adoptions before Paul Louis Fourshy under Act of General Assembly of La of 1872.
[See also 07/06/1891]
04/18/1890 J.P. Turegano, Officer or Police 14 Port St. Kate S. Turegano 1 years old Mother dead. Sent to the Poydras Asylum, cor. Magazine & Peters Avenue.
Lillie Turegano 6 years old
06/06/1890 Mrs. Leonce Nunez cor. Mandeville & Urquhart Thos. Victor Rapp 14 years old Father and mother dead. Has no relatives. Sent to St. Mary's Boys Male Asylym this date.
07/24/1890 Michael Gallagher 275 Tchoupitoulas Jno. Dunn 12 yrs Orphans. Sent to the St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum this date.
James Dunn 10 yrs
Wm. Dunn 8 yrs
09/09/1890 Conference of Charity
Mother of children Mary Irwin, aged 31 (jail)
223 St. Joseph St. Annie Irwin 6 yrs White and Catholic. Sent to the St. Vinct. Infant Orphan Asylum, cor. Race & Magazine.
Carrie Irwin 4 yrs

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