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Transcription, 1889

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
03/11/1889 Mrs. Julia Monroe cor. Girod & Baronne Frank Hanly 8 years old Mother and father dead--has no relations to care for him. Sent to the St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum, cor. Chartres & Mazant.
03/13/1889 Seraphina Esposito
Letter of A. L. Hennessy, Chief of Police
Marigny & Chartres Jph. Esposito 8 years old Father sent to Penitentiary for life. Mother unable to find employment with care of child. Boy sent to St. Mary's M. O. Asylum. Girl sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum
Rosina Esposito 5 years old
03/29/1889 Mary F. Gerard 274 Magazine St. Sarah Nelson or Nilson Nine or ten years old Mother about to be sent to the Penitentiary. Its father dead. Has no one to make provisions for its welfare. Sent to Society of Holy Family, cor. Esplanade & Rampart.
04/03/1889 Mrs. Adeline Johnson 315 Bagatelle Unknown 1 month old Mother & father dead. She has no relations to care for her. Sent to the Orphans of Louisiana Asylum, 410 Hospital St.
04/10/1889 Mrs. H. C. Melbourne, Sister of Danl. Collins cor. Freret & Josephine Danl. Collins 12 years old Mother and father both dead, has been staying with his sister, cor. Freret & Josephine who is unable to make provisions for his maintenance. Sent to Boys Asylum, cor. Dufossat & St. Charles Ave.
05/07/1889 Rosa Bell Lee 295 Dauphine St. Winston Lee 7 years old Father dead. Mother with care of an infant child cannot provide for them. Sent to the La. Asylum, corner of Tonti & Hospital.
Freddie Lee 3 years old
05/08/1889 Capt. Edwd. J. Donnelly 129 Enghein St. Quinetta Ramsey 4 Mother dead, father destitute and in hospital. Sent to La. Asylum, cor. Tonti & Hospital.
Nancy Ramsey 3
08/05/1889 Charles Adkins Henry Clay Ave., Ferry Jackson Adkins 9 Father & mother of these children dead. Bro. Chas. Adkins 19 years old. He is unable to provide for them. Sent to the 7th St. Prot. Orphans Home, August 6/89.
Solomon Adkins 7
09/18/1889 Mrs. E. Washington 353 Bienville St. Foundling About 3 months old Abandoned by its parents. Found cor. of Bienville & Dorgenois & by the Mayor committed to the guardianship of Mrs. Washington & to remain under her care & control until she is dispossessed of same by Judicial Process. And if so to be reimbursed by parties who may claim said child for the care & trouble and cost she may have incurred in caring for it.

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