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Transcription, 1880

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
01/03/1880 Anna Le Clerc 500 Royal Street Adelia Mary La Clerc 1 month old One month old female. Mother unable to find work with care of child. Father is an habitual drunkard. Mother will contribute to its support as she is able. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. Orphan Asylum. See P.B. #4 page 689
01/03/1880 Antonio Sarasessa [?] Annunciation No. 136 Pascales Cipro 3 yrs Male child. Mother & father both dead. Uncle who makes affidavit unable to provide for support of child. Sent to St. Mary's Boys Orphan Asylum. See P. B. #4 page 690.
02/28/1880 Margaret Brandlin Terpsichore & Liberty Mary G. Brandlin 5 months old. Female. Father paralyzed. Mother unable to procure employment with care of child. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum.
03/02/1880 E. Heath 116 Camp Street Charles Smith 5 months old. Abandoned at house 116 Camp St. Parents alledged [sic] to be dead. Female called at Mayor's Office for purpose of having child placed in Asylum. Mayor refused because party lived in Mississippi. She left Mayor's office & the result was as above stated. Party not since heard of. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft Asylum. See P. Book page 691.
03/16/1880 Sarah Duggan No. 64 Bourbon St. Lizzie Dugan 16 years of age The mother cannot control her & takes this step to try & reclaim her. She is now in parish prison and this request is to be made only at expention? of times for which she was committed. This is done at the earnest request of mother. (signed) Sarah Duggan. Permit Book #4 page 588
03/17/1880 Mrs. R. J. Peirce 91 Polynia [sic] St. Henry Rihan [?] 3 years old Mother Rosa Rehm has left this child with Mrs. Peirce and fails to make promise for its support. Sent to St. Vinct. Inf't Orphan Asylum. See Permit Book #4 page 589
04/10/1880 Mary Roberts Tchoupitoulas bet. St. Joseph & Julia Thos. Roberts 10 Mother resides on Tchoupitoulas St. bet St. Joseph and Julia. Is in a destitute condition. Sent to St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum on the recommendation of Pastor T. Heslin of St. Michaels Church, N. O. La. See letter P.B. #4 page 590. Request was made Oct 20/80 to deliver these children to their mother to be sent to Vicksburg. See P.B. folio 707. See remark on previous page, Permit Book #4 Page 692
John Roberts 4
Wm. Joseph Roberts 14 months old
05/03/1880 Mrs. J. Dunsmore 233 Canal St. Jessie [?] Morton 20 months old Mother, Jennise [?] Morton, in Texas. Residence of father not known. Child left with Mrs. J. Dunsmore more than a year ago. Mrs. D. has family of her own & unable to care for child. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum. See Letter Book #4 page 693
05/10/1880 Mrs. Wilamena Nelson 342 St. Thomas St. Foundling
Female. Left in a basket, between the hours of 5 & 6 a.m. on the 6th of May in the yard of Mrs. Nelson with a note signed stranger requesting that it be called Pearl and that it was born on the 7th of April 1880. Sent to St. Vinct. Inf't. Orphan Asylum. See Letter Permit Book #4 page 694
05/11/1880 Corp. Jno. Murphy 349 Erato St. Charlotte Augusta 10 yrs 10 years old - colored. Mother & father in Cincinnati. Has been brutally treated by her uncle. Sent to the House of the Good Shepherd.
Mrs. Thomasson 198 Thalia St. June Matilda Taylor
4 1/2 mos old female. Illegitmate child. Mother sick in Hospital & destitute. The child has no relatives or friends able to care for it. Sent to the St. Vinct. Inft Orphan Asylum. See Permit Book #4 page 696
05/19/1880 Mrs. Lou. Brewer 237 Canal Street Katie Mayes
14 months old. Mother of the child is dead. The father has left the city--abandoning the child--having made no provision for its support. The child was left with Mrs. Brewer who is unable to take charge of it. Sent to St. Vinct. Infant Orphan Asylum. See Permit Book #4 page 697
06/21/1880 Mrs. Anne Paddock 116 Washington St. Helen Paddock 6 Sent temporarily to N.O. Female Orphan Asylum. As soon as the St. Vinct. I. O. Asylum is free from scarlet fever to be sent there. See L.B. #4. page 698. The child James is too young. Not taken, the others received.
Mary Paddock 4
James Paddock (not taken) 17 mos
06/26/1880 Mrs. Mary Heisseman Portess Mc.Dough No. 3 School Emma Massett 16 mos old The Mother June 11th in the Charity Hospital Nothing is know relative to the father. See P.B. #4 Page 699. Sent to St. Vinct. O. Asylum.
07/27/1880 Thomas Vizard 108 1/2 Magnolia Street John Lucas 8 yrs Parents dead. Has no relative to care for him. Sent to the St. Joseph's German Orphan Asylum. See Permit Book #4 Folio 700.
08/18/1880 Frank Giblen 7 Music Street Geo. Pollis Case 3 yrs 3 years old. Mother and father dead. No relatives. Sent to the Vincent Infant O. Asylum. See Permit book #4, page 701.
09/07/1880 Joseph Kelly cor. Esplanade and Dauphine Josephine Jones 5 mos. 5 months old. Father supposed to be dead. Josephine Jones, the mother, resides on cor. Elysian Fields & Roman, is unable to maintain her child. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum this date. See Permit book #4, page 702.
10/20/1880 Mrs. Matilda Smith 130 Magnolia Street Anna Smith 4 mos. 4 months old. Mothers name Anna Smith - not married. The father of the child refuses to provide for its support. Mother unable to make provision for her support with the care of the infant. Sent to St. Vincent Infant O. Asylum. See Permit book #4, page 704.
10/22/1880 W. B. Stansbury 405 Constance St. Masousy 12 Girls Mother is sick in bed & is about to be sent to Hospital. Father dead & relatives if any unable to take care of her. Sent to St. Elizabeth Female Orphan Asylum cor Magazine and Josephine Streets. Permit book # 705. (Next lines written vertically over the two "How Disposed of" for the two Masousy children.) Letter given to Mother to have children returned to her. Mrs. Standbury of the Democrat Sent letter to Mayor requesting that this be done. See L.B. page 715.
10/22/1880 W. B. Stansbury 405 Constance St. Masousy 3 years old Facts same as above Sent to St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum. See P.B. Page 706.
10/28/1880 Miss Mina Behrman cor. Claiborne & Kerlereck Suabel
Boy one month old born in the Charity hospital. Mother sick and destitute. No father to claim it. Sent to St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum. See P.B. Page 710
11/01/1880 Mary Ellen Cobb 431 St. Peter Mary Ellen Lodius 2 wks Two weeks old. The mother Mary Ellen Cobb is unmarried. The father John B. Lodius refuses to support his child and is not in the city. The mother has to depend upon her labor upon his labor for a support & with the care of the child cannot procure work. Sent to St. Vinct. Infant O. Asylum. See Letters in P. B. page 712.
11/06/1880 V. [N?] C. Merwin cor. Delechaise & Carondelet Virginia Brandon 1 1/2 yrs 1 1/2 years old. Father not living. Mother in destitute circumstances. Child has no relatives to care for him. Sent to the Asylum on 7th St. see P. B. page 713.
11/15/1880 Kate O'Connell 324 Bienville St. Mary Francis Hayden 7 mos 7 mos old. Father of the child is dead. Mother being a working woman cannot get employment with the care of the child. Sent to St. Vincent Infant O. Asylum see P. B. #4 page 716.
11/30/1880 Mrs. Mary Smythe 285 Girod Street Martin Galagher 3 wks Three weeks old. Mother living in a destitute condition; just out of the hospital. The child is illegitimate. Its father refuses to make provisions for its support. He has no relatives who will care for it. Sent to St. Vincent's Infant Orphan Asylum. See P. B. #4 page 717.
12/29/1880 Eliza Grazil cor. Claiborne & Clio Anne Hutchinson 7 yrs 7 yrs old. Deserted by its parents. The party having same in possession is no relative and is unable to maintain it. Sent to Louisiana Asylum. See P.B. page 718.

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