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Transcription, 1879

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
02/07/1879 Miss Victorine Laszir 348 Commons St. Veronica Allens 4 wks Sent Feb. 7 to the St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum This female child was abandoned by its mother. She left the child with Miss Laizir promising in a short time to call and take her child. She alledged [sic] that she was from the Atchafalia [sic]. That was about two weeks prior to this date. She has never returned and Miss Laszir having no interest in the same has requested that she be placed in the St. Vinct. Inf's Orphan Asylum which has been done this day.
03/07/1879 Susan Owens Cor. Carondelet & Lafayette No Name 2 yrs Colored child left with her by Capt. Bachemin. She is unable to keep the child. Mother is in the insane asylum, has no father. Sent to Louisiana Asylum.
04/09/1877 Mrs. Lena Adams No. 75 St. Ann St. No Name
Male child born 25th of March. Mother named Mrs. Marie Freasina*, Father of child not known, was left with Mrs. Adam--but the mother has never returned. Sent by direction of Mayor to St. Vinct. Inf's Orphan Asylum.
04/24/1879 Mary Schlunker 3d & Cambronne Carrollton John Schlunker 8 wks Sent to St. Vinct Inf's Orphan Asylum. Child was left for a few moments with old colored woman named Courtney Street. The person leaving it never returned. Courtney Street resides 3d & Cambronne Carrollton.
05/24/1879 Maggie Egan 169 Dryades Street Ida Elizabeth Gauche 6 mos Sent to St. Vincent's Infant Orphan Asylum. Otto Gauche is father of child. Refuses to do anything for child. Mother is compelled to work for a living and cannot get a place with child. She is very young & this case seems a peculiarly hard one.
05/24/1879 Christine Johnson 230 Canal Street Charley Johnson 8 mos Sent to St. Mary's M.O. Asylum. Husband of mother dead & mother unable to support child. The above facts are gathered from Mrs. E. Berry residing 230 Canal. The child being too young was sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum instead of St. Mary's.
05/26/1879 Annie Fleming Julia between Rampart and Basin Mary 4 mos Sent to St. Vincent Orphan Asylum. Mother young and unmarried, alledges [sic] that she is without means. Father refuses to support same.
05/30/1879 Andrew J Dunn 42 Calliope Street Henry McManus 10 Orphan, no relatives to take charge of him. Sent to St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum.
06/17/1879 Caroline Miller 177 St. Ann Street Emma Mahu 6 wks Born in hospital. Mother not married. She states that one Henry Maher is its father. The mother is weak in mind and unfit to take charge of child. Sent to St. Vinct Inft O. Asylum.
06/24/1879 W. J. McGeehan 352 Second St. F. J. Heutzles 60 [69?] Old infirm. Pauline crippled & weak minded. Sent to the Little Sisters of the Poor being without friends and helpless. Old man taken - neice [sic] not. Sent to House of Good Shepherd.
08/14/1879 Sergt Rowley
Markey Caulfield 10 Sent to St. Marys Orphan Boys Asylum. Mother habitual drunkard.
Martin Caulfield 7
08/14/1879 Mrs. Rapp 492 Poydras Galvez & Johnson Edward Rapp 1 8.0 mos [1 yr 8 mos.?] Sent to St. Vincents Infant Orphan Asylum. Illegitimate child of Andrew Kessler & Caroline Rapp, abandoned by mother and father.
08/15/1879 Rachel Ernst 57 Rousseau (Alan Williams) Not christened 3 mos Sent to St. Vincent Inft's O. Asylum. Child illegitimate. No means of support, mother not propler person to take charge of child.
08/21/1879 Judge Mietenberger 2nd Recorders Court Frank Pearce 7 Sent to St. Marys Boys Asylum. Mother in hospital, prostitute by profession.
08/25/1879 Annie Whitmore 291 Jackson St. Eddy Martinez
1 1/2 years old. Illegitimate child. Father of the child named Eddie Martinez, who has abandoned it. Mother unable to support it hence sent to St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum. See Letters Book #4 page 667.
08/27/1879 Philemina Gentry
Mother Rec'd By Mr. S. D. Cross 130 South Rampart St.
No. 20 Magnolia St. Mary Agnes Gentry 4 1/2 yrs The father of these children is dead. The mother is unable to support them. They have no relatives to care for them. Mrs. S. D. Cross vouches for the truth of the statement of the mother and her utter inability to support them. Hence the Mayor has sent them to the St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum. Permit Book #4 page 668.
Lotty Gentry 19 mos
08/29/1879 Mary Lahy Tchoupitoulas Street between Gravier & Erato. Resides with her mother Jane Lahy 1 mo old Mother unable to support the child, cannot get work. As soon as she can get work she will contribute something monthly to its support at the St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum. # 4 Pg. 669.
09/02/1879 Victoria Smith
20 years old
From Hospital Edward Dryer 3 wks old The name of the reputed father is Peter Dryer, lives on Laurel St. between 8th & 9th. The name of mother is Victoria Smith. Child Illegitimate. The father refuses to give anything to its support. Permit Book No. 4 page 670. Sent to St. Vinct Infant Orphan Asylum.
09/04/1879 Margaret Cassi
27 years old
Resides at Wm Maquer's [?], 336 Delord St. Mary Ellen Burke 2 wks old Child illegitimate. Reputed father of this child Jno. Burke, doing business at Mr. Kern's Dry Good Store between Poydras & Perdido on Baronne St. He refuses to care for the child or assist the mother in its support. The mother cannot find employment with care of child & hence the same is sent to the St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum. See Permit book #4 page 671.
09/24/1879 Mrs. Johanna Bohn
32 years old
77 Gasquet Street Wm Bolin 8 yrs Page 672 Permit Book 4. Sent to St. Vincents Home for Boys 371 Bienville Street. Father of the child dead. Mother unable to provide for his support.
10/02/1879 Henry Thoman Name of mother Josephine Seither resides with Henry Thoman, Elmyra & Dauphine Catharine Seiter [sic] 9 mos Sent to St. Vincent Inft. O. Asylum. Father of child is dead & mother unable to make provision for is support. See Permit Book #4, page 673.
10/06/1879 Mrs. E. L. Fogle - Blind Mrs. Mary Worthington
St. Ann's Asylum (destitute)

Sent to Institution for the Blind, Baton Rouge, LA. See Letter Book Oct. 6/79. P. Lane, Principal of Institution.
10/11/1879 Jno. Fitzpatrick 217 South Rampart St. Henrietta Kippers 7 N.O. Female Orphan Asylum
Wm. Kippers 9 St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum. On the 20th Sept. Wm. Kippers sent to St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum.
Henry Lyons Kippers 5 St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum

Mother of the above children dead. Father very poor and afflicted with paralysis so as to render him unable to support them. See P.B. #4 page 674 & 675. Order given June 18,1880 to Mrs. Southmayd to deliver these children to her to be sent to their aunt, Mrs. L. M. Anderson, Cuba, La. L.B. 207 & 208.
11/08/1879 Mrs. Ann Barrett 303 Liberty St. Henry Belcher 3 St. Vincent Infant O. Asylum-- Parents of child unknown. The person in whose charge it was in is no relation & utterly unable to make provisions for its support.
11/11/1879 Ellen Haggerty, Aunt of child Resides in St. Tamany [sic] Parish, Mandeville Louis Marzous [?] 2 wks Mother and father dead. No relatives able to care for it. Sent to St. Vinct. Infant Orphan Asylum. page 697 Permit book No. 4
11/13/1879 Mrs. M. Johnston Resides St. Mary near Chippewa J. Johnson 3 mos Father dead, mother unable to give it proper care -- sent to St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum - page 678 Permit book 4.
Prualer [This note was written in pencil in the left margin.]
11/17/1879 Amelia Duiker No Home Mary Magdalene 13 days Mother unmarried. Child deserted by its father. He has gone on ship. Name of ship not known. Mother has no home. Child born in Charity Hospital Nov. 4, 1879. See P.P. page 679.
11/24/1879 Louisa Frayback No. 50 Conti Street Louis Jelin [?] 8 wks The mother unmarried. The father Aristid Montenati residing in city refuses to support child. Mother with child unable to earn a living. Sent to St. Vinct. Infts O. Asylum. See Permit Book #4 page 680.
11/25/1879 Elizabeth Switzer 428 Common St. John Burnside Galagher 4 wks Mother died. Father worthless. No relatives able to provide for it. Sent to St. Vincent's Inf's O. Asylum. See permit book #4, page 681.
11/27/1879 Anna Borges Cor. Baronne & Delord Rose Loretta Hunt 2 wks Mother unmarried. Jasper Hunt the alledged [sic] father will not support child. Mother unable to find employment with care of child. No relatives to assist her. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. Orphan Asylum. Permit Book #4 page 682.
12/03/1879 Mrs. Bridget Casey 168 Tonti Street Mary Casey 1 mo One month old. Mother dead. Father in St. Louis but makes no provisions for its support. Her Aunt who makes this statement is unable to make provisions for its care. Sent to St. Vinct. Inf's O. Asylum See Permit book #4 page 683.
12/08/1879 Mrs. Winney Kasio 62 Girod Street Josephine Bergomoney [?] 7 mos old 7 months old. Left with Mrs. K about 6 months ago by mother. She has not been heard of or seen since. Does not know whether father is living or not. Mrs. K is not a relative & is unable to take charge of child longer. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum. See Permit Book #4 page 685.
12/17/1879 Mde. Arthur Cousin
Ann Luella Burk
44 Conti St. Arthur Cousin
Male child nine months old. Father dead. Mother unable to find employment with care of child. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum. See Permit book #4 page 686.
12/23/1879 Ann Cunningham cor. Peter & Bouny St. Algiers Nameless Boy
11 days old. Wm. Hanley of Algiers said to be the father. He refuses to care for it & the mother who is unmarried is unable to find employment with the care of the child. See Permit book #4 page 814.
12/30/1879 Frank Romer 238 Charters Street Virginia Burns
3 years old. Mother dead. Father in the country & very poor. This female child has been left on the streets & taken afterwards to house of person making affidavit. He has four children of his own and cannot make provision for the child's support. Sent to Mt. Carmel Asylum, 53 Piety St. See P.B. # 687.
12/30/1879 Emma Hill cor. Washington & French Walter Hill
4 months old. Father dead. Mother cannot earn a living with the care of the child. Sent to St. Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum. See P.B. # 4 Pg. 688.

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