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Transcription, 1878

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affid*avit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
02/02/1878 Marie Rose Boulet 343 Jackson 4th dist. Rose Delamars Boulet 19 yrs Sent to House of Good Shepherd for purpose of reclaiming her. This action had at request of her mother.
02/19/1878 Margaret Williams Hospital St. 442 Eddie 7 No father or mother living and has no relatives to care for it. Sent to Ladies of Providence. See L.B. Filio 586 Permit book No. 4. The Ladies of of Providence. See L.B. Filio 586 Permit book No. 4. The Ladies of Providence having refused to receive said child and Mrs. Jane Edwards residing on Dorgenois St (her husband Jno. Edwards consenting) having agreed to take the child & provide for it as if it was her own, said child is committed to her care and guardianship.
04/03/1878 Capt. O'Neil 5th prect. 5th Prect. Nellie Mack 8 Picked up in streets and sent to 5th Prect. station. Neither have relatives, brother & sister. The boy sent to St. Mary's Orphan Boy's Asylum and the girl sent to Female O. Asylum of Immaculate Conception.
Willie Mack 4
04/22/1878 Capt. W. H. Manning 1st precinct Foundling 18 days Parents unknown--Sent to St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum
[The following statement appears on a single page of the volume between the entries above and below]

Mayoralty of New Orleans
City Hall May 30,1878

I, Emma Hawkins, formerly residing in the City of Memphis, State of Tennessee, but now as resident of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, being in indigent circumstances and without the means to support my infant child Harry Handley; and Mrs. Emma Bernias of the City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, having proposed to me to take the said child & raise it as her own, providing properly for its wants, I hereby place the said child entirely under her guardianship and authority until he shall arrive at the age of manhood. In proof of which I hereby, in the presence of witnesses sign my name to the foregoing voluntary declaration.

Emma Handley

E. L. Barnes
Thad Waterman

I certify that the foregoing declaration was made voluntarily in the Mayor's office on the day and dates above written & that prior to signing the same she exhibited to me the certificate of A. Johnson, Clerk of Charity Hospital that said Emma Handley was delivered of a male child in same Hospital on May 8, 1878. E. L. Bower,
Chief Clerk

07/20/1878 Mrs. Williams No. 80 1/2 Gasquet St Nameless 12 dys Sent to St. Vincent's Infant Orphan Asylum
08/03/1878 Fanny Ball Magnolia St. near cor. of Gravier Foundling 3 or 4 dys Sent to St. Vincent's Infant Orphan Asylum
08/22/1878 Geo. Warden 290 Poydras St. Nameless Mary Vincent [name apparently added later] 12 dys Sent to St. Vinct Inft O. Asylum. Mother died at 292 Poydras St. Aug. 12/78 Has no father or relations
08/26/1878 Petro Bertill Work House James Mooney 6 yrs Sent to St Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum. Without friends to care for them.
John Mooney 4 yrs
Joseph Mooney 2 1/2
10/05/1878 Wm. Clifford 113 St. Joseph St. Eddie Clifford 5 mos Sent to St Vinct. Inft. O. Asylum. Mother dead. Father ulterly destitute. Rec'd by Thos. J. Rapier
12/03/1878 Wm. Beleu de Miranda 518 Magazine St. Columbia Lopez 5 yrs Orphan - no relations - sent to Asylum Immaculate Conception or Convent of the Holy Cross. Afterwards changed to St. Vincent's Home, cor Race & Magazine

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