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Transcription, 1877

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affid*avit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
01/19/1877 Mrs. Kate Lemmons No. 445 Fourth St. Walter Labbee 4 mos St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum. Mother and father abandoned child. Has no relatives. See P.B. No 4 pages [sic]
03/22/1877 Virginia Anderson 74 Gaiennie St ---- Spencer 5 mos Sent to Ladies of Providence cor Esplanade & Miro Mother named Betsy Spencer. Sent to Insane Asylum Feb. 23/77. Has no relatives or friends. Was taken to Central Station by Virginia Anderson.
05/31/1877 Ellen Wilson Near the boundary line of Parish of St. Bernard, towards the swamp. Has been but a short time in N.O. Foundling 5 dys Sent to the St. Vincent Inft. Orphan Asylum. Note from Father Moynahan date May 31
05/18/1877 T. O.Neil Capt. of Police 5th Prect. Male Monaghan 2 1/2 yrs Father in Parish Prison on charge of kidnapping - children in destitute condition. Sent to St. Vinct Inft O. Asylum. The father acquitted of charges June 14/77 and order sent to deliver children to him. See L.B. date 15/77 page 418. Ellen Ling Monahan age 6 years, having been picked up at the Lake End was again sent to asylum July 27/77.
Female Monaghan 4
Female Monaghan 6
07/31/1877 L. Adams 400 Bienville St. Sidney Bienveno 13 yrs Orphan - Sent to St. Vincent Home for Boys
08/16/1877 Gabriel Prats cor. of Chartres & St. Ann Antonine Frecheda 7 Orphan - Sent to Inft. O. Asylum
Pauline Henrietta Frecheda 5 1/2
Lydia Octave Frecheda 3
09/1877 O'Rourke Sergeant, 1st Precinct Florence Elenora St Clair 18 yrs Orphan - Sent to House of the Good Shepherd, Sept. 6, 1877
10/06/1877 Mary Papiana Corner Spain & Claiborne Josephine Robertson 13 Sent to House of Good Shepherd; See Letter Book 582, Book No. 4
12/06/1877 B. A. McDonogh Aid to Chief Sarah Ruiz 9 Sent to N.O.F.O. Asylum
12/29/1877 Mary Carrico, Widow 56 1/2 Villere St. Mary Louise Camis 14 yrs Sent to House of Good Shepherd. The grandmother alleging that the character of girl will be ruined unless this step is taken. Permit book #4 pg. 583

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