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Records of the Disposition of Destitute Orphans

Transcription, 1876

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
1/28/1876 Dr. J.P. Cooper, City Physician 3 colored children Doll about 8 yrs male Ladies of Providence, cor. Esplanade and Tonti
Doll about 11 yrs male
Doll about 5 yrs femle Louisiana Asylum, cor. Tonti & Hospital. The mother was sent to Insane Asylum and the whereabouts of the father is unknown
3/27/1876 Capt. J.H. Lawles, Met. Police One (1) male infant colored, foundling about 15 months old, found on steps of Blaffes building on Canal Street Unknown 15 mos Returned to the mother, Josephine Smith, col'd, 34 Burgundy St., March 31/76 if her statement should be satisfactory to the Asylum
One (1) female infant age about 2 months. Found at same place as above colored 2 mos
4/1/1876 Thos. Green No. 493 Barrone Betsy McCaffery 65 yrs An aged woman destitute and without, relatives to care for her. Sent to the Asylum of the Little Sisters of the Poor with request that she be admitted as an inmate as soon as the Asylum can possibly do so. See L.B. page 564 Permit book No. 4
4/3/1876 Melle Celine Gally 148 Rue St. Pierre Morgan Fazenda 8 yrs Sent to the St. Vincent Home for boys, Father of child is dead, the mother has five children. She in a destitute condition and it is a matter of charity to send this child to an Asylum. See Permit book 4. By direction of the Mayor
4/7/1876 Margaret Kipke, mother Mrs. Poncher Goodchildren bet Montegut & Clouet Adeline Mintz. Copy book of #566 2 years Sent to St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum. Father of child is dead. Its mother is sick and obliged to go to the hospital. Will take the child again when she has returned By direction of the Mayor
5/1/1876 Mrs. W. Monaghan 170 Josephine Street Barbara Hoffmann
78 years old in destitute circumstances and without any friends to make provisions for her support. Sent to Asylum of Little Sisters of the Poor with request that the merits of her case be inquired into and if worthy admitted if Asylum can conveniently do so. P.B. No. 4 Page 567
7/5/1876 Webster Long, 3d Municipal Court
Maggie Dee
14 years old, simple in mind and deserted by her parents. She is utterly unable to take care of herself and has no friends to care for or take charge of her. Sent to House of Good Shephard with request that if possible she be received into said Institution. See P.Book No. 4 Page 569
7/10/1876 Mrs. F. Lehman No. 46 Melpomeme St. Cecilla Lehman 17 yrs Sent to the House of the Good Shepherd through the request of her mother with the view of reclaiming her from her evil ways. See P.B. No 4 Page 570
10/27/1876 Jacob Gray -- Met. Capt. 1st Precinct 122 Carondelet St. Jno. Jenson 4 yrs St. Vincent Infant O. Asylum. Mother found dead in her house, the father arrested and put in prison, charged with crime of murder. Neither parents have any relatives to take charge of the children. See P.B. No 4, Page 572
Katie Jenson 11 mos

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