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Transcription, 1875

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
1/6/1875 F. Dankel, F. Philips, & Emma Beder 144 Chartres St Fridolin Zweifel 6 yrs German Protestant Orphan Asylum
Catherine Zweifel 5 yrs
1/9/1875 Clara Barker, Mother, Mrs. Nora Henniks No. 83 Josephine St Mary Joseph Barker 21 days (male) St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum
2/20/1875 Corporal Wm. Carlton Suburban Precinct Mary Jane Wilson 5 yrs House Good Shepherd. These children are fatherless & mother dying with consumption, was sent to Charity Hospital
Florence Wilson (sisters) 3 yrs
2/20/1875 Mrs. A. H. Lambert, Aunt No 619 Tchoupitoulas St Charles Cornelius Lambert 2 mos & 20 dys St. Vincent Orphan Asylum. Mother dead; father absent from the state
2/22/1875 Mary Ellen, Child's Aunt Tangipahoa, LA Elizabeth Henry 1 mo St. Vincent Orphan Asylum. (Father & mother dead)
2/23/1875 Mary McCabe No 5 Euterpe St Harry Hart 6 mos Protestant Orphan Home -- Cor. 7th & Constance. Mother sick & father 4 mths absent not heard from
3/1/1875 Mr. R. S. Hegrard 76 Gasquet Geo Farrel 12 yrs St. Vincents Home for Boys. Pineville St. Father dead & mother unable to provide for them.
Wm Farrel 8
3/1/1875 Francois Laspals, Mother Pa. Plaquemine Jean Gadet Laspals 2 mos St. Vincent Orphan Asylum. Father dead & mother has three other children to support.
3/2/1875 Annie Labela cor. Ursuline & Old Levee Annette Antonio 5 1/2 yrs St. Vincent Orphan Asylum---Mother dead; father sick and destitute. Has six other children to support besides these two.
Sarah Antonio 3 1/2 yrs
3/8/1875 Fanny Northern No Home Willy Northern 3 mos Sent to St. Vinct Orphan Asylum
3/10/1875 Capt. Joseph, Met. Police Third Dist.Station Unknown Male Infant -- Supposed born last night-St. Vincent Orphan Asylum Found in Macarty Square by the police
3/13/1875 Louis Prieur Bienville St. bet Randon [sic] & Hagan Avenue No Name 10 dys St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum
3/25/1875 W. L. Evans Judge 1st M. P. Court Jno. Crowley 3 yrs & 4 mos old Sent to St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum
4/16/1875 Mrs. L. Boone Jackson & White Sts. Unknown (Male)
St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum said child having been found by her on her gallery on the night of the 15th April/75
4/17/1875 Revd. Jack Manorilla, Pastor Italian Cath. Church cor. Basin & Conti Vincent Del Bono 5 mos Dr. John Del Orts, certifies that the mother has been insane for some years, father is too destitute to support the child. Sent to St. Vincents Inft. Orphan Asylum
4/19/1875 Mrs. D. Kellon Peter & Bartholomew Sts. (Algiers) Nellie McGraw 10 yrs Sent to New Orleans Female O. A. (Mother gone to the country) for a term of two months to pay at the rate of $5.00 per month and then to be taken out. Sent here by "Margaret"
Maggie McGraw 6 yrs
4/19/1875 Mrs. E. Danon Julia & Commerce James Danon 6 yrs Sent to the St. Mary's Orphan Boy's Asylum. Their mother not be able at present to take care of them. Father Dead.
Wm. Danon 4 yrs
5/3/1875 Edmund Kennedy No. 96 Notre Dame St. Mary Ellen Busey 10 yrs St. Elizabeth F.O. Asylum
5/8/1875 Wid. __rie Messonnier No. 286 Roman St. Mary Lebonne 25 dys St. Vincent's Infant Orphan Asylum. Mother dead & father unknown.
6/10/1875 Lady Managers of Poydras Asylum (Permit book No. 4-see copy) Magazine & Peters Ave. Sixth District Ellen Kelly 11 Sent to the House of the Good Shepherd at the request of Lady Managers the said children being unmanageable.
Kate Voorhies 12
Kate O'Neal 11
6/25/1875 James Quinn through admit D. McCarthy. See permit book No 4 folio 542 St. Andrew Street Michael Clark 6 1/2 Sent to St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum corner of Chartres & Mazant upon statement made by Admr. of Police, D. McCarthy. Mr. Quinn is a cousin of the child but having several children of his own is unable to keep the child.
6/25/1875 Dr. A. C. Holt for Managers Lady's Poydras Asylum 242 Felicity St. Bertha Guth 14 Sent to House of Good Shepherd on account of being incorrigible. She was taken out of asylum by Dr. Holt and not only robbed House but attempted to fire it. See Permit book No 4 Folio 543
6/28/1875 Mrs. Mary Walker In great distress & unable to procure work with child Euterpe between Camp & Magazine Maggie Walker 3 1/2 Sent to the St. Vinct's Infant Orphan Asylum upon the recommendation of P.M.L. Cossrudier, Pastor of St. Theresa Church
7/5/1875 Jane Roach; application on file, pigeon hole of July. See letter addressed to Lady Superior in Permit Book No 4, pg 546 Corner of New Levee & Girod Mary Roach, age 8 months 8 mos Sent to St. Vinct Inft Orphan Asylum. Husband has absented himself for two years. Mother a laboring woman unable to find employment with child.
7/21/1875 Sophie Blancq 750 Love Street Joseph Montamal 11 St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum. Born of Fernand and Asterio Montamat both deceased. Relatives living very poor, & unable to provide for the child. Placed in Asylum upon the in Asylum copied in permit book No. 4 Page 550.
7/21/1875 Jas. H. Flynn cor. Galvez & Gravier Mary Agnes Flynn 7 New Orleans Female Orphan Asylum recommendation of Louis A. Shultz and J. E. Jarreau. Order placing same. Mother dead. Father out of employment, can procure labor in the country without the child. Will take it from the Asylum as soon as he can do so when times improve. His application is recommended by S.M. Higgins, Chairman Relief Association
8/26/1875 Sarah W. Hanna, Missionary Christ Church cor. Third & Annunciation, St. John's Church Wm. Reid 8 mos old Sent to St. Vincent Inft O. Asylum. Mother & father dead--Grandfather living but so destitute as to be unable to care for the child. See Permit book # 4 page 553 for order placing child in Asylum.
9/8/1875 Laura Schoeder No. 320 Ursuline Srreet Edw. Paul 11 mos old Sent to St. Vincent Inft Orphan Asylum. The mother of the child aged 21, deceived by a person under promise of marriage. She seems like a modest woman and being without friends is unable with the child to find employment. See Permit book No 4 page 554.
9/23/1875 Wm. R. K. Higgins 64 Race Street Emma Higgins, 28 yrs old - Wife of party making affidavit.
She is always drunk and a terror to her children. Sent at request of the Adm of Police to the House of the Good Shepherd under hope that by being there under restraints for several months she may reform. See Permit Book No. 4 page 556.
10/5/1875 C. Sabuzau, Corporal 2nd Precinct Metropolitan Police Station Name Unknown one week old Found in a market basket at the corner of Howard and Erato St. at 6 a.m. Oct. 5 by Patrick J. Gashick No. 84 2nd Precinct. Foundling sent to St. Vinct Inft O. Asylum. See page 557, Permit book No. 4
11/25/1875 Wm. Brown 91 Rocheblave St. Unknown 2 mos Mother left child at house of said Brown promising to return and take it. More than 3 weeks have elapsed and the mother has not made her appearance. Brown and wife are poor colored persons & unable to keep & care for the said white infant. He has made affidavit to these facts see his statement page 560 Permit Book No 4 *
* [Note pasted to page on which entry for Wm. Brown appears]

NEW ORLEANS, November 25th 1875

I Wm Brown of the City of New Orleans solemnly aver that about three weeks ago a white lady, name unknown, left at my home a white male child, about two months old, promising to return the same day and take possession of the said child. She has never returned, and said male white infant is now in our possession. I am a poor colored man and utterly unable to keep and provide for the said child, and therefore request the Hon. C. J. Leeds, Mayor of the city of New Orleans to grant me an order by which said white male infant may be placed in one of the Asylums of the city. In attestation of the foregoing facts I hereunto affirm my mark, being unable to sign my name.

X Brown

E.L. Bower

[Note pasted to opposite page]

Mrs. Roudanez Presdt. [?]

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