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Transcription, 1868

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
05/11/1868 Anita Stevens No 15 Franklin William Stevens 15 yrs Orphan Home Society
05/11/1868 Mrs. Mary Coyle Corner Notre Dame & Magazine Margaret Coyle & Mary Ann Coy 6 & 10 yrs New Orleans Female Orphan Asylum
05/12/1868 Ms. Catherine Caherns No 485 Bachus Street Anna 6 wks St. Vincent Infant Asylum
05/15/1868 Mrs. Mary McDonogh Cor Melpomene between Bachus & Carondelet Mary McDonogh 2 mos St. Vincent Infant Asylum
05/22/1868 Alexander Scott Corner of Magazine & Delord Alexander & Dennis 7 & 10 yrs Orphan's Home corner of 6th & Constance
06/17/1868 Mrs. Joseph Woadack Poydras St bet Bolivar & Bertrand Thomas Jarbon 8 St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum
06/30/1868 Mrs. Mary Latour 227 Poydras St Joseph (3) & Jno (8) Latour 3 & 8 St. Vincent's Home for Boys 371 Bienville St
Marie Latour 11 St. Elizabeth's Female Orphan Asylum corner Magazine & Josephine, New Orleans
[Not clear whether "New Orleans" goes with this entry or one before]
07/11/1868 Mrs. Eunice O'Malley 87 Franklin St John O'Maley 8 St. Mary's Male Orphan Asylum
07/17/1868 Mrs. H. McDonnell 212 Marigny Street Mary McDonnell 5 wks St. Vincent Orphan Asylum
07/22/1868 Chas Monyhan Sailor - No regular home at present Mary, Katie & Adele Monyhan 6 [1?], 8 & 12 yr St. Elizabeth's F. O. Asylum
07/22/1868 Catherine Murphy Magazine St - Number not known Poor Widow
St. Anne's Asylum
07/27/1868 Mrs. Anna Hoffman Mandeville St. bet. Josephine & Solidel [sic] Theresa Heinz 7 mos St. Vincent Infant O. Asylum
07/28/1868 Bridget O'Brien 130 Julia Street Mary E. Werille [Spelling of surname is questionable] 4 mos St. Vincent Infant O. Asylum
08/18/1868 H. T. Hill 274 Girod St Ella Ford 12 yrs St. Elizabeth's F. O. Asylum
08/26/1868 Mrs. Pierre Keller None
47 Sent to Widow's Home
08/31/1868 Mrs Baker None
54 Sent to Widow's Home
09/01/1868 Sallie Jackson for F.Dennis Rampart bet. Conti & Canal Wm. Jackson 4 dys Sent to St. Vincent's Infant Orphan Asylum
09/03/1868 Mrs. Gleason None

Sent to Widows Home
09/16/1868 Jerald [?] Farrell 453 Carondelet St. Soffonia Byrnes 11 mos Sent to St. Vincents Infant O. Asylum
09/18/1868 Rosalie Jevinie 133 Perdido Street George Dennis 5 yrs Sent to St. Vincent Home for Boys
09/18/1868 Miss Leggett
Katie Korbaloski
[Might be Korbeloski]
11 Sent to Elizabeth Asylum

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