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Transcription, 1864

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
1/14/1864 Mrs. Schrider Josephine St. bet. Clara and Magnolia Pauline Hatruck 3 wks St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum
1/31/1864 Chas. Leaumont Recorder Second District Ire McGill 7yrs Orphan Home corner 7th and Constance
1/31/1864 Elizabeth Devine No 144 Hospital St. Andrew Devine 7yrs St. Mary's Catholic Orphan Boys Asylum
2/1/1864 C. W. West Boys House Refuge Isaac Farley
Male Orphan Aslyum, Naiades St. Was ____ in city
2/23/1864 Mrs. Delia Smiste Villere St. bet. Gasguet & Common Chas. Robinson 10 yrs St. Mary's Catholic Orphan Asylum
Walter Robinson 7yrs St. Mary's Catholic Orphan Asylum
2/24/1864 Mrs. Margaret Mallony cor. Conti & Burgundy Mary Mallony 4 1/2 yrs St. Vincent Infant Asylum
James Mallony 6 mos Orphan Home, cor. Constance & 7th Sts.
3/7/1864 Mrs. Jane Mcguire 138 Clio St. Chas. Mcguire 4 yrs Male Orphan Aslyum
Geo. Mcquire 2 yrs Male Orphan Aslyum
3/17/1864 Seger Geralgat Bienville bet Treme & Marais Paul Jerrol 8yrs St. Mary's Catholic Orphan Asylum
Jule Jerrol 12 yrs
3/19/1864 Adam Buckhert -------- Laline Jost 10 yrs St. Joseph German Orphan Asylum
Edward Jost 9 yrs
Anton Jost 7 yrs
Augustine Jost 5 yrs
Katrine Jost 3 yrs
Anne Jost 2 yrs
3/22/1864 Susan McCabe per H. M. Summers New Orleans Jerry McCabe 9 yrs Male Orphan Asylum Naiades St.
3/26/1864 Mrs. Davis No. 22 Basin St. Mary Neal 14 yrs St. Elizabeth House of Industry
Thomas Neal 5 yrs St. Mary's Catholic Asylum
3/31/1864 Mrs. Catherine Foster No. 451 Tchoupitoulas Milton Foster 7 yrs Orphans Home cor. 7th & Constance St.
Charles Foster 5 yrs
4/2/1864 Mrs. Richardson Widows Home William Estello 10 yrs Male Orphan Asylum
John McDonald 10 yrs
4/4/1864 Mary Chartres No. 116 Toulouse Margaret Chartres 10 yrs Female Orphan Asylum cor. Camp & Prytania
Ann Chartres 8 yrs
4/6/1864 Mrs. Richardson Widows Home Augusta Hinckle 3 1/2 Poydras Orphan Asylum
Mary Hinckle 17 mos
4/7/1864 Adolphe Newhouse cor. Melpomene & Liberty James Lovelett 8 1/2 yrs Male Orphan Asylum Geor. Burns Supr.
4/25/1864 Mrs. Elizabeth Bracken cor. Dryades & Josephine John Conden 6 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum - 3rd Dist.
5/3/1864 Mary Curran Orleans St. 247 Annie Curran 5 yrs Orphans Home 7th & Constance
5/31/1864 Mrs. Richardson Home of Aged & Indigent Cassandra E. Sirwan 6 yrs St. Vincent Orphan Asylum
Nancy A. Sirwan 8 yrs
John Camp 3 yrs Childrens Home No. 345 Chartres St.
Children of Louis Camp of Alexandria Refugees
Wm. Wesley Camp 8 yrs
Anthony Camp 6 yrs
Sarah Elisabeth Camp 4 yrs
6/6/1864 Thomas Sullivan cor. St. Anne & Claiborne Sts. Hugh Sullivan 8 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
6/27/1864 Antonio Pigerie 525 Camp St. Infant Girl of Miss Rose Bernard 2 wks St. Vincent Infant Asylum, cor. Race & Magazine
6/28/1864 From Childrens Home Moreau St. Mark Anthony Porter 10 yrs Orphans Home cor. 7th & Constance
6/29/1864 Catherine Claymore No. 130 Exchange Alley Infant of Mad Weber -- St. Mary's Orphan Asylum. Null and Void - July 1st Mad Weber claimed her child
7/26/1864 Mrs. Smith [?] Lakeman No. 14 Villere St. William Lakeman 13 yrs Male Orphan Asylum, Jeff City
7/28/1864 Mrs. Ann Ford No. 64 Cypress St. Thomas Gafney 18 mos St. Mary's Boys Orphan Asylum
8/6/1864 Annie Casey Phillippa bet. Triton walk & Julia Margaret Casey 9 yrs St. Elizabeth Asylum

-- See Mrs. Boyd 157 Carondelet

8/9/1864 Mrs. Margaret Dawson No. 12 Annunciation St. Mary Ann Dawson 9 yrs Female Orphan cor. Camp and Prytania
Jeannette Dawson 7 yrs
8/15/1864 Mrs. Sarah Haley New Levee St. bet. Gaiennie & Delord Michael Allen 6 yrs Male Orphan Asylum, Jeff City
8/23/1864 Mary Ann Watersen 394 Terpsichore St. David Watersen 6 yrs Male Orphan Asylum, Jeff City
Wilson Waterman 4 yrs
8/29/1864 Capt. Raymond H. Perry 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry Henry Simonds 8 mos St. Mary's Boys Orphan Asylum
9/23/1864 Belle Souers 86 Dauphine St. Clara S. Sours [sic] 12 yrs Female Orphan Asylum
9/27/1864 Rosina Caplan Celestine bet Marigny & Mandeville Simon Casey 7 Male Orphan Asylum
9/27/1864 Eliza Crane cor Appollo & Felicity Rd. Catherine Crane 7 Orphan Home
Michael Crane 4
9/30/1864 Mrs Abe' Mulrey No 81 Julia St. Mary Ellen Mulrey 12 yrs Female Orphans Asylum
10/3/1864 Bridget Kerrigan 140 Magazine St Mary E. Kerrigan 8 yrs Female Orphans Asylum
10/4/1864 Bridget Shannon Pacanier bet Race & Robin Kate Kelly 11 yrs Female Orphans Asylum
10/10/1864 Henry Stickler No. 626, cor St. Philip Theresa Watfield 5 yrs Orphans Home cor. Seventh and Constance
Caroline Watfield 3 yrs
10/11/1864 Edw B. Cooper
Selia Soebs 13 yrs Orphans Home cor. 7th and Constance
Antonio Soebs 6 yrs
Sissy Soebs 5 yrs
Rosa Soebs 3 yrs
10/20/1864 Col T. B. Thorpe Julia St bet. St. Charles & Camp Willie Thompson 10 yrs Male Orphan Asylum
Mr. Thompson Franklin St.
10/21/1864 Henry Gramusch Musician 34th Mass. Regt. Eliza Gramusch 7 yrs Orphans Home cor. 7th and Constance
George Gramusch
10/31/1864 Mrs. Saunders 91 Laurel St. Infant foundling days St. Mary's Orphan Asylum. Dec. 30 - This infant was released to Mrs. Boree to take it for adoption. Name of Albert Bonee.
11/14/1864 Mrs. Jeannette Cadman cor Magazine & Melpomene Sts. Frank Farrington 7 yrs Male Orphan Asylum
11/15/1864 Mary McGuire 130 Clio St. Willie McGuire 7 yrs Male Orphan Asylum
11/15/1864 Eliza Graney Prytania bet. 1st & 2nd St. Mary Graney 2 1/2 yrs Orphan's Home, 7th & Constance
1/11/1864 Mrs. Reynolds
Henry Von Brook [?]

Henry Von Brook
W. Burns
[Initial could be N.J., N.W., W. J.]
[This entry is written at the bottom of the page, below that for Ellen Graney, 11/15/1864. The next entry is on the next page and is dated 11/26/1864. It is unclear if the entry refers to 1864 or 1865.]
11/26/1864 Mary Bloomer 504 Casacalvo Annie Austin 8 yrs Female Orphan Asylum cor Camp & Prytania
11/30/1864 Mrs. Ann Flannagan Gasquet bet Derbigny & Roman Mary Ann Flannagan 10 yrs Orphans Home cor 7th and Constance
Peter Flannagan 8 yrs
Ellen Flannagan 6 yrs
Patrick Flannagan 4 yrs
12/5/1864 Margaret McDonald cor Lafayette & Dryades Andrew McDonald 7 yrs Male Orphan Asylum
John McDonald 4 yrs
12/6/1864 Mary Ann Buckley cor Celeste & Religious Sts. David Wm Buckley 8 yrs Orphans Home cor 7th & Constance
John Buckley 6 yrs
James Buckley 3 yrs
12/12/1864 Geo. E. Bouee
[Could be Beriee, Berill, Brill]
Clerk 2nd Dist Recorder Court Isabella Jane Forrest 10 Orphans Home 7th & Constance
Wm. H. Forrest 7
12/20/1864 Sergt Ingram 1st Dist Police Peter S. Colwell Infant Boys Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist St. Marys
12/29/1864 Mrs. Rosalie Vella 236 Rampart St. Miguel Vella 4 mos Boys Orphan Asylum St. Mary
Augustina Vella 3 1/2 yrs St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum

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