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Transcription, 1863

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
1/5/1863 Mrs. Ann Green 364 Franklin Street Mary Orleans 4 dys St. Vincents Infant Asylum. This child was found by Mrs. G this morning in the yard of her house wrapped in a plain white piece of muslin. The acting Mayor Col. Henry C. Dennis? named the child as entered and gave instructions that the sum of ten dollars be paid monthly for its support for the time of one year.
1/5/1863 Mrs. Richardson cor. of Felicity & Colliseum [sic] Mary Field 13 Poydras St. Asylum
Martha Field 15
Albert C. Chappel 15 Home of the Aged & Infirm
Dennis Leahy 7 3rd District Orphan Asylum (Boys)
4/2/1863 Officer Hethriger
[Could be Hethirger, Hethriger, Hethuger]
2nd Dist. Police Henry Doyle 10 3rd District Boys Orphan Asylum
Transfered to "Male orphan asylum"
4/4/1863 Charles Rady cor. Orleans and Dauphine Sts. Maria Keiser 5 Protestant Orphan Asylum
Raphino Keiser 3 1/2
Gina Kauder 8
Charles Kauder 5
4/8/1863 Mrs. Richardson cor. Coleseum Place and Felicity Road Jennie Miller 4 mos St. Vincent's Orphan's Asylum
Jane Owens 6
Catherine Owens 8
James Furguson 10 Protestant Orphan Asylum
5/6/1863 Mrs S. Allan No. 440 Dryades St. Catherine Coy 13 Protestant Orphan Asylum
5/7/1863 Mrs. Green 611 Goodchildren St. Margaret Higgins 12 St.Elisabeth's Orphan Asylum
5/8/1863 Mrs. Richardson 611 Goodchildren St. Polly Noland 12 Girls House of Refuge cor. Annunciation and Calliope
Mary Ann Gallagher 7 St. Vincent's Orphan's Asylum (Infant)
Lizzie Gallagher 2
Mary Ann Gallagher 7 Female Orphan Asylum
Jane Owens 6
Catherine Owens 8
5/23/1863 Mrs. Susan Mc Nully cor. Coleseum Place and Felicity Road Elisabeth McNulty 2 St. Vincent's Orphan's Asylum, Infant
6/15/1863 Mrs. Nancy Fahy No 69 Dryades Street John Fahy 9 St. Mary's Catholic Boys Orphan Asylum
6/15/1863 Susan Mc Cabe Liberty St. Terrence McCabe 8 St. Mary's Catholic Boys Orphan Asylum
6/22/1863 ----- cor. Tchoupitoulas & Second St. William Delaney 10 Lexington School cor. Tchopitoulas & Second St.
6/22/1863 ----- Royal & Barracks St. Mary Delaney 12 Sexingline School - Cor Tchopitula & Girard St.
7/9/1863 ----- ----- Chas Henry Wm Voss -- Protestant Orphan Asylum - 7th St.
7/9/1863 ----- ----- Bertha Matilda -- -----

Francisca Voss -- Protestant Orphan Asylum - 7th St.
7/10/1863 Mrs. Lee Galvez St. bet. Common & Canal St. Margaret Olivia Farrell 6 Protestant Orphan Asylum - 7th St.
Thomas Austin Farrell 3
7/20/1863 ----- ----- Chas. Raymond Fanshaw 9 Male Orphan Asylum, Nyades St., Jefferson City
7/20/1863 Mrs. Reiley cor. St. Andrew & Benton St. Sarah Jane Lane 9 Poydras Female Orphan Asylum
7/27/1863 Mrs. Latham 56 Roberston St. Mary Jane Davis 14 Protestant Orphan Asylum - 7th St.
8/9/1863 C. W. West Boys House of Refuge Hammond Doyle 10 Male Orphan Asylum
8/19/1863 Fanny Bernado 410 Perdido St William Grayback 11 Male Orphan Asylum
Robert Grayback 9 Male Orphan Asylum
8/28/1863 Bertelina Batole
Amile Batole 5 St. Joseph Orphan Asylum
Rorina Batole 7
8/29/1863 Frederick Siek Co. G 1st La Regiment Johanna Catherine Seik 1 St. Vincents Infant Asylum
9/4/1863 Mr. Latham 56 Robertsin [sic] St. Mary Jane Dunn 14 Girls House of Refuge
9/4/1863 Henry Mitchell City Work House John Martin Hesse 4.5 mo
[Illegible; age is questionable]
Orphan Home - Seventh & Constance St.
9/17/1863 William Curtis Shambley 13th Conn. Vol. Robt. Martin Shambley 9yrs Orphan Home
Wm. Edward Shambley 4 mos
9/22/1863 Madam Charle Hinbert
[Could be Hiubert, Huibert]
166 Villere St. William Hinbert 9 yrs St. Vincent Catholic Orphan Asylum
9/28/1863 Nancy Shifley Pleasant St. near Magazine Grant--His mother's name was Ann Johnson 10 mos St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum
10/6/1863 Officer J.W. Jewell, 4th dist. who picked up this little waif on Camp st.
Catherine Camp 2 wks St. Vincent Infant Orphan Asylum
11/30/1863 Mrs. Barrigee Dumain St. bet Philip and Magazine Catherine Heilich 9yrs St. Elizabeth's House of Industrial cor. Mag. & Josephine
12/12/1863 Mrs. Mary Williams Parish of Plaquemine, " Tropical Bend" This side of Fort Jackson Charlotte Bronson 13 yrs St. Elizabeth's House of Industrial cor. Mag. & Josephine

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