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Transcription, 1862

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
01/28/1862 W'dow Ferari
[Might be Ferasi]
145 Rampart Foundling 3 wks St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum
01/31/1862 Bridget Murray Fouchier [sic] St. bet. Delord & St. Joseph St. Michael Flynn 8 yrs St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum 3rd. Dist.
Thos. Flynn 6 yrs
04/07/1862 Mrs. Johanna Mannix 608 Thomas Thos. Mannix 7 yrs St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum (sent by his Mother)
05/10/1862 Richard Barrett (has a Father Living) Mary Barrett 6 yrs St. Marys Female Orphan Asylum (sent by her uncle)
06/21/1862 Mrs. Jos. Ricarfort 196 Dumaine Jos. Ricarfort 4 yrs St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum (sent by Mother)
07/07/1862 James Wenz 240 Customhouse Sophie Coanoyed
[Might be Coanoyea]
13 yrs St. Marys Female Orphan Asylum (Tutor)
08/13/1862 Ann Vanbrook 260 Dryades St Mary Ann Nolan 10 yrs Female Orphans Asylum Camp St.

Widow Mary Gareti
St. Anna's Asylum

Widow Catherine Whitaker
St. Anna's Asylum
08/26/1862 Catherine Ness 175 Old Levee St. Elizabeth Taterman 6 Female Orphans Asylum Camp St.
09/19/1862 Mrs. L. Lackett 172 Erato St. John Flynn 6 Episcopal Home Esplanade St.
10/04/1862 Mrs. Bridget Johnson St. Philp & Claiborne Mary Ann Carroll 2 St. Vincent Orphans Asylum
10/14/1862 Phillip Hernandez Derbigny Str. No. 59 Christina McIntyre 6 1/2 Poydras Female Orphan Asylum
Bennini McIntyre 9 1/2
10/15/1862 Elizabeth Calvary Front Levee bet. Esplanade & E. Fields Richard Calvary 9 Third District Boys Orphan Asylum
James E. Calvary 5
10/21/1862 Bridget Blake No. 43 Basin Dan'l Tancy
[Might be Taney, Faney]
11 Third District Boys Orphan Asylum
Lucius Blake 7
10/31/1862 Henrietta Konick No. 295 Old Levee Frank Fetu
[Could be Fetrs, Fetes]
2 yrs St. Vincents Orphan Asylum
10/31/1862 Maria Louise F.W.C. Ursulines Street bet. Marais & Robertson Mary Lorans 6 yrs Camp Str. Female Orphan Asylum
11/20/1862 Judge Ball
[Could be Boll, Bell]
Provost Court Thomas White 12 Orphans Home 4th Dist.
John Scott White 10
George Henry White 4
May White 5
11/20/1862 Anna Christman 79 Treme St. Adam Christman 12 St. Joseph German Male Orphan Asylum
12/09/1862 Susan Buh cor. of St. Ann & Johnson Louisa Hobart 2 yrs Magazine St. Orphan Asylum
12/15/1862 Mary Holliday Carondelet bet. Julia & St. Joseph St. Ed. Holliday 16 mos St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
Ellen Holliday 11 yrs Camp St. Orphan Asylum
12/26/1862 Rufus B. Soug
[Could be Sorig]
208 Lafayette Rosalin Crafts 11 Protestant Orphan Asylum . The children of the woman that was murdered Dec. 25 1862.
August Crafts 9
Sophia Ritter 7
Cecilia Ritter 4
Betsy Ritter 2
Charley Ritter 2

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