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Transcription, 1858

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
01/09/1858 Widow Marie Victorie Ouget cor. Bienville & Exchange Alley Foundling 1 yr St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum
01/18/1858 Maria C. Christoful 157 Dryades St. Jacob M. Peibel 8 yrs St. Joseph German O. Asylum
01/20/1858 James McNalley Howard near Felicity Road Ann Bolan 7 yrs Sister Regis Orphan Asylum
02/10/1858 Mrs. E. Decoine No. 3. Maine St. Edward McQue 6 yrs Protestant Orphan Asylum
Chas McQue 6 yrs
02/15/1858 Nicholas Grossman cor. 4th St. & Jersey St. Elysibeth Wolf 12 yrs St. Joseph Orphan Asylum
Catherine Wolf 9 yrs
Magdalina Wolf 7 yrs
Lawrence Wolf 5 yrs
02/15/1858 Mrs. Julia Gleason No. 10 Crescent Row Edward Mack 4 mos Protestant Orphan Asylum
02/17/1858 Hon. L. Adams Philip bet. Chippewa & Fulton Robt. S. Jones 14 mos Orphans Home
02/20/1858 Mrs. Widow Carolina Konka Treme near Canal at Mr. Dubach Edward Konka 4 mos Protestant Orphans Asylum 4th Dist.
02/20/1858 Mrs. Widow E. Algio Girod near Basin Wm. James Algio 4 mos Protestant Orphans Asylum 4th Dist.
02/20/1858 Taken charge of by Pat Burns by permission of Hon. C. W. Waterman Mayor subject to approval of Mayor subject to approval of Authorities see Miscellaneous Letter Book Page 390
Annie Smith See Michael Smith 6 yrs Protestant Orphans Asylum 4th Dist. St. Thomas near Thalia
03/10/1858 1/2 orphan [sic] abandoned by his father affidavid [sic] by Widow Jane White St. Thomas between Edward & Theresa John Thomas Condan 2 mos St. Marys Orphan Asylum
03/11/1858 L. Maurice 145 Tchoupitoulas St. Mary Montaldo 7 yrs St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum
03/13/1858 Mrs. Johanna Tiron Girod near Magazine Kelly Dempsey 5 mos Poydras Female Orphan Asylum
03/16/1858 Mrs. Harriet Marks 17 Moreau St. Elyzabeth Julie Berry 8 yrs Poydras Female Orphan Asylum
03/16/1858 Mrs. Heenan Algiers Wm. Heenan 3 yrs Orphans Home
03/17/1858 J. M. Hopkins
[Initials are questionable]
35 Julia Street Nicholas Hopkins 3 yrs Orphans Home
03/25/1858 Rosie Anna Freshwater St. Mary cor. Apollo Anna Martina Freshwater 3 yrs St. Joseph Orphan Asylum
04/10/1858 Louisa Hapner 178 Circus St Louis Weisse 3 yrs St. Joseph German O. Asylum
Auguste Weisse 1 1/2 yrs
04/12/1858 Alex McKee Magazine & Robin at Meadows Julia Ann Fogg 9 yrs Poydras Female Orphan Asylum
04/12/1858 Peggy F.W.C. 54 Franklin Foundling 2 mos Camp St. Orphan Asylum
04/27/1858 J. G. Kreps 70 Gravier John Hosmeyes 8 yrs Boys Orphan Asylum Jackson & Fulton St.
05/01/1858 Mrs. Christian McNarrey Camp near Gravier Michael McGarity 1 yr St. Marys Orphan Asylum
05/05/1858 Christian Ludwig 279 Tchoupitoulas Herman Thomas 6 mths Orphan Asylum cor. Jackson & Fulton St.
05/06/1858 John Houlgrade Greatmen near Clouet Thomas Campbell 7 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3d Dist.
William Campbell 5 yrs
05/19/1858 Nicholas Wolf No. 111 St. Phillip St. Michl Keiser 9 yrs cor. Jackson & Fulton St. 4th Dist.
05/28/1858 Marian Douchurau f.w.c. Union bet Greatmen & Casacalvo George Seals 4 yrs St. Marys Asylum
06/01/1858 Julia Howe Marigny & Moro [sic] George W. Howe 7 yrs St. Marys - She (Mrs. Howe) paying part of expenses
06/10/1858 Margaret Ann Miller Claiborne bet. Jackson & Villere' Chas Miller 8 mos Orphans Home
06/11/1858 Priscilla Lemonier Phillippe bet. Hevia & Poydras Herny Jenkins 2 yrs St. Marys Male
06/17/1858 John Dewes cor. Gainnie & Tchoupitoulas Thomas Carrol 6 yrs St. Marys Male The mother being dead and the father in prison on the charge of murder.
Pat. Carrol 1 yr
Celia Carrol 4 yrs Sister Regis
06/22/1858 Richard Burke cor. Magazine & Gainnie St. Foundling 1 mo St. Marys Asylum
06/30/1858 J. J. Keenan Dryades bet. Clio & Erato Catharine Fry 6 yrs Sister Regis Asylum
07/09/1858 B. Gusman Bertrand near Poydras Mary Burns 7 yrs Sister Regis Asylum
07/13/1858 Ann Ryanes Poydras No. 8 Coals Row Maria Battle 9 yrs Sister Regis Asylum
08/05/1858 J. J. Bowe Arkansas Rossana Bowe Gorman 3 mos Sister Regis Asylum
John Bowe Gorman 3 mos St. Marys Asylum
08/10/1858 Mrs. Francis Lodwick No. 277 Tchoupitoulas Herman Thomas 6 yrs St. Marys Asylum 3d Dist.
08/14/1858 Alex Leblance [sic] Marigny bet. Victory & Moreau Paul A. Glad 3 wks St. Marys Asylum 3d Dist.
08/16/1858 Jane Hetherton Fraknlin bet. Girod & Hevia Unknown 8 mos St. Marys Asylum 3d Dist.
08/31/1858 Katherina Bauz cor. Roman & St. Peter John Franiz 6 mos St. Marys Asylum 3d Dist.
Teckler Franiz 6 yrs Sister Regis
08/31/1858 Elizabeth Wilson ----- Burnett Kerrege 8 yrs St. Marys Asylum
09/03/1858 Chas Niemann 319 Herculese Street [sic] Seifert 12 dys St. Marys Asylum
09/04/1858 Mary Ann French cor. St. Joseph & Tchoupitoulas Margaret French 2 1/2 yrs Sister Regis Asylum
09/10/1858 Catherine Keller No. 24 South Market St. Chas Bahlman 2 1/2 yrs St. Marys Asylum
09/13/1858 Eliza Rockosolf Girod bet. Perdido & Poydras Ella Rockosolf 7 mos Sister Regis Asylum
09/14/1858 Mrs. Burns Circus cor. Hevia Mary Hughes 2 1/2 yrs Sister Regis Asylum
09/20/1858 Winefred Corin 208 Old Levee St. Thos. Conlan 1 1/2 yrs St. Marys Asylum
09/21/1858 William Clark cor. Engine [sic] & Victory Edward McGoren 14 mos St. Marys Asylum
09/22/1858 Margaret Morgan cor. Tonti & Hospital St. Mary Fahe 6 wks Sister Regis Asylum
09/25/1858 H. H. Duntzel 30 Camp St. Mary Wien 1 1/2 yrs Sister Regis Asylum
09/25/1858 C. H. Nobles 9 New Basin John Howard Bost [?] 9 mos Orphans Home
09/29/1858 Alice Jones Howard St. bet. Gravier & Perdido Wm. Quinlan 3 yrs Protestant O. Asylum
10/04/1858 Catherine Dunn 350 Howard Street Saml Coffey 5 mos Orphans Home
10/04/1858 Francoise Duclos 4th Dist Mary Molison 11 dys Sister Regis
10/09/1858 Jno. Loraigster 80 Camp St. Henry Kaltwaser 6 mos Orphans Home
10/11/1858 Margaret Keating Market bet Levee & Tchoupitoulas Edward Hausey 3 mos St. Joseph German O. Asylum
10/12/1858 George Sick Union bet Prosper & Solidel Philp 3 wks St. Marys Asylum
10/12/1858 J. M. Nelson Metairie Ridge 3d District Agusta Burns
[Could be Burne, Burnes]
1 1/2 yrs Sister Regis Asylum
10/16/1858 Margaret Dayley cor. Annunication and Basin Mary Ann Cavanaugh 5 mos Sister Regis Asylum
10/26/1858 Geo. Gilbert 202 Tchoupitoulas George Gilbert 5 mos St. Marys Asylum 3rd Dist.
11/03/1858 Martin Peistir St. Philip bet Levee & Chartres Cecilia Nolan 10 mos Sister Regis
11/16/1858 George Collie 91 Dumaine Street Francois Ducas 18 dys St. Marys 3rd Dist
11/20/1858 Stephen Spellneau Claiborne bet Bayou Road & Esplanade Mary Wilson 1 yr Sister Regis
11/30/1858 Mar. Marguira Jewell Lafayette bet Johnston & Galvez Alfrd Welsh 2 yrs St. Marys
11/30/1858 John Harthoig [Could be Hartloig, Harttoig] Customhouse bet Johnston & Galvez Rosa Sturley 1/2 yr Sister Regis
12/08/1858 Catherine Kennet St. Thomas bet Basin & Edward Mary Hughes 6 yrs Sister Regis
Alice Hughes 4 1/2 yrs
John Harran 6 yrs St. Marys
12/09/1858 Lt. T. H. Simon Elysian Fields St. & Greatman Unknown 20 dys Sister Regis- Found on Craps St. bet Marigny & Greatmen
12/14/1858 John Wibb Marrais [sic] & Common Thos M Cormick 2 yrs St. Marys
12/17/1858 Rose Baldwin Girod bet. Tchoup & Magazine Jas Scully 7 yrs St. Marys Male Orphan Asylum
12/21/1858 Mrs. Lacoste Common & Franklin Catherine Smith 6 mos Sister Regis Asylum
12/27/1858 J. H. Childs cor. Jackson & Fulton Chas Perroncel 7 yrs Orphans Home
John Perroncel 5 yrs

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