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Transcription, 1857

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
01/06/1857 Thomas Connaghton Cor of Appolo & Philip St 4th Dist Jos Crane 10 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
01/28/1857 John Tierney Celeste St. William Wall 8 mos St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
02/02/1857 George Block cor. Adel & Levee St. 4th Dist Catherine Eisvert -- St. Joseph Orphan Asylum 4th Dist
Mary Eisvert --
Philip Eisvert --
02/11/1857 Ann Lyons ----- Michael Maning -- Orphans Home 4th Dist
02/28/1857 Child of John Fulmon 157 Esplanade ----- 2 mos St. Mary's Asylum
03/07/1857 William Buckley
[This entry is written above the name Peter Rodawaker]
Thalia cor. St. Thomas
[This apparently applies to Wm. Buckley, but it is written below the address for Peter Rodawaker]
William Stalls
[Written below Thomas Doan. Apparently goes with the address for Wm. Buckley. Could be William Stolls or Stoels]
11 St. Joseph Asylum
[Questionable. See original record (mf) for clarification.]
03/20/1857 Peter Rodawaker Gainnie [sic] St. bet. Constance & Magazine Thomas Duan
[Could be Thomas Dvan, Doan]
5 mos
[Questionable. See original record (mf) for clarification.]
St. Mary's Asylum
03/27/1857 Cecilia Keller Greenville John Arneiker 8 yrs St. Joseph Asylum 4th Dist
03/31/1857 R. R. Hunt Lafayette St. bet. St. Charles & Carondelet Unknown Girl 6 wks Camp Female Orphan Asylum
04/04/1857 Wm. Bowditch 219 Treme Prescilla Griffith 18 dys Poydras Female Orphan Society
04/15/1857 George Meyers 40 Constance St George Willis 8 yrs Orphans Home
04/21/1857 Robert Orr Fouche bet Julia & St. Joseph Lawrence Coyle 3 yrs St. Mary's Asylum
Mary Ann Coyle 1 yr Female Orphan Asylum
05/02/1857 Thomas Lynch 31 Dryadese [sic] Elizeabeth O'Keffe 6 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
05/12/1857 Paul Botill cor. St. Philip & [sic] Foundling 3 yrs Camp Street F. O. Asylum
05/19/1857 C.W. Witherill 240 Camp St. Willes Wade Haston 13 yrs Protestant O. Asylum
05/20/1857 Mary Monaghan 70 Erato St. Bartilda Monagan 2 mos St. Ann Asylum
05/23/1857 E.J. McCall Rampart bet Canal & Common ----- 6 mos Camp Street F. O. Asylum
--/--/1857 Peter T_ogle
[The bottom of the page is torn and these items cannot be read]
293 Camp Street Jacob Martin 11 yrs St. Mary's F. Orphan Asylum 2d Dist
06/02/1857 Mary Connell 193 Camp Street John Hartigan 2 yrs St. Mary's O. A. 3rd Dist.
06/05/1857 Sarah Thyers [sic] f.w.c. Common cor. Circus Maphilda [sic] Thayers
Camp Street F.O. Asylum
06/16/1857 Chas Fliesson Conti near Prieur Carolina B. Winchadel 3 yrs Poydras F.O. Asylum
Christiana Frederica Winchard 8 yrs
06/30/1857 Clara Seehorn Liberty near Thalia Martha Weaver 13 yrs Poydras F.O. Asylum. Notice to Thomas R. Brady No. 18 Julia Street, Ordered to be delivered to the Father Saml L. Weaver. S. B. Grenada (carpenter) , Dec. 18, 1858
Margaret Weaver 9 yrs
Mary C. Weaver 7 yrs
06/30/1857 Margaret Dulkey corner Bourbon & Urseline [sic] St. Francis 11 mos St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
07/02/1857 John Lydon St. Joseph near Commerce James Langan 6 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
07/14/1857 John Burt Barrack near Bourbon George Loyde 3 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
07/23/1857 Thos H. Dryden cor. Annunciation & Robin Jo. Mc Gibney 2 yrs Protestant Orphan Home
07/23/1857 Margaret Faust Calliope near Magazine Mary Seibers
[This could be Subers or Siebers]
7 yrs St. Joseph German O. Asylum
09/07/1857 Margaret Ferguson Julia near Baronne Henry Haley 7 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
09/26/1857 Hannah E. Kenning Tchoupitoulas bet Not. Dame & Girod Mary Ann Hays 5 yrs Female Orphan Asylum Camp St
09/29/1857 O. Chisholin
[Could be Chisholm]
Melpomene Mary Ellen Lennar 8 yrs St. Ams's [sic] Asylum
09/29/1857 Sent by Lieut. Fremaux Mother sent this day to City Insane Asylum Mary 2 1/2 yrs Camp Street Asylum
Sarah 5 yrs
10/03/1857 Mrs. Mary Maroni Baronne near Julia Francis Hunter 9 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Boys Asylum
Jno Hunter 6 yrs
10/05/1857 Hanna Eliza Kenning 148 Tchoupitoulas Jas. Hays 7 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Boys Asylum
10/17/1857 Mary Ricker Henderson bet New Levee and Old Levee John M. Mullen 1 1/4 yrs Camp St Female [sic] Orphan Asylum. The Father named James Mullen and Mother Mary Mullen refusing to take the said child - Having abandoned said child in hands of deponent and disappeared.
10/19/1857 No Affidavid [sic] Lived formerly cor. Thalia & Annunciation St. Mary Coyne Widow & 2 Children -
Ladies Providence Asylum La Harpe St.
10/21/1857 Edward Georges 299 Customhouse Street Robert Lingen 14 mos Protestant Orphan Asylum
10/27/1857 Mary Riley cor. Magazine & Julia St. No 52 Dan Hickey 9 mos Boy's Asylum cor. Jackson and Fulton St.
10/31/1857 James Clark (Labourer) 84 Bienville St. & 87 Customhouse John Clark 4 yrs Orphan Home cor. 7th & Live Oak St., Half [sic] Orphan the Mother of said child being dead & that she died in destitute circumstances. The said James Clark, Father of said child, from long illness, is unable to provide for it at this time, nor does he know any relatives who are able to provide for it.
11/14/1857 Antonie Baker 20 LaHarpe cor. Casacalvo C. Luinzengen 12 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
11/23/1857 Chas. Stanmayer Cypress near Vine Kitty Nolan 3 yrs Orphan Home Asylum
Maria Ann Nolan 5 yrs
11/23/1857 Mrs. Felicia Marquez cor. St. John & Gravier Henry Stewart 2 yrs St. Mary's Male Orphanage. Ordered to be delivered to his mother See 8/57
[The page is torn and the date is missing]
Chas. Fleissen 82 St. Louis St. Fck. C. Schumacher 7 yrs Protestant Orphan Asylum 4th Dist.
12/14/1857 Robert Lubazinsky 5 yrs St. Joseph German O. Asylum
12/17/1857 Mrs. Widow B. Clark cor. St. Joseph & St. Charles Budger Chalk 6 yrs Orphans Home Asylum 4th Dist.
Robert Chalk 2 yrs

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