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Transcription, 1856

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
01/22/1856 Mary Lyons Palmyra bet. Roman & Derbigny St. John Lyons 7 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
James Lyons 6 w
02/02/1856 Bernard Gonzalez Casacalvo bet. Peace & Explanade Male Foundling 10 mos St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
02/07/1856 Louis A. Fauve Johnson bet. Hospital & Barrack Catherine Schlager 1 yrs Poydras Orphan Asylum
02/10/1856 May Duison 27 Love St. at 3rd Dist. Antony Wirz 2 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum
02/23/1856 George Scheck 92 St. Joseph St. George Winter 10 yrs Lafayette Orphan Asylum
02/25/1856 Mary Mack Julia bet. Carondelete and Baronne Mary Jane Kelly 7 mos Camp Street Orphan Asylum
03/03/1856 Ernest Berger Cor Thalia & Drayades St. Charles Gottschalk 14 mos Lafayette German Orphan Asylum
03/11/1856 Mauhias Edel 7th bet. Chippewa & Fulton Susanna Schmidt 2 yrs St. Joseph Orphan Asylum 4th Dist.
03/13/1856 Ann Mc Quade 123 Julia Street Antonio Brackley 6 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
03/14/1856 Sarah Wilson Corner St. Louis & Treme St. Jno A. Stubbs 7 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
03/22/1856 Mrs Hubert Gerard Laharpe bet. Johnson & Prieur Male Foundling 8 wks St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
04/11/1856 Mrs. M. Marigny 33 Claiborne Street Rosali Pierris 12 yrs Camp Street Orphan Asylum
Catherine Pierris 11 yrs
Angelique Pierris 6 yrs
Virginia Pierris 6 wks
05/02/1856 John Morrill cor. Annunciation & Robin St. Feamale [sic] Foundling 4 wks Orphan House 4th Dist
05/19/1856 J. B. Schroeder No 82 St. Louis St Walhelmmia Brewstedt 7 yrs Poydras Asylum
Maria Brewstedt 10 yrs
Dorothy Brewstedt 5 yrs
Herman Brewstedt 13 wks St. Marys Orphan Asylum
06/30/1856 Chas. W. Oliver cor. St. Peter & Chartres St Mary Ellen Finigan 3 yrs Camp St. Asylum
07/10/1856 Mrs. Annette Steer Marigny Canal near Luzenberg's Hospital Mary Miller 7 yrs Camp St. Asylum
07/15/1856 Lewis Ryan 132 Basin St May Gary 11 yrs Camp St. Asylum
07/16/1856 Michael Frich Cor Congress & Casacalvo Mary Frederiker 4 yrs Camp St. Asylum
07/22/1856 Catherine Colter 49 New levee near Thailia [sic] Unknown 18 mos Camp St. Asylum
08/01/1856 Wilhelmina Daffer Cor St. James & Front at 3d Dis. Thomas Madison 9 yrs St. Marys Asylum
08/08/1856 J. B. Schroeder No 82 St. Louis St Josephine Sumers 9 yrs
08/09/1856 W. Erwin
[Might be W. Irwin]
Cor Clio & Sollis Bridget Sexton 12 yrs Orphan Home 4th Dist
Mary Ann Sexton 8 yrs
08/16/1856 Phil Duclos Lange Felicity Road bet Nayades & Prytania Mary Flagden 3 yrs Camp St. Female Orphan Asylum
08/25/1856 Mary Malter Tchoupitoulas near Suzette St Jack Mather 8 Orphan Home 4th Dist
M. Mather 6
09/04/1856 Mrs. Hy Durk Rampart near St. Philip Unknown 4 wks Orphan Home 4th Dist
09/14/1856 Mrs. My. Rose Gallagher Cor Poydras & New Levee John Joseph 4 mos St. Mary's Asylum
09/17/1856 Patrick Farelly No 2 Bartholomey St Ann Martin 9 yrs Camp St. Asylum
09/18/1856 Mrs. Ra. Ketts Cor Seventh & Chippewa Francisco Pattendes 9 yrs Orphan Home 4th Dist
09/23/1856 Mrs. Ann Ryan Franklin St. bet Clio & Calliope Mary Balte 7 yrs Camp St. Asylum
09/23/1856 Geo. Nicholas Scheild
[The end of the name was scratched over. It might be Schiela]
No 92 St. Joseph St Jacob Winter 13 St. Mary's Asylum

Mrs. F. Burritt No 131 Carondelet St William Ward 11 4th District Orphans Asylum
10/10/1856 Mrs. Quinland No 7 Erato St Hellnnen Cronan 7 yrs Camp St. Female Orphan Asylum
Margarette Cronan 3
10/15/1856 T. Gahegen No 244 Magazine St. Jas. McCabe 11 St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
Hughes McCabe 9
10/21/1856 Bette Gibbons Pilomine St bet Nayades & Pritania [sic] Wm. Murphy 7 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
10/26/1856 Pat. Burns Cor Thalia & St. Thomas Michael Smith 8 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
10/29/1856 Margarette Grey Greatman bet. Spain & Mandeville Wm. Downey 1 mo St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
10/30/1856 Rev. J. Moynihan Dryades bet Clio & Calliope Gilbt Clark 3 yrs St. Mary's Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist
11/13/1856 Ann Cogan Perdido at near the Levee Edward Rafferty 1 1/2 yrs Orphans Home 4th Dist
11/14/1856 Sam Murdock 156 Camp St. Pat. Stanley 9 yrs Male Asylum
11/21/1856 John Pettengiff No 31 Hospital Street Mary Ann Mooney 6 yrs Camp Street Asylum
11/27/1856 Michael McCannee Perdido bet Johnson & Galvez Mary Ann O'Brian 9 yrs Camp Street Asylum
Cathrn O'Brian 8 yrs
11/27/1856 Julian Driscoll cor. Appolo & Clio St Minne Barry 13 yrs Poydras Asylum
12/20/1856 Robert Kellett No. 114 Nayades Street George W.F. Dearie 3 mos St. Mary's Asylum
12/22/1856 Isla Stephan
[Could be Esla]
cor. Magazine & St. Mary St. Adam Mitchell 7 yrs St. Joseph Asylum 4th District
Louis Mitchell 11 yrs
12/22/1856 Ant Horan No. 84 Bienville St. Ony [sic] Walsh 6 1/2 yrs Camp St. Female Asylum
Wm Walsh 4 yrs St. Mary's Asylum
12/27/1856 Adolph Simon cor. St. Peter & Treme St. Francois Moynant 9 1/2 yrs St. Mary's Asylum
12/27/1856 George Keizer No. 20 Moreau St Kinigunta Mindar 5 yrs Camp Street F.O.A. Asylum
Mary Mindar 1 yr
12/30/1856 Mrs. Sarah O'Neil cor. St. Peter & Perdido St. Bella Larry 4 yrs Poydras Asylum
Larry 2 yrs St. Mary's Asylum
12/31/1856 Mrs. J. Grace Melpomone bet. St. Charles & Pritania [sic] Anna Maria Funk 10 1/2 yrs St. Joseph Asylum

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