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Transcription, 1854

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Date Name of Person Making Affidavit Residence of Person Making Affidavit Name of Orphan Age How Disposed of
01/11/1854 Philip Clark
Francis Gleason 8 yrs Home
John Gleason 7 yrs
01/12/1854 Edmond Luby
Jno Higgins 3 1/2 yrs
01/31/1854 Zabel Foundling August 9 yrs S Mary Orphan Asylum
02/04/1854 Thos Flynn
Curran/girl 4 yrs Camp Street Asylum
02/08/1854 Michael Ford Montegut St. Ed Kelly 13 yrs Third District Asylum
02/24/1854 E R Maxwell
Jno Cheeves 10 yrs
02/27/1854 Anna Kellyhan Edward St. Mary Kelly 3 mos
04/03/1854 Catherine Yellow Maine St. Mary Barker 10 yrs Orphanage Home
James Barber 5 yrs
04/06/1854 Mary Doyle Camp near Duplanchier Boy (unknown) 5 mo St. Mary Asylum
04/12/1854 Ann Murphy Carondelet below Poydras St Jas Murphy 2 yrs St. Mary Asylum
04/20/1854 Ellen Dowmey Corner St. Thomas & Edward Sts. Catherine Olden 8 mos Camp Street Asylum
04/22/1854 Matthew Cavanagh Corner Roman & Palmyra Ellen Casey 10 yrs Camp Street Asylum
05/01/1854 James Kealy No. 143 Greatmen Street Ellen Kelly 7 yrs Camp Street Asylum
Bridget Kelly 4 yrs
Thomas Kelly 3 yrs St. Mary Male Orphan Asylum
05/01/1854 Elizabeth McCure Euterpe bet. Dryades & Hercules Catherine Donohoe 10 yrs Camp Street Asylum
John Donohoe 12 yrs St. Marys Orphan Asylum
05/09/1854 Mary A. Nugent New Levee bet. Suzette & Benjamin Annie Walsh 5 yrs Camp Street Asylum
05/27/1854 Catherine Everett No. 235 Magazine Anartie Douglas
[Could be Anastie]
7 yrs Camp Street Asylum
05/27/1854 Cecilia Neary Bolivar & Gravier Foundling female 1yr Camp Street Asylum
06/01/1854 L. J. Curtis Craps bet. Clouet & Louisa Louis Lutterbacher 10 mos German St. Joseph Asylum of Lafayette
06/01/1854 Dorothea B. Bohr Elysian Fields below Franklin Infirmary Fred Wahl 12 yrs St. Mary Orphan Asylum 3rd Dist.
Carl Wahl 10 yrs
Julius Wahl 5 yrs
Dorothea Wahl 7 yrs Female Orphan Asylum
06/08/1854 Melina Sweat No. 41 Victory Street Foundling (Christ. Milina Sweat) 8 mos Female Orphan Asylum
06/08/1854 Ann Terrick No. 25 North Market Catherine Grant 7yrs Female Orphan Asylum
06/10/1854 Ellen Gorman
Catherine Dowd 1 yr Female Orphan Asylum
Julia Dowd 10 mos
06/14/1854 Bridget Finn Corner Gravier & Bolivar James Finn 7 mos St. Marys Orphan Asylum
06/19/1854 Barbara Sweibyer
duSwitzer 8 yrs St. Marys Orphan Asylum
07/05/1854 Mary McGormick Corner Race & Religious Lucy H. McCormick 9 yrs Female Camp Asylum
07/06/1854 Wilhelmina Kuntz Tchoupt. bet S. Mary & Nuns Paul Barkholtz 2 yrs German St. Joseph Asylum of Lafayette
Baldon Barkholtz 1 yr
07/11/1854 Albert Kerdes Gallatin bet. Hospital & Barracks Cristina Brendle 7 1/2 yrs Camp Street Asylum
07/19/1854 Martin Geilter No. 31 Hospital Peter Masset 7 yrs St. Marys Orphan Asylum
07/--/1854 Agnes Kelly Levee St near Marys Mkt H. Elliott 11 mos St. Marys Orphan Asylum
07/21/1854 Jane Southerland
Mary A. Garny 1 1/2 yrs Camp Female Asylum
07/27/1854 Harry McGuinn Corner Julia & Magnolia M. Mackenta 7 yrs St. Mary Orphan Asylum
08/04/1854 Francis Barnett Corner Fulton & Poydras Male foundling white 4 days St. Mary Orphan Asylum
08/12/1854 George Allen No. 175 Gravier Street H. ONeill 4 yrs St. Mary Orphan Asylum
08/12/1854 Madeline Berlin Melpomene bet. Hercules & White Alice Reinor 1 yr Camp Female Asylum
08/17/1854 Mary Norman No. 32 Marigny St. Josephine Bodaure 3 yrs Camp Female Asylum
Mary Bodaure 6 mos
08/17/1854 Sophie Weichdorgg Corner Thalia & Nyades [sic] Mary Drenling
[Could be Mary Doenling, Drenling, etc.]
12 yrs Poydras Female Asylum
08/21/1854 Catherine Delaney Liberty & Terpschire [sic] Mary Delany 10 yrs Poydras Female Asylum
08/23/1854 M. Beauregard
Mary Alex - foundling
[Could be Mary Alex, Alux, Aleex, etc.]

Camp St. Aslyum
08/26/1854 Jno. Riley Notre Dame bet. Magazine & Tchoup Ann Riley 7 wks Camp St. Aslyum
08/26/1854 Albert Hafer No. 242 Bienville Ed. Haison 11 yrs St. Mary's Orpan Aslyum
08/29/1854 Michael Wagner Treme bet. St Louis & Toulouse Julien Lesieu 7 yrs Order given up to Michael Wagner to be sent to their brother in Danburgh Germany 17 Nov. 1854
Germain Lesieu 5 yrs
08/29/1854 Margaret Cavanaugh Corner Six & Pytania Ellen T. Wall 9 mos Camp St. Female Aslyum
08/29/1854 Edward George Customhouse bet. Claiborne & Derbigny Daughter of Frederika Konle 9 mos Camp St. Female Aslyum
08/30/1854 Hannah Moore Corner Delord & Tiroli Circle Catherine Corsley 2 mos Camp St. Female Aslyum
08/30/1854 Ed. Shaffrey Corner Calliope & Bacchus St. Ned Shaffrey 15 dys St. Mary's Orphan Aslyum
09/05/1854 Michael Kelly Hevia below Edward Marg. Timmon 8yrs Camp St. Aslyum
09/08/1854 George McDonnell Canal bet. Tonti & Rochablave Pat. Travis 5 mos St. Mary's Orphan Aslyum
09/09/1854 Mrs. Wilson
Chs. Jno. Ryan 7 yrs Gave orders to Mrs.Wilson to take out
09/13/1854 Mary Cunningham Corner Jackson & Rousseau F.L. Anderson 4 mos
09/13/1854 Peter Armstrong No. 10 Circus St. Mary Ann Meade 13 yrs Camp St. Aslyum
Ellen Mason 3 yrs
James Meade 11yrs St. Mary's Orpan Aslyum
Francis Meade 6 yrs
09/15/1854 Mary Kooney Fourth district Louisa Henrietta 6 mos Camp St. Aslyum
09/15/1854 Catherine Keller South Market near St. Mary's market Antonia Eackbart 5 mos Camp St. Aslyum
09/22/1854 Mr. Degan Marais bet. Conti & St. Louis George Menzel 7 yrs German St. Joseph Aslyum
Philip Menzel 1 yr
09/23/1854 Antoine Bernier Corner Royal & Barracks Ad. Jaupord 6 1/2 yrs St. Mary's Orpan Aslyum
09/25/1854 Mary Quail Ely. Fields bet. Moreau & Casacalvo Ann Mooney 3 mos Camp St. Aslyum
09/26/1854 Victor Dejoux Hospital bet. Derbingy & Roman Victor F. Z.Perrot 6 mos St. Mary's Male Orphan Aslyum
09/30/1854 Catherine Murphy Corner Tchoup. & Hunter Martin Murphy 9 wks St. Mary's Male Orphan Aslyum
10/04/1854 Thos. O' Rourke Corner Circus & Poydras Jno.Kiernan 6 mos St. Mary's Male Orphan Aslyum
10/07/1854 J.A. Hoisch Josephine St. Jos. Schikel 9 mos German Catholic Aslyum
10/07/1854 Mathias Haber Fulton bet. Josephine & St. Andrew Catheine Noretz 3 yrs German Catholic Aslyum
10/10/1854 J.P. Gaspard Corner Congress & Goodchildren Catherine Pennerat 8 yrs Camp St. Female Aslyum
Marie Pennerat 6 yrs
Ann Pennerat 4 yrs
10/11/1854 Robert Watson Bacchus bet. 7th & 8th Streets Female Foundling 3 mos Camp St. Female Aslyum
10/12/1854 Samuel Logan No. 46 New Levee Louis Miller 8 mos German St. Joseph Aslyum
10/24/1854 Ann Whelhand Port Street James Toole 3 mos St. Mary's Orpan Aslyum
11/10/1854 Mary McLin Levee bet. Fulton & Louisa Catherine Maginnis 2 1/2 yrs Poydras Aslyum
11/25/1854 Catherine O'Keefe Julia bet. Magazine & Tchoupitoulas Chas Lynch 6 yrs St Mary Orphanage Asylum
12/07/1854 Fred Bauer No. 198 Tchoupitoulas Louis Seitz 11 yrs German Orphan asylum
12/13/1854 A. Cazaret Magdeline bet. Gravier & Common Susannah Ott 7 mos Poydras Street Asylum
12/15/1854 J. B. Schroeder Corner of Prytania & St. Andrew Barbara Schimdle 1 1/2 yrs Poydras Street Asylum
Elizb: Schimdle 4 yrs
12/15/1854 Mary Doyle Corner St. Thomas & Benjamin Mary Doyle 10 yrs Poydras Street Asylum
Ann Doyle 8 yrs
12/16/1854 Jean Senac Corner Plaisance & Laurel Coralie Ferrand 8 mos Poydras Street Asylum
12/19/1854 Catherine Bardy Franklin Street Jane Gibson 9 yrs Camp Street Asylum
12/19/1854 J. B. Schroeder Corner of Prytania & St. Andrew Sibella [sic] Burchard 6 yrs Poydras Street Asylum
Johannes Burchard 21/2 yrs Lafayette Orphan Asylum
Conrad Burchard
[Might be Corrad, Conad, etc.]
9 mos
12/22/1854 Michel Lavine No. 182 Circus St. Thor Vizard 7 yrs St. Mary Orphan Asylum
12/23/1854 H. G. Rich Capt of ship Enoch Train Jno. W. Apple 11/2 yrs St. Mary Orphan Asylum
Marguerite P. Hernandez 12 yrs Camp Street Asylum

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