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Box 20 (continued)

Reference (RF)

[NOTE: The RF files contain both incoming and outgoing mail and memoranda. As the CFS classification symbols provide no content information, no folder by folder inventory has been made. Instead, what follows is a Box by Box listing of dates only].

RF–3/1976–ADP through RF–7/1976–ADP

Box 21

RF–8/1976–ADP through RF–1/1977–ADP

Box 22

RF–2/1977–ADP through RF–7/1978–ADP

Box 23

RF–8/1978–ADP through RF–7/1976–EAD

Box 24

RF–8/1976–EAD through RF–9/1975–EAU

Box 25

RF–10/1975–EAU through RF–2/1975–OPPA

Box 26

RF–3/1975–OPPA through RF–6/1975–OPPA

Box 27

RF–7/1975–OPPA through RF–1/1976–OPPA

Box 28

RF–2/1976–OPPA through RF–RES–TG

Statistical Indicators (SI)

SI: An account of the usage of monies allocated to the Regional Planning Commission, 1974 (see OVF/AQR461/1974–2).
SI-AGE: Age statistics worksheets SA (1970)
SI-BI-70: Blight index (1970 [?])
SI-CAS-75: CAS survey, 1975
SI-CAS-75: Citizen attitude survey, part (1975)
SI-CAS-77: Citizen attitude survey by neighborhood (1977)
SI-CD-CDTF: Community Development inventory forms, worksheet originals (1/75)
SI-CTDA-NUC: Statistical profile of selected cities, Midwest (1977) - V.2
SI-CDTA-NUC: Statistical profile of selected cities, West (1977) -V.3

Box 29

SI-CEN-70: Citywide statistics, 1970 census
SI-DTH-74: Death by census tracts (1974).
SI-EDUC: Education worksheets - SA (1970)
SI-EDUC-ACH: School achievement demographic and economic factors (1971) - [HEW].
SI-EDUC-JEF: Jefferson Parish community services study, 12/31/69 ( see AQR150/1969jp/V.2).
SI-EMP: Employment statistics, SA (1970)
SI-EMPL-APR: Annual planning report, 1976 (see LOU DOC/L30.1/5:976).
SI-EMPL-OCC: Non-professional unclassifiable (Polk - 1974)
SI-EMPL-OCC: Occupation services operatives, unskilled (1974).
SI-EMPL-OCC: Service workers (Polk - 74)
SI-FEM: Female headed families (worksheets - SA-1970).
SI-GEN-INFO: Ussery report, 9/13/76 (see AA150/1976I).
SI-HLTH: Health statistics by block (1969-70) V.1
SI-HLTH: Health statistics by block (1969-70) V.2
SI-HOUS: Housing statistics SA (1970)
SI-HOUS-RPC: Multi-family housing trends, 1973 (see AQR150/1973h/prelim).
SI-LA-MGRT: Migration in Louisiana, 1960-70 (see EL520.3:17).
SI-LD: Land use report, RPC-1969 (see AQR150/1969lu).
SI-POLK-ERIE: Profiles Of Change, Erie, Pennsylvania (1973-74).
SI-POLK-GEN: Introduction to Profiles Of Change (1974)
SI-POLK-GEN: Profiles Of Change, introduction (6/70)
SI-POLK-GEN: Profiles Of Change, introduction (1/71)
SI-POLK-GEN: Profiles Of Change, management digest sample (4/71)
SI-POLK-GEN: Profiles Of Change, reports and listings (1/71)
SI-POLK-TEX: Beaumont, Texas, management summary (73-74).
SI-POLK-TEX: Beaumont, Texas, small area profiles (1974-75).
SI-POLK-USRG: User's guide Polk Profiles Of Change (2/77).
SI-POP-WKST: Original population and race worksheet (1970).
SI-SA-74: Narrative section, statistical abstract, 1974 (see Aap150/1974n/pp. 211-222).
SI-SA-74: Statistical abstract, rankings, 1974 (see AAP150/1974n/appendeces I and II)
SI-SA-SMRY: Neighborhood data summary tables from statistical abstract (1970).
SI-STPR-STBP: St. John The Baptist Parish, statistical profile, PAR-1973 (see 312.09763/P97s/V.2).
SI-STPR-STCP: St. Charles Parish, statistical profile, PAR-1973 (see 312.09763/P97s/V.2).
SI-STPR-STJP: St. James Parish statistical profile, PAR-1973 (see 312.09763/P97s/V.2).
SI-VOTE-77: Voter registration (8/77)
SI-VS-70: Vital statistics, 1970 (see LOU DOC/H1.7/2a:970).

Statistical Methods (SM)

SM: Comparison of 50 largest cities for selected variables (1974).
SM: EDP (1974).
SM: MUNIES information sheet (1975).
SM: Operational scope of Industrial Development Board 91973).
SM: Project COPE [Cincinnati] (1973)


[NOTE: The files in the remaining section were not given codes by OPPA prior to their transfer to the Archives. They were thus arranged into alphabetical order by subject and inventoried as follows.]

Action 80, a five year growth program, Orleans and surrounding parishes (1975)
Affirmative action

Box 30

Aging (see also AAG202/1972)
Airport (see also OVF/AQR150/1974ks and LOU DOC/PW10.1:Fe1/972dr).
Alcohol committee minutes (see also OVF/FF301ad/date).
Alcohol information (general)
Alcohol Safety Action Program
Allied Services, completed contract documents
Allied Services, meetings, contracts, memos, etc.
Answer desk

Bilingual clerical training program
Broadmoor neighborhood profile (draft)
Budget, capital, requests (1975)
Budget, capital, departmental requests (1977) file 1
Budget, capital, departmental requests (1977) file 2
Budget, capital, (1978-82)
Budget, federal programs, city operated (see also A204/1972-9 and FF202/1972 en [PC] )
Budget, hearing, past (1976-77)
Budgets, 91971-74)
Budget, operating
Budget, operating, hearings
Budget, operating requests, analysis (1977)

Census, housing data, 1960
Census, housing data, 1970
Census information
Census rough worksheets
Central City citizen participation
CETA contract draft (Copelin and Associates)
Chamber Of Commerce interagency agreement
Chicago - Economic Development report - Decade Plus (1972)
Citizen Attitude Survey, 1975 - Attitudes
Citizen Attitude Survey, 1977 - employment data
Citizen Attitude Survey, 1977 - household per capita income
Citizen participation
City Demonstration Agency action taken audits of M.C. projects
City Demonstration Agency II submission - Civil Service provisions
City Demonstration Agency II workshop
City Hall, incoming correspondence
Civil Defense
Civil Service - application procedures, forms, etc.
Civil Service - law report

Box 31

Civil Service - orientation literature (job benefits, etc.)
Civil Service - preferential treatment report
Civil Service - problem documentation (miscellaneous).
Civil Service - reports re: Human Relations Commission, annual reports (see AI200/1968; ABN202/1970c and ABN202/1971bl).
Civil Service - seminar materials
Claiborne Avenue Design Team
Community Coordinated Child Care Committee
Community Development block grand proposed budget, revised
Community Development funds - reprogramming
Community Development grant application process
Community Development - miscellaneous
Community Development neighborhood survey
Community Development program, budget amendment (1976)
Community Development project - street improvements program
Community Development proposals (1977)
Community Development public hearings materials
Community Development social services committee
Community Improvement Agency
Community Profile data center
Consumer Affairs/HANO program (see AC630/1976ic).
Contracts information
Copelin contract - scope of services
Crime (Time Saver)
Criminal Justice Committee
Criminal Justice Information System - applications
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council block grant
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council - problem/needs summaries
Criminal Justice Models, an overview
Crowding - 1970
Curtis and Davis bills
Curtis and Davis contract material (see also AAP610/1973s)

Data Analysis Unit - activities 91976-77)
Departmental interviews
Distributional analysis of TRIO funds in Region VI
District Attorney's screening project (see OVF/VI851/1974sd)
Drug abuse plan

Eclectic Rentals, Inc.
Economic Advisors, Council of
Economic Development Administration, planning assistance
Economic Development Administration - Title X
Economic Development Conference
Economic Development Council
Economic Development data
Economic Development Unit formation
Economic Development Unit work elements
Economic surveys
Education and youth
Elderly, problems of
Emergency medical transportation
Environmental Impact statements
Equal Opportunity

Box 32

Evaluation needs
Executive staff

Finance Department
Fire Department

Geographic base file
Goals To Grow health committee
Government Productivity innovative project
Growth Management Program, economic and market findings (see AA150/1974em).

Health Data - Cooperative Information System (see also FF700/1973ta)
Health Department, Louisiana - advisory board minutes and reports
Health Department, Louisiana - newsletters, press releases
Health Department, Louisiana - organizational charts, legislative authority, etc.
Health Department, New Orleans - 1972 division reports (see also OVF/FF200/1972/prelim)
Health Department, New Orleans - proposal for AAA - funded mobile dental program for the elderly
Heritage Square development program report objectives
Highways - emergency telephone system
Historic preservation consultants
Housing and Urban Development, Department of
Housing Maintenance organizations
Housing rehab program
Human resources
Hunter's Field - completion

Income - net worth approach to measuring economic welfare
Industrial parks
In - kind services (documentation)
Innovative projects program
Input-output study - New Orleans SMSA
Insurance and accidents information
Integrated financial management system
Interagency agreement - OPPA/EDC
Intergovernmental cooperation

Juvenile correctional design and utilization study (see AQ851/1974js).
Juvenile court surveillance system
Juvenile crime, 1975
Juvenile major index crimes, 1976
Juvenile major index crimes, 1977

Kane, Dr. James S. - energy talk

Lafitte Street Victory Garden
Lead based paint poisoning prevention program (see also FF851/1975lp)
Legislative bills and constitution
Library - Federal review
Log sheets - mail
[March 1976 - September 1978]

Box 33

Louis, Bowles and Grace, Inc. - Dallas Survey
Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice

Management effectiveness
Manpower - CAMPS
Manpower - In house committee, notices, minutes, agendas
Mayor's Council of Economic Advisors
Mureta, Congressman Norman Y - statement on national growth policy
Model Cities - evaluation

National Civil Service League - Public Service Careers Program
National Council for Urban Economic Development
Needs survey - Urban Consortium for Technology Initiatives (see A150/1975n).
Neighborhood resources allocation plan (1976)
New Orleans Area Health Planning Council
New Orleans Aviation Board (see also OVF/JAG660/1964ca)
New Orleans Cooperative Health Information System
New Orleans Fire and Police Department training facilities of Michoud - application (see also AA851/1975mf)
New Orleans Museum of Art - grant applications (see HWA851/1975 bi, fl, ma and 1976 tt).
New Orleans Recreation Department
Newsclippings and articles pertaining to OPPA

Occupations - Armed Forces
Occupations - Farmers and Growers
Occupations - Foreman
Occupations (heads of household) - Clerical and sales
Occupations (heads of household) - Managers, Proprietors and Supervisors
Occupations (heads of household) - Professional and technical
Occupations (heads of household) - Skilled, Semi-skilled and Foreman
Occupations - Non-professional and other unclassified
Occupations - Office and Store Clerks
Occupations - Operatives
Occupations - Proprietors
Occupations - Salesmen
Occupations - Service Workers
Occupations - Skilled and Semi-skilled
Occupations - Unskilled
Office publicity
Open space and recreational facilities
Open space - group analysis
Open space - problem analysis
Operating budget forms

Box 34

Opportunities Industrialization Center
Orleans Public Schools student action center program
Overall Economic Development Programs

Persimmon wilt
Police complaint review
Policy planning formats
Policy planning, general information
Policy planning process, third series of meetings
Polk employment data, 1976
Profile, miscellaneous
Program inventory and development plan, forms, new
Program inventory and development plan, original
Project ideas
Public pension plans
Public Safety
Public Service - ambient quality standards
Public works
Public Works Employment Act of 1976
Public works, open space and recreation
Publications list for Social Statistical abstract

Revamping of public buildings in New Orleans
Reading file
Recreation, education, leisure - policy recommendations
Recreation, summer, 1975
Resume file
Retarded offenders special needs projects
Revenue sources, potential
Rodent control

Section 302 work program
SER annual report, 1975-76
701 citizen participation
701 comprehensive planning grant application (1974-75)
701 comprehensive planning grant application (1975-76)
Sewerage and Water Board
Social Policy Advisory Committee minutes
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Socio-economic comments, Southern problems and solutions, newspaper clipping, 8/30/75
State of the city address projects, status
State programs.

Technical advisory group meetings
Training - trips
Treme Community Center
Trinity Episcopal Church Outreach Program

United Fund
Urban Development planning
Urban environment, conference on the

Vendome Place -traffic
Volunteers for city service
Vocational-technical school facility specifications

White House economic summit, policy paper, Mayor Landrieu
Windshield Survey, Algiers - maps
Windshield Survey, Fischer
Windshield Survey, McDonogh
Windshield Survey, original forms and instructions
Windshield Survey, Warehouse District, catch basin conditions
Windshield Survey, Warehouse District, curb and sidewalk type
Windshield Survey, Warehouse District, sidewalk conditions
Windshield Survey, Warehouse District, street conditions
Windshield Survey, Warehouse District, street paving type

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