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Housing and Preservation (HP)-Human Services (HS)

Box 11 (continued)

Housing and Preservation (HP)

HP-CCHC-PRO: Housing and preservation proposal, Central City Housing Development Corporation (5/24/76)
HP-CD-REH: Housing rehabilitation (1976)

Box 12

HP-CIA-EVAL: Code enforcement and rehabilitation assistance program, evaluation report (1/4/77) (See A150/1977ce)
HP-CIA-GEN: Community Improvement Agency, general information (TG-2/73)
HP-HANO-POLC: Public Housing policy statement (1974)
HP-HDLC-PRO: Low interest subsidized loan program proposal for Historic Districts and land works (5/24/76)
HP-HOUS-CTLC: Development plan for Central City (1975) (See AQI630/1975c)
HP-HOUS-CUR: Neighborhood analysis, draft (1973) (See AAP150/1973na)
HP-HOUS-LOAN: Information on housing assistance loans (8/23/76)
HP-HOUS-LPB: Housing section, law project bulletin (10/76)
HP-HOUS-MOD: Modular housing (1975)
HP-HOUS-RLCN: Housing relocation, data collection format (RPC-74) (See AQR150/1974h/prelim)
HP-HOUS-RPC: Regional housing action program (5/71) (See AQR150/1971rh)
HP-HOUS-RPC: Regional housing study (12/69) (See AQR150/1969rh)
HP-HOUS-SINK: Houses fall victim to drought (See N.O. States-Item, July 27, 1977, sect. Cp1)
HP-HSTP-VC: Vieux Carre neighborhood housing improvement proposal (12/72)
HP-MGT-75: Housing management technical memoranda (HUD-9/75-missing when inventoried)
HP-PIDP-75: Housing surveys, planning process
HP-PRES-BDGC: Building codes for preservation (11/76)
HP-PRES-CD: Historic preservation in Community Development (1974)
HP-REH-CD: Correspondence concerning changes in Community Development rehabilitation program (1/27/77)
HP-REH-CD: Housing rehabilitation (1976)
HP-REH-DCHC: Proposal for professional counseling of section 235 homeowners (1976)
HP-REH-SECT: Notification of fund availability (1977)
HP-REHB-CIA: Summary of Community Development housing rehabilitation program status (9/75-1/77)
HP-T/L-HDBK: Tenant/landlord handbook, draft (7/10/76) (For final version see AC 700/1976)

Human Resources (HR)

HR: Community Improvement Agency
HR: Economic planning and analysis
HR-BGT: Historic District Landmarks Commission, operating budget hearing (1975)
HR-CDI: Public housing project improvements (#10-003)
HR-CDI: Shakespeare Park Development and pool construction (#40-004)
HR-CONDO: Louisiana Condominium Act of 1974
HR-CONF: Low and moderate income housing conference (10/71)
HR-CVR: Historic conservation zoning
HR-CVR: Housing rehabilitation and renovation (9/73) (See AAP610/1973n)
HR-DE: Desire Housing Corporation
HR-DE: Gordon Plaza project
HR-HANO: Part A application to participate in the target projects program of the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development low rent housing program (6/14/74) (Empty when inventoried)
HR-HC: Housing committee (Mayor's, 1971)
HR-HC: Housing strategy, Mayor's housing committee
HR-HOUS: PIDP's (1975)
HR-LAF: Housing market, Lafayette, LA (4/70)
HR-OCC: Review of Smolkin-Bost-Miestchovich, single and multiple family housing occupancy trends (4/74)
HR-PIDP: Housing departmental meetings (1975) (Included in HR-HOUS)
HR-PRES: Historic preservation and renovation study, Curtis and Davis (12/72)
HR-REH: Community Development housing rehabilitation
HR-REH: Rehab grant and loan programs, examples (1975)

Human Services (HS)

HS: Adult education rules and regulations
HS: Education and youth
HS: Facts about aged
HS: Information, education publications and papers
HS: Recreation and culture, section IV analysis document
HS: Search
HS: State and city health agencies merge
HS-AAAF-FUND: Area agency on Aging proposal for distribution of funds (9/76)
HS-AAAG-PR: Area Agency on Aging dental care contract with city health department, program review (12/13/76)
HS-AAAG-SCAN: Senior Citizens Area News (SCAN) (1977) (See LOU-SERIALS)
HS-ADP-HEW: Action domestic programs (1973)
HS-AGE-RPRT: Report of Mayor's Task Force on Aging (4/3/72) (See AAG202/1972)
HS-AGED: Survey of older citizens of Orleans and Jefferson (1971) (See 362.6/S96/V.2)
HS-AGED-FOOD: Food and friends centers locations (1976)
HS-AGED-LEGN: Legislative package for senior citizens (1977)
HS-ALCO-REV: Alcoholism services in Orleans Parish, Donnath memo (10/19/76)
HS-ARC-PRO: Greater New Orleans Association for Retarded Citizens
HS-ASAP-PLAN: Alcohol Safety Action Project plan (1976)
HS-BDA-CONT: Bureau of Drug Affairs establishment contract, draft (1975)
HS-BDA-CTLC: Central City Multimedia Center, Bureau of Drug Affairs (1975)
HS-BGT: Audubon Park, operating budget hearing (1975)
HS-BGT: City Park, operating budget hearing (1975)
HS-BGT: Council on Aging, operating budget hearing (1975)
HS-BGT: Funding in human resources (1975)
HS-BLKG-HEW: Block grant proposals for human services (1976)
HS-CADA-GEN: Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, general information (10/76)
HS-CE-PR: Urban consumer information and education program, program review (3/3/77) (See also AC630/1977u)
HS-CETA-LA: CETA and its services to Louisiana women (11/76) (See LOU DOC/G10.2:CE/976)
HS-CHOU-TCA: Child Development program (TCA-1974)
HS-COA-PGRS: Council on Aging programs (1976)
HS-CODE-GEN: Code enforcement, general information (1976)
HS-CSG: Human resources agencies [The Council of State Governments] (1975)
HS-CULT-PR: Latin Cultural Heritage Conference (VCC-9/1/77)
HS-DAYC-BGT: Report on operating budget hearing (OSEI-9/22/75)
HS-DAYC-PR: Educational day care application (9/15/75)
HS-DRUG-NWSC: Drug abuse, newsclippings (1973)
HS-DRUG-PLAN: Orleans Parish planning data for drug abuse prevention plan (3/76) (See AAV150/1976pol)
HS-DRUG-PRGR: Drug abuse prevention program (1/76)
HS-EDUC: Delgado Junior College catalog (1973-74) (See LOU DOC/ES236.3:1973/74)
HS-EDUC-ED: Role of business in education and school industry cooperation
HS-EDUC-EVAL: Rationale and models for evaluation in performance contracting (10/70)

Box 13

HS-EDUC-GEN: Education, general information (T.G.)
HS-EDUC-LWV: Financing public education in Orleans Parish (9/77) (See 379.763/L43fi)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Accountability workshop (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: The Bottom Line (See HC900L/date)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Business and education workshop (10/28/77) (Same as HS-EDUC-ED)
HS-EDUC-MEC: CACTUS, Community Action Council of Tulane University Students (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Catholic education in New Orleans (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Curriculum workshop (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Discipline workshop (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Education in other communities workshop (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Education finance workshop (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Governance workshop (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Handout for Mayor's Conference on Education (10/28/77)(See AA950/1977u)
HS-EDUC-MEC: "Mayor, others vow help for schools," newsclippings (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Public school programs (10/28/77)(See OVF HC 955)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Questionnaire for education conference (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-MEC: Right to read (10/28/77)
HS-EDUC-NOPS: Dropout prevention program
HS-EDUC-SCH: Student rights and responsibilities (11/76) (See LOU DOC/E13.5:St1/976)
HS-EDUC-UNIV: Delgado College, an open door to the future
HS-FDST-CHRT: Food stamps relationships chart
HS-FED-FUND: Trio funds in region VI (2/76)
HS-FMLY-77: Family Services Newsletter (1977)
HS-FOOD-ANLY: Food stamp program analysis (8/70) (See AAT 202/1970)
HS-FOOD-GEN: General information, food services (1973)
HS-FOOD-PR: Food distribution programs (7/75) (See AA851/1975 wic)
HS-FPP-6/07: Family Planning Perspectives (7/76)
HS-FPP-6/05: Perspectives (5/76)
HS-HANO: Annual report and related material from the Housing Authority (See also NH200/1972)
HS-HEW-CITY: Statement of city/HEW relationships (1971)
HS-HEW-DCTY: Directory of HEW regional and state personnel for region IV (4/1/77)
HS-HEW-RFUG: Indo-Chinese refugee assistance program (7/30/76)
HS-HLTH-AHCC: Ambulatory health care center clarification (1/5/77)
HS-HLTH-BC: Blue Cross benefits for city employees, 1/1/73 (see also AGB 700/1973)
HS-HLTH-BDA: Bureau of Drug Abuse detox project interagency agreement with Health Department (7/7/76)
HS-HLTH-CHAR: Proposal for consultation services for Charity Hospital in New Orleans (Bankston Assoc.) (1/77)
HS-HLTH-CONF: Planning in mental health (10/31/76)
HS-HLTH-COST: Rising costs of health care ( author or source unknown) (10/75)
HS-HLTH-DATA: Electronic data processing in a complex healthcare environment (3/76)
HS-HLTH-DENT: Dental services (1973)
HS-HLTH-DENT: Mobile dental care proposal (12/23/76)
HS-HLTH-DTH: Sudden death: strategies for prevention (1/77)
HS-HLTH-EMS: Emergency medical services in N.O., newsclippings, 10/76 (see PANO Star and Crescent, October 1976, p. 5)
HS-HLTH-EMS: Emergency medical services program (7/13/77)
HS-HLTH-EPSD: Budget request, early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment program (FY 1976-77)
HS-HLTH-EPSD: Early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment program, 1975 (see FF202/1975ep)
HS-HLTH-ESPD: Program correspondence (early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment - 1975)
HS-HLTH-FAC: Review of multi-service facilities plan (Laborde-1978)
HS-HLTH-FHPL: Forward health plan (1975)
HS-HLTH-FPP: Family Planning Perspectives (see also HS-FPP)
HS-HLTH-HEW: Amendment to intent to file application in the name of New Orleans Health Corporation for funding Desire-Florida health clinics (4/22/77)
HS-HLTH-HEW: Application for public health service grant [instructions] (1976)
HS-HLTH-HILT: Highlights, LPHA (1978) [Folder empty when inventoried].
HS-HLTH-HOSP: Court order to local hospitals for free or below cost service (1972)
HS-HLTH-HSA: A health plan for the New Orleans area, draft, 5/28/75 (see 362.976335/N53h)
HS-HLTH-HSA: Health Systems Agency (1976)
HS-HLTH-HSA: Health Systems Agency status report with RPC staff recommendations (1976)
HS-HLTH-HSA: Louisiana Health Systems Agency application (2/76)
HS-HLTH-HTHD: Support for institutionalizing deputy director, Health Department (5/76)
HS-HLTH-HYTN: Hypertension and heart diseases, general information
HS-HLTH-INV: Health service inventory (4/29/77)
HS-HLTH-LEGN: Bill establishing the Louisiana Department of Health and Social Rehabilitation Services (1973)
HS-HLTH-LEGN: National Health Service Agency legislation (1975)
HS-HLTH-MDNY: Medically needy study (LHHRA-1976) (see HP1.2:Ne2/976)
HS-HLTH-MEDI: Medicare payment for drugs (1973)
HS-HLTH-MNS: Medically needy study (see HS-HLTH-MDNY)
HS-HLTH-MNTL: Cooperative endeavor agreement, Mental Health Center (1976)
HS-HLTH-MNTL: Planning and evaluation of mental health centers
HS-HLTH-NDLB: Chicago rodent control program (1966)
HS-HLTH-PIDP: Program inventory and Development plan memo (1975)
HS-HLTH-PL: Health planning [in California] (Ardell - 1975)
HS-HLTH-PLAN: Health planning, doctors and their federal dole, 2/75 (see N.O. Courier, Feb. 13-19, 1975 p 5-6)
HS-HLTH-PMH: Pontchartrain Mental Health Center survey (1974)
HS-HLTH-RPRT: Activities report, Heal and Social Rehabilitation Administration (1974)
HS-HLTH-SERV: Politicization of personal health services [Wisconsin] (Theodore M. Armor - 1969)
HS-HLTH-SHIN: Position paper on the Shindell study, draft (1974)
HS-HLTH-SHIN: Shindell report, summary (1975)
HS-HLTH-SHSA: Southeastern Health Services Agency (1976)
HS-HLTH-THRY: Effects of social and cultural processes in health (Anderson - 1973)
HS-HLTH-TXIX: State plan for medical assistance under Title XIX of the Social Security Act (8/20/74)
HS-HNDC-ARCH: Curb ramps on streets for handicapped, article (1977)
HS-HNDC-BDGC: Accessibility to buildings for the physically handicapped (1976)
HS-HNDC-BDGC: Design of buildings for use by the physically handicapped (1976)
HS-HNDC-BDGC: Specification for making public buildings accessible to handicapped (1976)
HS-HNDC-GEN: Memo and other materials concerning barriers to handicapped (1976)
HS-HNDC-73: Performance (1973)
HS-HOUS-REHB: Housing rehabilitation programs proposed by Central Relocation Agency (1/76)
HS-HPL-76: Health Planning Letter (1976)
HS-HSA-GEN: Health Systems Agency information (1976)
HS-HTHD-PRGR: Services of the New Orleans Health Department (see FF950/1974)
HS-HTHD-74: Health Department, inventory of programs (1974)
HS-IS-TXX: Social Services Management System (1976)
HS-JEFP-RPC: Jefferson Parish community services study, 12/69, v.1 (see AQR150/1969; p/v.1)
HS-JHS-7/10: Journal of Human Services, abstracts (10/77)
HS-LHRA-AAAG: Area Agency on Aging proposal for funding formula (9/15/76)
HS-LHRA-MDNY: Medically needy study, 1976 (see HP1.2:Ne2/976)
HS-LHRA-OC: Louisiana Health and Human Resources Administration organization chart (12/76)
HS-MAC-NWLT: Metropolitan Area Committee newsletter, 1975-78 (see LOU SERIALS)
HS-MCM-FED: Utilization of available federal resources (McManis - 1976)

Box 14

HS-MCM-HSRP: Adoption, problem area 13 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Community information and organization, problem area 18 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Community safety and justice, problem area 17 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Day care, problem area 11 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Development disabilities, problem area 07 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Employment, problem area 04 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Family resources, problem area 12 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Financial resources, problem area 03 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Food and clothing, problem area 01 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Health, problem area 06 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Homemaker, problem area 10 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Housing and household needs, problem area 02 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Mental health services, problem area 08 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Planning coordination and management, problem area 20 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Programmatic and funding information (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Protection from abuse, neglect or exploitation, problem area 09 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Role of city and private sector in human service (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Substitute living area, problem area 14 (4/26/76)
HS-MCM-HSRP: Transportation, problem area 19 (4/26/76)
HS-MGT-CONF: Human services management seminar (2/16/77)
HS-MH-AAAF: Area Agency on Aging needs assessment (1977)
HS-MH-NA: Report of the models subcommittee
HS-MH-RPRT: Preliminary report, Mental Health Advisory Committee (7/19/76)
HS-MH-UWAY: Priorities Development project [United Way] (4/15/77)
HS-MH-YTH: Early child Development program (see FF630/1977e)
HS-MH-YTH: Meeting mental health needs of Louisiana's children (HASLETT - 1975)
MS-MH-YTH: Report of the committee on school disruptive behavior (1974)
HS-MOON-CER: Moonwalk dedication ceremony (5/16/76)
HS-MSC-PLAN: A review of the Neighborhood Facilities Operational Plan (Laborde - 1978)
HS-MSC-TRMC: Treme Cultural Enrichment Program, request for funds (2/10/77)
HS-NA-HS: Human services needs assessment, 6/2/77 (see AAP150/1977n)
HS-NA-RECR: Recreation and culture, 6/2/77 (see AAP150/1977n)
HS-NOAH-COR: New Orleans Area Health Planning Council correspondence (7/7/75)
HS-NOAH-MBRS: N.O. Area/Bayou River Health System Agency Board - Mayor's appointments (9/76)
HS-NOAH-PLAN: A health plan for the New Orleans Area, 10/22/75
HS-NOAH-UPDT: Update, New Orleans Area/Bayou-River Health Systems Agency, INC., 1977 (see LOU SERIALS)
HS-NOMA-PR: Museum of Art conservation program (6/75) (see also OVF/HWA202/1975c)
HS-NOMA-PR: National Endowment for the Arts application (1975)
HS-NOPL-RPRT: Network of public library system, 12/63 (see HR150/1963)
HS-NOPS-CP: Citizen participation in public school system through its community Development program (2/12/76)
HS-NOPS-GEN: General information on public schools in New Orleans (1976) (see HC610/1976)
HS-NORD-AIB: Artists Information Bureau (see HR900a/date)
HS-NORD-FAC: NORD recreational facilities, 1974-76 (see also OVF/LRN 160/1976)
HS-PIDP-ANLY: Human resources group analysis (1975)
HS-PIDP-HS: Departmental meetings on program inventory and Development plan (1975)
HS-PIDP-RECR: Recreation program inventory and Development forms, 1975 (included in HS-PIDP-HS)
HS-PIDP-75: Human resources inventory and Development plan (1975)
HS-PIDP-WELD: Welfare PIDP, 1975 (included in HS-PIDP-75)
HS-POLY: Conditions for future social policy (Marmor - 1971)
HS-PRSN-RHAB: Parish Prison rehabilitation program (1975)
HS-PWBR-LGSN: Developer financed public facilities legislative review (1975)
HS-R-BDMR: Broadmoor recreational facility correspondence (1976)
HS-R-CPEN: Carver-Penn playground project
HS-RECR-AUD: Audubon Zoo gets $400,000 from EDA (see Times-Picayune, 6/30/77, sect. 1, p18)
HS-RECR-BRPK: Brechtel Park improvement (West Bank Guide, June 29, 1977)
HS-RECR-BRPK: Comprehensive analysis documents for Brechtel Park, 12/20/76 (same as GT-PRDV-RECR)
HS-RECR-CAD: Comprehensive analysis documents for Brechtel Park and Pontchartrain Park golf courses (8/77)
HS-RECR-CAD: Comprehensive analysis documents for City Park tennis courts (8/77)
HS-RECR-CLAY: Clay Square renovation, newsclippings (2/76)
HS-RECR-CPEN: Carver Penn recreational park, correspondence (1975)
HS-RECR-CPEN: Carver Penn recreational park proposal (1975)
HS-RECR-CPTL: Capital status report, Recreation Department (1/28/76)
HS-RECR-EVAL: Summer recreation program evaluation report (see A150/11976 sdc)
HS-RECR-HF: Hunter's Field correspondence, police report (1976)
HS-RECR-HF: Hunter's Field project (1975)
HS-RECR-HF: Hunter's Field community Development (1975)
HS-RECR-LAPC: Armstrong Park, newsclipping (see Times-Picayune, 8/12/73, s. 1 p. 42)
HS-RECR-NORD: Capital status report, NORD (1975)
HS-RECR-PARK: Parks are primary (Ohio Cities And Villages, 7/76)
HS-RECR-PARK: Comprehensive analysis documents for Pontchartrain Park (same as GT-PROV-RECR)
HS-RECR-SCH: School for security and safety in parks and recreation (1977)
HS-RECR-74: Summary recreational program (1974)
HS-RECR-WHIT: Whitney junkyard (1974)
HS-RECR-YTH: Performance standards for Highland Park Youth Committee (1974)
HS-SCH-CMTY: Expansion and community schools, Model Cities (1971)
HS-SCH-EVAL: New Orleans Public Schools, test scores (see OVF/HC903/1975)
HS-SCH-FIN: Facts and finances, New Orleans Public Schools, 1973-74 (see HC460/1973-74)
HS-SCH-HDBK: Citizen's guide to New Orleans Public Schools, 9/73 (see HC610/1973)
HS-SCH-MAC: School business cooperation (1973)
HS-SCH-PRGR: School Board programs (1974)
HS-SCH-PRO: Community schools proposal (1975)
HS-SCH-72: State education survey for Orleans (1972-73)
HS-SHIN-RPRT: Study of tax supported clinics serving Title XIX (Medicaid) recipients (Shindell), 9/15/7 (see LOU DOC/HP1.2:MeI/975)
HS-SOCG-WIC: WIC correspondence (1975-76)
HS-SOCS-ASA: Allied Services Act analysis (St. Pe), 1973 (see AA150/1973as)
HS-SOCS-COM: Social Services Committee agenda and correspondence (1974)
HS-SOCS-HDBK: Social Services '75, A Citizen's Handbook
HS-SOCS-HNDC: State plan for Developmental disabilities sources and facilities construction program, FY1977 (see LOU DOCS/I30.8pi77)
HS-SOCS-JEFF: Jefferson Parish community services study technical report, v.4, 12/31/69 (see AQR150.1969jp/v.4)
HS-SOCS-LHRA: Comprehensive annual services program plan, proposal, 6/76 (see LOU DOC/H1.2:S01/975-77dr)
HS-SOCS-NLC: Allied Services Act analysis, St. Pe (see AA150/1973as)
HS-SOCS-THRY: Human relations training and group work (Anderson - 1975)
HS-SOSC-DCTY: Social Welfare and related sources directory, 1974 (see 361.8/v94d/1974)
HS-SSA-TXX: Delineating the ramifications of Title XX (Burr, 75)
HS-TCA-PRGR: Total community action program (1975)
HS-TXIX-AFDC: Title XIX list to aid females with dependent children (4/76)
HS-TXX-APPL: Application and eligibility determination for social services (7/77)
HS-TXX-APPL: Associated Catholic Charities, Gerttown Resource Center application (2/77)
HS-TXX-CETA: Title XX/CETA coordination guide (1977)
HS-TXX-GEN: General TItle XX information (TG-1977)
HS-TXX-GEN: Goal and objective setting, Title XX (1975)
HS-TXX-GEN: Improvements in state planning, Title XX (1975)
HS-TXX-HDBK: Title XX manual revisions, LH HRA-1976
HS-TXX-HSCA: Title XX priority setting process, papers (Kentucky - 1975)
HS-TXX-HTHD: Proposed Title XX services
HS-TXX-KY: Title XX priority setting process papers, HSCA-1975 (same as HS-TXX-HSCA)
HS-TXX-LIST: Master list of needs assessment questionnaire (1977)
HS-TXX-NA: Title XX needs assessment (1/78)
HS-TXX-NOHC: Center for Governmental Studies at Loyola, participation in Title XX planning (11/5/76)
HS-TXX-PERS: Personnel for Title XX grant (9/27/76)
HS-TXX-PLAN: Title XX plan (1975)
HS-TXX-PLAN: Title XX plan, 1975 (see LOU DOC/H1.2:So 1/975-7)
HS-TXX-PLAN: Title XX plan, 7/77-6/78 (see LOU DOC/HW40.8p.:Pr/977)
HS-TXX-PLAN: Title XX state plan, Orleans Parish component (2/17/77)
HS-TXX-PR: TCA family services, Title XX application (1975)
HS-TXX-PRO: Center for Governmental Studies proposal for operational planning for Title XX (St. Pe-12/76)
HS-TXX-PRO: Operational planning element, TXX human services grant proposal, Loyola University, 12/5/76 (included in HS-TXX-PRO above)
HS-TXX-PUB: State experiences in social services planning, case studies in response to Title XX (10/19/76)
HS-TXX-PUBH: Meeting to discuss allocation of $6.5 million for Title XX programs and services (2/4/77)
HS-TXX-PUBH: Title XX planning by City of New Orleans, public hearing (12/22/76)
HS-TXX-PUBH: Title XX planning by City of New Orleans for July 1977 program year, 12/22/76 (same as HS-TXX-PUBH above)
HS-TXX-PUBH: Public hearing [2/4/77] handout
HS-TXX-REC: Recommendations by OPPA for Title XX planning (TG-1976)
HS-TXX-REC: Title XX planning project recommendations on provider designations and summary of provider designations (3/28/77)
HS-TXX-REC: Title XX recommendations for City of New Orleans, July 1978 program year (2/78)
HS-TXX-REQ: Request for funding, questionnaires (12/76)
HS-TXX-REV: Review and comment on Title XX resource allocation (2/77)
HS-TXX-RPRT: Title XX operating report (1978)
HS-TXX-STF: Staffing needs for Title XX (11/76)
HS-TXX-STF: Staffing procedures for Title XX planning process (10/76)
HS-TXX-TCA: Title XX applications for family counseling, 11/76 (see OVF/AAT 660/1976f)
HS-TXX-TREM: Treme neighborhood document concerning group eligibility (5/12/77)

Box 15

HS-TXX-WEL: Title XX social services amendments (1974)
HS-TXX-YWCA: Child crisis center proposal (5/19/76)
HS-UWAY-MIN: United Way meeting minutes (1976)
HS-UWAY-PLAN: Analysis of priorities, plans and policies in the United Way movement (5/74)
HS-UWAY-POLC: Analysis of priorities, plans and policies in the United Way movement, 5/74 (same as HS-UWAY-PLAN)
HS-UWAY-PRIO: Priorities Development project (3/77)
HS-UWAY-PRIO: United Way priorities development project (1977)
HS-UWAY-PRIO: United Way priorities development project task deadline diagram (2/77)
HS-UWAY-PRIO: United Way priorities project criteria for use in ranking services (2/77)
HS-WEL-CED: Welfare reform and its financing (7/76)
HS-WEL-CHCR: Child crisis center proposal, 5/76 (same as HS-TXX-YWCA)
HS-WEL-LEGN: Social welfare legislation, Institute for Research on Poverty (1968)
HS-WEL-REFM: New Coalition Welfare Reform Task Force (12/17/76)
HS-YSB-PR: Youth Service Bureau, program review (5/77)
HS-YTH: St. Mark's Community Center youth development program (1975)
HS-YTH-GEN: Education in youth information (1974-75)
HS-YTH-HPYC: Highland Park [Illinois] youth committee information directory (1976)
HS-YTH-LEGN: Youth Opportunities Act (1973)
HS-YTH-PBLM: Crisis of youth's transition from school to work (1976)
HS-YTH-PR: Child support enforcement program, program review, 7/75
HS-YTH-PR: St. Mark's Community Youth Center and Milne Boys' Home (9/76) (see also OVF/FA851/1976tr)
HS-YTH-PR: Youth Conservation Corps, program review (6/77)
HS-YTH-PR: Youth Conservation summer program (7/75)
HS-YTH-THRY: Youth services system structural requisites (1973)

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