City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans (La.) Dept. of Law
Correspondence and subject files, 1880-1946

For the most part, this record series was reconstituted from documents removed from the Louisiana Division's Official Vertical File, where they had been arranged partially under the City Attorney's heading and partly, in error, under other departmental and/or subject headings. The City Archives also holds other record series from the city's Law Dept., including correspondence and opinion files, ca. 1875-1946; see the archivist for further information on these records. See also the City Attorney's section in the Guide to the pre-1862 records in the City Archives.


Box 1

Briefs, miscellaneous, n.d.

Case Files
Barnes, C. Samuel (Registrar of Voters) vs. Healy, Thomas (Superintendent of Police), 1927
City of New Orleans vs. Union Ferry Co., 1906-1923
D'Amico Stables, 1925-1927
Gross, Carrie vs. City of New Orleans re: Prostitution (CDC #120323)
Kingsbury Realty Inc. vs. City of New Orleans, 1925
Land Development Co. of Louisiana vs. City of New Orleans, 1925-1927
Louisville and Nashville Railroad, n.d.
Morris, Agnes vs. City of New Orleans re: Prostitution (CDC #120693), 1917
Mules, City Bid on, 1926
New Orleans Fire Department vs. New Orleans Public Service, Inc., 1926
Nix Property, St. Charles and Antonine, 1927
Public Belt Railroad, location of tracks, 1906-1909
Public Improvement Certificates, 1909
Public Improvement Certificates, 1910-1911
Public Improvement Certificates, 1911-1917
Quaker Realty Co., praying for a confirmation of title, ca. 1907-1926
Watson-Williams Bridge, 1925-1927
Williams, Ella vs. City of New Orleans re: Prostitution (CDC #120239), 1917
Contracts, miscellaneous, 1913-1947
Correspondence (incoming and outgoing)
Agar, Ely, and Fulton, 1902-1905
Assistant City Attorneys
* St. Clair Adams, 1905-1906
* George F. Bartley, 1909
* A.M. Dupre, 1905
* Samuel L. Gilmore, 1890-1892
* R.D. Henriques, Jr., 1907
* Francis B. Lee, 1888-1891
* John F. Reilley, 1914
Beckwith J.R., 1880-1890
Board of Directors of Public Schools, 1888-1909
Board of Liquidation, City Debt, 1907
Board of State Assessors, 1889-1891
Brooks, Charles W., 1925
City Architect, 1925-1936
City Cemetery, 1925- 1930
City Council, 1884-1926
City Council, Committee on Budget and Assessment, 1895
City Council, Committee on Finance, 1902-1903
City Council, Committee on Finance, on Public Debt, and on Syndicate, 1889
City Council, Committee on Fire and Lightning, 1897
City Council, Committee on Public Order, 1902
City Engineer, 1892-1946
City Planning Commission, 1927-1928
City Surveyor, 1884-1890
Comptroller`s Office, 1880-1891
Courthouse Commission, 1925
Department of Police and Public Buildings, 1889
Department of Public Finance, 1925-1941
Department of Public Property, 1917-1929
Department of Public Utilities, 1923-1928
Department of Public Works, 1896-1897
District Attorney, 1920
Dymond and Levy, 1930-1931
Farrar, Jonas, and Kruttschnitt, 1888-1907
Fire Department, 1920-1921
Forman, Benjamin Rice, 1897-1902
Hornor, Charles W., 1890
Lapeyre, Monroe, and Breazeale, 1902-1904
Louisiana Attorney General, 1889-1925
Louisiana Highway Commission, 1927
Louisiana Secretary of State, 1929
Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 1926
Louisiana Supreme Court, 1926
Mayor`s Office, 1888-1934
* A-E, 1888-1936
* F-K, 1888-1930
* L-P, 1888-1930
* Q-Z, 1880-1930
Municipal Auditorium Commission, 1933
New Orleans Association of Commerce, 1922
New Orleans Contracting Company, Ltd., 1898-1899
Orleans Parish School Board, 1922-1929


Parker, Governor John M. 1921
Police Department, 1893-1930
Recorder`s Board, 1889-1926
Sanders, Congressman J. Y., 1921
Supreme Court of the United States, 1888-1891
Treasurer, 1880-1900
United States Attorney, 1904
United States Circuit Court, Fifth District, 1891
United States Marshall, 1889
United States Supreme Court, 1888-1891
Vieux Carre Association, 1926-1928
Vieux Carre Commission, 1926
Delinquent Licenses, 1927
Oaths of Office, 1925
Petitions, 1912
Proposals of the New Orleans Railway Co. for lighting the City of New Orleans, 1903
Reading File, May-December,1946
Reports on title examinations, 1909-1928
Statement of Dennis Rufin, re: Carrollton Avenue property, n.d., 1928
Testimony in the suit of the Coca-Cola Company vs. City of New Orleans, et al., 1925

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