French Market Corporation
Subject Files, ca. 1970-1984

434 folders

These files are an addition to the French Market Corporation Records, 1936-1979, received by the City Archives, ca. 1990.

Folder title Folder number Notes
Manila Galleon 1 Lease agreement and other legal papers
Brechtel Power Corp. (Fr. Mkt.) - Regional Food Center Study 2 Correspondence etc. concerning disputed fee for work done by Brechtel
French Market Corp. vs. [Laura] Higginbotham (Damages) 3Correspondence re automobile accident involving Ms. Higginbotham, who ran her car into a French Market building
Grudzien, Candace - 1978-1979 - The Wild Bunch 4Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
Schneider, Rina - 1979 5Bill for area maintenance
Perez, John - 1979 6Bill for area maintenance
Rohm, Howard - 1979 7Bills for area maintenance
Sztari, Charles - 1979 8Bills for area maintenance
Feathers by Danusia - 1979 - Wysiekierski, Danusia 9Bills for area maintenance
Flaherty, Charles - 197910 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
Mask Boutique - June 1, 1978-December 31, 197911 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
Glass Image, The - 197912 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
Mad Planter, The13 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
Cafe Maison - Bldg. D - June 1, 1978-Dec. 31, 197914 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
French Market Po-Boy - Bldg. D - June 1, 1978-Dec. 31, 197915 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
Cafe Banquette - Bldg. C - June 1, 1978-Dec. 31, 197916 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
Manila Galleon - Bldg. B - June 1, 1978-Dec. 31, 197917 Bills for area maintenance and sales tax
New Orleans Regional Food Market (General File)18 Concerning its establishment
French Market Seafood (French Market Corp.)19 Legal matters concerning rescinding lease
Board Meeting - Feb. 18, 197620 Minutes
Board Meeting - Feb. 4, 197621 Minutes
Board Meeting Package - November 19, 197522
Real Estate Committee23
Regional Food Center24
French Market Corporation (Parking lot lease - ground behind retaining wall25
Board of Directors Minutes26
Reading File - Feb. 197427
Memoranda to File - French Market Corporation (meetings)28
R.R. Plan29
Misc. - General Info.30
Regional Market32
[Board of Directors Meeting]33
Merit Sprinkler Company, Inc. - 198134
Hotel Motel Association - 198135
Bid Proposal for Space 5A - 198136
[Bid Proposal for 940 Decatur]37
Barney's Cafe - 198038 Lease
[Gandolfo, Charles - Voodoo Museum]39
To Have & To Hold - 198040 Craft bazaar permit
Mask Boutique - 198041 Craft bazaar permit
LaBonte, Lucie - 198042 Craft bazaar permit
Regional Market43 Misc. materials
Demma, Joseph, Jr.44 Craft bazaar permit
Bill Roberts, Inc. - 198045 Bid proposal for lighting revisions to French Market
Commercial Space Bid Proposals - 17B - 198146 Rejected bid by Joseph Catalano
Kiosk Bid Proposals - 198147 Correspondence and proposals about various bids and instructions outlining the form of the bid
Dixie Parking Services - 197948 Ordinance granting lease of lot, lease agreement, bid proposal
Feathers by Danusia - 197949 Lease agreement
EDA Federal Assistance Study Grant - Working/Reports File - Regional Market Complex/Working File - Administrative Assistant's Folder 50
Regional Market51
[Financial Statements (Internal Audit)]52
Regional Market53
Regional Market54
Idea File55
Real Estate Committee56
Minutes of Board of Directors57
Minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Directors of FMC58
[Suits Filed Against FMC]59
Regional Market61
Security Supervisor's Report62
Barnes, Rudy63
Ordinances - French Market64
French Market Corporation Board of Directors 1970-197165
Parking Lot Reductions66
Parking Lot Application67 Application for federal assistance
Mathes, Bergman & Associates, Inc. - 198068 Roofing inspections
French Market Seafood Restaurant Sealed Bid Package69
Latter & Blum - 198070 Proposal for development of commercial leases in the Old Mint
Craig, C. Michael - 198071 Landscaper - maintenance proposal
Darby Motors - 198172 Bill of sale and title for trailer sold to FMC
Nebel, Dr. Ed - 198073
Franneuil Hall - 198074 Article on Boston market (Rouse Co.)
Federal Regional Council - 198075 Agenda for meeting, Sept. 17, 1980
Torre, L.A. - 198076 Urban design, landscape architects, environmental planning firm; agreement to provide professional services
Sains Associates77 Chicago company - human resources development, verbal communication, marketing. Correspondence about sales training proposal pkge
National Research Bureau - Automated Marketing Systems, Inc.78 Publishers of The Shopping Center Directory - correspondence about FMC's listing in it
Maintenance Meetings - 198079
National Asso. of Produce Market Managers - 198080 Pamphlet and application form for new members
Cashio Cochran - 198081 Casio, Cochran, Torre / Design Consortium Ltd. - urban design landscape architects. Correspondence, do lists etc.
American Waste & Pollution Control - 198182 Service agreement
Requests - Leasing - 198083 Form Letter responding to inquiries about FMC
Brochure - 198084 Informational brochure on the French Market
United Way Campaign85 Record of payroll deductions; list of contributions from City of New Orleans
French Market - 198186 Large misc. file
Foster, R.G. Associates, Inc. - 198087 Management consultants, Gretna. Material concerning tenant sales, records examinations
Coffee & Beignet Cafe Bid Package88
French Market Parking Lot Bid Package89
Finance, [Department of]90 Payroll records
Sainte Cecile Corporation - 197491 Al Hirt - Proposal for cafe/lounge; lease agreement, etc.
Hirt - Steak House92 Judgment rescinding lease of Sainte Cecile Corp. and correspondence about events leading up to judgment
Feinman, Mrs. Gilbert - Space #13-B - Gift Shop93
Fincher, Margaret - Fancikrafts94 Lease agreement
Archar Inc.95 Brief correspondence about N.O. "City Character Print"
Annual Report - [1978]96
Board of Directors Correspondence97
Burke & Associates, Inc. - EDA Final Report98 Concerning the Regional Food Center; correspondence, 1978-79
Budget, Fiscal Year June 1, 1975 through May 31, 197699
Affidavit File100 Affidavits from Times-Picayune guaranteeing that notices of bids and proposals were advertised
Budget of Operating Expenses - June 1, 1976 - May 31, 1977101
Aesthetic Committee Correspondence102 Reports on condition of stores, etc. and notices to tenants; report to Board of Directors
Bechtel Power Corporation103 Correspondence concerning money allegedly owed for work on Regional Food Center
Complete Copy of File on Jack R. Shega - Vieux Carre Candle Shop / Space #6-A / Candles104 Correspondence with Shega's attorney concerning dispute between Shega and FMC over and entrance to his shop which would be blocked during restoration work; correspondence about cost of restoration; legal papers, Shega vs. FMC; correspondence about space Shega supposedly occupied illegally; judgment in case; etc.
French Market - 1979105 Large misc. file. Mostly correspondence from Caryl Vesy, FMC attorney
Manila Galleon - 1979106 Correspondence concerning Manila Galleon's request for rent adjustment; correspondence going back to time of lease agreement; lease agreement and accompanying papers
Mask Boutique - 1979107 Correspondence
Jones, Melvin108 Tenant, Tiffany Flower Mart - craft bazaar stall
Bid Proposal - General109 Notice for bids - August, 1977
Roberts, Bill, Inc.110 Contract for lighting revisions
Cafe Banquette - 1979111 Correspondence with tenant, terminating with notice to vacate for nonpayment of rent
Dixie Parking Services112 Correspondence with tenant
Honeybee of New Orleans - 1979113 Correspondence with tenant - much regarding unpaid rent, etc.; includes 10-day notice to vacate
French Market Po-Boy - 1979114 Correspondence with tenant concerning delinquent rent; 10-day notice to vacate
Feathers By Danusia - 1979115 craft bazaar tenant
Rohm, Howard - Eden's116 craft bazaar tenant
Grudzien, Candace - Stall No. 1117 correspondence with craft bazaar tenant
Fitzpatrick - Chandelles Et Fleurs118 Correspondence with tenant; dispute over who should pay cost of demising wall between his shop and Jay Jon Gifts; general correspondence
To Have & To Hold - 1979119 Craft bazaar tenant
Jones vs. French Market Corp.120 Legal papers concerning man injured on FMC premises; Mr. Jones sued the city
Harris, June & Joseph (French Market - Injuries)121 Legal papers and correspondence concerning Mrs. Harris' injuries from fall in Farmers' Market; sued city for $200,000
Davis, Melvin - EEOC Claim122 Discrimination charge brought against FMC by security guard; correspondence, etc.
Ruiz, John vs. City of N.O. 162-282 "A" Appeal123 From Vesy's office; does not concern FMC
Auto Loan124
Information Sent to Board of Directors125 Correspondence, agenda, notices of meetings, etc.
Barbier, August126
Bond Indenture127 Indenture of Mortgage and Pledge, FMC to First National Bank of Commerce
Breakdown of Common Area Expenses - Monthly128
Barney's Cafe - 1979129 Correspondence about late rent payments; later - applications to tear down burned building
Au Vieux Photographe - 1979130 Correspondence, memos, etc. to and from owner, Steven Duplantier
Chief Administrative Office131 Inter-office memos from CAO; correspondence to CAO from FMC
Louisiana Health and Human Resources Administration132 Report from Gus Rosemann, Sanitarian, on FMC fruit and vegetable vendors; La. Sanitary Code; regulations for truckers using FM stalls
[Antoinette Deux Corporation]133 Lease agreement, etc.
[New Orleans Regional Food Distribution Center - Development Plan]134
All That Jazz Wax Museum - 1980135 Amendment to lease; lease agreement
Bishop, Leslie - 1981136 Craft bazaar permit
Caribbean Craft and Art - 1980137 Craft bazaar permit
Collier Company Realty - 1980138 Lease of office space from FMC
Barney's Cafe - 1980139 Correspondence
[Laborde, Ives]140 Crafts bazaar tenant - correspondence about delinquent rent
Honeybee of New Orleans - 1980141 Name change to Sophia At the Market; correspondence with Rudy Barnes, owner, about selling his lease; tenant Sales Records Examination; correspondence with Lana Rouzan, previous owner
Demma, Joseph, Jr.142 Crafts bazaar tenant
Bishop, Leslie - 1981143 Crafts bazaar tenant
Collier Company Realty - 1980144 Correspondence with tenant
Little Toy Shop, The - 1980145 Correspondence about sale of lease; general correspondence
Au Vieux Photographe - 1980146 Correspondence
Roberts, Bill, Inc. - 1980147 Contractor; corresspondence regarding proposal for Food Fair in FMC
All That Jazz Wax Museum - 1980148 Correspondence, mainly concerning delinquent bills
Ice Cream Machine - 1980149 Lease sold; correspondence
Cookery N'Orleans Style - 1980150 Correspondence
New Orleans Steamboat Co. - 1980151 Operators of information kiosk in French Market; correspondence
Mask Boutique - 1980152 Crafts bazaar tenant
Handy Parking, Inc. - Wayne C. Decote 1978153 Bid proposal
To Have & To Hold - 1980154 Craft booth tenant; notices to vacate for non-payment of rent
Barney's Cafe - 1982155 Correspondence; lease proposal for cafe; accompanying papers
Cafe Banquette - 1979156 Sale of LeBistro-Duarte to Cafe Banquette; lease agreement and ordinances
Roberts, Bill, Inc.157 Bid for lighting revisions
Au Vieux Photographe - 1979158 Lease agreement
To Have & To Hold - 1979159 Lease agreement
Mask Boutique - 1979160 Lease agreement
Rohm, Howard - Eden's161 Lease agreement
Sztari, Charles - Etchings162 Lease agreement
Fitzpatrick - Chandelles Et Fleurs163 Ordinance approving lease; lease agreement
Grudzien, Candace - Stall No. 1164 Lease agreement
French Market Po-Boy - 1979165 Ordinance; amendment to lease; lease agreement
Rules & Regulations - F.M. Corp166 Policy memos to security officers, labor force, tenants; duties and responsibilities of each position; rules for Farmer's Market; drafts of organizational chart; flow chart
Sewerage & Water Board167 Correspondence; receipts
Text Book Orders - MSI - Spring 72168 Folder mislabeled??? Contains "An Analysis of Security Operations: French Market Corporation of New Orleans" by U.N.O. Research Assoc.
Seeley, Trust Officer, 1976169 Correspondence with Donald W. Seeley, Jr., First National Bank of Commerce
Tennant Company170 Correspondence with supplier of cleaning equipment and supplies
Tenants Association171
Temporary Employment Services Authorization172
Tenant Inspection - Fire Prevention Division - 1979173
Terminix - 1979174 Service order; protection plan
Vienne vs. Fernandez, Inc., et al175 Marguerite A. Vienne - suing Cafe du Monde as a result of injuries from a fall; correspondence and legal documents
LaRocca, Henry, M.D. - Lease176
Mackenroth, Mrs. R.G. - Handcrafted Items177 Application for space
Nowak, Hal - Space #11-B - Men's Boutique178 Application for space
Parking Facility Applicants179
Seraphim Enterprises - D. Riquelme180 Letter requesting information about available space
Stipelocovich, Wendell181 Request for information about space
Prospective Tenants, Master List182
Burney, William T.183 Request for information about space
Deconz, Carlos - Space 10-B184 Application for space
Bob Brothers Construction Co.185 Contractors for FM Parking Lot; correspondence
Houston Convention186 Advertisement - United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Convention - February 1977
Holly, Inc.187 Contractors for FMC offices; correspondence; permits; blueprints; contract
Board Minutes Pertinent to the Bechtel Corporation188
Heritage Hall Construction Contracts189 Bid proposals for construction; specifications for Heritage Hall
Operating Budget - 1975190
[Board of Directors Meetings - Agenda]191
New Orleans Tours - Kiosk192 Publicity package; correspondence
New Orleans Police Department193 Inter-office memos about security problems; report on security in FM
New Orleans Regional Food Market194 Misc. file
New Orleans Steamboat Co.195 Correspondence; problems with blocked railroad tracks, traffic problems; blueprint - Toulouse St. Wharf
[Murray Advertising]196 Proposal for public relations services; advertising
Police Reports197
Office of Manpower Economic Development (OMED) - Title II198 Federal regulations for CETA program; correspondence concerning CETA participants, etc.
Pushcarts199 Information from the Bull Market, Faneuil Hall Market, Boston
Public Information - City Hall200 Misc.
Property Management201 Memo about procedures for maintaining fountains in FM
Promotional - Tenants202 Promotional copy from tenants (Only The Little Toy Shoppe)
Prospective Farmer's Market Tenants203 List of two
Promotions - 1979204 Materials concerning the "Great Pumpkin Celebration"
Foster, R.G., Associates, Inc.205 Correspondence about tenant records examinations
Personnel Committee206 Applications, resumes, etc. for position of Director of FMC
Reports207 Large misc. file
Report to City Council208 Report concerning leasing procedures
Custodial Workers209 Memos concerning duties of custodial workers; problems
Crafts Fair210 Article in Figaro
Crafts Bazaar Applications211 Letters from applicants for space
Conner, James P. - Trust Officer212 Trust officer with First National Bank of Commerce; correspondence relating to finances
Communications Equipment Company - Mobile Radios - Security213 Brochures; correspondence; licenses
Claims - French Market Corp.214 Legal papers regarding liability claims against FMC
Coastal Air Balance Inc.215 Report from company
Construction - General216
Energy Survey217
Advertising Report - 1981 & 82218
Tenant Letters219 Letters to tenants
Chief Administrative Office - 1980220 Memos to and from CAO
[Carnival Costume Auction]221 Material concerning promotional event
Economic Development Agency222 EDA grant business
Downtown Parking Services223 Bid proposal to operate Old Mint parking lot; correspondence
Misc. - French Market Corp. - 1977 & 78224 Material from Caryl Vesey's office
Ingram, Thomas - Space #21-B - Leather225 Application for lease
LaBarera, Vincent - Space # 13-B - Indian Imports226 Application for lease
Laplace, Joe - Space # 19-C - Ice Cream227 Application for lease
McCaslin, Robert - Space # 19-C - Ice Cream228 Application for lease
Herblin, Janice C. - Space # 14-B - Christmas Shop229 Application for lease
Hay, James C. - Space # 29-E - Plants & Flowers230 Application for lease
Halpern, Herbert - French ribbons, braids, buttons, related items 231 Application for lease
Eisenberg, Irving - Gourmet Experience232 Application for lease
Gudmundsen, A.D. - Space # 13-B - Gift Shop (Indian)233 Application for lease
Gidwani, Gary - Gifts from India234 Application for lease
Dufau, Clem - Jim Dandy Fast Foods235 Application for lease
George, Jimmy - Seafood 236 Application for lease
Gastrock, Patricia P. - Space # 30-E - Gift Shop (Xmas Shop) 237 Application for lease
DeZayas, Ricardo B. - Space #17-B - Jewelry238 Application for lease
Tenant Inquiries A-G239 Initial inquiries about space, 1973
Internal Office, FMCorp.240 Misc.
[FMCorp. General]241
Benchmark Plan Riverfront Study242
Mumphrey, Anthony J.243 Misc. correspondence etc. to and from executive Assistant to Mayor Morial
New Orleans Regional Market - Application to EDA244 Application for grant
Burke & Associates - Reports245 Reports concerning the N.O. Regional Market
Lease File - French Market Corp.246 Drafts of lease agreement; copy of Ghiradelli Square promotions and its lease agreement
Burke & Associates247 Contract for Regional Market development
Legal248 Copy of FMC charter (1932); city ordinance granting operation of FM to French Market Corporation (1971); lease agreement between FM and Morning Call and between FM and Cafe du Monde; legal papers concerning suit in Supreme Court of La. - Frank Barreca vs. City of N.O., FMC, H.N. Fernandez [Cafe du Monde] & F. Bonura; Barreca's application to sell coffee and donuts rejected - suit alleges unfair treatment
Misc. - French Market Corp. - 1980249
Clevenger, JoAnn - Stall 70-71-91-92 - $9.00/8% - Fresh Flowers - Approx. 204 sq. ft.250 Correspondence with tenant
Roccaforte - Jewelry Jungle251 Proposal and bid to rent space - ultimately rejected
Roccaforte, Rocky - Roccaforte Creations - Kiosk252 Blueprint for jewelry kiosk; correspondence
Shega, Jack - Space #6-A - Candles253 Correspondence; lease agreement
Mahler, Eldred L. - Morning Call254 Application for lease
Tortorich, Peter J. - Space #28-D - Sandwich Shop255 Application for lease
Boyce, Hazel256 Correspondence, etc. with owner of property leased by FMC for offices - 1236 Decatur and 424 Barracks
County Agent257 Regarding a donation
Beverly, Baron, Drum and Associates - Contract258 Contract for advertising and PR
Little Mae's - Lease - (Todd Ochs & Aaron Marsh)259 Requests for space
Fein, Joe, Jr. - Cafe-lounge [Court Concessionaires]260 Correspondence concerning disagreement over door; eventually released from his lease; lease agreement
[FMC Lease and Franchise, Title Work, Ordinances]261
Duke, Jerry - Morning Call262 Proposal for lease of Morning Call space
Department of Safety & Permits - 1979263 Electrical inspection
Damage/Police Reports264 Police reports; correspondence
Department of Law - Michael Sparks265 Concerning employees' appeals of disciplinary action to Civil Service
Foley, Judell, Beck, Bewell266 Attorneys; concerning supplemental Indenture of Mortgage & Pledge No. 1
Fire Department - Fire Prevention Division267 Inspection of 1008 N. Peters St.
Field Personnel - Rules & Regulations268
Civil Service269
Declinations to Bid270
Morning Call, Copies of Correspondence with271 Concerning filling vacancy in Morning Call space
Brainard, Joel P. - Morning Call272 Declines to bid on space
Vesey's Office - Correspondence on Legal Matters273
Department of Utilities274 Correspondence about utility bill for Washington Artillery Part and about rerouting Vieux Carre bus
Department of Streets275 Correspondence, memos regarding traffic flow and city vehicles
Director/Selection Committee 1978276
Jazz Hall Construction Contract - Bid Package277
Phillips, David L. - Wire Craft278 Lease agreement
Lentz, Paul R. - Heritage Hall279 Lease agreement; ordinance
Lacourrege, Paul E. - Bayou Potter's Guild - Handmade Pottery and Glazes280 Lease agreement
Goodrich, Helen - Feather Jewelry281 Lease agreement
Nelson & Blaum - Antoinette Deux282
Sherman - The Mad Hatter283 Correspondence
Hirt - La Confiserie284 Correspondence about Cafe St. Cecile , The Gazebo, and La Confiserie; blueprints
Hirt - La Confiserie285 Ordinance and lease agreement
Swain, Rodney L. - Coins With Character286 Lease agreement
APCOA Lease and Correspondence287 Parking lot operators
Hirt - Cafe St. Cecile288 Ordinance and lease agreement
Rose, Allen and Dana, Clark Pat - D & A Ltd.289 Correspondence
Lacourrege, Bayou Potter's Guild - Handmade Pottery & Glazes 290 Correspondence with crafts bazaar tenant
Goodrich - Feather Jewelry291 Correspondence
Fletcher - Americar Classics Limited292 Application for space; bid
Arts & Crafts - Stall Space293
Sztari, Charles - Etched By Charles294 Crafts bazaar tenant
Antique Car Rental Bid Package295 Ad copy announcing space available in FM
Flotte & Associates296 Architects, engineers, consultants; resume; applying to do RM rennovations
Master List of Applications or Information Requests297
Brinkman, Baxter - Seafood Bid298
Tenant Mix299
Air Conditioning Capacities For Buildings A-B & D300
Parking Lot Behind Wall301 Correspondence, etc.; bids
Sizeler Real Estate Co.302 Consultants for French Market Project - 1972
Lentz - Heritage Hall303 Vieux Carre Commission construction permit; bid; application for lease
Rose, Allen & Dana, Clark, Pat304 Lease agreement
Buczek, Lee & Yvonne - Wood Carvings305 Lease agreement
DuArte - Le Bistro DuArte306 Legal papers and correspondence concerning sale of Le Bistro DuArte lease; correspondence concerning Le Bistro; permits during construction; application for space; sealed bid
Perez, John - The Shadow Box307 Lease agreement
Schneider, Odo T. - O.J.'s Old Prints308 Lease agreement
Fletcher - Americar Classics Limited309 Ordinance; lease agreement
Perez, John - The Shadow Box310 Crafts bazaar tenant correspondence
Schneider, Odo T. - O.J.'s Old Prints311 Notification of agreement to lease
Swain, Rodney L. - Coins With Character312 Correspondence
Buczek - Wood Carving313 Correspondence about delinquent rent and other matters
Clark, Pat314 Correspondence
Tucker - French Market Artist Alley315
Stead, Shane - Glass Blower316 Lease agreement
Patterson, Jason - IMA Corporation317 Agreement to allow IMA to operate the Flea Market
Flea Market Bid Package318
Decatur Corporation Seafood House - Lease - 1976319
Mad Planter, The - Sherman320 Lease agreement and ordinance
DuArte - Le Bistro DuArte321 Lease agreement and ordinance
Fochler - The Glass Image322 Crafts bazaar tenant - correspondence
Stead - The Glass Fantasia323 Correspondence
Fochler - The Glass Image324 Lease agreement
Press Conference File325 Regarding Cuccia's charges of unfair practice in awarding Morning Call lease and of "corruption" elsewhere in FMC
Parking Facility326 Correspondence; blue prints; proposals; lease with APCOA; etc.
French Market Complex - Description of Leasehold Areas327
Nolan, Holcombe, Apatini & Seghers & Koch & Wilson - Status Progress Reports328 Project construction funds status
Mumphrey, Anthony J. - Ellie McCann329 Mayor Morial's Executive Assistant; correspondence and memos, primarily between Mumphrey and Emilie Chandler
Criteria for Tenant Electrical Services330
Maysonave, E.J., Jr.331 Copies of Maysonave's misc. correspondence
Nolan, Holcombe, Apatini & Seghers - 1974332 Correspondence, etc. from FMC architects
Nolan, Holcombe, Apatini & Seghers - II - 1975333 Correspondence
Nolan, Holcombe, Apatini & Seghers - 1976334 Correspondence and misc. blueprints
Conrad, Max Z.335 Professor of landscape architecture, LSU; correspondence
Parking Lot - Contract336 With Cashio, Cochran, Inc. - 1975
Collier, Wayne337 Director of FMC, 1974-75; correspondence
Downs, Don A. - Clerk of the Works338 Daily reports on FM parking lot construction (EDA project)
Construction Costs339 Financial records; some correspondence
Construction Contract340 With Perrilliat-Rickey Corp.; fact sheet; contract is incomplete
Duplantier, A.J. (Correspondence)341 President, FMC Board of Directors; correspondence; includes letter to Morial explaining workings and history of FMC (Nov. 29, 1978)
Sanitation, Department of342
Addendum to Contract Documents343
Correspondence - General345
Offices - French Market Corp.346
[Legal Documents]347 Lease and Franchise Agreement for FMC; construction contract
French Market Complex - General File348 Misc. correspondence to and from Caryl Vesey; misc. copies of legal papers, 1972-73
(Light Fixtures) French Market349 Correspondence from Vesey
Claiborne Builders, Inc.350 Bid proposal and correspondence, FM parking lot - 1976
Tenants' Lease File, General351 Very large misc. file - Vesey's office
Fazio, Joseph Edward vs. The French Market Corp. & The City of New Orleans - DCD #528-288 - Div "E" - Docket 4352 Fazzio was Secretary of FMC; sued city & FMC, charging that he was entitled to a salary under the "Unclassified Employee Pay Plan of the City of New Orleans"
Press Releases353 1971 - 1972
Construction355 Correspondence; daily progress reports; change orders
Tenants & Leasing356 Bid proposal fact sheets; projected anual income; copy of lease agreement; correspondence
Legal & Financial357 Misc.
Potpourri358 Misc.
A359 Clippings, etc. on Central American Common Market
B360 Clippings, etc. on Central American Common Market
C361 Clippings, etc. on Central American Common Market
D362 Clippings, etc. on Central American Common Market
New Orleans Regional Market363 Photocopies of articles on trade, marketing, etc; correpondence; copy of proposal to EDA for Regional Market; correspondence and minutes of FMC relative to creation of Regional Market; Orleans Area Terminal Market Board; historical reports; legal documents
"French Market Graphics" - Blueprint - Cashio Cochran364
Perrilliat-Rickey Company365 Blueprint - "Additions & Alterations to French Market" (Cashio Cochran); contract for restoration, etc. with Perrilliat-Rickey; change orders; correspondence
Bond Indenture I366 Copies of "Indenture of Mortgage & Pledge" - FMC to First National Bank of Commerce, June 1, 1973; copies of "Supplemental Indenture of Mortgage & Pledge No. 1," Dec. 15, 1976; projected anual income; Budget Pro Forma, 1972; copy of FMC's original charter, 1932; amendments to charter, etc.
Chandler, Emilie - 1980367 Misc. (small file)
French Market Information Kiosk -- Bid Specifications368
Bond Indenture II369 Cremation certificate; correspondence; copies of budget; maturity schedule
[Parking Lot]370 Specifications for FM Parking Lot Site Improvements; correspondence; bid package; progress reports from Cashio Cochran
[World's Fair Traffic & Transportation Committee]371 Agenda
Advertising & Public Relations Reports - 1979372 One report only
[Washington Artillery Park] - WAP373 Cashio Cochran's bid for landscaping; bid specifications, plans, contract with Charvet's Garden Center
Requisitions - Number 116-171 - 1979374 Requisitions from FNBC Contruction Fund
Requisitions # 1-50375
Requisitions # 51 thru 115 (Nolan, Holcombe, Apatini & Seghers) 376
FMC Transition Committee - Requested Data377 Misc. reports, including Financial Statement, 1977
Streetcar Desire378 Correspondence concerning permanent location for Streetcar Named Desire; "Condition Report on the Desire Streetcar" - Tourist Development Commission
Status Report - Renovated French Market Complex379 Dated Aug. 30, 1975
Staff Meetings - Administrative - French Market Corp.380 1979
Staff Meetings - FMC - 1976381
Promotions, Special382Beignet Bowl 1979; Great Pumpkin Celebration 1979; Bastille Day 1979; Easter Promotion
Transition Report - 1978383 Prepared for Mayor-Elect Morial
Agriculture, U.S. Department of - Science & Education Administration Research Report - Photos384
United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association385 Correspondence; promotional brochures, etc.
Outlook - 1980386 Publication of United Fruit & Vegetable Association
Nueva Orleans Internacional - 1980387 Order for placement of ad
Miscellaneous Pamphlets388
Vieux Carre Commission389 Correspondence, memos
[Promotional Copy]390 very small file - l page
Vieux Carre Commission Projects391 Correpondence; memos; material concerning Washington Artillery Park
Promotions - King Cake Party - 1980392
[Promotions - La Fete & July 4, 1980]393
[Promotions - Easter Egg Hunt - 1980]394
[Newspaper Clipping - Quarter Notes]395
Advertising - Magazine Articles - 1980396
[Requests for Information on FM]397
Promotions - Beignet Bowl - 1980398
[Promotions - Festivites D'Octobre - 1980]399
French Market Corporation400 Correspondence; misc. papers - Caryl Vesey's office
Advertising - Complex401 Brochures on La. promotions; correspondence; misc. ad copy
Cashio & Cochran - Contract402
Christmas Ads - 1979403
Bands404 Correspondence; contracts
Press Release405
Contracts, misc. - French Market406 Vesey's files
Simms, Bruce R. - 1980407 Executive Director of FMC, 1981-82; correspondence; memos; copies of legal documents; suit for false arrest
Artist Alley408 Cashio Cochran plans for kiosk location and art exhibits; permit
Assistant Director - 1979409 Search for Assistant Director - list of applicants; resumes of applicants
Bank of New Orleans410 Correspondence
Chandler, Emilie411
Change Orders - 1976412 From Nolan, Holcombe, Apatini & Seghers, 1973-78
Fernandez, N., Inc.413 Owners of Cafe Du Monde; correspondence; exterior and floor plans of Cafe Du Monde
History, French Market414 Letter concerning a cartoon history of FM - John Chase; pamphlet from Historic New Orleans Collection
Graphics415 Sketches; drafts of graphics policy
[Organization Chart]416
Staff Meetings - French Market Corp.417 Sept. 4, 1974 - Dec. 16, 1975; do lists and minutes
[Miscellaneous]418 Large, unlabeled misc. file; correspondence
Financing - General419
Marcello, David A. - 1981420 President, FMC Board of Directors; correspondence
Bastille Weekend - 1980421
Holcombe, Tom - 1980422 Correspondence
Staff Meetings - 1980423 Do-lists
Conrad, Max - 1980424 Correspondence
[Specifications - Alterations/Additions to FM Complex]425
[Workshop - Jackson Square, Washington Artillery Park, French Market]426
[Lease Agreements - Misc.]427 Found loose in file box
[Board Meeting Minutes]428 Loose in file
[Loose papers - Misc.]429
Wholesalers - French Market Place430
Flea Market Correspondence431
Old Mint Parking Lot432
Upper Pontalba Building - Billy's [Sizeler] contract433
Plan review - design development - Washington Artillery Park434

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