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The Louisiana Division houses the City Archives, the official repository for the historical records of the New Orleans municipal goverment.

Established by the Spanish rulers of Louisiana in 1769, the City Archives has remained together as a collection and has been added to regularly since coming under the Library's administration in 1946. Today the City Archives comprises more than 1200 manuscript volumes, more than 3500 cubic feet of unbound documents, and sizable collections of maps, architectural drawings, photographs, videotapes, and sound recordings.

The inventories and finding aids on this page represent only a portion of the municipal records available in the City Archives. For further information on records not listed here, or to make an appointment, call us at (504) 596-2610 or email us at

Microfilmed records in the City Archives are available for in-house use during regular hours. Records not yet on microfilm are available by appointment only.

See Also:
Guide to the Early Records (1760-1861) in the New Orleans City Archives
Records of the Mayors of New Orleans
  • Records of Mayor John Fitzpatrick, 1892-1896
  • Mayor Walter C. Flower, Incoming Correspondence, 1897-1900
  • Records of Mayor Paul Capdevielle, 1900-1904.
  • Records of Mayor MartinBehrman, 1904-1920; 1925-1926.
  • Records of Mayor Andrew J. McShane, 1920-1925
  • Records of Mayor Arthur J.O'Keefe, 1926-1929.
  • Records of Mayor T. SemmesWalmsley, 1929-1936.
  • Records of Mayor Robert S. Maestri, 1936-1945.
  • Records of Mayor deLesseps S. Morrison, 1946-1961.
  • Records of Mayor Victor H.Schiro, 1950-1970.
  • Records of Mayor Moon Landrieu, 1970-1978.
  • Records of Mayor Ernest N. "Dutch"Morial, 1977-1986.
  • Records of Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy, 1986-1994.
Records of Subdivisions of the Mayor's Office
Records of the City Council Members
  • Records of Commissioner Thomas M. Brahney, 1946-1954.
  • Records of District C Councilman/Councilman-at-Large James E. Fitzmorris, 1954-1966
  • Records of District A Councilman Henry B. Curtis, 1957-1970.
  • Records of District D Councilman/Councilman-at-Large John J. Petre, 1961-1969
  • Records of District E Councilman Daniel L. Kelly, 1962-1966.
  • Records of Councilman-at-Large Joseph V. DiRosa, 1962-1966; 1970-1978.
  • Records of District "E" Councilmen, 1966-1987.
  • Records of District A Councilman Frank Friedler, 1974-1980
  • Records of District B Councilman Abraham Lincoln Davis, 1975-1978
  • Records of Councilman-at-Large Joseph I. Giarrusso, 1976-1994.
  • Records of Councilmember-at-Large Dorothy Mae Taylor, 1977-1994.
  • Records of Councilmember-at-Large Sidney J. Barthelemy, 1978-1986
  • Records of District A Councilmember/Councilmember-at-Large Peggy Wilson, 1986-1998
  • Records of District C Councilmember Jacquelyn B. Clarkson, 1990-1994.
  • Records of District B Councilmember Oliver Thomas, 1994-1996.
Records of the City Council
Records of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Records of the Law Department
Records relating to the City Charter
Records of the New Orleans Police Department
Records relating to the financial administration of New Orleans
Records relating to Public Markets in New Orleans
Records relating to Public Property, Public Works and Public Buildings in New Orleans
Records of the Department of Utilities
Records of the Department of Public Safety
Records of the New Orleans Public Library
Records relating to the arts
Records relating to planning and zoning

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