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Before you mail in a request, please read our General Guidelines carefully
for additional information on our policies and instructions on how to order copies and/or searches.

The Louisiana Division provides limited search and copy services for the following New Orleans resources.
Click on each link for details on fees and dates of coverage for each of these categoires:

Newspaper Articles
Court Records
Marriage License Applications/Certificates
City Directories

Please enclose a check or money order (payable to New Orleans Public Library) to cover the total fee for the search(es) requested. We do not recommend that you send cash.

  • Obituaries (New Orleans newspapers only)

    For fuller information on ordering copies of obituaries found in our online Obituary Index, PLEASE LINK HERE.


    1. $2.00 per obituary (limit: 5 obituaries, not 5 names) if you provide exact references from our online Obituary Index or from other sources. Note: Date of death alone is not an exact reference. An exact reference means that you provide at least the name of newspaper and date obituary appeared in newspaper; also include page and column, if available.

      PLEASE NOTE:  If our online Obituary Index lists several obituaries for an individual, we will not look at all of the referenced obits and send you the "best" or the "longest." We will copy the specific reference that you order. If you do not designate which of the several obits referenced you would like us to copy, we will choose one of them arbitrarily. If you only want one of the obituaries and aren't sure which to request, our Tips from the Staff page might help.

    2. $3.00 per name (limit: 5 names) if you wish us to search available indexing for an exact reference. This fee will provide one obituary only for each name requested. If we find multiple references to obituaries for a particular name, we will inform you of additional fees required to copy the additional obits and ask that you resubmit your request for those copies.

    The following indexes to New Orleans obituaries are available online:

    The Louisiana Division's Louisiana Biography/Obituary Index (1804-1972)
    The Louisiana Biography and Obituary Index references obituaries and death notices published in New Orleans newspapers from 1804-1972 and biographical information published in older Louisiana collective biographies. The original index, housed in the Louisiana Division of New Orleans Public Library, is an alphabetical card file of more than 650,000 names. The complete index is now available online.

    Other New Orleans Obituary Indexing Projects
    in addition to the Louisiana Division's Biography and Obituary Index. The various indexes listed at this link provide references to years not covered in our own index. If the person you are seeking is not listed in these indexes, DO NOT send a request to us. We will not be able to assist..

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  • Newspaper Articles (New Orleans newspapers only)


    $3.00 per name or subject (limit: 5 names or subjects) for articles found in the newspapers listed below. Any additional information that you are able to provide will assist with our search. This fee will provide one article. If we find multiple references to articles for a name or subject, we will provide the first 5 citations and inform you of the additional fees required to copy the additional articles. A new request will need to be submitted for these articles. Only 5 requests may be submitted at a time.

    If you would like a specific article copied please provide the name of the newspaper, date article appeared, page and subject of the article. Only 5 requests may be submitted at a time.

    Staff will search the digital versions of the following newspapers:

    Times Picayune (1837-1988)
    New Orleans Item (1877-1958)
    New Orleans States (1916-1957)
    States-Item (1960-1979)
    Times Picayune (1988-Present) Limited Indexing

    PLEASE NOTE: New Orleans Public Library provides access to digitized and searchable versions of the Times Picayune (1837-present), New Orleans Item (1877-1958), New Orleans States (1916-1957) and States-Item (1960-1979) to library card holders through our databases (lalibcon.state.lib.la.us/). Non-Resident cards can be purchased ($50.00 a year) and they will provide access to the newspaper databases.

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  • Orleans Parish civil court records (including probate records)

    Please link here for information on fees and procedures for ordering court records from NOPL.
    (Limit: 5 records per order)

    PLEASE NOTE that successions, wills, and inventories of estates for a number of New Orleans probate courts have been digitized and are (gradually) becoming available at Familysearch.org. We have included direct links to these digitized records in our online finding aids to these courts. Link here for information on our holdings in Orleans Parish court records, in general, and for the probate courts (Court of Probates, 1804-1846 and Second District Court, 1846-1880).

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  • Marriage License Applications or Certificates (New Orleans only)

    $2.00 per record (limit: 5 records)
    if you provide an exact reference as found in the index listed below. (Note: Date of marriage alone is not an exact reference.)
    $3.00 per marriage (limit: 5 names; give the name of the bride, groom or both) if you wish us to search the index for an exact reference.

    Index to Justice of the Peace Marriage Records, 1846-1880
    A card index to the records, arranged by name of bride and groom. This index is not yet complete online; we will search the original, complete, card index for the $3.00 fee.

    PLEASE NOTE that if you are seeking New Orleans marriages after 1880 (but more than 50 years old), you must direct your request to the Louisiana State Archives. Orleans Parish marriage certificates less than 50 years old can be obtained only by relatives or descendants from the Louisiana Office of Public Health, Vital Records Registry.

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  • City directories (New Orleans only)

    $3.00 per name, per year (limit: 1 name for 5 years or 5 names for 1 year each)
    $3.00 per address, per year (limit: 1 address for 5 years or 5 addresses for 1 year each)
    . Lookup by street address is not a feature of New Orleans city directories until 1938.

    Please link here for a list of New Orleans city directories available in the Louisiana Division.

    PLEASE NOTE that the New Orleans city directories, 1861-1960, have been digitized and are now available at Ancestry.com. You'll find them in the "U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989" database within Ancestry.com.

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  • Naturalizations (New Orleans only)

    $2.00 per type of naturalization record (limit: 5 records)
    if you provide an exact reference -- i.e., name, type of naturalization record ( e.g., certificate, declaration of intention)court in which the record was filed, and date
    $3.00 per name (limit: 5 names) (if you wish us to search the indexes described below. The fee includes a search of both indexes. Unless you specify otherwise, we will provide the naturalization certificate; if we are able to locate a reference to a declaration of intention, we will inform you and ask that you submit an additional request for the declaration.

    Index to Petitions and Declarations of Intention, 1811-1985 from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana [New Orleans]

    Index to Certificates of Naturalization Issued by Louisiana Courts, 1831-1906
    Although this index includes some references to naturalizations outside of Orleans Parish, we can provide copies to naturalizations in Orleans Parish courts only.)

    PLEASE NOTE that women were not subject to judicial naturalization proceedings during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They became citizens when their fathers/husbands were naturalized. Also note that those who entered the country as minors (under the age of 18) were not required to file a declaration of intention.

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