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Early Registrations (Orleans) | Later Registrations (Orleans) | Registrations Outside of Orleans

New Orleans had a system of voter registration as early as the 1850s, long before most other cities passed such legislation.

Early Registration Records (Orleans Parish)

Registration Book, 10th Ward, 1874.
This volume records name, address, age, length of residence in state and parish, place of birth, details of naturalization (how, where, when) for foreign-born voters, and the signatures of both the registrant and a witness to the registration. In some cases the document also records movements of registrants to other locations. VX420 1874 10th ward Unfilmed

Registration Book, 10th Ward, 3rd Precinct, 1888.
For each registrant listed in the volume there is recorded his name, address, age, color, name of the householder at his residence, place of birth, and occupation. Although foreign-born voters are included, the record does not include reference to place or date of naturalization. VX423 1888 10th ward pct 3 Unfilmed

Index to Registration of Foreign Born Persons, 1880-1896.
Records for each registrant his name, address, ward, precinct, country of birth, age, place, and date of naturalization, and date of registration. The three volumes are not full indexes; they group names together by first letter only. mf VX100

An index to volume one is published in LíHeritage, vols. 9-11.

  Transcriptions of these records are in progress and can be found online at neworleanspubliclibrary.org/inv/vx/vx100.htm.


Later Registration Records (Orleans Parish)

Registration Books, 1891-1896; 1905-1952.
Arranged by ward, precinct, and then by certificate numbers issued when individuals registered, these books record address, age, birthplace, and occupation. mf VX420

Indexes are available only for the periods 1897-1908 (mf VX491) and 1913-1916 (VX424).

Registration Cards, 1920-1940.
Individual registration cards for each registered voter, arranged in alphabetical order by surname. The cards record name, address, age, exact date of birth, birthplace, length of time in the U.S., in Louisiana, and in the city ward of residence, occupation, party affiliation, name of householder at residence, and date of registration. For foreign-born voters a reference to the naturalization record is also given; for voters who died during the period, death dates are sometimes given as well.

Because of their alphabetical arrangement, these documents are very easy to research. Be aware, however, that cards for some individuals were missed in the first round of microfilming; if a name is missing from the main microfilm series, be sure to check the Series II films (filed at the end of the main series), which includes the "missed" names.

The value of the registration cards is further enhanced by the fact that they are among the very few records that include exact dates of birth. In addition, for foreign-born voters, exact place of birth is also shown. mf VX421

Registration Cards, 1941-1962.
At least some of these later documents are limited to registrations that were cancelled during the time period covered by the individual sub-series in which the cards were filmed. In addition to the information included in the 1920-1940 series, some of the later records also include such identifying data as eye color and mother's maiden name. mf VX421

Names of All Naturalized Registered Persons, 1917-1952.
Volumes are available for ward 1 and for wards 10-17 only. Records do not exist for all of those wards for the full 1917-1952 period. The volumes contain name, address, age, place of birth, place and date of naturalization, and voter registration certificate number. mf VX427

Permanent Registration of Voters under Section 5 of Article 197 of the Constitution of 1898, 1898, 1913.
These volumes include the names of those persons who registered to vote under the "Grandfather Clause" of the 1898 constitution. For the year 1898 there is a single book of registrations accompanied by a separate index volume. The same records exist for the year 1913. Each record volume contains the names, addresses, ages, race, registration number, and ward number for each registrant. For foreign-born voters the record also includes reference to their individual naturalizations. VX429 1913 Unfilmed


Voter Registration Records Outside of Orleans Parish

Louisiana Voter Registration Books, Acadia-Winn Parishes, 1898.
Similar to the above, these volumes record the names of those persons (other than those in Orleans Parish) who registered to vote under the "Grandfather Clause" of the 1898 constitution. Each record includes the name, age, race, place of birth, occupation, length or residence in state, parish, and ward, year of birth, and whether the registrant or his father or grandfather (name given, if relevant) was a registered voter prior to January 1, 1867. mf SARS9