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Genealogy periodicals, often published by local or national genealogy organizations, can be treasure troves of information not found elsewhere. Such periodicals publish a wide variety of useful information including excerpts or transcriptions from original records, indexes, articles, news of interest to genealogists, and help with research methodology.

The Louisiana Division subscribes to a number of periodicals from Louisiana. Among the most important for New Orleans is New Orleans Genesis, published by the Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans. The Division also subscribes to several national journals and several titles devoted to computing and genealogy and has limited runs of out-of-state genealogy periodicals donated by patrons.

A list of the Louisiana Division’s holdings in genealogy periodicals can be found in APPENDIX B.

Indexing for Genealogy Periodicals

Periodical Source Index (PERSI), 1987-1993. Fort Wayne, Indiana, Allen County Public Library, 1987-1993. 16 v.; Annual Supplements, 1987-1997.
This ambitious project provides access by locality and family name to over 2,000 genealogy periodicals published between 1847 and 1985 with additional volumes being issued yearly. Family names are indexed if the entire article is about one family. The record type – such as military, obituary, etc. – and the exact reference to the particular issue of the periodical are given. Our subscription to PERSI was discontinued in 1997. GenR 929.1 P451

  PERSI is available online at heritagequestonline.com, a subscription-only website. NOPL does not currently subscribe to Heritage Quest.

Genealogical Periodical Annual Index: Key to the Genealogical Literature, 1962-1991. Heritage Books, Inc., 1962-1994.
Although the Library's collection of this index is not complete, the series indexes English language periodicals and provides citations by surname, locality, and topical categories. Family names are indexed only when entire articles relate to one family. Although the project has expanded through the years to the point where a recent edition indexed over 300 titles providing almost 16,000 citations, coverage of individual titles is somewhat inconsistent from year to year. The index ceased publication in 1994. GenR 929.1 G32

Boling, Yvette. A Guide to Printed Sources for Genealogy and Historical Research in the Louisiana Parishes. Published in cooperation with the Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society, 1985. Supplement, 1991.
The guides provide an index by parish to articles appearing in the state's genealogical and historical periodicals for 1954-1990. For each parish, articles are listed by subjects such as cemeteries, censuses, churches, civil records, deaths, history, newspapers, schools, etc. Other sections index statewide and out-of-state articles. Maps showing the current Roman Catholic dioceses and changes in parish boundaries at various times are provided. An additional feature of the supplement is an index to articles and book reviews on specific families. GenR 929.1 B692g