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Orleans Parish. Conveyance Records, 1827-1887; Index, 1827-1900.
Microfilm made by the Genealogical Society of Utah of the original conveyances housed in the Orleans Parish Conveyance Office. VW420

Note: For our holdings in conveyance records from parishes other than Orleans, see Civil Records (Parishes Other than Orleans).

Adam, Louis A. Adam’s Directory of Points and Landings on Rivers and Bayous in the State of Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. New Orleans: W.L. Murray, 1877.
Microfilm copy of publication describing the location of points, landings, ferries, towns and settlements in the above states. Not all locations given are along rivers and bayous (e.g., “Tangipahoa, La. – Jackson railroad, 79 miles from New Orleans). mf LN46

United States. Congress. American State Papers: Public Lands (8 vols.) and Claims (1 vol.) Series.
Records nearly 80,000 claims to public domain land presented before the U.S. Congress. For Louisiana, the papers record the settlement of grants made to landowners prior to the Louisiana Purchase by colonial governments. mf ASP

  The American State Papers are available online at memory.loc.gov/ammem/amlaw/lwsp.html.

Grassroots of America: A Computerized Index to the American State Papers: Land Grants and Claims (1789-1837) With Other Aids to Research (Government Document Serial Set Numbers 28 through 36). Ed. Phillip W. McMullin. Salt Lake City: Gendex, 1972.
Indexes the American State Papers land grants and claims. GenR 333.10973 M16g

France. Commission Chargée de répartir l'indemnité attribuée aux anciens colons de Saint-Domingue. État détaillé des liquidations opérées a l’époque du 1st janvier 1829. . . . Paris: Imprimerie Royal, 1829-1832.
Records of settlements made to former colonists of St. Domingue following the Haitian Revolution. mf 929.2 F815

Pintado Papers, 1792-1818.
Land surveys, notes, and other papers of Charles Trudeau and Vincente Pintado, royal surveyors of Louisiana and East and West Florida (the present-day Florida Parishes). SARS2

Robinson, E. Atlas of New Orleans, 1883.
Dated 1883, but probably based on surveys made by the City Surveyor over a period of several years, this one-volume work contains color-coded drawings of the footprint of existing structures throughout the city. Also shown are street addresses, names of business establishments and public institutions, and names of the owners of selected residences in the uptown part of New Orleans. 917.631 R67a [also available on microfiche]

  The Robinson Atlas is available online at www.orleanscivilclerk.com/robinson/index.htm.

Sanborn Map Co. New Orleans 1885-1994.
Multi-volume compilations, each book representing a different section of the city, containing scale renderings of the plan views of all buildings standing at the time of the preparation of the volume. For our holdings for each volume, ask at the reference desk or see the online guide Sources for Researching the History of Your House (Or Other Building) in New Orleans or our earlier published guide How to Research the History of Your House (or Other Building) in New Orleans. 912.76335 S19m and 912.763 S19f

  The Sanborn maps for New Orleans (and other Louisiana towns and cities) are also available on microfilm and online for in- house users through the Louisiana Library Connection Databases. NOPL library card holders may also access the online version remotely.

  Indexes to the first three sets of Sanborn maps (1885-1893, 1895-1896 and 1908-1909) are available at neworleanspubliclibrary.org/info/louinfo/sanbornindex/sanbornindex.htm. Indexes for 1909 set and subsequent sets are available in published format; ask at the Reference Desk for these volumes.

Library of Congress. Land Ownership Maps – Louisiana.
Land ownership maps of 21 Louisiana parishes (Orleans Parish is not included). Fiche

National Archives. Land Claims Case File of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, 1844-1880.
Minutes, dockets, judgment records, land claims case files, and other records relating to land claims filed before the court on the basis of early Spanish and French land grants or "other written evidence of title from any foreign government" as provided in legislation enacted in 1844 and 1860. mf M1115

National Archives. Bound Records of the General Land Office Relating to Private Land Claims in Louisiana, 1767-1892.
Records of private land claims based upon colonial grants, purchases or settlements. The records are arranged according to the board of land commissioners, the land commissioner, land office, location, or type of claim. Unindexed M1382

National Archives. Unbound Records of the General Land Office Relating to Private Land Claims in Louisiana, 1805-1896.
Similar to the above, but consisting of miscellaneous documents not bound together. Includes diagrams showing the various land districts in the Territory of Orleans and state of Louisiana. M1385

  The U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907, are available at www.ancestry.com and at Ancestry Library Edition, accessible at all NOPL facilities.