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For the list of periodicals that follows, the collection is generally complete for Louisiana titles. Other titles usually have extensive, though not necessarily complete, files, and were often donated to the Louisiana Division by patrons who no longer needed them. No periodicals have been listed unless the Library has at least one complete year. For titles in the list below, the symbol   indicates an incomplete run. Periodicals are shelved at the end of the genealogy book collection from their state, as indicated with the postal code abbreviations (e.g. "GenR-AL" for Alabama). Canadian periodicals are indicated with the notation "GenR- CAN."

Louisiana Titles

Ascension Roots
Attakapas Gazette
Baton Rouge, Le
Claiborne Parish Trails
Deep Delta
  East Ascension Genealogical and Historical Society Newsletter
Evangeline Genealogical and Historical Society Newsletter
Florida Parishes Genealogical Newsletter
  Genealogy West Newsletter
  German Heritage, Cultural and Genealogical Society Newsletter
Iron Link
Jefferson Genealogical Society Newsletter
  Journal of the American College of Heraldry
Jambalaya/Journal of the East Ascension Genealogical Society
Louisiana Genealogical Register
Louisiana Records
Memoires du Bayou Lafourche
Natchitoches Genealogist
Natchitoches Lagniappe
New Orleans Genesis (plus Index: v. 1-7)
North Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society Journal
Proceedings of the Genealogical Institute (929.06 l88)
  Raconteur, Le
  St. Mary Links
Tap Roots
Terrebonne Genealogical Society Newsletter
Terrebonne Life Lines
Voix Des Prairies, Le
Voyageurs, Les
West Baton Rouge Genealogical Society Newsletter

Out-of-State and International Titles

  Acadian Genealogy Exchange     GenR-CAN
Acadiensis     GenR-CAN
  Alabama Genealogical Exchange     GenR-AL
  Alabama Genealogical Quarterly     GenR-AL
L'Ancetre     GenR-CAN
  Archiv fur Sippenforschung (Germany)     GenR
  Arkansas Family Historian     GenR-AR
Armorial     GenR
Augustin Society Newsletter     GenR
Avery Advocate     GenR
Ballew Family Journal     GenR
  Bear Tracks     GenR
Boletin del Archivo General De La Nacion (Mexico)     GenR
  Boone County Historian     GenR-AR
  Carolina Herald     GenR-SC
Central Alabama Genealogical Society (Newsletter)     GenR
  Cloud Family Journal     GenR
Collier Collator     GenR
Connecticut Nutmegger     GenR-CT
  County Court Note Book     GenR
Dallas Genealogical Society Quarterly     GenR-TX
Dallas Quarterly     GenR-TX
Danish Genealogical Helper     GenR
  D.A.R. Magazine     GenR
Deep South Genealogical Quarterly     GenR-AL
Despenser, Le     GenR
Eirephile     GenR
Famailienkundliche Nachrichten (Germany)     GenR
Families     GenR
Family Puzzlers     GenR-GA
  Family Records Today     GenR
Family Trails     GenR-MS
Footprints     GenR-TX
  Forum     GenR
French Canadian and Acadian Genealogical Review     GenR-CAN
Gaelic Gleanings     GenR
Genealogical Computing     GenR
Genealogical Computing Pioneer     GenR
Genealogical Helper     GenR
Genealogical Journal     GenR
Genealogical Newsletter     GenR
Genealogical Times and Seasons     GenR
Genealogist     GenR
  Genealogy Digest     GenR
Genealogy Today     GenR
Genealogy Tomorrow     GenR-GA
  Genealogy Unlimited     GenR-GA
  Georgia Genealogical Magazine (plus Index 1961-1972)     GenR-GA
Georgia Pioneers     GenR-GA
Gowan Research Foundation     GenR
Green County Review     GenR-KY
Heart of Texas Records     GenR-TX
  Heraldique et Genealogie (France)     GenR
Heritage Quest     GenR
  Houp Houpe Houpt (Family Historian Quarterly)     GenR
Indiana Magazine of History     GenR-IN
Itawaba Settlers     GenR
Kansas City Genealogist     GenR-MS
Je Me Souvens     GenR-MO
Kentucky Ancestors     GenR-KY
Kentucky Genealogist     GenR-KY
Keystone Kin     GenR-FL
  International Society For British Genealogy and Family History Newsletter     GenR
Lost in Canada     GenR-CAN
Magazine of American Genealogy     GenR
Magazine of Virginia Genealogy     GenR-VA
Magazine of Virginia History     GenR-VA
Martin Family Quarterly     GenR
  Maryland Historical Magazine     GenR-MD
  Mayflower Quarterly     GenR-MA
Memoires de la Society. Genealogique Canadienne-Francaise     GenR-CAN
Mississippi Genealogy and Local History     GenR-MS
Mississippi Genealogy Exchange     GenR-MS
  Mississippi Gulf Coast Historical and Genealogical Society     GenR-MS
  Mitteilungen der Westdeutschen Gesellschaft fur Familienkunde (Germany)     GenR
National Genealogical Society Computer Interest Group Newsletter     GenR
National Genealogical Society Newsletter     GenR
National Genealogical Society.. Quarterly     GenR
  National Society U.S. Daughters of 1812 Newsletter     GenR
Nelson County Pioneer     GenR-KY
New England Historical and Genealogical Society Register     Microfilm
New England Historical and Genealogical Society Register     GenR-MA
New York Historical Society Collection (929.3 N535)     GenR-NY
News and Journal     GenR-MS
Nexus     GenR-MA
North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal     GenR-NC
North Carolina Genealogical and Historical Society Journal (975.6 N87)     GenR-NC
Northeast Mississippi Historical and Genealogical Quarterly     GenR-MS
Panola Story     GenR-MS
Parchemin, Le     GenR
Parke Society Newsletter     GenR
Prairie Gleaner     GenR-MO
Quarterly (Local Historical and Genealogical Society Dallas)     GenR-TX
Rapport des Archives Nationales du Quebec     GenR-CAN
  Record (Hot Springs) (976.74 H83r)     GenR-AR
Register of the Kentucky Historical Society     GenR-KY
Ridge Runners     GenR
  Santa Clara County. Historical and Genealogical Society     GenR-CA
Scandinavian Genealogical Helper     GenR
  Scottish Genealogist     GenR
  Searcher GenR-CA Searches and Researches     GenR-TX
  Settler     GenR-PA
  Societe Historique Acadienne les Cahiers     GenR-CAN
South Carolina Genealogical Register     GenR-SC
South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research     GenR-SC
Southside Virginian     GenR-VA
  Southwestern Genealogist     GenR-TX
  Stirpes     GenR-TX
Studebaker Family/Studebaker Story     GenR
  Swedish American Genealogist     GenR
Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record     GenR-TX
Texas Heritage     GenR-TX
Three Rivers Chronicle     GenR-SC
Trails     GenR
Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina     GenR-SC
Virginia Genealogist     GenR-VA
  Virginia Magazine of History and Biography     GenR-VA
Wood-Woods Family Magazine     GenR
Yearbook of the Society of Indiana Pioneers     GenR-IN