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Daughters of the American Revolution, Louisiana Society. Bible and Family Records. mf DAR1-10

United States. Internal Revenue Service. Internal Revenue Assessment Lists for Louisiana, 1863-1866.
Records related to the first income tax, levied during the Civil War on residents of all states and territories not in rebellion. mf M769

Library of Congress. Index to Biographies in State and Local Histories in the Library of Congress. mf LC5

New Orleans (La.) Second Municipality Council. List of Fire Victims and their Losses, 1844.     Finding Aid
Records in alphabetical order the names of the householders whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the great 1844 fire in the Fourth Ward. Includes number of children, name of wife, value of loss, and amount appropriated to help each householder. [Filed under call number mf TH240 1913-1924]

  Transcriptions of these records are available online at neworleanspubliclibrary.org/inv/firevictims1844.htm.

New Orleans (La.) Common Council. Volunteer Relief Committee. Records, 1861-1862.     Finding Aid
The Volunteer Relief Committee was formed by the Common Council's Board of Assistant Aldermen to plan for the relief of the families of volunteers in the service of the Confederate Army. Ten thousand dollars was appropriated, to be used for the relief of needy families of volunteers absent or killed in the Confederate service. A new committee, the Committee on Subsistence to Families of Volunteers, continued the original committee's work.

The records are four manuscript volumes, one for each municipal district. Each volume records the name of each family head eligible for relief, his/her place of residence, his/her relationship to the volunteer (including number of children), the name of the volunteer, his rank and unit, and the amount of relief to which the family was entitled. The volume for the first district contains, in addition to the above information, the amount of payment made to each family by the Committee on Subsistence to Families of Volunteers. [Filed under call number mf AB420]

New Orleans (La.) Office of the Mayor. Records of the Disposition of Destitute Orphans, 1852-1893.     Finding Aid
From 1852 to 1888, the Mayor of New Orleans was authorized to provide for destitute orphan children and foundlings "at the lowest possible price, until such time as said children can be otherwise provided for." This law was repealed in 1888, but the records extend to 1893. Some of the children cared for by the City were not orphans in the technical sense of the word but had lost one parent and the other could not care for the child.

The volumes, arranged chronologically, record the names of children and their ages, names, and residences of persons making affidavits before the mayor, and "how disposed of." In the earlier (1852-1875) entries the last column in most instances records only the name of the asylum in which the children were placed by the Mayor; the later records provide more detail about both the disposition and origin of the children. Volume 1 covers the period from December 18, 1852 through November 21, 1893. Volume 2, December 18, 1852-February 12, 1861, appears to be a duplicate of the first book. mf AA413

  Transcriptions of these records are available online at neworleanspubliclibrary.org/inv/orphanstranscriptions.htm.

Louisiana. Parish Court (Orleans Parish). Change of Domicile Declarations, ca. 1831-1840.     Finding Aid
Manuscript statements by individuals of their intentions to change their domiciles to or from Orleans Parish. In most cases the statements also identify the place of previous or future domicile. Each declaration is signed by the individual and is also endorsed by the parish judge. VCP251 1831-1840 Unfilmed

Scrapbook of Clippings of Real Estate Property and Slave Auctions Held in New Orleans During the Years Advertising Auctions, 1855-1868.
Scrapbook kept by Benjamin Kendig and Co., a local auctioneering firm operating during the antebellum period. In addition to records of property transactions, the scrapbook includes lists of slaves auctioned by Kendig and Co. These lists give the name and age of the slave, the sale price for the slave and additional remarks, sometimes including the state from which the slave was acquired, and the “occupation” of the slave (e.g., field hand, brick layer, house servant, etc.). The scrapbook does not record the name of the purchaser of the slave. mf LN110

Note: The actual slave sale documents are on file at the New Orleans Notarial Archives.

School Yearbooks
The Louisiana Division holds a large collection of college and high school yearbooks, and a few for elementary schools. Check our automated catalog or ask at the reference desk for information on holdings and access.

University of Texas at Austin. Center for American History. Natchez Trace Collection Provincial and Territorial Records, 1759-1813.
Microfilm of a collection in the possession of the University of Texas consisting of documents primarily from the colonial and territorial period of Louisiana and Mississippi, including civil records such as marriage contracts, conveyances, probates, and land surveys, as well as receipts, letters and journals. mf TXU7
Louisiana Jurisdictions:
Acadia 1812; Attakapas 1777; Avoyelles 1783-1806, and undated; Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge 1798-1812; Concordia 1803-1812; Feliciana/West Feliciana 1793-1812 and fragments; German Coast (Allemant) 1768; Iberville 1772-1810 and undated; Lafourche 1810; The Missouri 1784-1787; Natchez 1772-1782 (Roll 1)
Natchez 1783-1785, Jan.-Mar. 1796 (Roll 2)
Natchez 1796-Feb. 1797 (Roll 3)
Natchez May 1797-1812, and undated, fragments; 1783, 1791-1797, autograph fragments; Natchitoches 1764, 1791, 1796, 1798, and undated; New Orleans 1767-1794 (Roll 4)
New Orleans 1795-1799, Recueil des recettes et secrets 1800-1812 and undated, fragments, 1776, 1790, 1796, 1808, and undated; Opelousas 1777-1797 and undated; Ouachita 1788-1789 (Roll 5)
Ouachita 1790-1796 (Roll 6)
Ouachita 1797-1811 and undated, fragments, 1788-1800, and undated (Roll 7)
Pointe Coupe 1759-1777, 1786-1792, 1809-1812, and undated (Roll 8)
Rapides 1793-1796, 1810; St. Helena 1804, 1812 [?]; West Florida 1807, 1811 (Roll 9)
Mississippi Territory:
Adams County 1799-1811; Claiborne County 1805-1813, and undated; Jefferson County 1802-1808; Warren County 1804-1805, 1811-1812; Wilkinson County 1804, 1808; Location not given 1808 (Roll 9)
Assorted documents from other locations:
Georgia 1785; Kentucky 1800-1801, 1806; Massachusetts 1810; Northwest Territory 1785-1789; Pennsylvania 1782- 1783, 1797, 1801, 1804; South Carolina 1774, 1789; Tennessee 1795-1796; Western Territory of the United States (Ohio) 1794; England 1798; Spain 1789, 1797, 1805 (Roll 9)
Location unknown 1768, 1773, 1776, 1781-1812, and undated; Autographs 1783-1798, and undated (Roll 10)
Oversize documents:
Concordia 1807; Iberville 1805; Natchez 1793, 1795-1796, 1804; Ouachita 1789, 1806, and undated; West Florida 1776, 1779; Adams County (Miss.) 1801, 1803; North Carolina 1790; South Carolina 1801; France 1809; Spain 1786 (Roll 10)

See also: Riffel, Judy, comp. Calendar of the Natchez Trace Collection Provincial and Territorial Documents, 1759- 1813. Baton Rouge: Le Comité des Archives de la Louisiane, 1999. LouR 016.9763 R564c