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Oral History Program

The Friends of the Cabildo, the support group for the Louisiana State Museum, has been conducting oral history interviews since 1972 continuing to the present.

In 2019, the Friends were able to digitize their Oral History Collection. Digitized versions of all interviews can be found on their Friends of the Cabildo Oral Histroy Podcasts page. The Louisiana Division/City Archives & Special Collections will not provide access to the audio tapes if a digital version is available.

In 1992 the Friends of the Cabildo transfered duplicate tapes from the Museum's Louisiana Historical Center to the Library's Louisiana Division. Numerous additions to thecollection have been made since the original 1992 transfer. Typed or handwritten index cards summarizing each interview were also transferred to the Louisiana Division with the tapes.

In 1997 Dorothy Schlesinger and Dorothy Mahan, then Director of the Oral History Program, edited a new directory of the collection. Below is a transcription of the Directory, with additional information -- the interviewer's name and length of the interviews (when available), and relevant notes about the quality of the audio -- taken from the summary cards. Interviews added to the collection since the publication of the FOC's Directory have also been included in the online directory.

The masters of the interviews and transcriptions of the some of the tapes remain at the Louisiana Historical Center. Transcriptions of some of the earlier interviews are also available at Tulane University's Special Collections. The copies are for person use only and all copyright is retained by the Friends of the Cabildo. Any public use of the tapes must be approved by the group.

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Additions received since transcription of the 1997 Directory above:

Davenport, Brother Walter (C.S.C.) (1928- )
Kearney, E. N., Jr. (1900- )
McCarthy, Justine Godchaux (1909- )
Rothschild, Dr. Herbert (1904- )
Rothschild, Leonie (1912- )
Kolb, Carolyn (1942- )

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